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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Rocket's Snorlax ex



Date Reviewed: 08.07.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1
Modified: 1
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

My reviews are ratings are for Modified only.

Rocket's Snorlax ex

Modified 1/5 - This card's attacks are overpriced (too expensive), and Weakness to Fighting means you're giving your opponent 2 easy prizes. Exeggutor d, anyone?

Rocket's snorlax ex

weakness to fighting hurts a lot, also, being an ex is not good here.
if you retreat and let it heal on the bench your opponent will most likely gust it for 2 prizes. poison claw is ok, but collapse is overcosted. (and your energy will get removed before you can use it...)

Basically poor man's Rocket's sneasel EX in dragtrode, otherwise I see no use for it. 100 HP means desert ruins damages it, and weakness to fighting hurts here too. I like the fact that it can heal itself, but Collapse is so overcosted... and the retreat cost makes me cry...
Rocket's sneasel EX is much better in many ways.

The attacks are colorless, which makes it a pretty splashable card.
unfortunately, you really need the special energy cards in this set to make it good. with dark metal, you can heal 10 damage between turns...
which is pretty good in Limited. it even works on the bench, so if you're close to getting knocked out, you can retreat it to heal a couple of turns.
Poison Claw might inflict poison, which can be pretty nasty in certain situations. 20 damage isnt that much though. Collapse is still overcosted, but if you can get the energy for it, it's really worth it. (also because you'll need the energy to retreat anyway).

Snorlax can be decent, granted that you have a dark metal attached to heal. the attacks aren't awesome, but combined with the poke-body.
snorlax can mow through your opponents pokemon.

Unlimited: No special energy requirements for attacks- you can use DCE (or power it up with Blastoise EX’s “Energy Rain”). Relatively high HP for a basic, so you don’t have to worry too much about OHKOs against it. Retreat cost could’ve been a little lower, however. 2/5


Modified: Rocket’s Snorlax EX is a basic Pokémon that does not evolve, making it susceptible to effects of cards like Space Center, Skarmory [DS], and Ursaring [UF]. It benefits from Holon Mentor, as it is a basic Pokémon with less than 110 HP. It also benefits from Darkness Energy and R Energy. Having exactly 100 HP, it is hurt a lot by Desert Ruins, but you can counter this with its Poké-Body. 2/5


Limited: High HP for a basic. Perhaps you can start with Rocket’s Snorlax EX active and stall your opponent while you attach energies to your benched Pokémon. This Pokémon benefits from Rocket’s Hideout, but your opponent may as well. 3.5/5


Questions/comments/corrections? E-mail: ninetales1234@hotmail.com

My name is Snorlax
I love to take naps
Cause I fall Asleep
After I Collapse

Unlimited: Neah Ex is bad in Unlimited, and weak to Fighting is even worse.

And it won’t really attack cause ER and SER eats it.

Rating : 1/5

Modified: Boost? Anyone Boost Come on??? No it’s to expensive for Modified play even with Boost it isn’t gonna be superb.

Rating : 1/5

Limited : It’s Power works on the Bench that a plus but for the rest of it leave out of your Deck.

Rating : 1/5
DarkJake Rocket's Snorlax ex

Nothing too special about this guy, 100 HP is too low, since Chancey ex has gotten 120. In fact, 100 is probably the worst HP an ex can have, it is just 10 HP away from being immune to Desert Ruins, and it in itself is too low. Snorlax's attacks are average at best, for 2C you do 20 damage and a chance at poison, this isn't too bad, but nothing unbelievable either… the 2nd attack requires 4C and does 60 damage and puts Snorlax to sleep, which means you need to get heads in the next two turns or you can't attack again. Sadly, since Snorlax is a basic he cannot use boost energy. His body is somewhat useful, but his weakness renders it useless, as does Desert Ruins. A fighting Pokémon needs to do just 50 damage to KO this Pokémon in one hit, this is pretty bad considering the format is filled with fighting Pokémon, Exeggutor δ, Dark Tyranitar, and Nidoqueen, just to name a few.

Unlimited: He can be powered up using 2 Double Colorless Energy, but ER and SER will just eat him up, his weakness is also somewhat rampant in this format, he would probably die before he lets his ultimate attack loose anyway. 1/5

Modified: There is absolutely no point in playing this guy in any deck, because a weakness to darkness isn't very popular, and even if it is in your specific area, there are many other options which are much better. His weakness to fighting just ruins him and being an ex that is easily taken care of is bad news. 1/5

Limited: This is where he shines; watch out for Dark Marowak and the Dark Tyranitar family. If you pull a Dark Metal this guy becomes that much better. 4/5


Don’t skip today: I noticed at least three CotD staffers insulted my boy here: time to explain why those people need glasses.  Or a math tutor. ;)


Name: Rocket’s Snorlax ex

Set: EX: Team Rocket Returns

Card#: 104/109

Rarity: Pokémon ex (yeah, it’s also a rarity)

Type: Darkness

Stage: Basic

HP: 100

Weakness: Fighting

Resistance: None

Retreat: CCC

Poké-Body: Dark Healer

As long as Rocket’s Snorlax ex has any (D) Energy attached to it, remove 1 damage counter from Rocket’s Snorlax ex between turns.

