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"Pokemon Best Collection"
Japanese Music CD

CD Front Cover

The serious Pocket Monster collector will not want to miss out on this great collectible! It's a Japanese music "Pokemon Best Collection" CD packaged with 10 Japanese Promotional cards. The music is nutty and wild, but really fun to listen to! You'll find yourself humming and dancing to the bubbly tunes. Most of us won't have a clue of what the music is all about, but that doesn't matter! This is definitely a keeper for those long, boring car rides when everyone could use a smile and a good laugh. My personal favorite is midway through track #5 when we hear James, Jessie, and Meowth do the "Team Rocket motto" in Japanese. (Although track #6's hip-hop tune is a close second!)

Produced by the "Pikachu Records" label, the packaging is thick and sturdy and comes with a 32 page glossy CD booklet. The booklet details the 13 different songs that are on the compact disc. The face of the CD is adorned with a mosaic of all the most popular Pocket Monsters on a white background. It's too bad that the CD won't fit into a card-binder--It's really something to showcase at serious Pokemon trading sessions. Of course, the CD is a minor treasure compared to the limited print promo cards that are safely housed inside the back cover of the package.

The artwork on all of these Promos is unique, but some of these monsters have made prior appearances in the card game. Note that Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur have identical game abilities to the U.S. (and Japanese) Base set cards. Their Hit Points, Pokemon Powers, Attack Moves, and other features are all identical. Media Factory retained the same "Level" for these monsters to clearly represent their identical game-play functionality, but in my opinion the art on these promos are ten times more appealing than what you find in the Base set cards.

Beyond those 3 "repeat" Pokemon, 7 all-new cards have been introduced here. Arcanine boasts deck flexibility with an all-colorless attack requirement, and Level 25 Mew has just about the most Hit Points that this popular character will ever see in the card game. The two trainer cards we have identified as "Computer Crash!" and "Super Energy Retrieval" (This one lets you draw FOUR! basic energy cards out of your discard pile for the minor cost of discarding two additional cards from your hand).

Along with these 10 great Japanese cards, the newest copies of this "Best Collection" CD are accompanied by a U.S. Level 12 Pikachu card. It was included as an introduction of the english-version TCG cards to the Japanese Pocket Monster Card Game fans. This Pikachu is identical in every way to non-1st Edition U.S. Base set Pikachu cards, except one: It was printed by Media Factory--not by Wizards of the Coast. Although it uses WOTC's artwork (including all the early revision features--no "shadow" on the picture, "99" in Nintendo's copyright, yellow-cheeked Pikachu), it is printed on the thinner (but more durable) card stock that the Japanese card manufacturer uses. This card will be easy to spot in direct comparison to the U.S. manufactured Pikachu cards, but who knows how many have filtered into the U.S. market and "lost" as common Pikachu cards... This is definitely one of the few instances when a card will fail the "counterfeit" tests, only to prove itself MORE valuable than the original!

CD Back Cover

CD Insert (U.S. card description)
Pokemon No. 137
Pokemon No. 006
Pokemon No. 003
Pokemon No. 143
Pokemon No. 009
Pokemon No. 059
Pokemon No. 150
MEW (LV.25)
Pokemon No. 151
Trainer Card

Trainer Card

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