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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Plasma Storm

Date Reviewed:
March 20, 2013

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.40
Limited: 2.60

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Mamoswine (Plasma Storm) 

What is it about Mamoswine that screams ‘coin flips!’ to the Pokémon card designers? I have no idea, but the fact remains that out of the five Mamoswine cards that have been printed, four have a heavy focus on the dreaded flip. 

This one is no different (in fact it’s pretty extreme, even for a Mamoswine), but we’ll get to that later. First we should note that this is a Stage 2 Pokémon (so it had better be amazing if it ever wants to leave the binder) with a very nice 150 HP, putting it out of OHKO range for anything but the heaviest of hitters (Black Kyurem-EX and Rayquaza-EX). The Metal Weakness is . . . ok. Cobalion-EX’s big attack ignores Weakness, so you would have to run into a tech Cobalion NVI or someone attacking with Klinklang for this to be an issue. The retreat cost of four is all too predictable and mandates the use of Switch. 

Also fairly predictable are the high attack costs. For one Water and two Colourless (yes, Mamoswine is Double Colourless compatible!), you get Frost Stone, giving you a very sub-par return of 50 damage . . . but wait . . . there’s a coin flip! Hit tails and there’s a bonus of 20 damage and Paralysis! Paralysis has lost a bit of its shine recently, what with most decks running Keldeo-EX or multiple copies of Switch as a way of Retreating out of Status Conditions inflicted by Hypnotoxic Laser. It’s still some handy disruption though. The trouble is that there are better ways of doing it: namely with Accelgor DEX or Articuno-EX . . . both of which can Paralyse without the need for a flip. If that’s the strategy you are after, then that’s the way to go. Still, if you get lucky, you may be able to buy some time with Frost Stone to set up for Mamoswine’s mammoth (sorry) second attack! 

Yeah, I probably oversold that just a bit . . . Continuous Headbutt is in fact capable of infinite damage, thanks to its ‘flip until you get tails clause’, but in reality is most likely to end up doing 90 (or nothing) for four Energy. Victory Star Victini does offer a reflip, but you would have to be desperate to use it unless you did no damage at all. True, you can OHKO an EX Pokémon with a run of two heads but . . . come on, are you willing to take that risk in a tournament? And more importantly, are you prepared to try and set up a Stage 2 with four Energy to have the opportunity? 

For competitive players, the answer will always be a resounding ‘no’.  Mamoswine isn’t a tournament card, it’s a card to take to league for fun and trolling. Never confuse those two things. 


Modified: 1.5 (too risky and too silly)

Limited: 2 (hard to KO, but even harder to set up)


Happy midweek, Pojo readers! Today we're reviewing a Stage 2 Pokemon that I always seem to pull whenever I buy Plasma Storm packs. Today's Card of the Day is Mamoswine.

Mamoswine is a Stage 2 Water Pokemon. Water-types are fairly common right now due to Blastoise/Keldeo, but since that deck is so powerful, Mamoswine will have to fill its own niche in order to compete in Modified. 150 HP is great on a Stage 2, allowing Mamoswine to hold up against some of the metagame's premier threats while still being able to hit back. Metal Weakness is pretty bad right now against the likes of Klinklang and Cobalion, both of which will cause the ice mammoth problems. Sadly, Mamoswine has no Resistance and a huge Retreat Cost of 4, so be sure to use Switch or Escape Rope to get Mamoswine out of the Active Position.

This Twin Tusk Pokemon has two attacks. Frost Stone starts off at 50 damage for a Water and two Colorless, but deals 20 more and Paralyzes if you flip heads. 70 damage and Paralysis is pretty good for three Energy, but is largely too slow for Modified where there are better options available (Keldeo-EX deals 110 damage for three Energy, and Articuno-EX can automatically Paralyze). Continuous Headbutt is a very interesting move, allowing you to flip a coin until you get tails, dealing 90 damage for each heads for two Water and two Colorless Energy. Most of the time you'll either get nothing or 90 damage, although on occasion you can end up with 180 damage or more, which will easily OHKO the entire game. Of course, since this attack is very flippy, you'll want to have Victory Star Victini or something like it if you decide to use this attack, but even still, it likely won't be much good outside of Limited or in more casual play settings.

Modified: 1.5/5 Keldeo-EX largely outclasses Mamoswine in terms of consistent damage output, and Articuno-EX can do a better job with Paralysis. If you're interested in playing Water in Modified, I'd stick with Keldeo.

Limited: 3.75/5 Mamoswine is a huge body with potentially damaging attacks, but requires too many coin flips in order to be successful. Frost Stone is a very expensive 50 damage if you flip tails, and a Continuous Headbutt whiff is even worse. That being said, Mamoswine has the destructive power to OHKO everything in Plasma Storm, so you'll have to at least take that into account when building a deck or facing it in a battle.

Combos With; Victory Star Victini

Jebulous Maryland Player

Mamoswine is a Stage 2 Water Pokemon with 150 HP. It is weak to Metal and has a retreat cost of 4.

'Frost Stone' costs 1 Water and 2 Colorless energy. It does 50 damage, and if heads, 20 more damage and Paralysis. As we know, status conditions are being countered now, so the flip heads isn't spectacular. Neither is the 50/70 from 3 energies.

'Continuous Headbutt' costs 2 Water and 2 Colorless energy. You flip until you get tails, and it does 90 times the number of heads. The damage output is definitely good, if you get at least 2 heads. But that all depends on flipping, and if the attack doesn't at least have base damage, I tend not to use it.

There is definitely power behind this card, you just have to invest a lot into it. As for energy costs, Blastoise could help, but then you have a Stage 2 supporter AND you have to stream Stage 2 attackers. Hence why it's Keldeo/Blastoise, not Mamoswine/Blastoise...

Modified: 1/5
Limited: 2/5
Combos With: ...

Questions, comments, concerns: jebulousthemighty@yahoo.com

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