Attack#1: (CC) Poison Claws [20]

Flip a coin.  If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Poisoned.

Attack#2: (CCCC) Collapse [60]

Rocket’s Snorlax ex is now Asleep.


Attributes: First things first: this card has Rocket’s in its name.  This automatically allows it to combo with nearly all Rocket’s supporting cards.  The downside is a few cards won’t work with it since it has an “owner” in its name.  Second, this is a Pokémon-ex.  That means it needs to be roughly twice as good as an equivalent Pokémon.  Not exactly, since being a single Pokémon instead of two is inherently advantageous in that it’s one less slot in your deck, you need less attached cards (like Energy and Pokémon Tools).  Of course, that’s all more than offset by losing two prizes, so the card still needs to be pretty potent.


Rocket’s Snorlax ex is a Basic Pokémon that has no pre-Evolutions or Evolved forms.  Being a Basic is great: you can just drop it into play so long as your bench isn’t full.  Not having any “supporting forms” means that this card needs to be a bit buffer than those with such forms: Rocket’s Snorlax ex is on its own in this respect.  Being a Rocket’s Basic Pokémon-ex is fortunate in that many of the disadvantages associated with being one carry over to the other, but don’t stack.  Mainly I am speaking in terms of card interaction: many things that won’t work for a Pokémon with an owner in its name also won’t work for a Basic Pokémon or a Pokémon-ex.  There’s no kooky combo to get around any one aspect, so after the first “disqualifier” the others don’t matter.


Rocket’s Snorlax ex is a Darkness Pokémon.  This means there is nothing Resistant to it, but a few things that are Weak.  It also means it can use Darkness Energy for extra damage.  Darkness is more or less tied with Metal for being the best type in the game, so this is a definite plus.  Also, the handful of Colorless Resistant Pokémon won’t bother you, and as I’ve pointed out, with Crystal Shard, everything can hit Colorless Weakness anyway.  Oh, and since Rocket’s Snorlax ex is a Basic, Battle Frontier can’t touch it.


Unfortunately Desert Ruins can since it’s at 100 HP.  Personally I think they should have gone for 110 or even a full 120 since in the video games, Snorlax are known for having great HP and a really good DEF (unlike Chansey who is know mostly for just having the obscene HP).  That is, both are insane to KO there so why give it such a substantial difference here (Chansey ex has 120 HP if you had forgotten).


Rocket’s Snorlax ex is Fighting Weak, and while appropriate it really does hurt: any big Fighting Pokémon worth its salt can OHKO it with little effort thanks to the damage doubling.  It has no Weakness, which is annoying, as always, and the retreat cost is a hefty three Energy (though it should be noted that this is one less than normal for a Snorlax).  Personally, if it’d have meant another 10 or 20 HP, I’d have rather had the four.



Abilities: Rocket’s Snorlax ex has a Poké-Body and two attacks.  The Poké-Body is pretty nice: Dark Healer triggers if you have any (D) Energy (so anything providing (D) Energy) attached to Rocket’s Snorlax ex.  It lets you remove a damage counter from Rocket’s Snorlax ex between turns: sort of like a “Reverse-Poison”.  It also essentially cancels out the effects of Desert Ruins.  Given its solid 100HP, this Poké-Body could heal quite a lot of damage… or it might do nothing, given the OHKO-oriented nature of most formats.  Overall, it still proves useful.  The first attack is a great opener.  (CC) for 20 is a fair trade, and you also get a nice “Basic Pokémon-ex” bonus: a flip to Poison.  As stated, it’s good since it gives you something to use while powering up Rocket’s Snorlax ex’s second attack.  The second attack is pretty solid on its own: Collapse hits for 60 damage.  For four of any color Energy, that’s pretty good.  Yes, it puts you to Sleep, but that’s a 50% chance of meaning nothing to you.  In very rare circumstances, namely if you are anything but already Asleep or Paralyzed, it is actually helpful: if you successfully attack, you get rid of the current Special Condition, and have a 75% of being totally healthy by your next turn… well, assuming the opponent doesn’t hit you with something else.  Now, an attack requiring four of any type of Energy is good for 40 points of damage, base.  Putting one’s self to Sleep is probably good for five more points of damage.  So we are clearing 15 points extra, though for a Basic Pokémon-ex that just makes it fair.


