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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Flashfire

Date Reviewed:
June 30, 2014

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 1.37
Limited: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Furfrou (Flashfire) 

Hello and welcome to a new week of reviews here on Pojo’s CotD. We kick off with a look at Furfrou: the flavour text emphasizes his fluffiness, so it seems a bit odd that he’s illustrated in a way that makes him look like he’s built out of Lego. Not fluffy at all. 

Furfrou isn’t a good card either. A low-ish HP Basic, he comes complete with two pretty dull attacks. The one thing you can say in Furfrou’s favour is that it can make good use of Double Colourless Energy, but then again, why would you want to waste that valuable resource?  Sure, Tight Jaw gives you a flip for the always useful Paralysis, but with just 20 damage, it looks less like an effective strategy and more like a standard ‘filler’ attack. That impression gets even stronger when you look at the vanilla 50-for-three attack that is Sharp Fang. 

All sets have cards like these: uninspiring attacks that you have seen hundreds of times before combined with some lacklustre stats. You take a quick glance at them and then forget they exist. 


Modified: 1.5 (no real use)

Limited: 3 (solid option if you have nothing better)


What's up, Pokefans! It's aroramage back again for another slightly shorter week of Pokecard madness from Flashfire! Today we've got another beauty parlor candidate, the ever-fabulous Furfrou sporting its fiery redhead look! But can it make a big impact on the TCG as it has in the hairstyling world? 

Probably not. Right now the only other Furfrou is from the XY Base Set, and at least that one has the grace of an Ability. This one just gets a couple of lesser attacks. Then again, this is the Furfrou from the Starter Sets, Half Decks, and even the 2014 McDonald's Collection, so clearly we're not expecting much. 

The first attack is a 2-Energy attack called Tight Jaw, since Bite was clearly not enough but Crunch would've been too much. It only does 20 damage and has a 50% shot at Paralyzing the opponent's Pokemon. Never mind the switcheroo shenanigans one can do to get around Paralysis these days, just 2-Energy for 20 damage? I know it's not a Pokemon-EX, but you can do so much better from a non-evolving Basic. 

The other attack isn't much better, seeing as Sharp Fang costs 3 Energy for a vanilla 50 damage. You could attempt to up the damage on both of these attacks by putting a Muscle Band on Furfrou, but would you really want to waste it on him? There are other better Pokemon that can do so much more with Muscle Band. Furfrou can barely take out a Squirtle. 

If you're playing this Furfrou, you're either doing it because you don't have a better Pokemon to put in your deck or you're really limited in your options. And I mean it's either this guy or the Magnezone-EX you happened to pick up, and at least Magnezone-EX has 180 HP. 


Modified: 1/5 (please don't use Furfrou) 

Limited: 1/5 (seriously, don't play Furfrou) 

Arora Notealus: Doesn't this hairstyle make Furfrou look a little like Pippi Longstocking? 

Next time: The best dragon ever to grace Pokemon arrives! (no, not the TCG)


As one might expect, my premature return means I have need to promote something; in this case, I am trying to raise funds for something a bit odd; an injured pet.  With some help we can get it the treatment it needs. 

Today we look at Furfrou (XY: Flashfire 87/106).  Furfrou has two defining traits in the video games, at least as far as I can ascertain (since I haven’t played them at all): its Ability and the option to give it different stylized hair cuts that actually alter its sprite.  Today’s card models the “Kabuki” Trim, but other than artwork and set ID, it is the same card that we have seen six other times, though at least this is the only release in a standard set.  Learning this I assumed that each version would feature a different trim style, but it appears that is not the case as the artwork is recycled for some versions. 

The other defining trait, its video game Ability, is found on Furfrou (XY 114/146), a card the review crew took a look at here; the short version is that this other Furfrou was a less impressive version of Bouffalant (BW: Dragons Exalted 110/124), and thus has very little use unless you have a strategy that (in essence) calls for more than four Bouffalant… and while I doubt it will be any good, I actually had an idea for such a deck. 

