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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Flashfire

Date Reviewed:
July 16, 2014

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 1.50
Limited: 2.17

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Krokorok (Flashfire) 

The Kookodile line has been pretty popular with the card designers since it debuted in Black and White, so we have seen plenty of this stage 1 Krokorok. In fact, we don’t even have a Krookodile in Flashfire, so this one is a sort of bonus. 

It’s not much of a bonus, though. Like 99% of evolving Stage 1s, this Krokorok doesn’t do a lot to help out its evolutionary line. I suppose Dark Clamp is ok, doing a cheap 10 damage and creating a retreat lock. You might even find a rare situation where that comes in handy – it’s always wise to know all the options that exist in your deck, just in case. Meanwhile, Double Swing has the potential to do some decent damage, but the fact that it relies entirely on coinflips means you would only ever attempt it out of sheer desperation. 

If you really wanted to play Krookodile, then this Krokorok is no worse than any other in those situations where you don’t have the Rare Candy, or are Trainer-locked. If anything, it may be the best of a mediocre bunch. However, given that we have never had a competitively-viable Krookodile, that remains a moot point for the time being. 


Modified: 2 (ho-hum, Stage 1)

Limited: 2 (no Stage 2 in the set, but Dark Clamp isn’t the worst attack)


Welcome back to another wonderful Wednesday card review! Today we've got the most chillaxing gator around, Krokorok! Just look at how chill this guy is. He's so chill, even the hot desert winds can't make him sweat! Is there anything this Krokorok won't be able to do?


Well as always that depends on what his attacks are, and seeing as his middle-of-the-road Stage 1, don't expect anything impressive. His first attack is a nice cheap 1 Energy Dark Clamp, which does a puny 10 damage and prevents the opposing Pokemon from retreating manually. Unfortunately we live in a world of Keldeo-EX and Switch, so this might as well be a 1-Energy vanilla attack for 10, and there are Basic Evolving Pokemon with better attacks than that.


His second attack might seem more impressive by comparison, but it's a coin-flipper; that is, it's an attack that relies entirely on coin flips to work. Attacks like to use coin flips as a means of inflicting status conditions or forcing an opponent to mess up on a damaging move, but the trouble with coin flips is simple: there's a 50% chance they'll work and a 50% chance they won't. That kind of probability is risky, and while gamers can appreciate taking risks, I'm sure they'd rather deal with just drawing the right card from their decks than with an attack that might not even work.


That said, Double Swing does 60 damage for each heads you flip for 3 Energy. Now this looks pretty good for a Stage 1; you've got a 25% chance of both coin tosses being heads, meaning you have a 25% chance of inflicting a whopping 120 damage! That's nice and all...but you're more likely to hit the 50% chance of getting one heads and one tails, meaning you're only doing 60 for 3 Energy. Never mind that you've also got a 25% chance to completely mess up with 2 tails in a row, dealing a grand total of 0 damage.


Krokorok isn't really all that great, and honestly if you are playing the Krookodile family line, I'd just write him off and go for the Rare Candy treatment. I imagine the Pokemon company kept a potential Flashfire Krookodile so as not to oversaturate the Krookodile market, but now we're just stuck here with this guy and not a very good way of Evosoda-ing our way up to Stage 2.




Modified: 1/5 (his attacks are either gonna do nothing at all or be somewhat ineffective most of the time)


Limited: 1.5/5 (3-Energy attack for 0, 60, or 120? Ehhhh, maybe you can get a win here with some luck)


Arora Notealus: So I know their protective membranes protect their eyes from the sandstorms, but do they also protect their eyes from the sun?


Next time: HEADBUTT


Today we look at Krokorok (XY: Flashfire 57/106) and perhaps the most important thing to remember is that the entire line makes me crave Cookie Crisp™ cereal, and unfortunately like other cereals I usually become noticeably ill after consuming it (with or without milk).  Why must you torture me, Pojosama ?! 

Seriously though, there isn’t a lot to discuss about this card, but I’ll try in case I missed something; I wasn’t paying a tremendous amount of attention, but I believe I’ve seen people trading for these on the PTCGO.  I even participated in a few; I wasn’t using them and at the time they were easy to come by so I hope I didn’t make a big mistake.  None of the currently available Krookodile have proven worthwhile, and I fail to see what this could offer either in conjunction with those or as a stand alone Stage 1 attacker… and as it has no Ability, either it has to be used as an attacker or something has to be copying its attacks. 

For (D) it can use Dark Clamp to hit for 10 points of damage while preventing the opponent’s Active from manually retreating.  Of course this goes away if they use another switching effect, so something like Keldeo-EX can use Rush In to “free” the former Active Pokémon, and then manually retreat itself.  It can be a handy effect, but its not a new one; similar attacks and effects are available on multiple other cards.  The second attack requires (DCC) and does 60 points of damage times the number of “heads” on two coin flips; obviously zero is terrible, while 120 is very good and the mean, median, and mode result of 60 is below the going rate for a three Energy attack.  So… no reason to play this yet. 

There are three other Modified Legal Krokorok… perhaps some Krookodile fans were just abnormally active in trading and Pojo just happened to notice or coincidentally select this for the CotD?  The Stats for this Krokorok don’t seem to be any better than your three other choices for Standard.  All are 90 HP Darkness-Type Pokémon with Fighting Weakness, Psychic Resistance and two attacks.  Some have a Retreat Cost of three instead of two, but until Heavy Ball rotates out, that is probably an Advantage; most probable decks would just use Darkrai-EX and its Dark Cloak to get a free Retreat Cost while Krokorok - or any Pokémon - has at least a single (D) Energy attached.  The “big” attacks on the other versions aren’t any better than today’s card, but only one or two seem noticeably worse and some of the other lower priced attacks are likely as good or better than Dark Clamp. 


Standard: 1.5/5 - A Stage 1 that isn’t good, but isn’t entirely useless.  There are other options that are at least as good competing with it, and of course most decks would do well to rely more (or exclusively) on Rare Candy. 

Limited: 3/5 - If you can work in at least a few basic Darkness Energy cards, this seems like a decent pick.  As  per usual, damage output and HP scores are lower here, and you’ll need attackers with all or mostly Colorless Energy requirements because you’ll almost certainly be running at least a two different basic Energy Types.  Dark Clamp’s effect should be more valuable here as well.

Casual: 1.75/5 - A tiny bump here because Krookodile has a bit more potential when you’re desperate for a Stage 2 to try and build a cohesive (if not especially competitive) deck around… and that translates to Krokorok itself being a bit more useful. 

Summary: At this point, I am going to assume it was a coincidence because I am just not seeing anything about this card (let alone the various Krookodile) that would make them especially noteworthy, though at least this wasn’t pure vanilla filler.  Also… I still really want some Cookie Crisp™!

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