Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG/TCG Card Name X-Ref List


Compiled and maintained by Familiar Stranger
Last Update: 30 March 2009

The Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG/TCG Card Name X-Ref (Cross-Reference) List attempts to list all known Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters card names given in the manga, anime and computer games with English equivalents, whether or not the cards have actually been released.

The official Japanese OCG card names for all numbered cards are posted at Konami’s Official Card List. Unfortunately, OCG card numbering didn’t begin until Series 2, so none of the cards in the original Starter Box, Volume and Booster sets that weren’t reissued in subsequent renewal sets are listed. Also, it generally lags behind new releases by a month or more.

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English TCG Card NamePasscodeRomanized Japanese OCG Card Name
100,000 Gauss! Jūman Gauss! @
3-Hump Lacooda86988864Mitsukobu Lacooda
30,000-Year White Turtle (Ancient W. Turtle)117140983-Mannen no Shirokame *
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom83994646Shi no 4-tsu Hoshi Tentōmushi
5 Star Twilight Twinkle Five-Star @
7 Colored Fish23771716Rainbow Fish
7 Completed86198326Seven Card
8-Claws Scorpion14261867Yatsude Sasori
“A” Cell Breeding Device34541863“A” Saibō Zōshoku Sōchi
“A” Cell Incubator64163367“A” Saibō Baiyō Sōchi
“A” Cell Scatter Burst73262676“A” Saibō Sanpu Bakudan
A Cat of Ill Omen24140059Futō o Tsugeru Kuroneko
A Deal with Dark Ruler06850209Dæmon-to no Kakehiki
A Feather of the Phoenix49140998Hōōshin no Hane
A Feint Plan68170903Yōdō Sakusen
A Hero Arrives Hero Arrive @
A Hero Emerges21597117Hero Kenzan
A Legendary Ocean00295517Densetsu no Miyako Atlantis
A Man with Wdjat51351302Wdjat-gan o Motsuotoko
A Rival Appears!05728014Rival Tōjō!
A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon28596933Kyoryū no Habataki
A-CounterNONEAlien Counter
A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit13026402Trap Shorihan A-Team
Abare Ushioni89718302Abare Ushioni
Absolute End27744077Zettai Zetsumei
(Absolute Fate Determination Force) Zettai Unmei Kettei Ryoku @
Absolute Zero Barrier Zettai Hyōheki @
Absorbing Kid from the Sky49771608Kyūshū Tenji
Abyss Flower40387124Shin’en ni Sakuhana *
Abyss Soldier18318843Abyss Soldier
Abyssal Designator89801755Shin’en no Shimeisha
Abyssal Kingshark44223284Shinkai-Ō Devilshark
Acceleration Zone Accel Zone @
Accumulated Fortune98444741Tsumiageru Kōfuku
(Ace of Sword) Ace of Sword @
Ace of Wand Ace of Wand @
Acid Crawler77568553Acid Crawler *
Acid Rain (Stain Storm)21323861San no Arashi
Acidic Downpour35956022Acid-Rain
Acid Slime Acid Slime @
Acid Trap Hole41356845Ryūsan no Tamatta Otoshiana
Acolyte of the Ice Barrier20700531Hyōkekkai no Shugenja *
Acrobat Monkey47372349Acrobat Monkey
Active GuardNONEActive-Guard Armour @
Adamantine Sword Revival (Sword Revival) Kongōken no Fukkatsu @
Adhesion Trap Hole62325062Nenchaku Otoshiana
Adhesive Explosive53828396Shunchaku Bomber
(Advance Draw)????????Advance-Draw *
Advanced Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth Advanced Hōgyokujū Amber Mammoth @
Advanced Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat Advanced Hōgyokujū Amethyst Cat @
Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle Advanced Hōgyokujū Cobalt Eagle @
