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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

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Entei & Raikou Legend
Card #'s 94 & 95

HS Unleashed

FC -Detonation Spin 90.
Discard a Fire Energy attached to Entei & Raikou LEGEND.

EC - Thunder Fall
Discard all Energy attached to Entei & Raikou LEGEND. This attack does 80 damage to each Pokémon that has any Poké-Powers (both yours and your opponent's). This attack's damage isn't affected by Weakness or Resistance.

Date Reviewed: May 3, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.50
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Combos With:

It's a shame getting out these legend Pokemon is difficult, because Entei & Raikou Legend has one of the sickest attacks there is in modified.

For LC, Thunder Fall deals 80 damage to every Pokemon in play with a Poke-Power. What Pokemon does that OHKO? Let's see...

Uxie (Legends Awakened)
Azelf (Legends Awakened)
Claydol (Great Encounters)
Crobat G (Platinum)

It's 10 damage short of KO'ing both Toxicroak G (Promo) & Bronzong G (Platinum) but will usually score the OHKO on Bronzong because of Bronzong's Galactic Switch Poke-Power, which puts damage counters on it.

You won't find a good modified decl that doesn't run at least two of the Pokemon mentioned above. In fact, most run three or more of them. Additionally, there are a other low HP Pokemon with powers you will run into: things like Mesprit (Legends Awakened), and even higher HP Pokemon with powers (like Gardevoir (Secret Wonders), Gengar (Stormfront), Gengar (Arceus), Luxray LV X (Rising Rivals)) can be OHKO if they have 30 damage on them.

What's the best way to use this card? With Manectric (Platinum). Manectric can not only set up the higher HP Poke-Power Pokemon for a OHKO with Thunder Fall, it also prevents Thunder Fall from damaging your own Pokemon, meaning you could run Claydol/Uxie in your deck without worrying about OHKO'ing them.

Overall, Entei & Raikou Legend is a powerful modified card that allows you to make a late game comeback. Even knowing you play Entei & Raikou Legend in your deck, it is difficult for your opponent to play around since so "staple" Pokemon have Poke-Powers.

Modified: 4.5/5

As for limited, if you actually opened both both halves in your 5 booster packs, you're probably going to be disqualified for cheating anyway.
Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Entei & Raikou Legend (Unleashed)


Hello and welcome to Legends week on Pojo’s CotD. Well, more like Legends three days, actually, as that’s what it will take to cover the Legends released in the new Unleashed set.


Legend cards made their debut in HGSS with Ho-Oh and Lugia, but no-one really played them so it’s worth reminding ourselves of a few key things about Legend Pokémon.


1. You need to play both halves at the same time.

2. They are NOT Basic Pokémon, so you can’t start with them, or search them out with Roseanne’s Research.

3. They are NOT Evolved Pokémon, so Machamp can use Take Out on them, and their attacks are shut off by Mewtwo LV X’s PokeBody.

4. Both halves are deemed to have the same card name, so you can’t play four copies of each. It’s either a 2-2 or a 3-1 line in your deck.


Some new features are also introduced by the Unleashed Legends. Unlike Ho-Oh and Lugia, they are not one Pokémon split into two cards, but two Pokémon combined. This means . . .


1. They are dual Type, which can be very good

2. They have dual Weakness, which can be very bad

3. When they are KO’d, your opponent gets two Prizes, which can be terrible


So, with all the downsides to playing Legends, you would expect to be rewarded with something very ,very powerful to repay you for all your trouble. Let’s see if the Legendary Dogs can live up to that.


Entei and Raikou Legend (ok, I’m calling it E&R from now on)is both a Fire Type and a Lightning Type, as you would expect. This is a decent combination, allowing it to hit popular decks like Jumpluff and Gyarados for Weakness. It has a good 140 HP, but even this might not be good enough to save it from its dual Water and Fighting Weaknesses. Neither Gyarados nor Donphan decks would have too many problems getting a very fast OHKO on E&R with a little help from an Expert Belt or Crobat G in Donphan’s case.


E&R’s first attack, Detonation Spin, costs only [R][C] and discards a Fire Energy to do 90 damage. 90 for two is very good value, and the single discard cost is a minimal inconvenience which you can get around by using Heatran LV X or Typhlosion Prime if you really wanted to. That damage output is enough to KO nearly every playable Basic but comes up somewhat short against beast Stage 1s like Gyarados, Stage 2 Pokémon, and even Levelled up SPs. Expert Belt could help with the latter, but then you are taking the insane risk of giving your opponent half their Prize cards if E&R gets KO’d. Don’t get me wrong, Detonation Spin is an excellent attack, but given the difficulty of getting E&R out early, it’s likely not going to be an attack you can spam from T2 to take quick wins.


Luckily E&R has another trick up its sleeve . . . one that is good enough to get this card a fair amount of hype. Thunder Fall is another cheap attack, costing only [L][C]. For that, you get to do 80 damage to EVERY Pokémon in play that has a PokePower. Conveniently, that is enough to KO a whole bunch of common staple Pokémon: Claydol, Uxie, Azelf, Crobat G, a Bronzong G that has used Galactic Switch . . . plus a few less common techs like Slowking HGSS and Sunflora HGSS. Obviously, you will want to avoid Knocking Out your own Pokémon with Thunder Fall. You could simply avoid playing Claydol and compay, but then your deck’s consistency and draw would suffer, so it would be better to throw in some Bench Shields, or even a tech Manectric PL.


