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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Legendary Collection

Date Reviewed:
January 13, 2014

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.25
Limited: 1.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Seismitoad (Legendary Treasures) 

Hello and welcome to a new week of reviews on Pojo’s CotD, where normal service has been resumed and we will be bringing you a whole week of cards from the Legendary Treasures set. 

We kick off with Seismitoad, a reprint of the card we first saw in Dark Explorers, only this time with some more dynamic artwork (about as dynamic as a big toad can get anyway). This has always been a popular card for league/fun decks and you do occasionally see it at tournaments, though I am not aware of any notable successes. The reason people like this Seismitoad is because of the Round attack which costs just a Double Colourless and can inflict some hefty damage if you have a bench full of other Round Pokémon: in fact, a full field of them will enable Seismitoad to hit the magic 180 which OHKOs all the EX Pokémon. 

The deck got a bit of a boost from Legendary Treasures with the release of Meloetta EX. Yes, she’s a vulnerable low HP EX, but she’s also a Basic, which makes the deck that little bit easier and (most importantly) faster to set up. The Pokémon Catcher errata also makes Benched Pokémon a little safer these days. Despite this, I don’t expect Seismitoad to become any more of a force in the format than it already is. It’s a fun deck to play and can pull off some surprising wins, but it’s very set-up heavy and does revolve around a Stage 2. Even with Meloetta, keeping that full Field of SIX Round Pokémon isn’t easy, and without it, Seismitoad finds it difficult to trade advantageously. 

Destined to stay in the ‘really liked, but not played very much’ category, for now at least. 


Modified: 3 (fun to try if you fancy a change of pace)

Limited: 2 (hard to exploit Round unless you somehow pull multiple Meloetta) 

Intro to
Unlimited 150




At first glance this looks like another poor "Round" gimmick Pokemon and indeed when it was first released it didn't have much potential. In any pre-B&W format it probably could have been an absolute monster, but a Stage 2 that has specific deck building requirements is going to struggle when you can get 180 HP and powerful attacks on a single Basic Pokemon card.

But with the release of its reprint and Meloetta EX in Legendary Treasures it suddenly looks like getting a bench full of Pokemon with Round will be a lot easier. Being able to do 180 damage for a Double Colourless Energy is amazing in this format of 170-180 HP Basic EXs. Also, with the nerfing of Pokemon Catcher you don't need to worry about the comparatively poor Meloetta EX getting pulling into the active spot and losing 2 prizes to it. Hopefully you'll be taking out EXs for 2 prizes whilst you opponent is only getting 1 from each Seismitoad. The obvious comparison to a currently high tier deck is Empoleon. Another Water Stage 2 with a cheap, powerful attack, it's damage output is much lower but only requires 1 energy, comes with its own built in draw engine and doesn't require you to play a sub-standard EX. 

Seismitoad really needs to be trading with EXs to be worth using whereas Empoleon can be good vs EX and non-EX decks, so which you use may come down to local meta. Unfortunately, Genesect EX is one of the most popular EX-centric decks at the moment and also happens to hit Seismitoad's Grass weakness as well as being able to reliably "Catcher" Meloetta EXs with its Ability.


Seismitoad may be worth trying, especially if you want to see how a once fairly useless card has improved so much with the release of just 1 good partner and can probably net a win in the right meta or just by the element of surprise!



It's a Stage 2 and needs a deck full of specific Pokemon to be useful. Dreadful in Limited.


Unlimited 150:

The fact you can only play 1 of each Round Pokemon in this singleton format means it will probably never be a playable deck unless it gets a lot more support in XY. For now it's probably not worth trying. With the recent rules change you can play a Meloetta EX but the ability to swarm them isn't available.



Modified: 3.5 (I hope this once-underdog can have some success!)

Limited: 1

Unlimited 150: 1


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