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About Pojo.com

Pojo.com is the Internet's premiere location for the most popular of Gaming issues. We have a dedicated round-the-clock staff that prides ourselves on responsiveness to our viewer's questions, concerns and suggestions. We love the games and the genre, and love staying involved in the most up-to-date information about the world's greatest crazes!

Add our website staff and Message Board Moderators together, and you'll get over 50 volunteers contributing to the maintenance of the site.  
As always, we are greatly indebted to the Pojosama fans who help support Pojo.com site by their endearing contributions to every section of the site. 


The Pojo website was originally created in December 1998 as a dedicated Pokemon site. By March 1999 we were the hottest Pokemon site on the net. In October 1999 we teamed up with H&S Media to create a monthly Pokemon Magazine. Over 20 issues have been produced.
At the beckoning of fans, Pojo.com expanded to become much more than a simple Pokemon site. In the Spring of 2000 we added Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam, and Magic The Gathering. In 2001 we added a Harry Potter section. And recently we added a Yu-Gi-Oh section.

We also created more many Magazine titles of for H&S magazine, including Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Magic: The Gathering, Video Games & more! 

In January 2001, Top9.com (a site that rank the most popular websites by industry category on a monthly basis) listed Pojo.com as one of the Hot 9 Video Game sites to watch, ranking us 16th. Pojo.com was up there with Nintendo, Sega, and Playstation, and ranked ahead of Playstation2.com.  

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We take pride in providing CCG price guides for our fans. These are exclusive property of PoJo.com. As they are also used in our magazines, you can not copy this information to your website or any other publication.  

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