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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Lost World

Call of Legends

Date Reviewed: Feb. 7, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.25
Limited: 1.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Lost World


Hello and welcome to a brand new and very scary week here on Pojo’s CotD!


Why is it scary? Because we kick off by reviewing the new Lost World Stadium, that’s why . . . the card that some players hoped would never see the light of day outside of Japan!


Lost World’s effect is both simple and completely revolutionary. If your opponent has six or more Pokémon in the Lost Zone when this hits the table, you can declare yourself the winner of the game. This represents a completely new win condition . . . the first (I think) since the TCG made its debut way back in 1996 (in Japan, that is).


So . . . how do you get six of your opponent’s Pokémon in the Lost Zone? Well, assuming they aren’t going to do the job for you with Absol Prime, you have a few alternatives. Giratina LV X, Palkia G LV X and Mime Jr CoL are all capable of doing this. The fact is though, that no-one is worried about those cards. The real reason Lost World has earned its notoriety is Gengar Prime. With its ability to send (potentially) multiple Pokémon from the hand to the Lost Zone with Hurl into Darkness (used in combination with Seeker or forced hand-refresh like Spiritomb TM) you have what could be a deadly combo with Lost World and a deck (conveniently named ‘Lostgar’) that can win without even attempting to take a single Prize.


Rumours of Lostgar’s complete domination in Japan has only added fuel to players fears that the format will become dominated by this one deck and a handful of possible counters. Are they really justified though? Japanese tournaments are played with a very different format from our own, and some of the key cards from those scary Lostgar decks have since been rotated. There are also a number of counters available which will easily OHKO Gengar Prime, making it difficult for them to keep swarming and keep sending Pokémon to the Lost Zone (Absol G LV X, Honchrow SV, and Weavile G, for example). While I do expect Lostgar to be a common sight at upcoming tournaments, I don’t quite see it as a play-this-or-lose format ruiner.


As far as rating Lost World goes, that’s quite a difficult task. It’s only as good or as bad as the cards which make it work as a win condition. This is obviously subject to change as more cards get released and rotated out. The Lostgar deck will be popular and may even be effective, so the card probably deserves a high-ish rating for now. Whether it will continue to be a key card in the format, or a passing fad . . . we will have to wait and see.




Modified: 4 (brings something new and viable to the game, like it or not)

Limited: 2 (only has Mime Jr to work with, and you would need ridiculous luck to win with that combo)


Combos with . . .


Gengar Prime TM

Palkia G LV X PL

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia

Lost World (Call of Legends)
This has to be the most anticipated card in the whole set, possibly for the whole HGSS block. Yes, I know Call of Legends isn't part of the HGSS releases but there are enough reprints that everyone will think of it that way. And CL sure isn't part of the Black & White sets, or of any previous blocks!
First of all, I love the art on this card. Hideaki Hakozaki Has nailed this piece, showing a once-idyllic island being ripped apart by the gaping maw of the void. The lightning, the breaking stone, the swirling wormhole, I love it all. This new artist on the Pokemon team has my vote, and I hope they stay on with all of the old masters we know and love. It is such a pity that I hate the card.
That's right, I hate this card. And that coming from somone who gave Gengar Prime a good review and plays the wily ghost without the ability to cheat with the Lost Zone.
I don't hate the Lost Zone Mechanic (I even thought it was underused until HS Triumphant was released) and I don't hate having new victory conditions. In fact, I am a strong fan of all of the developing strategies I have seen since the introduction of Diamond & Pearl. Not that I don't like all of the strategic development that happened during the 3rd generation of cards in the EX series but despite being a long-time collector and player amoung friends, I never learned about proper competitive play until 2009 (I actually though Life Herb was a good card in a competitive environment!).
Back on topic, the reason I hate this card is that it is broken. It's that simple. And Lost World isn't just broken in one way, no, it breaks TWO fundamental rules of the game without any balancing that I can see.
The first is that depsite being a Stadium card, Lost Zone is not a double-edged sword like all other Stadium cards. With all other Stadiums there is a chance that having the card in play will help your opponent as much as or even more than it helps you (see Broken Time Space and Snowpoint Temple). True, the more specific effects of Stadiums will usually not help any opponent unless they run a simliar deck (see Conductive Quarry, Indigo Plateau and Sunnyshore City Gym). But Lost World can be used to win without your opponent getting a chance to ever use it against you because you can use the effect of Lost World the turn you play the card from your hand.
The second, more problematic way that Lost World is broken is that there is no way for any deck (even another Lost World deck) to counter the victory condition. Not every deck can send your opponent's Pokemon to the Lost Zone to match this new way to win, but even if every deck did include a copy of Gengar Prime or Absol G Lv X to return fire, Lost World would still be broken. You can't take cards (including Pokemon) back out of the Lost Zone, so as soon as the critical number (6) is reached then playing Lost World guarantees the win.
Admittedly you can't put more prizes back (unless you use Dialga and Palkia Legend, and I don't see that happening) but you can rescue a wounded Pokemon to stop your opponent taking a Prize (healing, returning it to your hand and adding more HP or damage reduction). Also, when it comes to running out of cards against a 'milling' deck (a deck that forces you to discard a lot of cards to lose when your deck runs out and/or your hand leaves you without any options) you can use all sort of retrieval cards to return cards from the discard pile to your hand or deck. And even when you face running out of Pokemon, there are plenty of search cards you can use to fix that problem.
Even worse, your opponent has to take 6 prizes to win but they only have to put 6 Pokemon cards into the Lost Zone which can include any and all evolutions cards as separate Pokemon. Send to Stage 2 Pokemon (that weren't evolved with Rare Candy) from the playing field to the Lost Zone (rather than taking 6 KOs) and you can play Lost World to win.
I'm not saying that the Lost Zone should be changed because the whole point of the Lost Zone is that you can't retrieve cards form that out-of-play area. What should happen is that Lost World needs to be given an errata to make it that you have to have the Lost World stadium in play for at least one turn before you can use the effect (so your opponent gets first chance to use it and/or a chance to discard it) and that the number of Pokemon needed in the Lozt Zone to claim an instant win should be raised to 9 or more. If some sort of nerfing (intentional weakening) is not applied, then this card needs to be banned for the good of the game.
If Lost World is released in 'as is' condition, then the strategic element of the Pokemon Trading Card Game is dead.
Modified: 5 (This card is broken, so it gets a perfect score for power. I still hate it!)
Limited: 1 (Lost World is nearly useless in Limited, and I still hate it!)
Combos with: Major errata or an outright ban. Seriously, I will quit Pokemon if this thing still exists when Nationals come around. No Joke.


