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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Rocket's Snorlax ex

Team Rocket Returns

Date Reviewed: 12.30.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Unlimited: 2.13
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Rocket’s Snorlax EX

Cute Card in that Dark Energy actually heals this card. An interesting twist.

2 very average attacks for the unlimited format, but weakness to fighting, which is almost non-existent in unlimited is not too bad.

Not sure what kind of deck I would use him in, as the big hitting decks would simply wreck this “little” guy for 2 prizes.

A fun card nonetheless. Never played in modified, never should be played in unlimited.

I am adding .5 for Otaku’s birthday.

Unlimited 1.5/5

Limited (Draft) – Big HP Pokemon, nice power, I would take him, 4/5. Once he falls, you lose HALF your prize cards though!
Jigglypuff13 12/30 Rocket's Snorlax Ex (TRR)
Happy birthday Otaku! Right, with that obligatory part out of the way, time for todays Unlimited card, Rocket's Snorlax Ex! A card that, when it came out, literally was never actually used (much at least). So, what will it be like now, you ask? Guess. Unless you like my bad card reviews, this isn't going to be pretty. Basics of the card, and 100 HP on a Basic Ex was pretty good actually, so was and probably still is a little survivable. x2 Fighting Weakness is, in Unlimited, not too bad, since there aren't that many good Fighting cards in Unlimited (I mean, really, whose going to attack with Areodactyl (FO)? Hitmoncham (Base) may be a little problem though). Resistance, well, I shall gloss over that. 3 Retreat Cost? That's a lot, and thus is not good. If you want to use this card, make sure you pack a few Switches/Warp Points to get Rocket's Snorlax Ex back to the bench. Then there's the fact it's an EX, meaning a lot of card won't search for him (unless you use ones not from the Ex Series), and will give up 2 prizes when KOed, which is just harsh.

Especially when you consider it's abilities aren't that great. Dark Healer is alright for removing 1 damage in between turns so long as it has a Dark energy attached. Thanks to Basic Dark energies, it's a lot easier to achieve this than it used to be. However, even with 100 HP, it still isn't that great of a tank. Snowpoint Temple/Rocket's Hideout could help in making it a little more of a tank, but still not that great. It's attacks don't make it much of an attacker either. Poison Claws is you rather average and bad CC for 20 and 50% chance of inflicting Poison to your opponents active. Not a main attack, and only worth considering for if you ever feel that you probably should Poison the defending Pokémon, but don't matter too much if it doesn't (which is never). Collapse is useless as well. CCCC for 60 and putting yourself to Sleep is not good, and there is no good reason to put yourself to Sleep. 60 damage isn't great either. For both of these attacks, Special Dark Energies are needed to make the damage output even close to reasonable, but even then, it isn't much better.

If you are thinking about using this card (and why?), then there are a couple of routes to go down. The first is a tank route, using Snowpoint Temple/Rocket's Hideout, Leftovers, Gold Berry, Poké Healer +, Potion, etc. to keep Rocket's Snorlax Ex alive whilst stalling your opponent. Might work, but with Suicune Ex (TMvTA) and Sneasel (NG) around, keeping it alive will probably be quite tough. The second is a more aggressive way, use Darkrai Lv.X (GE) and Xatu (SW) to keep abusing Collapse for 100 damage, and putting your opponent to Sleep. However, needing 4 Energies is just too slow, along with setting up 1 Basic Lv.X and a Stage 1. Everything else is just too fast, needing less energies, and generally, just better.


Unlimited: If only it didn't need 4 energies for it's best attack, and if only that attack didn't put it to Sleep. If only it had slightly more HP. If only it was actually any good. All the popular decks here (SneaselKing, Blasticune, 'Plume Ex, etc) are just faster and more powerful. Yes, you can use DCE (Doubel Colorless Energy) if you wanted, but one SER (Super Energy Removal) would ruin you entirely. I wouldn't use this card here, though might prove quite a surprise if you find a way of making it work. 1.5/5

Limited:Can you still do this? If you are somehow playing a TRR draft and find this, it might be worth while using it. Admittedly, you will give up half your prizes if it gets KOed, but with 100 HP and a bit of luck in getting a Dark Metal or 2, Dark Healer could be very useful. Also, it can be a half decent attacker, dealing 60-70 damage using Collapse without or with an R Energy attached. Might be quite good here. 3.5/5


Now to review my all time favorite Pokémon as my all time favorite version of it: Rocket’s Snorlax ex!  You can read the original reviews for the card here.  When it was first reviewed, it was still Modified Legal, though if the other CotD reviews are any indicator, it was one of those Pokémon either you knew how to use or traded away to people like me. :-D


What I said about it (with respect to Unlimited) remains true as far as I know: you can back this card up with Trainer disruption (I recommend Dark Vileplume as it shares all that lovely Rocket and Dark-in-name support) and as long as your opponent isn’t running a Fighting Deck or lucky enough to keep top-decking Tyrogue from Neo Discovery, you’ll have a big (120 HP after Rocket’s Hideout) Basic Dark Pokémon-ex dolling out 20 with a chance of Poison (and getting around any already-in-play Focus Band or OHKOing Baby Pokémon) that can also swing for a big 60 damage if you need it (more damage for either attack if you have Darkness Energy or R Energy attached).  The fact that you can use R Energy or Double Colorless Energy lends a Dark Turbo Snorlax deck a surprising amount of speed that will catch the unwary off guard.  If they know what to expect, then you’ll just have to beat them the old fashioned way – playing well and hoping for “heads”.


Snorlax quickly became my favorite of the original Pokémon due to its good HP, DEF, and ATK (in Red/Blue/Yellow) and hard hitting moves (Hyperbeam, far more devastating in the original games) and the potent combination of Rest and Toxic (and a Poké-Flute when playing against the computer).  I am a fat guy, so I felt some kinship with the sleeping behemoth; especially as I am 5’11” and if it were real, a Snorlax would be 6’11”.


The original Rocket’s Snorlax was a disappointment, but the Pokémon-ex version gave us better stats, better abilities, and better artwork (though the background detail was better in the illustration for the original Rocket Snorlax.




Unlimited: 3.5/5


Modified: N/A


Limited: 3.75/5


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