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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Manectric LV.45


Date Reviewed: 03.19.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.75
Limited: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 3/19 Manectric Lv.45 (PL)

Hello, and welcome to Thursday's card, which was hyped up to be half of the new best combo, Manectric! As always, I'll start with the basics of the card, which aren't too bad. First of all, it has 90 HP. On a fully-evolved Stage 1, that's all right, so it should survive a hit, but I still would've preferred more, but you could say that for any Pokémon. +20 Weakness to Fighting is annoying due to Machamp (SF) and Rampardos (PL) being big decks. -20 Resistance to Metal is quite nice to see, allowing Manectric to take no damage from Deafen and reduce the damage of Dialga G (PL)'s other attacks as well. No Retreat Cost is perfect, there isn't any more that can be said on the matter.

The abilities are where this card shine, though. First of all, it's Poké-Body, Electric Barrier is quire interesting, preventing damage done to your non-Manectric bench Pokémon by attacks. This means stuff that places damage counters still get through, but sniping/spreading decks are almost completely walled, unless you are playing some strange Manectric swarm deck. This Poke-Body takes a lot of power out of popular cards like Blastoise (PL) and Palkia G (PL), but most will remain unaffected by this Body. Mind you, if you don;t want your bench sniped, this is a rather interesting tech you could use to save them (apart from Manetric itself, obviously).

The attacks are where it gets a bit more interesting. I'll start with the least interesting one first, Attract Current. For CC, it does 40 and you get to get a Lightning energy from your deck and attach it to one of your Pokémon. If you want energy acceleration, this really isn't the card to go for since it's quite slow at doing that job. Not particularly great power wise either, since 40 for CC is average at the moment. However, Power Wave is certainly an interesting attack. For L, you get to do 30 damage to each Pokémon with a Poké-Power in play. It may include your own, but that can be destructive when you think about all the Pokémon with Poké-Powers that are played and, for the most part, their frailty. Claydol (GE), Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit (all LA), Skuntank G (PL), Crobat G (PL), and there are a lot more, it's just I can't be bothered to list them all. All of the ones I have mentioned, though, are all 3HKOed by Power Wave, which can mean a massive loss for your opponent. Others are KOed quite so quickly, but it's still an attak they fear.

So, what combos with this card you may find yourself asking. Well, if you've heard any of the hype for PL at all, you probably won't be asking that, but I can tell you, it's best played with Ampharos (PL). Most of you will probably already know this, though. The reason is due to the combination of Ampharos's Poké-Body and Power Wave. What Ampharos likes to do is to stop your opponents Pokémon with Poké-Powers from using them if they have any damage on them. Obviously, Power Wave will put a lot of damage on their Poké-Power-ed Pokémon, so they really won't be able to use them. It's pretty disruptive, but easily countered by today's popular tech, Dialga G Lv.X (PL). Also, opposing Manectric will stop the combo since it will stop the bench damage. Being beaten by itself, how brilliant.


Modified: It is a good card. It can stop bench damage, which stops spread from coming back with a vengeance, and deal a lot of damage to every Pokémon with a Poké-Power. However, it doesn't have anything to back it up with, since Attract Current is just rubbish, and it's best combo, Ampharos, isn't that great at attacking either. However, it's also stopped by the popular Dialga G Lv.X, which makes the main combo kind of redundant, and is also stopped by other Manectric, which would probably make a mirror match interesting to watch. 3/5

Limited: Worse here. There will be Poké-Powers played, but not as many as in Modified, so Power Wave becomes a lot less useful. Attract Current does have a use, which is provide some much needed, if still kind of bad, energy acceleration, allowing you to power up any bench Pokémon that may need it. Electric Barrier will find little use as well, since few Pokémon here will snipe or spread. 2/5

Here is the “helper” pokemon of the Amphytric deck (with Platinum Amparos)

The deck has been a disappointment as of the first week of States, so that will affect the rating.

90 HP Stage 1, free retreat. Good starting stats!

Fighting weakness, metal resistance…not bad, metal resistance could really be good.

The pokebody protects all non-Manectrics on the bench. Pretty good.

Attacks, 30 to everyone with a Pokepower (but your body stops your own damage!)…so this could be pretty nice against those G decks that vomit powers.

The second attack, 40 and search and attach a lightning energy card, pretty good.

Not an overpowering card, but not completely pathetic.

Modified – 2.5/5 Good support card…not much else.

Limited – 3.5/5 Like it better here with free retreat, colorless energy accelerating attack.

See you in 2 days for Missouri States!

Bart - Be there or be square…

Ralph - <I want to be a triangle>

Bart - You’re not invited.

HAPPY 15th Birthday Zak! TN State Champion 2009!!!!

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