Advanced Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise Advanced Hōgyokujū Emerald Turtle @
Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle Advanced Hōgyokujū Ruby Carbuncle @
Advanced Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus Advanced Hōgyokujū Sapphire Pegasus @
Advanced Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger Advanced Hōgyokujū Topaz Tiger @
Advanced Dark Advanced Dark @
Advanced Ritual Art46052429Kōtō Gishiki Jutsu
Advanced ShieldNONEAdvance Shield Armour @
Aegis of Gaia47060347Megami no Kago
AerisNONESeishin Ares @
Aero Nail Aero no Tsume @
Aetonyx Flame Aetonyx no Hono-o @
After the Struggle (After Genocide)25345186Genocide War
Aftershock Aftereffect of Impact @
(Against Wind)64952266Against Wind *
(Agathion) Agathion @
Agent of Hatred Hate Agent @
Aid to the Doomed Shisha no Kago @
Air Eater (Inhaler)08353769Air Eater *
Air Fortress Ziggurat Makū Yōsai Ziggurat @
Airknight Parshath18036057Angel-Knight Parshath
Akakieisu38035986Red Eyes *
Akashic Record Akashic-Record @
Akihiron36904469Cactus *
Alchemical Experiments Renkinjutsu no Kenkyū Seika @
(Alchemy Beast – Eatos the Tin) Renkenjū Suzu no Aetos @
(Alchemy Beast – Echeneis the Mercury) Renkenjū Suigin no Echeneis @
Alchemy Beast – Leon the Lead Renkenjū Namari no Leon @
(Alchemy Beast – Moonface the Silver) Renkenjū Gin no Moonface @
Alchemy Beast – Ouroboros the Bronze Renkenjū Dō no Ouroboros @
Alchemy Beast – Salamandra the Steel Renkenjū Tetsu no Salamandra @
Alchemy Cycle65384019Alchemy Cycle
Alert Alert @
Alice the Wandering Doll Samayoi no Bisque Doll – Alice @
Alien Ammonite00652362Alienmonite {Alien-Ammonite}
(Alien Dog)15475415Alien Dog *
Alien Grey62437709Alien Grey
Alien Hunter62315111Alien Hunter
Alien Hypno38468214Alien Hypno
Alien Infiltrator76573247Alien Vader
Alien Kid65160836(Alien Kids)
Alien Mars99532708Alien Mars
Alien Mother24104865Alien Mother
Alien Overlord63253763Alien Revenger
Alien Psychic58012107Alien Psycho
Alien Shocktrooper97127906Alien Soldier
Alien Skull25920413Alien Skull
Alien Telepath91070115Alien Telepath
Alien Warrior98719226Alien Warrior
Alinsection70924884Insection *
All-Out Attacks30834988Shōkan Seigen – Mōtotsusuru Monster
Allegro Toile Allegro Toile @
Alligator’s Sword64428736Wyvern no Senshi *
Alligator’s Sword Dragon03366982Dragon Ninoru Wyvern *
Allsword Commander Gatmuz53388413Sōken Shirei Gatmuz *
Allure of Darkness01475111Yami no Yūwaku
Allure Queen LV387257460Allure Queen Level 3
Allure Queen LV523756165Allure Queen Level 5
Allure Queen LV750140163Allure Queen Level 7
Ally Bomb59482302Ally Bomb *
Ally Mind40155554Ally Mind *
Ally of Justice – Blind Sucker76650663Ally of Justice Blind Sucker *
Ally of Justice – Catastor26593852Ally of Justice Catastor *
(Ally of Justice – Clausolas)89386122Ally of Justice Clausolas *
Ally of Justice – Cosmic Closer08822710Ally of Justice Cosmic Closer *
Ally of Justice – Cyclone Creator45586855Ally of Justice Cyclone Creator *
Ally of Justice – Enemy Catcher45033006Ally of Justice Enemy Catcher *
Ally of Justice – Field Marshal69461394Ally of Justice Field Marshal *
Ally of Justice – Garadholg25771826Ally of Justice Garadholg *
Ally of Justice – Light Gazer19204398Ally of Justice Light Gazer *
Ally of Justice – Researcher03648368Ally of Justice Researcher *
