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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Mystery Energy

- Phantom Forces

Date Reviewed:
Dec. 2, 2014

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 3.08
Expanded: 3.08
Limited: 4.08

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Mystery Energy 

Pokémon continues its trend of printing Type-specific Special Energy. So far it has given us one very good one (Strong) and one which has seen minimal play (Herbal). Where does Mystery Energy belong? Probably somewhere in between.

Mystery Energy reduces the retreat cost of Psychic Pokémon by two while providing Psychic Energy to fuel their attacks. On the face of it, this seems super-useful, as paying retreat costs is always a pain and sometimes cards like Switch or Float Stone aren’t available or are shut off by Item lock. Right now though, practically speaking, it’s hard to see what cards would truly benefit from Mystery Energy. Mewtwo EX doesn’t need Psychic, Gengar EX uses the Dark Corridor attack to switch itself out, while cards like Garbodor and Trevenant would much rather use Float Stone than force you to use up an Energy attachment on a non-attacking Pokémon. I suppose something like Gourgeist PHF would enjoy using it though. 

To a certain extent, if you are using Psychic Pokémon, there is no real harm in including Mystery Energy in your deck, though it does leave you vulnerable to Enhanced Hammer and Shadow Steal Drifblim, and would prevent your Pokémon from damaging Aegislash EX, so you might want to give it some careful consideration before putting it in your list. It’s possible (maybe even likely) that we will see Psychic Pokémon in the future that will get more use out of Mystery Energy than anything we have now: it’s potentially a decent boost for the Type, even if it doesn’t seem all that special at this moment. 



Modified: 3 (could become more useful in future)

Expanded: 3 (as usual, same thing applies here)

Limited: 4.25 (if you pull Psychic Pokémon, why not? Though Enhanced Hammer is in the set, so . . . )


Welcome to today's card of the day, the new Special Energy known as Mystery Energy. I wish I could say it has a mysterious effect that may affect the game in a similar way to how Strong Energy did, but it's not quite on-par with +20 damage. It does have a useful power though, so let's take a look at what that is!


Like Strong and Herbal Energy before it, Mystery Energy works online with one Type, the Psychic Type. That's got a broad range of choices, but I think the two most noteworthy ones are Gengar-EX from the new set and the ever-prevalent Mewtwo-EX. Now while Strong Energy boosts the damage on Fighting-types and Herbal Energy shrugs off 30 damage from Grass-types, Mystery Energy does something...different: it takes off 2 Energy from the Retreat Cost of the Pokemon it's attached to.


Alright, so it's not going to prevent or bring about a KO, so what does it do? Considering that most Pokemon have at most 2 Energy in their Retreat Cost, this essentially gives the Psychic decks a way of "phasing out," so to speak. With a guy like Gengar-EX, the Mystery Energy neutralizes his Retreat Cost, allowing him to retreat anytime. Course, if he's got access to Dark Corridor, the Mystery Energy becomes a moot point, providing 1 Psychic Energy while attached.


Mewtwo-EX is probably the guy I'd combo Mystery Energy with, as it not only fuels his primary attack but also allows the player to take him out of combat when faced with something he can't quite OHKO for whatever reason, whether it's because of not enough Energy or what. This makes the card essential and could easily allow for a deck like the Entei-EX deck from a couple years ago - run nothing but Mewtwo-EX, and keep swapping them around to keep X Balling forever. Not sure if it'd be effective, but it counters any Status-based strategy to a certain degree.


Mystery Energy has some good partners to use with, like Strong Energy before it, so now it's just a matter of figuring out if these partners can use the Energy well enough competitively or if they too will fall short of Strong Energy's power.




Standard: 3/5 (good partners, may need to play around with what they've got to figure out if it's good)


Expanded: 3/5 (same here)


Limited: 3/5 (more Psychic-types to run with here, so I'd give it a whirl)


Arora Notealus: I'm kinda wondering what effects they could give to other Specialty Energies like Mystery, Strong, and Herbal. Like what would a Fire Specialty or Water Specialty Energy be like, and what effect would it have?


Next Time: Alright, line em up!


Mystery Energy is a Special Energy card that can only be attached to Psychic-Type Pokémon and if you find one of the work arounds (like Devolving or Evolving from a Psychic-Type) it discards itself as soon as the Pokémon it is attached to is the wrong Type.  It provides [P] while attached even though it has a {p} symbol in the corner and not a [C] symbol, which annoys me.  Like Herbal Energy and Strong Energy before it, Mystery Energy enjoys an additional effect (which it needs since without it, it would be much worse than basic Psychic Energy): the Retreat Cost of Pokémon that Mystery Energy is attached to is reduced by [CC].

This effect is useful, but definitely weaker than that of Strong Energy and in general weaker than Herbal Energy as well; Strong Energy of course buffs damage by +20 per attached copy which is powerful (I say overpowered) while Herbal Energy just heals 30 damage (at least acceptable, maybe good, but not great).  Enhanced Hammer can discard any of these three (plus any other Special Energy) and makes it easy for just about any deck to work Energy discarding tactics in, even if only as TecH (that Korrina and Skyla can easily search out).  Strong Energy usually ends up providing its damage bonus at least once before getting the opponent can discard it (possibly several times).  Herbal Energy triggers when attached, so discarding it is only denying the opponent a source of [G] Energy.  Mystery Energy is much more passive, not being relevant until a Pokémon’s Retreat Cost matters, and thus it is much more vulnerable to being discarded. 

Of course, if you attach Mystery Energy and use it to pay for your (now reduced) Retreat Cost, that isn’t a problem (yes, that has been ruled as legal), and lowering Retreat Costs by [CC] is good in and of itself; quite a few targets will gain a free Retreat Cost and those that don’t are part of the Standard or Expanded legal card pool end up with at worst an “okay” Retreat Cost of [CC] (assuming no other effects are increasing or decreasing costs).  Speaking of other effects, there are several to lower or bypass manually retreating entirely, and paradoxically that is both to this card’s benefit and detriment.  On the negative side of things, a lot of them are simply better as they don’t eat up your Energy attachment and aren’t vulnerable to Energy discarding effects, however on the positive side of things the other options (at least of similar ease of use) are Abilities or Items that are popular to block with various effects right now, and Mystery Energy gets around that. 

So this card definitely has a use but again it is niche; decks with a serious Psychic-Type presence can use this as insurance for when other options aren’t actually an option.  You can allow your Psychic-Type Pokémon with a Retreat Cost of two or less to retreat for free without worrying about Abilities being negated and while still having your Pokémon Tool slot for something like Muscle Band.  One or two copies will probably suffice.  I believe this card loses no functionality in Expanded and may gain a bit but nothing I am comfortable crediting it for (at least to the point of raising its score).  If you’ve got even a few Psychic-Types in Limited in your deck, it is definitely worth it unless you’re trying to run a +39 deck around Gengar-EX or the like. 


Standard: 3.25/5 

Expanded: 3.25/5 

Limited: 4.9/5 

Summary: No where near as impression as its Fighting-Type counterpart, thanks in part to the rest of the Psychic-Type support in this set Mystery Energy still fares quite well in its specific niche.  It isn’t great, but its definitely

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