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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Team Galactic's Wager

Diamond & Pearl
Secret Wonders

#1 of 2007

Date Reviewed: 01.25.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.50
Modified: 4.40
Limited: 5.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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2005 World

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Team Galactic's Wager

Unlimited - I'd rather use Imposter Oak's Revenge, Rocket's Sneak Attack, and finish their hand off with Rocket's Trap. 1/5

Modified - One of the most annoying cards in modified. I really hate this card, because the winner of RPS gets such an advantage while the loser gets a huge disadvantage. At least Rocket's Admin was a fair card, because the more you were winning the less cards it got you and vice versa. But TGW is just unfair. Taking your opponent's hand down to 3 cards can often times win you the game. It's also annoying having to take out my RPS cards each time a Wager is used. I don't play the traditional hand way because it's a lot easier for people to cheat. 4/5

Limited - Any draw is good draw. 5/5


Name: Team Galactic’s Wager

Set: Mysterious Treasures


Rarity: Uncommon

Type: Supporter

Sub-Type: Supporter (Hey, they feel the need to print it twice on the card. XD)

Text: You can play only one Supporter each turn.  When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon.  When your turn ends, discard this card.


Each player shuffles his or her hand into his or her deck, and you and your opponent play “Rock-Paper-Scissors.”  The player who wins draws up to 6 cards.  The player who loses draws up to 3 cards.  (You draw your cads first.)


Yes, I am chiming in on what was apparently the number one card released last year.  I did a quick review of it here alongside the other CotD reviewers.  According to my understanding, Pojo-sama looked not just at how we rated the cards we sent in, but how often they appeared in the lists.  I am pretty sure this card appeared on all our lists (my only other picks to appear were Lucario and the other Team Galactic card, Team Galactic’s Mars, for those interested).  What makes this card so special?  Hand disruption, Pokémon style!  For some reason, I find playing Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) to be extremely fun.  It is a game of luck and yet of skill: two thirds chance you won’t lose, unless you know how to read your opponent.  I mean the legal way: some people you can just tell how they’ll throw.  You can always try something simple like saying “Show me rock!” right before you start doing it.  I mean, who is going to listen to you and throw Rock?  So just throw Scissors and you’ll either tie or win.  Unless your opponent is familiar with this trick (I learned it from the Hunter X Hunter manga).


The important thing is that you can often play your deck, let alone build a deck, so that a three card hand isn’t especially crippling.  I mean, if you drop your hand to three or less important, useful cards (with zero being ideal), then it is clearly worthwhile to play.  What about your opponent’s hand?  Aren’t you risking giving your opponent some Super Special Awesome new hand?  Well, yeah, but this is Pokémon, not Yu-Gi-Oh (or most other card games for that matter): Pokémon has abundant search/draw opportunities.  It also can draw several cards in a single turn to generate field advantage in the form of field building (something that feels lacking in many games I am familiar with, where it is just easier to tear down than to build).  So if they’ve been searching out pieces they needed for their bench set up and are just waiting that turn to Evolve them, send it all back to the deck.  Odds are at least one won’t show up again.  So what if they get a replacement searcher?  They still have to use it.  Using a Supporter or Trainer uses it up.  Using most relevant Poké-Powers means that you have to wait another turn to use it again, slowing down their progress.  In fact, Supporters have the worst of both worlds: burn a Supporter and their “once-per-turn” usage.  All while, if you played smartly, you got yourself some more cards to set up with.


This card is highly luck based in that it is a shuffle and draw card.  That kind of semi-random result is inherent to how Trading Card Games function and shouldn’t be held against the card, and people don’t seem to be.  The ability to probably trash someone’s hand while possibly improving your own is huge.  We learned this with the much more potent Rocket’s Admin and the less used but still pretty strong Desert Shaman.  Last I checked, Pokémon was still a game of large hands… or at least without threats like this they swell to sizes that even Pokémon players find hard to believe (7+ cards).  With Team Galactic’s Wager, the possible outcomes range from each player getting horrible to brilliant hands, and with skillful play you can maximize the likelihood of the positive results for yourself and minimize the positive results for your opponent.  All this before factoring in that it is wonderful for the recently reborn Hand Disruption decks.




