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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Flashfire

Date Reviewed:
July 14, 2014

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 2.42
Limited: 2.83

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Meowstic (Flashfire) 

Hello and welcome to another week of reviews on Pojo’s CotD. We kick off with a look at Meowstic: Generation VI’s obligatory cat-like Pokémon. You can pretty much guarantee a new cat, butterfly, and generic bird every time. 

Meowstic is a low HP Stage 1, which isn’t a great start, and his Psychic attack is horrendously expensive, costing three Psychic Energy and coming off like a poor man’s version of Mewtwo EX’s notorious X Ball. The main attraction here is Ear Influence, which only costs a single Energy, and is basically Dusknoir BCR’s Sinister Hand Ability in the form of an attack. 

Although it might seem that Meowstic is a viable alternative to using Dusknoir’s pretty great Ability, it really isn’t. Even though Dusknoir is a Stage 2, the fact that it can sit on the Bench and manipulate damage counters turn after turn, while you keep adding to them via attacks, makes it vastly superior to Meowstic. Using Meowstic would mean promoting him active and getting to move counters once before he got KO’d. In a Stage 2 deck, using Dusknoir over this is a no-brainer, and even with Basics/Stage 1s I would rather find room for a rare Candy or two.


Modified: 2.25 (poor man’s Dusknoir)

Limited: 2.5 (may be useful late game as players tend to retreat damaged Pokémon a lot for Prize denial reasons)


Welcome back to a new week of Pokemon reviews! Today we take a look at one of the coolest cats in town with some of the most interesting moves around: it's Meowstic! It's also important to note that the pictured Meowstic is actually the female version, indicated by her white coloring. The main difference in the video games between the two genders, aside from the massive color differentiation, is that the female Meowstic is meant to be more offensive while the male Meowstic operates more support.


This Meowstic emulates the feminine side well. Her attacks are both offensively powerful, but do they make Meowstic offensive enough? Her Ear Influence manipulates damage counters in a manner similar to Dusknoir (FLF), but instead of moving them off of your own Pokemon, she manipulates the opponent's damage counters on their Pokemon. The important thing to note in this text is that it doesn't restrict you from moving enough damage counters to KO another Pokemon, meaning that if you've managed to spread damage amongst all of your opponent's Pokemon, you could potentially KO a large Pokemon-EX or go straight for a Stage 2 Basic. And since it's moving damage counters instead of inflicting damage, you can get around Mr. Mime (PLF) and KO it right off the bat!


Her Psychic attack works the same as many other Psychic attacks we've seen in the past; that is, she deals a solid 60 damage and adds 10 more damage for each Energy attached to the attacked Pokemon. Assuming you're not attacking something like Empoleon (DEX) or Greninja (XY) that doesn't need a lot of Energy, you should ideally hit for 90 damage and be able to 2HKO most Pokemon EX.


Naturally, Meowstic has a couple of problems. Her Ear Influence will only work if the opponent has damage counters on their Pokemon, meaning Meowstic can't lead off from Espurr. It's better to lead off with something like Toxicroak-EX, who can stack up 3 damage counters with his Triple Poison attack each time the turns switch on a Pokemon. And if the opponent should foolishly leave their heavily poisoned Pokemon in play, you could switch into Meowstic and push those damage counters to another Pokemon. Thing is, by that point you've already got Toxicroak-EX, so there's no need for Meowstic to waste herself just to set-up another Pokemon.


And don't think that Psychic is that great just cause it can deal lots of damage to Mewtwo-EX and Yveltal-EX with piles of stacked Energy. That attack costs 3 Psychic Energy, and at the moment we don't have a form of pumping out Psychic Energy like we do Water or Fire Energy. You should still be able to land a solid hit, but don't hold your breath to see Meowstic KO one of those baddies (although she will hit Mewtwo-EX a lot harder than Yveltal-EX).




Modified: 2/5 (she has a niche, but there are better options)


Limited: 3/5 (moving damage counters around should be easier here without Max Potion intervening, and Psychic will have a bigger impact overall)


Arora Notealus: Meowstic can grind a ten-ton truck into dust when she's in danger, which is indicated by her ears being raised-OH NO THEY'RE UP RUN FOR IT


Next time: *sniff sniff* What stinks around here?


The fundraiser that originally led me to come back to CotDs is still going on due to some odd circumstances, but hopefully will be more or less finished soon.  As such I can’t justify spending as long as I usually do on CotDs.  This week I have tried to condense my writing process; it still isn’t as concise as some, but it is shorter than what I normally write.  Hopefully the quality is undiminished; I just left out some of the less poignant or redundant details, including ditching most of my formatting (though I liked that formatting).  Also, should the announcement for when and what sets will be rotated occur this week, it hasn’t at the time of writing.