Ally of Justice – Reverse Brake55982698Ally of Justice Reverse Brake *
Ally of Justice – Rudra52265835Ally of Justice Rudra *
Ally of Justice – Thousand Arms85876417Ally of Justice Thousand Arms *
Ally of Justice – Thunder Armor71438011Ally of Justice Thunder Armour *
Ally of Justice – Unknown Crusher22371016Ally of Justice Unknown Crusher *
Ally of Justice – Unlimiter82377606Ally of Justice Unlimiter *
Alpha The Magnet Warrior99785935Magnet Warrior Alpha
(Alpha-Wave Emission) Alpha-ha no Hōsan @
Altar for Tribute21070956Ikenie no Saidan
Altar of Mist Kiri no Saidan @
Altar of Restoration Fukkatsu no Saidan @
(Alter of the Bound Deity) Shibarareshi Kami-he no Saidan @
Alternate Fusion Another Fusion @
Amazon Archer91869203Amazoness Archer
Amazon of the Seas17968114Unabara no Onnasenshi
Amazoness Archers67987611Amazoness no Dokyūtai
Amazoness Arena (Amazoness Death Ring) Amazoness no Shitōjō @
Amazoness Blowpiper73574678Amazoness no Fukiyahei
Amazoness Call Amazoness no Kuchiyose @
Amazoness Chain Master29654737Amazoness no Kusari Tsukai
Amazoness Charm Amazoness Charm @
Amazoness Fighter55821894Amazoness no Kakutōsenshi
Amazoness Paladin47480070Amazoness no Seisenshi
Amazoness Spellcaster81325903Amazoness no Jusoshi
Amazoness Swords Woman (Amazoness Sword)94004268Amazoness no Kenshi
Amazoness Tiger10979723Amazoness Pet Tiger
Amazoness Trainer Amazoness no Jokyōshi @
Amber Crystal Circle Hōgyoku no Jin – Kohaku @
Amber Pitfall Kohaku no Otoshiana @
Ambulance Rescueroid98927491Reskyūkyūroid
Ambush Fangs77972406Hangeki no Dokuga
Ambush Shield (Intercepting Shield) Geigeki no Tate @
Amorphous Barrier Amorphous Barrier @
Amphibian Angel – Frog-hael (Amphibian Angel) Ryōseirui Tenshi – Migaeru @
Amphibian Beast67371383Hangyojū Fisherbeast
Amphibious Bugroth40173854Suirikuryoyō Bugroth
Amphibious Bugroth MK-364342551Suirikuryoyō Bugroth Mk-3
Amulet Dragon Amulet Dragon @
(Amulet of Affection) Jiai no Amulet @
Amulet of Ambition05183693Gekokujō no Kubikaza
An Owl of Luck23927567Koūn o Tsugeru Fukurō
An Unfortunate Report19763315Fu’un-na Report
Anagora Anagora @
Anchor Bind Anchor Bind @
Anchor Knight Ikari no Anchor Knight @
Ancient Brain42431843Matenrō
Ancient City Inishie no Miyako Ancient City @
Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins34487429Niji no Kodai Toshi – Rainbow Ruin
Ancient Dragon Kodairyū Ancient Dragon @
Ancient Elf93221206Ancient Elf
Ancient Fairy Dragon????????Ancient Færie Dragon *
Ancient Forest????????Inishie no Mori *
Ancient Gate Inishie no Tobira @
Ancient Gear31557782Antique Gear
Ancient Gear Beast10509340Antique Gear-Beast
Ancient Gear Cannon80045583Antique Gear-Cannon
Ancient Gear Castle92001300Antique Gear-Castle
Ancient Gear Drill67829249Antique Gear-Drill
Ancient Gear Engineer01953925Antique Gear-Engineer
Ancient Gear Explosive04446672Antique Gear-Bomb
Ancient Gear Factory30435145Antique Gear-Factory
Ancient Gear Fist40830387Antique Gear-Hand
Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera86321248Antique Gear-Gadjilchimæra
Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon50933533Antique Gear-Gadjildragon
Ancient Gear Golem83104731Antique Gear-Golem
Ancient Gear Knight39303359Antique Gear-Knight
Ancient Gear Soldier56094445Antique Gear-Soldier
Ancient Gear Tank (Ancient Gear Artillery)37457534Antique Gear-Tank
Ancient Gear Workshop59811855Antique Gear-Garage