2/7/11: Lost World(Call of Legends)
I want to start with something that mostly everyone will agree with: Lost World is a very bold design. I don't just mean in terms of game mechanics, though certainly adding a new win condition in any TCG is a bold move. I also mean in terms of what the Lost World is supposed to represent. I mean, does no one else think that the card reflects some sort of doomsday-ish landscape?
I'll spare the readers heavy analysis of the card; at this point, Lost World has been analyzed from pretty much every angle. I will say this, however: The card is good, it will be abused in some form, be it a Gengar Prime variant or something different, and anyone who chooses to ignore that this will be played does so at their own peril. As a player, I welcome the card heartily. This should be fun.
Modified: 4.5/5
Limited:2/5(You...probably won't use this often here, barring extreme luck)
Combos With: Gengar Prime


Welcome back, Pojo readers! Today's Card of the Day is probably the most hyped card from the new Call of Legends expansion, and for good reason. It seems to be a card that everyone has an opinion on, and most people either seem to love it or hate it, or think it's overpowered or overrated, with very little middle ground. Today's Card of the Day is Lost World.

Lost World is a Stadium card with a VERY interesting effect: On either player's turn, if that player's opponent has six or more Pokemon in the Lost Zone, the current player may declare to win the game. From what I understand, in Japan's LEGEND-on (HeartGold & SoulSilver in the US) format, this card is currently the centerpiece of the highest tier deck in their Modified format along with Gengar Prime, with other decks not even coming close. In our current MD-on Modified, however, this deck probably won't be quite as dominant, although it will still be a force to be reckoned with. The basic idea of the deck is to get a Gengar Prime out as soon as possible, then use Hurl into Darkness and trigger Catastrophe early and often to disrupt your opponent's setup as well as getting you valuable Pokemon into the Lost Zone to win when you drop this card. In a very slow format like Japan's HGSS-on, this is incredibly powerful, as there are few ways to get rid of Pokemon in your hand or get rid of the Gengar before it removes a serious amount of your Pokemon to the Lost Zone. However, things are not quite so easy for our MD-on format, where the fast and powerful SP engine is still around, and we still have things like Regice LA and Banette PL to discard Pokemon from our hands to play around Hurl into Darkness. The deck will still be powerful, but another properly teched deck will still have a chance, especially if one uses a Dark-type to get rid of Gengar.

In Limited, Lost World isn't nearly as powerful, as there aren't very consistent ways of getting many of your opponent's Pokemon into the Lost Zone. Mime Jr. is an idea, albeit a very unreliable one. I suppose you can also take advantage of an opponent that is using Relicanth's draw attack, but the odds of them getting rid of six Pokemon in this way are incredibly low.

Modified: 3.75/5 I believe that Lost World is slightly overrated as of right now, but will definitely be a force once SP decks leave the format. The presence of Lost World decks should cause Gyarados play to drop drastically, as a few Magikarps in the Lost Zone is game over for the Gyarados player. However, that being said, any deck fast enough to set up before the Lostgar player gets a Gengar Prime should be able to at least have a chance against the deck, although if they don't have a Dark tech, it still could be fairly difficult.

Limited: 1.5/5 Not nearly as good here, because there isn't a consistent way of getting your opponent's Pokemon in the Lost Zone. It can help against someone using both Relicanth and Lucario together, but outside of that, it really has limited use.

Combos With: Gengar Prime

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