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Episode #1 - Heart of The Cards

This is the first Yugioh show in the USA. Yugi and his friends, Joey, Tea, and Tristan are playing duel monsters. Yugi tells Joey, Tea, and Tristian that his Grandfather has a card shop so he gets all of the best cards. Later they go to his Grandfather's shop and Yugi's Grandfather shows him his ultra rare Blue Eyes White Dragon. A dear friend of his Grandfather's gave that card to his Grandfather as a gift.

Unfortunately a schoolmate of Yugi's, Seto Kaiba finds out about Yugi's Grandfather's card shop. Kaiba enters the card shop and was amazed to see the card he has been looking for around the world was in a small shop. Kaiba offers any price for the Blue Eyes White Dragon card but Yugi's Grandfather refuses.

Then Kaiba challenges Yugi's Grandfather to a duel where they bet their most valuable cards. Yugi goes soon after his Grandfather to Kaiba's company and finds his Grandfather defeated. Yugi's Grandfather is also hurt. Yugi's Grandfather tells Yugi to show Kaiba the power of the heart of the cards. While giving Yugi his deck. Yugi's friends promise to take his Grandfather to the hospital. Tea draws a symbol on their hands, which would be a symbol of their friendship. Yugi then sees Kaiba walking down the steps and then Kaiba rips the Blue Eyes White Dragon card he won in two.

Next Kaiba and Yugi battle. Yugi soon realizes why his Grandfather couldn't win. The arena creates holograms of monsters played on the field in it. Tea and Tristan tell Joey to go back to give Yugi support. When Joey arrives he is amazed to see "real monsters" in a huge arena. Kaiba quickly brings out 2 Blue Eyes White Dragons. Yugi stalls using Swords of Revealing light to stop the 2 Blue Eyes White Dragon. Unfortunately, Kaiba brings out a 3rd, which can attack. Yugi quickly realizes that the only reason he wanted his grandfather's card was so it couldn't be used against him. Yugi wonders what his grandfather's deck's strategy is. Then he realizes he has 4 cards to Exodia in his hand. Yugi then remembers that his grandfather told him that the Exodia are like pieces to a puzzle like the Millennium puzzle. He also remembers that when the 5 pieces are in his hand he can summon Exodia and win the match. Yugi has to draw for another card and draws the last piece to Exodia. He then summons Exodia and wins the match.

The End


Heart of the Cards;

Jasmine Smith

 Long ago, when the pyramids were still young
Egyptian Kings played a game of great and terrible power
But these ‘Shadow Games’ caused a war which
Threatened to destroy the entire world
Until a brave young Pharaoh sealed the magic away
Within the seven mystical ‘Millennium Items’
Now, 5000 years later, a boy named Yugi unlocks
The secret of the ‘Millennium Puzzle’
He is infused with ancient magical energies
For Destiny has chosen him to defend the world
From the return of the Shadow Games
Just as the brave Pharaoh did, 5000 years ago…

With that in mind, we enter the first episode, where we come from the opening credits (Gotta love the opening theme ^^) to a small Japanese High School, moving into the classroom, where we’re quickly introduced to the four first-lead characters; Tristan Taylor, Tea Gardner, Joey Wheeler and of course, Yugi Motuh. Four normal teenagers – except Yugi, who we know is quite different – who have all came into the latest game craze ‘Duelling Monsters’, with Yugi teaching Joey how to play; “Check it out Tristan, Yugi here is teaching me how ta play Duelling Monsters!”

“Druelling Monsters?”

“Duel Monsters, ya Nimrod!”

As Tristan gets shoved off, Tea quickly explains to him that in Duel Monsters, the players play with monster cards that each have an Attack and a Defence stat, the first player to eliminate their opponents life points wins the duel.

(Quick Breakdown – both players are given a ‘Life Point’ count, IRL it would be 8000, in the series, it’s often 2000, so, when both players use monsters in attack modes, both Attack numbers are compared, with the player who has the highest stat destroying/discarding the opponents monster from the match; the difference in life points is then deducted from their opponents life points, as you’ll see later.)