Ancient Giant Inishie no Kyojin @
Ancient Jar81492226Taiko no Tsubo *
Ancient Key Inishie no Kagi @
Ancient Lamp54912977Magic Lamp
Ancient Lizard Warrior (Old Lizard Warrior)43230671Kodai no Tokage Senshi
Ancient One of the Deep Forest14015067Fukakimori no Chōrō
Ancient Rules10667321Inishie no Rule
Ancient Sorcerer36821538Kodai Madōshi *
Ancient Telescope17092736Kodai no Tōmegane
Ancient Tome Inishie no Shomotsu @
Ancient Tool49587396Iron Heart *
Ancient Tree of Enlightenment86421986Satori no Rōju *
Andro Sphinx15013468Andro Sphinx
Angel Blast Angel Blast @
(Angel O1) Angel Oh One @
Angel O7 (Angel 07)56784842Angel Oh Seven
(Angel Bow) Angel Bow @
Angel Ring Angel Ring @
(Angel Sing) Angel Sing @
(Angel Tear) Angel Tear @
Angel Wing Angel Wing @
(Angel’s Mercy) Tenshi no Jihi @
Angler Fat Fish89248487Angler-Fat-Fish @
(Ant Lion) Arijigoku @
Ante34236961Ante Shōfu
Anthrosaurus89904598Kyōryūjin *
Anti-Air CannonNONE? @
Anti-Aircraft Flower65064143Taikū Hōka
Anti-Fusion Device72150572Yūgō Taikujo Sōchi
Anti-Ground CannonNONE? @
Anti-Magic Arrows Fūma no Ya @
Anti-Spell53112492Taikō Majutsu
Anti-Spell Fragrance58921041Mafūji no Hōkō
Anti Raigeki42364257Lightning Rod
Apple of Enlightenment Freya no Ringo @
Apprentice Magician09156135Minarai Majutsushi
Aqua Chorus95132338Aqua no Gasshō
Aqua Dragon86164529Aqua Dragon
Aqua Madoor85639257Aqua Madoor
Aqua Serpent66259795Sea Snake @
Aqua Snake12436646Aqua Snake *
Aqua Spirit40916023Mizu no Seirei Aquaria
Aquarian Alessa22377815Minamo no Alessa
(Arachne of the Earth’s Core) Chitei no Arachne @
Arcana Call99189322Arcana-Call
Arcana Force 0 – The Fool62892347Arcana-Force Zero – The Fool
Arcana Force EX – The Dark Ruler69831560Arcana-Force Extra – The Dark Ruler
Arcana Force Ex – The Light Ruler (Arcana Force EX – The Light Ruler)05861892Arcana-Force Extra – The Light Ruler
Arcana Force I – The Magician08396952Arcana-Force One – The Magician
Arcana Force III – The Empress35781051Arcana-Force Three – The Empress
Arcana Force IV – The Emperor61175706Arcana-Force Four – The Emperor
Arcana Force VI – The Lovers97574404Arcana-Force Six – The Lovers
Arcana Force VII – The Chariot34568403Arcana-Force Seven – The Chariot
Arcana Force VIII – The Strength Arcana-Force Eight – Strength @
Arcana Force XII – The Hangman Arcana-Force Twelve – The Hanged Man @
Arcana Force XIV – Temperance60953118Arcana-Force Fourteen – Temperance
Arcana Force XV – The Fiend Arcana-Force Fifteen – The Devil @
Arcana Force XVIII – The Moon97452817Arcana-Force Eighteen – The Moon
Arcana Force XXI – The World23846921Arcana-Force Twenty-One – The World
Arcana Knight Joker (Alkana Knight Joker)06150044Arcana Knight Joker *
(Arcanatic Dreadscythe) Arcanatic Deathscythe @
Arcane Apprentice40048324Arcane Philo
Arcane Archer of the Forest55001420Shinryoku no Makyū Tsukai
Arcane Barrier17896384Mahō-zoku no Kekkai
Arcanite Magician31924889Arcanite Magician
Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode14553285Arcanite Magician Slash Buster
Archeonys Shisōchō Archæonis @
(Archfiend Banderillero) (Banderillo Fiend) Dæmon Banderillero @
Archfiend General48675364General-Dæmon
Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness (Air Marmot of Nefariousness)75889523Dæmon Beaver
(Archfiend Matador) (Matador Fiend; Demons Matador) Dæmon Matador @
(Archfiend Mirror) (Wicked Mirror)15150371Dæmons Mirror *
