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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Roserade #14

Dragons Exalted

Date Reviewed: Oct. 1, 2012

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.75
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Roserade #14 (Dragons Exalted)

We’re back . . . so welcome to another week of reviews here on Pojo’s CotD. We kick off with one of two Roserade that were released in the most recent set. By now I don’t have to tell you that when this happens, one is always better than the other. Roserade #15 might not have been the greatest card ever printed, but it did have an interesting and potentially very useful Ability. This means that I don’t much like the chances of today’s card being playable.

Of course that fact that Roserade is a 90 HP Stage 1 doesn’t help much. Fire Weakness isn’t a problem, but that low HP really is, considering any competitive deck has little trouble hitting that number. Water Resistance is better than nothing, but only slightly. Meanwhile the Retreat cost of one is pretty neutral when it comes to assessing playability.

Roserade comes with two attacks. The first, Crosswise Whip, costs just a single Grass Energy and for that you get to flip four coins and do 30 damage for each heads. Yes, with an awful lot of luck, you could do 120 for one Energy! I’m sure the first thing that will cross people’s mind is Victory Star Victini for re-flips, but honestly, this could create more problems than it solves. Do you re-flip if you get two heads? If you need more damage, the answer will be ‘yes’, but then you are taking the risk of actually doing less damage or even none at all. And that is the trouble with attacks like this: players like to be able to calculate damage and plan their strategy, rather than trusting to luck. Sure, Roserade could do some serious cheap damage, but it could also end up being wasted space in your deck, and that’s just not good enough.

Poison Point, Roserade’s second attack, does offer reliable damage, but the trouble is that it is both medicocre and fairly expensive. One Grass and two Energy of any Colour does 60 plus Poison. It’s not hopelessly bad, but at the same time, you can do so much better elsewhere, and that means that there really isn’t a reason to pop this card into your deck. Despite the slightly sinister wink Roserade is giving on the card’s illustration (and the Team Plasma symbol in the background), there really isn’t any reason to fear this card. Even with extremely lucky flips, it isn’t nearly as scary as Vanilluxe NVI or even the old Sharpedo from TM.


Modified: 1.75 (too flippy, too mediocre, too frail)

Limited: 3.5 (oh, why not? You might get lucky and Poison is very annoying in this format)


Welcome back, Pojo readers! I hope that all of you enjoyed the final weekend of Autumn Battle Roads, and that all of you did well! We're back in action this week after a brief hiatus, and more Dragons Exalted reviews are coming your way this week, so be sure to check back daily for updates! We'll kick things off by reviewing a Grass-type Uncommon from the set. Today's Card of the Day is Roserade.
Roserade is a Stage 1 Grass Pokemon. Grass Pokemon are virtually non-existent in the Modified metagame, with only Virizion NVI seeing a little bit of play. 90 HP is standard for a Stage 1, meaning that Roserade can take a medium-sized hit before going down, but unfortunately falls to greater threats or hits for Weakness. Fire Weakness is problematic against Ho-Oh-EX and the very rare Reshiram, so be sure to watch out for Ho-Oh, especially since it's more popular now. Water Resistance isn't too big of a deal right now, keeping Kyurem at bay, but may be more relevant later with the release of Blastoise and Keldeo-EX in the next set. Finally, a Retreat Cost of 1 is easily paid.
Roserade has two attacks. Crosswise Whip is a standard flip attack, flipping four coins and dealing 30 damage times the number of heads for a single Grass Energy. While you'll usually average 60 damage per attack, Crosswise Whips is generally too unreliable to use in Modified, unless you pair it with something like Victory Star Victini. In Limited, this attack is quite powerful in spite of its unreliability, as the high potential damage output is excellent compared to the drawback of occasionally whiffing on flips. Roserade's Poison Point does 60 damage and automatically Poisons for a Grass and two Colorless, which is pretty mediocre. Once again, the attack can work in Limited, as the combination of steady damage with a Status Condition is useful here. All in all, Roserade won't see any use in the Modified metagame, but is quite solid in Limited.
Modified: 1.5/5 Roserade's HP and attacks aren't really able to compete with Modified's bigger, badder options, so be sure to use something else here.
Limited: 3.75/5 Roserade is an excellent attacker if you're playing Grass, as Crosswise Whip can deal some decent (albeit unreliable) damage for a low cost. Poison Point is nothing spectacular, but can also be fairly useful if you manage to power it up. While Roserade won't usually blow opponents away with sheer power, if you're running Grass, Roserade is a great option.


With the end of a week of vacation, we resume looking at cards from BW: Dragons Exalted /124: today’s fragrant offering is Roserade (BW: Dragons Exalted 14/124), which I have scarcely discussed. Will it be a pleasing aroma or a foul stench?


Roserade is a Stage 1 Grass-Type Pokémon. Right now being a Stage 1 just means Roserade is slower than a Basic Pokémon and lacks access to similar support, but at least it doesn’t need yet another card to get into play like a Stage 2 would, even if said Stage 2 Pokémon used Rare Candy. Being a Grass-Type is not especially beneficial right now; the best that see play are run in other decks, and they lack any useful, true Type Support or even pseudo-Type Support built around Grass Energy, unless you include being a part of Blend Energy GRPD as “support”.

