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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Wobbuffet - Sandstorm

Date Reviewed: 12.31.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Unlimited: 1.50
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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Wow, this card was good, for what, one whole set, before people figured out how to work around it?

This card was, and is kind of cool. Considering some of the “Big Power” Decks in unlimited (Suicune EX) do actually use EXs, this may see some play (assuming your opponent is an idiot and does not simply attack with the Blasty)

2 Retreat is easy enough to work around (Phoebes, Moonight Stadiums), but I can see you CRY when you get Murkrow locked with this card (Esp now that Murkrow can turn into Honchkrow to finish you off!).

So, the verdict…

Unlimited 1/5 no bonus points for NUTHIN.

Limited (draft) 2.5/5 Big Basic Pokemon. Not bad. Really not good though..so right in the middle.

Here you go kiddos. Happy new year, from, Wobbuffet???


Today we look at my favorite second generation Pokémon, Wobbuffet.  Specifically the impressive EX Sandstorm version that was a common deck site when it was first introduced.  Originally reviewed here, this Wobbuffet was popular because it was a sound counter to Pokémon-ex, which players were greatly afraid of at the time.  This Wobbuffet has good stats for a Basic, a Poké-Body that was either useless or magnificent depending upon what your opponent played, and good, solid attack that only had a specific type requirement for one of its three needed Energy.  The thing that really pushed it over the top, though, was Wynaut from the same set: it had an attack that let it search your deck for one Pokémon per Energy card attached and the Poké-Body that allowed it to “Evolve” into Wobbuffet also removed all damage from it.  Together, this made them the perfect opener/cleaner combination for Gardevoir with Psy-Shadow.  That Gardevoir could attach extra Psychic Energy from the deck, but at the price of placing two damage counters on the Pokémon you attached the Energy to.  A good deck built around them at this time would try to open with a Wynaut or two, attaching extra Energy as Wynaut could search out more Pokémon with more Energy attached to it, and then if your opponent didn’t focus on KOing it, you could “Evolve” it into Wobbuffet and flush away all that damage for a healthy, solid beatstick immune to the much feared Pokémon-ex of the time.


In the modern Unlimited format, it doesn’t do a whole lot though it suppose I could be a decent choice in the right deck, or if Pokémon-ex are a problem in the area.  If you actually can spare a slot for one copy, you really, really need to study your metagame to eliminate it as a candidate.  I have learned (and sometimes taught) players how you never know what you’ll face in Unlimited.  While most of us accept certain decks as “the norm” because they are strong, proven, and as reliable as anything can be in Unlimited… it is Unlimited, and we have the cards to make anything “functional”.  Yesterday we looked at my all time favorite Pokémon Rocket’s Snorlax ex.  When a Snorlax goes bad, it actually gets quite good. ;)  Good enough to sneak a win at some local events, and that’s about all that is left for Unlimited play.  In a format where decks may be two thirds Trainers, a self healing big beatstick with utter Trainer denial on the Bench is actually a force to be reckoned with.  This is true for a whole category of “functional” decks not good or reliable enough to truly be rogue, but the instant you count them totally out they get you.  It isn’t exactly a rock-paper-scissors relationship between “dominant archetype”, “rogue”, and “functional” decks, but it really is refreshing how well it holds up in the “broken” Unlimited format.  I mean, a lot of cards are still sadly useless here, but long gone are the days when Unlimited was a one-deck format.


As Pokémon-ex have been retired from Modified, it wouldn’t really do much there, though similarly talented Pokémon have and will continue to pop up, adjusted to whatever the new “gimmick” Pokémon is (like Level X Pokémon).  I took to Wobbuffet in the video games because it was just an interesting idea for a Pokémon: something that can only fight back by responding and mostly just stood there, taking hits so it could hit hard back.  Also I just like “big” Pokémon and while Wobbuffet aren’t as big as Snorlax, they are indeed one of the higher HP Pokémon options.


I realize that this was somewhat rambling, but as this may be my last article for a long time, I indulged in some tangential thinking.  I suppose, given the date that it is going to be posted, it is a very appropriate day to end things.  Have a Happy New Year and keep playing as long as you can. J




Unlimited: 2/5


Modified: N/A


Limited: 3.5/5

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