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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Palkia G Lv. X


Date Reviewed: 02.23.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.00
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Can anyone name the ONE card in this set that is ONE set ahead of its time? Anyone?

Here is it. Palkia G Level X.

Pokepower, basically a Dusknoir DP that forces your opponent to choose to save 3 Pokemon with all cards attached on their bench, and send everything else to the lost zone.

Punishing. Completely.

Anyone playing against a G deck has to really consider this Pokemon as an option, just as we had to worry about Dusknoir for the last several series.

Even in a non-G deck, this think could be a NASTY surprise. You won’t necessarily see it coming, due to the card Level Max.

OK, Palkia G has a good switch-out attack for 2 energy, and a 50 plus 10 to everyone attack for 3 energy. Good to use in a “spread” style deck.

This card has a 4 energy attack that if you discard 2 energy you do 80 to anything on their field. GOOD BYE CLAYDOL!!!

Yes, energy gain makes this attack cost one energy less, but the power comes in the NEXT SET with the projected return of the double-energy card for SP Pokemon.

You just discard THAT card every turn for an 80 snipe to anything, with energy gain for what, 3 energy???

This will give BOTH G decks and WATER decks some power that they have needed. It may even bring a revival of Kingdra!!!

I like this card, next set. For this set, it will still find itself to be a bit too slow, and just not hit hard enough.

Usable in Kingdra decks, as a surprise in SP decks, and in spread decks.

Modified I am going kind of high here with 4/5

Limited…too hard to get out, but I would draft it off of the field (true, you take any Level X you get, except maybe that Drapion piece of junk)..2.5/5

Thanks again and see you next week!

Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Palkia G Level X (PL125)

Hello everyone, sorry for my lack of reviews, but I was staying at a frind's house with no internet. But here I am, just in time to review the new DP Dusknoir alternative.

Palkia G Level X is very simmilar to Dusknoir DP when it comes to their powers. Dusknoir lets you put one of their Pokemon back into the deck per turn if they have four or more benched Pokemon. Palkia lets each player choose three of their benched Pokemon and shuffle the rest into their deck. Dusknoir trades power for percision and doesn't affect your own bench.. Both are fairly easy to get out, since you can run a 1-1 line for either one, and then Rare Candy to Dusknoir, or try and Level Max to Palkia G Level X.

Anyways, Palkia G Level X has 120 HP which ensures it will live for a bit, provided no one takes advantage of its x2 weakness to Lightning. Lightning weakness is pretty bad considering Amphytric will not only KO Palkia G Level X in one hit, but they also negate the use of his Power. A retreat cost of two ensures that you'll want to run some Switches or warp Points, or even a Mantine.

Moving on to the attack, Hydro shoot does 80 damage to any of your opponent's Pokemon at the cost of two Water and two Colorless energies and discarding two of them. Hydro shoot is okay, but you'd rather have Palkia sitting safely on your bench rather then getting creamed by most Pokemon. For two energy, you can retreat or use Spalshing Turn to get the hell outta there, whcih si way more cost efficient.

Modified 4/5
In my opinion, this card will never replace Dusknoir completely, but he has his uses in Galactic decks, and other basic-heavy archetypes.
Limited 3.5/5
If you're lucky enough to get this guy and the normal Palkia G, use them. You can quickly reduce your opponent's bench and then pick them off with powerful sniping attacks like Pearl Breath, or, dare I say it? Hydro Shoot.

Hello world! Octazookeeper here! Well, first of all I would like to say that I was a little harsh on Thursday's review. I hadn't quite realized the full combo potential of Galactic HQ, and it might actually leave a mark on the state of the game at some point. Anyway, today we are taking a look at one of the two SP Lv. Xs in Platinum, otherwise known as Palkia G Lv. X.

Type: Water

HP: 120 (About average for a Basic Lv. X, but is outclassed by Regigigas.)

Poke Power: Lost Cyclone is an interesting little power, bearing some resemblance to that of the ever-so-popular DP Dusknoir. I actually think this may see some play in SP decks, mainly due to the combo potential here. Think about it, you just used a Uxie, and your opponent is wreaking havoc on your bench. What do you do? You send your own Uxie to the Lost Zone of course! Azelf? No problem! Spiritomb taking up your bench space? Send it away! This power does, however, have quite the downside. Your opponent gets to select their own Pokemon, thus potentially aiding them. Due to this, I personally believe DP Dusknoir is still the best choice for bench disruption.

Attacks: Hydro Shoot- Not the best attack I have ever seen. 4 energy is quite a lot, but can be lessened with Energy Gain. In my opinion, the new Blastoise can accomplish what this attack attempts to do to a greater extent.

Weakness/Resistance: Any times 2 weakness is never good, so the occasional Raichu and the like may pose some problems. Some resistance would always be of some help, too.

Retreat Cost: 2 is pretty good
Overall: This card was a tricky one to review. I personally believe that, in SP decks, this thing can dominate. In other decks, however, other cards can accomplish what one would wish to do with this card in a more efficient way. I prefer DP Dusknoir for bench disruption, and Platinum Blastoise as a bench sniper

Modified: 2.5/5 (Outclassed by other cards that can do similar things, but still may be teched in some decks.)

Limited: 4/5 (If you pull the line, use it.)

In SP decks: 5/5

COTD Palkia G LvX

The only thing I can say about this card is WOW. Definitely going to be a top tech, or possibly even a staple in the near future. The fact that he has a great power AND attack means it will be played a lot.

HP: 120 – Probably the worst thing about this card, however Palkia shouldn’t see the active spot unless fully needed to.

Power: Lost Cyclone – Definitely will be the new Dusknoir DP in the format. I’m pretty the Lost Zone means you can’t get it back, which is very good. Too bad it counts for you too, however it can easily be played around with the right setup.

Attack: Hydro Shot – A great sniping attack. I think a combination of Blastoise/Palkia G LvX will be seen a lot at States just because they compliment each other so well. Blastoise can snipe, energy accelerate and Palkia can back him up. Sounds good to me.

Weakness/Resistance: Lightning x2/na – Well, the lightning weakness definitely doesn’t help. Especially since Manectric/Luxray/Ampharos will probably be going to see a lot of play. Manectric wrecks this deck, however a Hydro Shot + PP is a OHKO.

Retreat: 2C – Not that bad considering it has a good attack and power.

Overall, I really think this card will be seeing lots of play at States and from there on. The power is great, the attack is great, it compliments well with Blastoise or can be tech’ed for the power. Overall a very versatile card.

Modified – 4/5
Limited – 4.5/5

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