Archfiend of Gilfer (Beast of Gilfer)50287060Ankoku Mazoku Gilfer Dæmon
(Archfiend Picador) (Picador Fiend) Dæmon Picador @
Archfiend Soldier49881766Dæmon Soldier
Archfiend’s Oath22796548Dæmon no Senkoku
Archfiend’s Roar56246017Dæmon no Otakebi
(Archlord Crystia)59509952Daitenshi Crystia *
Archlord Zerato18378582Daitenshi Zerato
Arduous Decision Kujū no Ketsudan @
Aria From Beyond Kanata-kara no Eishō @
Arlownay14708569Arlownay *
Arm Hole52105192Arms Hole *
Arma Knight36151751Ammo Knight {Ammonite} *
Armageddon Knight28985331Shūmatsu no Kishi
Armament of the Lethal LordsNONEBudōshin no Kacchū
(Armament Reincarnation) Busō Tensei @
Armed Changer90374791Armed Changer
Armed Dragon LV300980973Armed Dragon Level 3
Armed Dragon LV546384672Armed Dragon Level 5
Armed Dragon LV773879377Armed Dragon Level 7
Armed Dragon LV1059464593Armed Dragon Level 10
Armed Ninja09076207Blue Ninja
Armed Samurai – Ben Kei84430950Jūsōmusha Ben Kei
ArmerNONEArmer @
Armor Break79649195Armour Break
Armor Breaker87798440Armour Breaker
Armor Exe07180418Madō Armour Exe
Armor Wizard Pazoo Sōkō Madōshi Pazoo @
Armored Centipede Sōkō Mukade —Armour Centipede— @
Armored Cybern67159705Armoured Cybern
Armored Dragon Armed Dragon @
Armored Glass36868108Glass no Yoroi
Armored Gravitation Armour Gravitation @
Armored Lizard15480588Armour Lizard
Armored Rat16246527Yoroi Nezumi *
Armored Starfish17535588Armoured Starfish
Armored Zombie20277860Yoroimusha Zombie
Armoroid (Armoroid Gaidengo)73333463Armouroid-Gaidengo
ArmorsaurusNONEArmourzaurus @
Armory Arm29071332Arms Aid
Army Ant Token (Soldier Ari)NONEHeitai Ari Token
Army Genex93211836Army Genex *
Array of Revealing Light69296555Hikari no Tofūjin
Arsenal Bug42364374Armoured Fly
Arsenal Robber55348096Bukiko Arashi
Arsenal Summoner85489096Weapon Summoner
Ashinigray Ashinigrey @
Ashoka Pillar Ashoka Pillar @
Assault Armor88190790Assault Armour *
Assault Beast03431737Buster Beast
Assault Cannon Beetle Assault Cannon Beetle @
Assault Counter76407432Buster Counter
Assault Dog (Blast Dog) Assault Gundog @
Assault Lion Assault Lion @
Assault Mercenary77036039Buster Mercenary
Assault Mode Activate80280737Buster Mode
Assault on GHQ62633180Honshin Kyōshū
Assault Overload93469007Buster Burst
Assault Revival56252810Re-Buster
(Assault Slash)40012727Buster Slash *
Assault Teleport29863101Buster Teleport
Astral Barrier37053871Astral Barrier
(Astral Shift) Astral-Shift @
Asura Priest02134346Asura
Aswan Apparition88236094Aswan no Bōrei
Atlantean Pikeman26976414Kai-Ō no Nagayarihei
Atomic Firefly87340664Genshi Hotaru
Attachment Dragon Attachment Dragon @
Attack and Receive63689843Hakuheisen
Attack Guidance Armor Kōgeki Yūdō Armour @
Attack Guidance Barrier Kōgeki Yūdō Barrier @
(Attack Pheromone) Attak Pheromone @
Attack Reflector Unit91989718Attack Reflector Unit
Attribute Bomb Attribute Bomb @
Attribute Chameleon Zokusei Henka – Attribute Chameleon @
Attribute Gravity Zokusei Jūryoku – Attribute Gravity @
Attribute Mastery Attribute Mastery @
Attrition Shōmōsen @
Aura Armor Aura Armour @
Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid07183277(Lightlord Druid Aurkus)
Aussa the Earth Charmer37970940Chirei Tsukai Aussa
(Automatic Giant) Automatic Giant @
(Automatic Laser)58990631Automatic Laser *
Autonomous Action Unit71453557Shiritsu Kōdō Unit
Avalanching Aussa29139104Araburu Aussa