When Joey smugly plays down his ‘Kagemusha of the Blue Flame (800/400), Yugi is quick to wipe the smile off his face using an Black Land Dragon (1500/800) and wins the duel. So as Tristan and Joey argue over why Joey lost (whether he stinks at the game or not) Yugi stands up for Joey, blurting out he gets his best cards from his Grandfather, who owns a game shop.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Joey slams down his hands on the table, as the four agree to go see later about some new cards, when Yugi’s wagging tongue lets him down; this time attracting the attention of one of the more despicable characters who has stayed by himself so far, reading a book; Seto Kaiba, when Yugi mentions his Grandfather’s ‘Super Rare card’ it makes him ponder whether this could be the card he’s been searching for so long.

After a brief time flash, the four friends have arrived at Yugi’s Grandfather’s ‘Turtle’ Game Shop, where they are introduced and then coax the slightly eccentric Grandad to show them his card; one rarely taken out very often as he places the case onto the counter and holds it for them to see; The Blue Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500), so precious he never lets it leave his hand. (Until Tristan picks it from his hand to look at it)

“I don’t see what’s so special about it…”

Grabbing it back and cuddling it to his face, Grandfather immediately barks off how there are only four of these cards in the entire world.

After a quick misunderstanding about Joey wanting some new cards and a trade of the Blue Eyes, Kaiba enters the shop, briefcase in hand explaining he wants to see the card. (Amongst insulting the shop, Yugi’s grandfather, grand standing about him being the number one duellist in the country and Joey’s duelling skills…spoilt brat ><)

“I’d have more of a challenge playing solitaire.”

That’s the point when Kaiba shoves Tristan and Yugi aside when he spots the Blue Eyes, slamming down his briefcase on the counter, ready to trade several rare cards for the BEWD. When that offer is refused, and another for any price Yugi’s Grandfather calmly explains to Seto he doesn’t value the card for it’s rarity or its power, but what it means to him; that a dear friend gave him this card, and so he in turn treasures it as he does that friend, so he could never part with it.

Storming out, Kaiba swears he will get the card by any means possible…

Returning to his home, the family company Kaiba Corp. Kaiba arranges for his men to ‘pick something up at the game shop’ for him. So it’s the next day when suddenly, a small accountant and two body guards appear at the Game Shop, inviting Yugi’s Grandfather for a private duel.

Seeing no other choice, Grandfather agrees to go, promising himself Kaiba will learn a valuable lesson about the heart of the cards.

Yet later, Yugi and friends return to the Game Shop, his grandfather gone and the door unlocked, wondering only briefly before Yugi answers the phone to Kaiba; apparently, Yugi’s Grandfather ‘visited and took a bad turn’ so he sharply instructs him to come pick him up.

Running all the way in and up the elevator to the top floor of Kaiba Corp. Yugi finds his Grandfather lying in a bad way by the elevator opening.

Heartbroken, his Grandfather explains he wanted to teach Kaiba a lesson about the Heart of the Cards, but he failed…

This is where Kaiba enters from a gothic looking entrance, smirking all the while. He does the rest of the explaining about a duel they had, each putting up their best cards on the line, that the duel must have been too stimulating for him.

“And look at the sweet prize I won…” ::Kaiba holds up the Blue Eyes White Dragon card and promptly tears it in half::

With Yugi near in tears, he cries out to Kaiba how he could do such a thing, with his grandfather gasping for breath. That’s when his Grandfather hands him his deck, begging him to show Kaiba respect, for the Heart of the Cards, but Yugi won’t until he’s taken to a doctor, Kaiba still gloating all the while.

Here Tea, Tristan and Joey convince Yugi, saying they’ll take his Grandad to the hospital and he can face off Kaiba. For an added motivation, Tea takes out a marker and they each put their hand forward, where she makes a ‘Have a Nice Day’ smiley face with a part on each of their hands, saying it’s to show no mater how tough the duel gets, Yugi can count on them for support.

Here’s where everything speeds up. As Tea and Tristan head off to the hospital, Joey goes back to cheer on Yugi, who is now with Kaiba in a custom made Virtual Stadium, both atop a platform on a crane arm, where we notice the ground below is shaped like a Duel Monster playing field and the area above is a large scoreboard.