Unlimited: 3.5/5 – Why so high?  When I last reviewed this card I gave it a one out of five.  Why did it go up two points?  Well I did some mental exercises and realized that the combo potential allows the three card result to become a death sentence: simply put if you can pull this off when your opponent’s resources are low (probably early or late game), the standard patterns of Unlimited can take hold.  That is, you play out your hand so that only this is left, use it, and even with just the three card result, probably snag a Professor Oak, or Computer Search or Item Finder and rebuilt your hand and keep the building going, or you get the old-school Hand Disruption and tear down your opponent’s hand, or if you are exceptionally lucky, both.  Then there are all the times when you get the six card result and your opponent gets the three cards: in Unlimited that almost guarantees you can build as any well made Unlimited deck would while simultaneously destroying the opponent’s hand.


Modified: 4/5 – Just read the review as this is a bit hard to summarize.


Limited: 5/5 – It is draw power no matter what and might ruin your opponent’s hand (or help you avoid decking out late game).



Alex Bramham

UK Nationals Finalist 2007
Team Galactic's Wager

Yes, it is indeed Team Galactic's Wager to which we awarded the title "Best card of 2007". Rock-paper-scissors is one of the weirdest game engines to arise (or come back from Misty's Duel). I'm a fan, it adds a friendly competition to a potentially stressful game.

Shuffling back your opponent's hand is the peak of disruption. This very tactic helped Ness to win Worlds with 4 copies of rocket's admin. While Wager is not as brilliant, we have many other ways of attacking the opponent's hand. Look back at the Top 10: Team Galactic's mars and Absol also score highly. With team galactic's wager being such a great card, combo it with.... itself! If you wager twice, your chance of winning at least once is 3/4 (if you throw a random sign). How to perform such a feat? Why use Kirlia or Gardevoir (also present in the top 10). When you win and their hand is damaged, fire off Mars and baleful wind and they have nothing left!

Wager is such an awesome card, play it or counter it.

Modified: 5/5
Limited: 5/5 You don't HAVE to play it, but use it when you have one more pokemon developped and you're set when the gamble opportunity arises.
Arbok14 Welcome to the final installment of our top 10 cards of 2007! That means that today's is #1, Team Galactic's Wager.

Name: Team Galactic's Wager (Supporter)
Set: Mysterious Treasures
Rarity: Uncommon

Analysis: This card is just amazing. It helps you get a new and sometimes bigger hand and at the same time disrupts your opponent's hand. This does depend on a game of rocks-paper-scissors, but it will hit your opponent hard when he or she has a hand of more than 10 cards. It is good early game and is great late game. I am not saying to play 4 cards in each deck, but 2-3 would be sufficient in a disruption -strategy deck and 1 would be great as a tech.

Unlimited: Imposter Professor Oak is better. (1/5)

Modified: Really good. Just really good. (4/5)

Limited: Great, especially since it gets you new cards and it can hurt your opponent. (5/5)

Team Galactics Wager SW
Hello people. Today’s card is not only the number 1 card of 2007 but it is also the only card prestigious enough to make the place. Team Galactic wager is the only card in format that makes your opponent shuffle his/her hand into their deck. Not only that but, it has a unique way of deciding how many cards each player draws. Rock-Paper-Scissors is a great way to put the hurt on your opponent if you win. Couple this card with Murkrow, Absol, or Team Galactic Mars. And you’ve got a great way to possibly reduce your opponent’s hand to 2 or less!
Pros –
Hand disruption
Can make the opponent draw only 3 cards
RPS Rocks!
Cons –
Can make you only draw 3 cards
Unlimited – Bill and Oak make this obsolete. 1/5
Modified – Hand disruption and RPS! 5/5
Limited – Draw and RPS! 5/5
Well folks, looks like we are done with our top 10 of 2007, come back next week and we’ll get some more reviews out there. (Maybe some GE previews!)
“It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinct American only criminal class except Congress.”

Team Galactic’s Wager

Unlimited: I think Rocket’s Admin is way better then this.

Rating : 1/5

Modified: This is the lamest card around and it shouldn’t be on the 1st place.
I mean talking about skill…Who ever loses it ends up with 3 cards
and that’s terrible for any Deck .The only Deck I play it in is
Gardevoir/Gallade because you can use Gardy’s Power even when you lose.

Rating : 2.3/5

Limited: Take any Supporter/Trainer even this one.

Rating : 5/5

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