Avatar of the Pot99284890Tsubo Mashin
Avenging Knight Parshath69514125(Angel-Avenger Parshath)
Awakening from Beyond Shi no Toko-kara no Mezame @
Axe of Despair40619825Dæmon no Ono
(Axe Dragonuit) (Axe Dragonute)84914462Axe Dragonuit *
Axe Raider48305365Axe Raider
Ayers Rock Sunrise (Airs Rock Sunrise) Ayers Rock Sunrise @
Aztekipede, the Worm Warrior75081613Giant-Worm
B. Dragon Jungle King89832901Mitsurin no Kokuryū-Ō *
B. Skull Dragon11901678Black Dæmons Dragon
{B. Skull Dragon}NONEB·D Dragon *
B.E.S. Assault Core (Armored Core) Kyodaisenkan Assault Core @
B.E.S. Big Core MK-275937826Kyodaisenkan Big Core Mk-II
B.E.S. Covered Core15317640Kyodaisenkan Covered Core
B.E.S. Crystal Core22790789Kyodaisenkan Crystal Core
B.E.S. Tetran44954628Kyodaisenkan Tetran
Baby Dragon88819587Baby Dragon
Bacchus Shugōshin Bacchus @
Bacchus Banquet Bacchus no Shuen @
Back to Square One47153433Furidashi
Backdraft Backdraught @
Backfire {Spell} Ignition @
Backfire {Trap}82705573Backfire
Backs to the Wall32603633Kyūkyoku Haisui no Jin
Backup Gardna Backup Gardna @
Backup Soldier36280194Hojūyōin
Bad Reaction to Simochi (Simochi Allergy)40633297Simochi ni Yorufukusayō
Bait Doll07165085Otori Ningyō
Ballista of Rampart Smashing00242146Jōhekikowashi no Ōyari
Balloon Lizard39892082Balloon Lizard
Bamboo ManNONEBamboo-Man @
Bamboo Scrap28062325Chikutō Bokusetsu
Banisher of the Light61528025Hikari no Tsuihōsha
Banisher of the Radiance94853057Senkō no Tsuihōsha
Banner of Courage10012614Yūki no Hatajirushi
Bark of Dark Ruler41925941Mei-Ō no Hōkō
Baron of the Fiend Sword86325596Jaken Danshaku
Barox06840573Barox *
Barrel Behind the Door78783370Jigoku no Tobira Goshishū
Barrel Dragon81480460Revolver Dragon
Barrel Lily67841515Magnum Lily *
Barrel Rock10476868Gun-Rock *
BarricadeNONE? @
Barrier Statue of the Abyss84478195Shin’en no Kekkaizō
Barrier Statue of the Drought19740112Kanbatsu no Kekkaizō
Barrier Statue of the Heavens46145256Senkō no Kekkaizō
Barrier Statue of the Inferno47961808Gōka no Kekkaizō
Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds73356503Reppū no Kekkaizō
Barrier Statue of the Torrent10963799Gōu no Kekkaizō
Basic Insect89091579Basic Insect
Bastet Bastet @
Bat72076281Bat *
Battery Charger61181383Battery Charger
Batteryman AA63142001Denchi Man – Tansangata
Batteryman C19733961Denchi Man – Tannigata
Batteryman Charger83446909Jūdenchi Man
Batteryman D55401221Denchi Man – Tanichigata
Batteryman Industrial Strength19441018Denchi Man – Gyōmuyō
Batteryman Micro-Cell56839613Denchi Man – Button-gata
Battle By 2 Battle By Two @
Battle Claw Fox Battle Claw Kitsune @
Battle Constant Kettō Teisū @
Battle Footballer48094997Battle Footballer
Battle Fusion Sentō Yūgō – Battle Fusion @
Battle Mania31245780Battle-Mania
Battle of Sleeping Spirits Chinkon no Kettō @
Battle Ox05053103Minotaurus
Battle Steer18246479Gyū Majin
(Battle Teleportation) Bttle Teleportation @
Battle Tuned05052212Easy-Tuning
Battle Warrior55550921Kakutō Senshi Ultimater *
Battle-Scarred94463200Chi no Kokuin
(Battlefield Tragedy) Senjō no Sangeki @
BattyNONEBatty *
Bau Kokukenjū Bau @
Bazoo the Soul-Eater40133511Tamashī o Kuraumono Bazoo
Beaked Snake06103114Kuchibashi Hebi *
Bean Soldier84990171Bean Soldier
Bear Trap78977532Bear Trap @
Beast Fangs46009906Mōjū no Ha
Beast King Barbaros78651105Shinjū-Ō Barbaros
Beast Machine King Barbaros Ür19028307Jūshinki-Ō Barbaros Ur *
