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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- XY

Date Reviewed:
February 27, 2014

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 3.75
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Aromatisse (XY) 

Pokémon launched their new Fairy Type on the TCG with a ton of support: Slurpuff, Fairy Garden . . . even their own Energy (which is more than Dragons got). The best of the lot though is easily Aromatisse – a card that should (with hindsight) have made our top 10 countdown. 

Why is Aromatisse so good? After all, it’s just a 90 HP Stage 1 with a mediocre attack (three Energy for 60 with no effect). The answer lies in its Fairy Transfer Ability, which is one of those Energy Trans Abilities for a specific Type which we have seen so often in the game, going right back to Base Set Venusaur. Newer players will be familiar with it via Meganium Prime or Hydreigon DRX. It’s a great Ability to have, as it allows you to conserve Energy while being very flexible with your attackers. Of course being able to use Max Potion and completely heal your Pokémon without having to discard is one of the main attractions of this kind of Ability at the moment. 

Unlike the Pokémon I have just mentioned, however, Aromatisse is not a Stage 2. This is a very big deal as it takes up much less deck space and can be used in decks that don’t run Rare Candy. The other huge factor in making Aromatisse playable is the re-printing of Rainbow Energy in the XY set. This means that, when played alongside  Prism, you have eight Energy cards you can move around with Fairy Transfer in addition to Fairy Energy, and the upshot is that you are not tied down to using just (mostly mediocre) Fairy Type attackers with Aromatisse. In fact you can build a deck that functions the same way as the Klinklang deck that won US Nationals back in 2012, with a whole range of tech Basics like Yveltal, Cobalion, and Terrakion to hit your opponent for Weakness. 

Without Rainbow Energy, we would probably have been waiting on a truly good Fairy Pokémon to make Aromatisse good. With Rainbow Energy, we have the basis for a new competitive archetype. 


Modified: 4 (Stage 2 Ability on a Stage 1 . . . yeah, it will get played)

Limited: 3 (you need to get some very lucky pulls to make the best of it) 

Intro to
Unlimited 150


This sort of Ability has traditionally only been found on Stage 2s, from Venusaur in Base Set to Hydreigon in Dragons Exalted and it’s always been a good one! To get it on a Stage 1 show you they’re really trying to push the new Fairy type. The rest of the card isn’t anything impressive, it has decent HP and deals ok damage and has the usual 2 Retreat for a bench-sitting utility ‘mon. You can use the Ability to move Energy where you need it, when you need it and it can also combo with Max Potion to heal a Pokémon to full HP whilst avoiding discarding any Energy. Both Xerneas cards are good, but I think it will take just one more high quality Fairy and with such amazing utility it can be a top tier deck.

Unlimited 150.
If there’s a lack of Fairy types in Standard then the problem is only worse in U150 where you only get 1 of each of those Fairies… and Xerneas EX is banned. Still, this effect on a Stage 1 is far too powerful to pass up. A Fairy deck built with the current card pool would need to splash another Type or at least make heavy use of Colorless Pokémon. Luckily, Wigglytuff got two good cards in XY and has plenty of interesting older Colorless versions like the Great Encounters one that can easily make use of Fairy Energy making Wigglytuff the main Pokémon of the deck.
Another Bulky Colorless Pokémon that springs to mind is Blissey. The Mysterious Treasures one appreciates having Energy piled onto it by Aromatisse and Blissey ex’s Poké-Power heals any number of your Pokémon then discards all their Energy. Aromatisse can help get around this drawback by moving Energy off a Pokémon before healing it!
If there’s already so much potential for a Fairy deck in U150 then after a couple more XY sets it should become a real contender if cards like Aromatisse are anything to go off.

Standard: 3.5: (likely to rise with more sets)
Unlimited 150: 4

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