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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Electivire Lv. X

Mysterious Treasures


Date Reviewed: 08.27.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.67
Modified: 3.50
Limited: 1.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Name: Electivire

Level: X

Type: Lightning

Stage: LV. X (play on top of Electivire)

Rarity: LV.X (Ultra Rare)

Hit Points: 120

Weakness: Fighting x 2

Resistance: Metal -20

Retreat: CCC

Poki-Body: Shocking Tail

As long as Electivire is your Active Pokimon, whenever your opponent attaches an Energy card from his or her hand to 1 of his or her Pokimon, put 2 damage counters on that Pokimon.

Attack: (LC) Pulse Barrier [50]

Discard all of your opponents Pokimon Tool cards and Stadium cards in play. If you do, prevent all effects, including damage, done to Electivire during your opponents next turn.

Rules Text: Put this card onto your Active Electivire. Electivire LV.X can use any attack, Poki-Power, or Poki-Body from its previous Level.

Name: Electivire

Level: 46

Type: Lightning

Stage: 1 (Evolves from Electabuzz)

Rarity: Holographic Rare (Super Rare)

Hit Points: 100

Weakness: Fighting +20

Resistance: Metal - 20

Retreat: CCC

Poki-Power: Intense Voltage

As often as you like during your turn (before your attack), if Elekid is anywhere under Electivire, you may move a (L) Energy attached to 1 of your Pokimon to Electivire. This power cant be used if Electivire is affected by a Special Condition.

Attack: (LLLC) Giga Impact [60]

You may discard all (L) Energy attached to Electivire. If you do, this attacks base damage is 120 instead of 60.

Rules Text: Put this card onto your Active Electivire. Electivire LV.X can use any attack, Poki-Power, or Poki-Body from its previous Level.

For my recommended Electabuzz, please click here to see its CotD.


Due to time constraints, I am going to have to ignore most of the formatting I prefer to use. Electivire LV.X is an interesting card. It has the familiar does damage when they attach Energy Poki-Body, but this version only works while Active. This might actually matter for 2-on-2 play: I dont see anything about only using one at a time.


Going to the extreme with Electivire gains 20 HP (for 120), and changes your Weakness to Fighting x 2 instead of Fighting + 20 in addition to the above Poki-Body. The attack is a mixed blessing: we have Windstorm to easily discard Trainers from play, and as such less see play. Still, Cessation Crystal is still a common sight to my knowledge, and so I can see getting the effect a decent amount.


My main concern comes from what you get from Electivire LV.46, the only Electivire currently available and thus the only way to get its LV.X form into play. It is a solid card, but without a way to quickly replenish its Energy, I cant see Giga Impact doing a lot of good other than hitting slightly harder than Pulse Barrier. The Poki-Power is tricky to use well now that Dragonite δ is gone. If you really wanted to, you could use a Pokimon that attached Energy of the wrong type, then drop a Holons Castform as your normal Energy attachment, then use Electivire LV.46 and its Poki-Power to move it to Electivire LV.X (provided its Active).


As for what lower stages to use, Id recommend Electabuzz δ, since it is a drawing machine if Evolved from Elekid. Go with whatever Elekid you fancy: neither currently legal version is all the great, though the Pokimon δ version can only attack with a Fighting Energy while the new can just get Lightning Energy cards from the deck for no Energy cost. Technically the newer version is better but if you did want to use a Poki-Power to power up with the wrong Energy then attach a Holons Castform, then Elekid δ would work for Holons Castforms drawing attack.




Unlimited: 3/5  Just because last I checked Raindance was still strong and this hits the Weakness and can discard copies of annoying cards like Chaos Gym and Focus Band.


Modified: 3.5/5  Strong, but not really enough to be a top deck.


Limited: 1/5  No Electivire in the set to allow you to run it, which was obviously intentional.




Electrivire Lv. X MT (The new Mysterious Treasures set.)

Yay! It’s a whole week of cards from the new set. Today’s card is Electrivire Lv. X. This card will find it’s place son enough, with the ability to give 20 damage to any pokemon that gets an energy attached to it (While Electrivire is active) is just amazing! Think of how many decks focus on energy acceleration, then think of this card and drool if you want. Wait! There is a flaw! “From his or her HAND to one of his or her pokemon.” Crap! That one sentence kills Electrivire Lv. X from damaging Blaziken or new Typhlosion with their “Fire starter” Poke powers.

Pros –
Free damage
Can’t be effected by attacks if the opponent has a trainer in play and you attack (that was way to long)

Cons –
Level X (seems good, but it takes another turn to get him out)
Can’t hit those dang “Fire starter” pokemon
2x weakness is back!!!

Unlimited – “Sneasle” *Electrivire hides under the bed* 1/5

Modified – Could work with a bit of help. (Looses 1 point because he can’t hurt the “fire starter” pokemon) 4/5

Limited – He’d be great… If you could get him out. 1/5

I love this new set, so many useful cards,

Michael from Denmark

2 worlds and 4 national finals.

Electriwire lv.x

Im not so fond of this it does have some good sides (its pokebody) but being lv.x really hurts this guy. figthing is a popular choice and taking 2x from those are kind of scaring when a stage 3 with only 120.... Scramble machocke can OHKO this 1.
its attack is good but very easy to play around. Letting your opponents decide how good your card should be is no good
overall ok

classic 1
modified 3
limited 1

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