90 HP is small, but also a legal target for Level Ball; it isn’t a guaranteed OHKO for all decks, but most decks will have a main attacker that can do the deed and a few more can do it with a small assist. However it would really need to be about 40 HP bigger for it to be significantly resilient and that is asking a lot.

Fire Weakness isn’t as bad as you would expect right now; there are not that many brilliant Fire-Type attackers, though when you do encounter one don’t expect to last long. For now the Water Resistance is about as useful as the Weakness is dangerous; a select few Water decks are seeing serious play. Still it makes Roserade more challenging to OHKO, and by a good margin; 110 damage isn’t impossible but it also isn’t easy. Last for the stats is the single Energy Retreat Cost; small and easy to pay, but not perfect.


Roserade has two attacks; the first is named “Crosswise Whip” and for the small price of (G) you get to flip four coins, scoring 30 points of damage per result of “heads”. Probability is not my strong suit, so to cover my bases I’ll just state this in terms of possible outcomes in terms of base damage. The slightly odd formatting is to keep it all nice and even:

000 damage = 1 of 16 possible results, or 6.25%

030 damage = 4 of 16 possible results, or 25.0%

060 damage = 6 of 16 possible results, or 37.5%

090 damage = 4 of 16 possible results, or 25.0%

120 damage = 1 of 16 possible results, or 6.25%

For one Energy that isn’t too bad a spread. The average is a solid 60 points of damage, and the threat of those higher scores means that even though you can’t count on a big hit, your opponent can’t rely on a small one, either. 60 or more damage is good to great, so that means only five of the 16 results, or 31.25%, are “bad”. You won’t be taking a Pokémon EX or most Evolutions down in one hit, but smaller supporting Pokémon are vulnerable and you can put a lot of stuff into KO range for another shot.

Poison Point, the second attack, requires (GCC), is much less encouraging. The good news is that it gives reliable damage topped off with Poison, and most Energy acceleration (including Double Colorless Energy) can get it ready quickly. The bad news is that damage is just 60 points, about 30 short of what it needs to be a threat in this format.


There are two Roselia to pick from this format: BW: Dragons Exalted 12/124 and BW: Dragons Exalted 13/124. Both are Basic Grass-Type Pokémon with Fire Weakness, Water Resistance, and requiring a single Energy to retreat; decent but not brilliant. So it comes down to the attacks.

BW: Dragons Exalted 12/124 has two attacks; the first lets you flip two coins for 10 damage per “heads”, and requires (C). For (G) it heals 30 damage and removes all Special Conditions from itself, which isn’t especially useful since being attacked is how you’re most likely to accumulate such things in the first place, and the HP won’t survive an attack past the first turn or two of the game. BW: Dragons Exalted 13/124 has one attack for (GC) that does 10 damage plus another 20 if you get “heads” on a coin toss. That… is terrible. Go with the other version.

There is also another Roserade (BW: Dragons Exalted 15/124), and we’ve reviewed it for you before. Its stats are identical to today’s card, but with a “coming-into-play” Ability that allows you to search your deck for a card and add it to your hand. For (GC), it can hit for 30 points of damage, with a coin flip that can add 20 more points of damage plus inflict Paralysis. This version does see play, but I’ll be honest I question its usage; this could be one of my infamous oversights or players may just really like Roserade.

When it comes to Modified, I would skip both. When it comes to Unlimited, I would skip both. When it comes to Limited, the fact that it is a “double” line, coupled with the lower average HP scores and damage outputs, and finally the fact that all members of the line only need a single Grass Energy for specific Energy requirements makes the line wonderful here. Unless you absolutely can’t make room for a few Grass Energy, go for it!


Unlimited: 1/5

Modified: 1.5/5

Limited: 4.75/5

Combos with: Victini (BW: Noble Victories 14/101, 98/101)


Roserade has one good-but-flippy attack, but not two or a relevant Ability. That isn’t enough to justify running a 90 HP Stage 1 Pokémon. Use the other version as search if you must, but definitely avoid this one.

Jebulous Maryland Player

Roserade is a Stage 1 Grass Pokemon with 90 HP.  It has weakness to Fire, Resisatance to Water, and a retreat cost of 1.  It is searchable by Level Ball.
'Crosswire Whip'  cost 1 Grass Energy and does 30 times the number of heads from 4 flips.  This won't do too much to big hitters, besides Terrakion.  Even then you will need 3 and 4 heads to OHKO (Terrakion and its EX).
'Poison Point'  costs 1 Grass and 2 Colorless energy.  It does 60 damage and poisons the Defending Pokemon.  This will OHKO Terrakion.
Other than that, it's not that spectacular.
Competitively, this Roserade is not that great.  The guaranteed Terrakion OHKO with the second attack is nice, but another could 'Retaliate' to take this out.  The low HP makes it too fragile.  Plus, Terrakion isn't the one you need to be worried about (there are plenty others that come before Terrakion).
Modified: 2/5
Limited: 3/5
Combo's With:  ...
Questions, comments, concerns: jebulousthemighty@yahoo.com

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