Obviously, what attracts hype to this card is the potential to destroy an opponent’s set up and take multiple Prizes with one cheap attack. Unfortunately, an opponent can prevent this by not Benching Pokémon with Powers or running Bench Shields and Manectrics of their own (which will certainly happen if E&R sees much play). Decks like Gyarados and Donphan (already bad match ups thanks to weakness) can get by perfectly well without Powers, and SP Pokémon like Luxray GL and Garchomp C LV X will take the hit and Poke Turn or Healing Breath the damage away.


If you can somehow get E&R out early it can wreak havoc. If your opponent is careless with their Bench, it could be devastating. However, the card has many glaring weaknesses and I think smart players will find many easy ways to turn the tables on it.




Modified: 3 (potentially very powerful, but use with extreme caution)

Limited: 3 (you will need godly luck to pull both halves, but if you do, Detonation Spin will probably win the game on its own)


Today's card of the day is my favorite card from Unleashed, Entei & Raikou LEGEND. Let's see if it has what it takes to be a real contender.

Entei & Raikou LEGEND has fairly depressing base stats. First off, the card combines two of the rarest types in the TCG, Fire and Lightning. With the return to more x2 Weaknesses, this makes most Water, Metal, Grass, and even some Colorless Pokemon open to being blown away by Entei & Raikou LEGEND's sheer power. 140 HP is nice, but balanced out by a x2 weakness to Water and to Fighting, and the old EX rule coming back, making this card worth two prizes. Sadly, Water and Fighting are pretty much the most common types in Pokemon so don't expect your Entei & Raikou LEGEND to last long without a Sunnyshore City Gym in play. No resistance is disappointing, considering that both Entei and Raikou have a resistance to Steel in game, but the free retreat is a nice touch, fitting the roaming legends.

Entei & Raikou LEGEND's first attack isn't too complicated. Detonation Spin does a cool 90 damage for one Fire energy and one Colorless energy. The only added effect is that you have to discard a Fire energy attached to Entei & Raikou LEGEND. This is a cool way to deal damage, especially if you have a Typhlosion Prime or Typhlosion/Stark Mountain going on. Nonetheless, as awesome as Detonation Spin is, it's the second attack that makes this card.

Entei & Raikou LEGEND's second attack is pure brilliance. For one Lightning and one Colorless energy, this attack does 80 damage to every Pokemon in play with PokePowers. Think about it, that's enough to take out Claydol, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, staples in many decks. In just one turn you can grab a massive amount of prizes. However, this attack recquires you to discard all energy attached to Entei & Raikou LEGEND, and damages your own Pokemon too. Either you can run no Pokemon with Powers (save for cards such as Unown), or you can use Bench Shield or Platinum Manectric to protect yourself. Beware though, as these strategies will also help your opponent. Another excellent thing about this attack though is that since it deals straight damage, Unown G can't stop it. On the downside though, this attack isn't affected by Weakness or Resistance, so it will not OHKO Bronzong G, Palkia G LV. X, or several other Power users who would otherwise be knocked out.

Modified 4/5
I love this card and plan on running it at Battle Roads. When more support comes out for LEGEND Pokemon next season, expect to see more decks focused on this bad boy. For now though, the weakness to Water and Fighting (read: Gyarados and Donphan), as well as SPs being faster than just about everything will limit its use.

Limited 2.5/5
What? A card getting a lower score in Limited than in Modified? KFT, you've gotta be crazy! Well, actually, not only do you have to ull both pieces of this sucker, youve got to make sure they aren't in your prizes, and then you have to deal with the numerous Water and Fighting types in this set. Not only that, but Entei & Raikou LEGEND's crowning glory, Thunder Fall, isn't as useful as there are less PokePowers to use it against. Still, if you pull it, you've done well.


Willy G

Hey everybody! Today we begin our exploration of the new LEGEND cards that Unleashed has to offer. Our first subject is Entei & Raikou LEGEND. What a mouthful. I shall henceforth just call this card ERL.

ERL has an enormous 140 HP for a Basic (sorta) Pokemon. Double weakness to Water is bad (Gyarados, Palkia G Lv.X), double weakness to Fighting is worse (Gallade, Donphan Prime), but put them together?

Horrible. And no resistance to help out either. It seems like this card should have had resistance to Metal. But I digress... One is a manageable retreat cost.

ERL's first attack brings us one of the highest numbers ever seen next to 2 or less Energy symbols. Detonation Spin does RC for 90 and discard 1 R. ERL's second attack also is high damage with discard. LC and discard both to do 80 to all Pokemon with Powers. Two attacks that both discard R or L Energies... this got a wheel turning in my head, and I soon made a connection between this card and Rayquaza LA, which essentially attaches an R or L Energy from the discard to Rayquaza.

Hook it up with Energy Link, and you have Energy acceleration! I also like Ampharos PL in this deck, because if you're gonna be attacking all the Pokemon with powers, might as well shut them down. The only problem is that Rayquaza will get hit hard and shut down by Thunder Fall. The best solution i have for this right now is Super Scoop Up, but this would clearly be the weak point of the deck.

Modified: Some potential, if you can make sure to keep yourself safe from Thunder Fall. 3.4/5

Limited: Almost impossible to get, but if you do... 5/5

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