Finally the smirk leaves Kaiba’s face when Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle levitates and Yugi is changed in a bright light, with a deeper voice, sharper cut features and a much more confident person all round; Yami Yugi.

“Play time is over Kaiba…it’s time to duel…”

Although quite taken back, Kaiba begins the match on his platform, playing his ‘Hitotsu-Me Giant’ (1200/1000) which appears on the field as a giant hologram, suddenly Yugi realises this is how Kaiba beat his Grandfather and so Yugi counters.

“I call upon the Winged Dragon! Guardian of the Fortress!” (1400/1200) In a quick conflict, Kaiba’s Giant is destroyed, taking his life points down 200 ((1800/2000)) Now Kaiba plays, surprisingly, Sagi the Dark Clown (600/1500). At first, Yugi is shocked Kaiba would use a card with such weak attack power, but that’s when Kaiba plays the Negative Energy Multiplier; a magic card, which multiplies the Dark Clown’s attack by 3, all the way up to 1800. (Magic cards affect the game play in various ways, Negative Energy Multiplier is an equipment card, guess what that does…)

“Dark Clown! Attack with Dark Light!” In a black ball of energy, Yugi’s dragon is warped and stretched until it simply fades to nothing. ((1800/1600)) Yugi suddenly hopes his Grandfather’s deck has some secret strategy to get him through. Unfortunately, as he draws, all he finds is a card with a picture of an arm (200/300), realising it’s useless, he goes to defence. This is where he plays a card using it’s second number, if the opponent overpowers it, the card is destroyed, but there is no life point damage taken.

After several turns, Kaiba gloats on Yugi, sneering about how easy his deck is to beat, like his grandfather, weak and feeble.

“My Grandfather is a great man and a better duellist than you’ll ever be! He entrusted me with these cards and I can feel his heart in this deck! I doubt you have that kind of faith in your cards Kaiba!” Drawing his new card, Yugi smirks for the first time as he plays Gaia; The Dark Knight (2300/2100) which stampedes forward and it’s jousting lance tears though Kaiba’s dark clown. ((1300/1600))

As Joey cheers on, Kaiba looks at his new card.
    “This duel will be all over before you even know it…I call upon THE BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON!” In a rush of energy, the roaring silvery white beast rises up, eyeing the Dark Knight. As Joey is left in disbelief, remembering how Kaiba had tore that card in half, Kaiba explains that Yugi’s Grandfather wasn’t the only one with a Blue Eyes White Dragon in his deck. As a burst of white lightning engulfs the dark knight ((1300/900)), Kaiba takes the chance to gloat once again, telling Yugi that no card in his deck can stand up to a Blue Eyes White Dragon; “So what hope do you have against two…” Trying to force Yugi into submission, but he won’t quit.

That’s when he draws the magic card, The Swords of Revealing Light, which freezes all enemy monsters on the field for three turns, stopping them from attacking and placing his Rude Kaiser in defence mode. Here Kaiba gives a small gloat that actually makes sense; what good IS a three turn delay against the might of two Blue Eyes White Dragons?

As Yugi looks at his hand, he now has three strange pictures; an arm and two legs, all (200/300), wondering what he can do with them; here things start going a little weird in our match… Yugi finds himself in a vision with his Grandfather, who’s slightly humoured someone who claims to have faith gives up so easily, explaining sometimes the cards are like different pieces of a puzzle; each part helps create a greater entity. Leaving Yugi once more, the young duellist suddenly remembers his Grandfather’s talk about ‘Exodia’ the one and only unstoppable monster in the game of Duel Monsters, where it must be assembled by collecting all five pieces of the creature.

Re awakening, Kaiba threatens Yugi to move or forfeit the match. Here Yugi exclaims he’ll never forfeit, drawing his card; THE SECOND ARM OF EXODIA!

But grinning, Kaiba pulls out his next card, with only two more turns until his dragons are returned to normal and plays the Judgeman (2200/1500), swinging it’s mace, it destroys the defending Rude Kaiser.