We begin this week looking at Meowstic (XY: Flashfire 43/106).  Pyroar (XY: Flashfire 20/106) has confirmed its perceived standing within the competitive scene thanks to its strong U.S. Nationals showing; at least in the short run decks will need a way to deal with Intimidating Mane and for many the easiest route is running an Evolution.  This has gotten many Evolutions a second glance and a first or second chance at seeing some real play, but being an Evolution is still a drawback when compared to being a Basic Pokémon; the resource and pacing difference is still too great.


Being a Psychic-Type does little for Meowstic, at least in standard; hitting for double damage will only matter on occasion (more on that when we get to the attacks) and the only real Type support is Gardevoir (BW: Next Destinies 57/99; BW: Dark Explorers 109/108) which doesn’t see much play.  You will occasionally get stuck with Resistance, but again, it probably won’t matter much for how you should use this Pokémon.  Its 90 HP makes it very vulnerable the average deck should OHKO it without its potentially problematic Psychic Weakness, and sadly while it may run into Psychic Resistance, it possesses no Resistance of its own.  At least it has a single Energy Retreat Cost; easy to pay, though most decks will probably zero it out or use an alternative to manually retreating, anyway.


Its first attack is the one that gives it hope, even though I dismissed it completely at first.  Ear Influence is an attack that allows you to move around the damage counters on your opponent’s side of the field as you wish.  While this does not additional damage, if used correctly you can simultaneously earn Prizes while disrupting (possibly crippling) your opponent’s set-up.  The second attack is Psychic, requiring a hefty (PPP) to use and only hitting for 60 points of base damage, with another 10 per Energy attached to the Defending Pokémon.  This attack has a long history with the TCG, appearing on cards in the original Base Set.  It pales in comparison to Mewtwo-EX and its X-Ball or Yveltal-EX and its Evil Ball, but if you can power it up, it might do some serious damage.  For its cost, you would expect it to hit a lot harder than it does; instead of upping the base damage, perhaps 20 or even 30 per Energy attached.


I had written this card off until Pooka showed off a Youtube video about a deck built around Gourgeist  (XY 57/146) and Garbodor (BW: Dragons Exalted 54/124; BW: Plasma Freeze 119/116; BW: Legendary Treasures 68/113).  Garbotoxin slows down opponent’s by denying them access to Abilities but also prevents you from using your own, like Sinister Hand, the Ability on Dusknoir (BW: Boundaries Crossed 63/149; BW: Plasma Blast 14/101).  There is also the slight advantage of being a Stage 1 versus a Stage 2 (and a Level Ball friendly one at that).  I don’t know if it can truly cut it as a “competitive” deck, but it certainly looks fun.  Meowstic also comes in the “Mystic Typhoon” Theme Deck that released with XY: Flashfire.  Unfortunately it is another “meh” Theme deck when compared to several others, though not the worst.  Being so easy to get also makes it more appealing for Casual play, though finding a good source of spread damage may be difficult on a budget.




Standard: 3/5 - Thanks to Pooka, I’ve seen how this can work, but I am not convinced it works well enough to do significantly well on the tournament scene, though I will be pleased if it does.  It is also the weak link in its deck; Gourgeist and Garbodor still do their thing without the other two.


Limited: 3/5 - Ear Influence can be great if there is already damage on the board.  Psychic is very demanding.  If you can afford to run at least a few basic Psychic Energy, I believe there is a good enough chance that Ear Influence can be used to good effect, though with the standard issues of Limited, it may not show up at the right time to be used or used well.


Theme Decks: 3/5 - As with Limited, though here you almost wonder what happened; the Mystic Typhoon Theme Deck is one of the many that feels like two unrelated decks were stripped of all but a few key Pokémon, Trainers, and basic Energy and smooshed together, with semi-random Pokémon and Trainers added in to make-up the difference in card count.


Casual: 4/5 - A very enjoyable card that can pull of some amazing plays (and wins) and is fairly available, though what it needs to pull of said plays might be harder to come by.


Summary: Overall Meowstic is a good card that might have been great with a different second attack or an Ability in place of said second attack.  If you’ve got a good way to spread damage counters but Dusknoir doesn’t work, this might be the card for you… especially if you don’t need to move damage counters around all the time, but probably just once or twice.

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