Individually, we have three passable-to-good abilities for Rocket’s Snorlax ex.  Together they have a decent bit of synergy.  After all, open with Poison Claws and get something to trigger Dark Healer and you have a slow gap being formed between Pokémon in terms of HP… which a Collapse a turn or two later will changed into a Prize’s worth of advantage.


Uses and

Combinations: This is where Rocket’s Snorlax ex really shines: it can take advantage of nearly all the supporting Rocket’s cards.  It can’t make use of Rocket’s Poké Ball, but it can get a precious extra 20 HP from Rocket’s Hideout.  So does every other Dark and Rocket’s Pokémon, but Rocket’s Snorlax ex gets an extra boost since it can heal it self.  A 120 HP Basic that removes a damage counter between turns actually has some staying power.  Being a Darkness type Pokémon is similarly more beneficial since you can optionally use all Darkness Energy to power your attacks.  40 damage with a shot at Poison, thanks to two Darkness Energy cards, is actually pretty nice.  100 damage a turn, through Collapse and four attached Darkness Energy cards, is also pretty potent.  Also important is that you can make great use of R Energy: you can go from having no Energy to hitting for 30 points of damage and a 50% chance of Poison.  If you already have two Energy attached, you can jump up to a solid 70 damage (more if there are any real Darkness Energy cards attached).  It also makes a nice “throw away” card for Rocket’s Mission.


Many think this is just a poor man’s substitute for Rocket’s Sneasel ex in Dark Dragonite/Dark Electrode decks, and they are half right.  Rocket’s Snorlax, while greater than the sum of its parts, hasn’t scene much play.  I created an experimental deck a while ago I am thinking of reviving called REBA: Rocket’s Extremely Basic Assault.  Properly combined, a few of the Basic Rocket’s Pokémon are quite, quite obnoxious and difficult to deal with.  The important thing to remember in Modified is that this is a Basic Pokémon and thus potential TecH.  It isn’t like you have to build your entire deck around it.


I have found a use for this card in Unlimited.  My old Turbo Snorlax deck is now Dark Turbo Snorlax.  Simply put, Turbo Snorlax had a Jungle Snorlax up front while Dark Gloom tried to Confuse the opponent with its Pokémon Power from the Bench.  Snorlax’s Think Skin keeps it from becoming Confused and it also has a 50% chance of Paralyzing with its Body Slam attack, so it really made it hard for the opponent to get in a good attack.  You of course would also have Dark Vileplume keeping Trainers from being played so your opponent could goof things up for you.  Rocket’s Snorlax ex has a way to keep healing itself without Trainers, can use a Darkness Energy as a permanent Plus Power, doesn’t have to worry about Sprout Tower, and since Collapse puts yourself to Sleep, a way to deal with Confusing one’s self.  The probably won’t win any big tournaments, but its incredibly fun, especially when the opponent is using Slowking from Neo Genesis… you’re deck is designed to make do without Trainers.  Theirs isn’t.




Unlimited: 3.5/5-Turbo Snorlax is actually an interesting deck in Unlimited; not strong enough to be a top “archetype”, but not weak enough to be just another “gag deck”.  With a little tweaking, we now have a bolder Rocket flavored variant. ;)  Oh, and on its own, it wouldn’t be too Energy Removal weak as it can attack with either a Double Colorless Energy or R Energy


Modified: 3/5 – I doubt it will ever make any decks but it might be some help.  There are, however, other alternatives that can be just as good or better.


Limited: 3.75/5-On it’s own, it will just be a solid big Basic Pokémon ex that can try to Poison while building up for a solid hit and fits in pretty much any deck.  If you pull some Rocket’s supporting cards, it gets a little better.  Probably +0.1 for each of those cards you pull.  This means if you get lucky and pull more three or more related cards (Dark Metal Energy, R Energy, Rocket’s Hideout, etc.), you’ll have a sick, sick monster.



Rocket’s Snorlax ex is a solid Basic Pokémon ex that relies on its bonuses from being a Darkness Type Pokémon and being a Rocket’s Pokémon to put it over the top.  Unfortunately, it’s not enough to give it a great score, but it clearly shows it’s far from useless.


Computer Guy Today's COTD Review is Rocket's Snorlax ex from Team Rocket Returns.

The attacks are over priced, it has horrible retreat cost, and a horrible weakness.

Basically 2 quick prizes for you're opponent.


Modified: 1/5
Limited: 2/5

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