So what does this oft-printed version offer?  It is a Colorless-Type Pokémon, meaning it will never hit for Weakness (unfortunate in the modern metagame), never have to worry about Resistance (a small perk), and can make use of Colorless-Type support (which I believe is currently limited to Aspertia City Gym).  Its 90 HP allows it to be searched out via Level Ball (useful), but also that it is a highly probable OHKO for the statistical “average” deck that doles out at least a mean 90 damage per turn so as to 2HKO Pokémon-EX; many can do much more. 

Level Ball may rotate out soon, well before Furfrou, but it does not look like damage yields will be dropping anytime soon.  Aspertia City Gym could help with that a little, but only a little; an opponent can counter it on his or her own turn, and while less likely than Level Ball, Aspertia City Gym may also leave the format with the next rotation, and almost certainly before Furfrou.  This makes the Type and HP concerning, as smallish attackers usually only work by exploiting Weakness and being easy to search. 

The Fighting Weakness can be a concern already and is expected only to get worse with the next set, XY: Furious Fists as it should provide a lot of impressive support for Fighting-Types.  The lack of Resistance, meanwhile, is just a bit annoying but largely irrelevant, as Resistance is no where near as useful as Weakness is a detriment.  The single Energy Retreat Cost is indeed good; rarely will it be difficult to pay and if you’ve got any effect that lowers Retreat Costs available, you’ll end up with a perfect “free retreater” instead.  While Skyarrow Bridge is still legal (again, another card all but guaranteed to leave us at the next rotation) you can even do so with a single card of effort.

Tight Jaw, the first attack, requires (CC) and yields 20 points of damage plus a coin flip to inflict Paralysis.  This a bit weak given modern trends, but serviceable.  Unfortunately the second attack, Sharp Fang, does a meager 50 points of damage for a (CCC) investment; a 4HKO against Pokémon-EX that requires extensive combos to become a 2HKO is not worth the effort.  The attacks are both Double Colorless Energy compliant and obviously can work with any Energy Type, but even that isn’t enough to compensate for such a low return on investment. 

Perhaps I expect too much of this card: I believe this is the first time the Kabuki Trim has appeared; maybe that is the card’s sole reason for existing?  No, because even if this was just meant to be a “safe” card to release with all 10 possible “trims”, its still obviously underpowered and has already had “trims” repeated (instead of delivering on such a concept).  I also find the art to be wanting, but perhaps I just don’t care enough for the Kabuki trim. 

Limited Formats are where this card gives a decent accounting, but it is still no where as useful as I would expect, based on my own experience using it in Theme Deck matches on the PTCGO; far too often you can’t OHKO an Evolving Basic Pokémon, and two turns can easily be enough to build a credible threat.  Remember, you’ll have to manually build Furfrou up yourself, so the Energy, Energy attachments, and even attacks committed all weigh heavily on its worth.  You almost certainly should run a Furfrou if you pull one, but as “filler” you’ll only resort to fully powering up if desperate or convenient.  Notice that Miltank (XY: Flashfire 83/106) rivals iit even without a Stage 2 Pokémon in play. 


Modified: 1.5/5 - All of its useful synergy fails to yield worthwhile results, but it is still there, and there is certainly worse filler. 

Limited: 3.5/5 -  A somewhat misleading score; in fact this is practically a staple, a card you need a good reason “not” to run.  Normally that would be good for at least a 4/5 and possibly a 5/5, but the low damage can actually make it a risky investment.  Still likely to be a good “meat-shield”. 


Furfrou is a disappointment.  It is clearly inferior to the “other” version, and said “other” version mostly sees play as a budget option for some players.  Today’s version is a simple card, which might make it useful for beginners, but “simple” does not have to equal “bad”, nor is it reason enough to exist.  Even as an excuse for alternate art, it disappoints.

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