So now Yugi draws again; The Dark Magician (2500/2100), but with only another turn left until Kaiba’s dragons are unfrozen, he realises once the wake, his magician is done for. But it’s all he can play to defeat the Judgeman.

“Dark Magician; DARK MAGIC ATTACK!” In a black rush of energy, The Judgeman simply is shattered to fragments. ((1000/900)) Yet unphased, Kaiba realises he only has one more turn to go, but although both dragons are still frozen, he has one last trump card; THE THIRD AND FINAL BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON.

In a blaze of white lightning, the Dark Magician’s form is reduced to a silhouette and vaporised. ((1000/400))

So now, Kaiba begins laughing again, for on his next turn, all three dragons will be free to attack, so no matter what card he draws…he’s won…

With only the Head of Exodia, his last his hope, Yugi throws his luck to the wind, but with heavy doubt in his mind. But as he tires to draw, it seems his deck is moving away from him and he’s becoming split back into his normal self, but summoning all his faith, he holds together and then lets his focus fall on his hand; his friendship symbol.

He remembers his friends promise to be with him no matter what, and he realises he should have the same faith for his cards his friends have in him to win, with Kaiba ready to take it all away…

“Draw your last pathetic card so I can end this Yugi!”

“My Grandather’s deck contains no ‘pathetic cards’ Kaiba, but it does contain…” ::Without looking, he holds up the card with the head of the Exodia:: “THE UNSTOPPABLE EXODIA!” Kaiba near falls back in disbelief, as this is a fate no one has ever called before; on the field, a giant star appears as all five pieces of Exodia are placed on the field, assembling to create on giant God-like figure, dwarfing all three dragons.

“EXODIA, OBLITERATE!” In a rush of gold energy, all three dragons are burnt away to nothing.((0/400)) And Yugi won, with Kaiba crashing his deck over the platform, still lost for words as well as the match at how Yugi could have won.

Yugi says that he can give him his answers, as an Eqyptian symbol appears on his forehead and in an effect similar to the Dark Magic attack, Kaiba is shattered and reappears with a slight difference to his face. Yugi, stands satisfied that maybe now he’ll understand the Heart of the Cards.

In other areas, at that same moment, Yugi’s Grandfather awakes in hospital, saying only two words. “Yugi won…”

But in another area, a bodyguard enters a dark room, where a figure sits drinking wine.

“Mr Pegasus sir, our uncontested champion, Seto Kaiba, has lost a duel…to someone called…Yugi?” As we look slowly at an angle to our shadowed figure, we see his left eye is made of gold, but it is the same eye symbol found on the Millennium Puzzle…


Episode 1


This episode introduces the series to the viewers. Almost all of the major characters are introduced.

Yugi and Jounouchi are playing Duel Monsters at school, with Anzu and Honda watching on. After school, they decide to go to Yugi's house. Yugi says that he'll get his grandpa to show them a super-rare card. That comment catches Kaiba's ear.

At Sugoroku's card store, Sugoroku shows them the Blue Eyes White Dragon card -- only four exist in the world. It is here when Kaiba comes into the store. Jounouchi offers to play Duel Monsters with him, but Kaiba's haughty attitude simply ticks Jounouchi off.

Kaiba sees the Blue Eyes White Dragon, and offers a trunk case full of cards in a trade. Sugoroku turns it down, since he got the card from his best friend.

Kaiba forces Sugoroku into a duel, but Yugi and company arrive too late. There, Kaiba tears up Sugoroku's Blue Eyes White Dragon. You can only put three of any card in a deck, so he doesn't want any opponent to have the fourth one.

Sugoroku tells Yugi to duel, giving him his deck of cards. Yugi accepts.

The battle takes place quickly, with one of Kaiba's Blue Eyes coming out and annihilating Yugi's monsters one after another. He plays the second Blue Eyes, but Yugi draws and plays the Sealing Swords of Light to buy some time. But there isn't much Yugi can do. Sugoroku comes to Yugi in a vision, and tells him the cards that are in his hand are pieces of a puzzle -- for the unrivaled summon of Exodia.

As the duel progresses, Kaiba's third Blue Eyes comes out. In the end, Yugi draws the final piece for Exodia, completing the set of five, and winning the game.





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