Beast of Talwar11761845Talwar Dæmon
Beast of the Pharaoh83903521Pharaoh no Keshin
Beast Soul Swap35149085Cattle Mutilation
(Beast Tracks) Kemono Michi @
Beastking of the Swamps99426834Numa-chi no Majū-Ō
Beastly Mirror Ritual81933259Akuma Kagami no Gishiki *
Beautiful Beast Trainer29616941Utsukushiki Mamono Tsukai *
Beautiful Headhuntress16899564Zansha no Bijo
Beauty Lip27793919Beauty Lip @
Beaver Warrior32452818Ruiz
Beckon to Darkness (Beckon to the Dark)08065530Yami-he no Temaneki @
Beckoning Light16255442Hikari no Shōshū
Bee List Soldier01474910Hachi-Bee
Beelze Frog49522489Amagaeru
Beeton Beeton @
Beetron-1 Beetletop Beetron 1 Kabutop @
Beetron-2 Beetleturbo Beetron 2 Kuwagaturbo @
Beetron-3 Spider Base Beetron 3 Spider Base @
Begone, Knave!20374520Monzenbara
Behemoth the King of All Animals22996376Animal King Behemoth
Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World33731070Ankokukai no Senpei Beiige
Belial – Marquis of Darkness33655493Yami no Kōshaku Belial
Berfomet (Baphomet)77207191Berfomet *
Berserk Dragon85605684Berserk Dead Dragon
Berserk Gorilla39168895Berserk Gorilla
(Berserk Mode) Berserk Mode @
Berserker Crush15471265Berserker-Crush *
Berserker Soul Berserker Soul @
Beta The Magnet Warrior39256679Magnet Warrior Beta
Bickuribox25655502Devil Box
Big Bang Blow Big-Bang-Blow Armour @
Big Bang Dragon Blow Big Bang Dragon Blow @
Big Bang Shot61127349Big Bang Shot
Big Burn95472621Daikasō
Big Core14148099Kyodaisenkan Big Core
Big Evolution Pill (Big Evolution)84808313Daishinka Yaku
Big Eye16768387Dai-Ō Medama
Big Insect53606874Big Ant *
Big Koala42129512Big Koala
Big Piece Golem25247218Big Piece Golem
Big Saturn (The Big Saturn)34004470The Big Saturn *
Big Server Densetsu no Big Server @
Big Shield Gardna65240384Big Shield Gardna
Big Summon Cloud Big Summon Cloud @
Big Vintage Magna Mutton Big Vintage Magnum-Mouton @
(Big Volcano) Big Volcano @
Big Wave Small Wave51562916Ōnami Konami
Big-Tusked Mammoth59380081Bighorn Mammoth
Binding Chain08058240Fūin no Kusari *
Bio Plant07670542Bio Plant *
Bio-Mage58696829Bio Sōryo
Birdface45547649Bird Face
Birthright35539880Seitōnaru Kettō
Bit Shoot Bit Shoot @
Bite Shoes50122883Akaikutsu
Black Garden71645242Black Garden
Black Hole ShieldNONEBlack-Hole Shield Armour @
Black Horn of Heaven50323155Shōten no Blackhorn
Black Illusion Ritual41426869Illusion no Gishiki
Black Luster Ritual55761792Chaos no Gishiki
Black Luster Soldier05405694Chaos Soldier
Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning72989439Chaos Soldier —Kaibyaku no Shisha—
Black Magic Ritual (Dark Magic Ritual)76792184Chaos – Kuromajutsu no Gishiki
Black Mamba Black-Mamba @
Black Pendant65169794Black Pendant
Black Process – Negledo Kuro no Katei Nigredo @
Black Ptera90654356Black Ptera
Black Rose Dragon73580471Black Rose Dragon
Black Salvo88671720Black Bomber
Black ShieldNONE? @
(Black Spider) Black Spider @
Black Stego79409334Black Stego
Black Tyranno38670435Black Tyranno
Black Veloci52319752Black Veloki
(Black Whirlwind)91351370Kuroi Senpū *
Blackland Fire Dragon (Dragon of Darkness; Dark Dragon King)87564352Ankoku no Dragon
Blackwing Armor Master69031175Black-Feather – Armoured Wing
(Blackwing Arms Wing)76913983Black-Feather – Arms Wing *
(Blackwing – Blizzard the Northwind)22835145Black-Feather – Kyokuhoku no Blizzard *
Blackwing – Bora the Spear49003716Black-Feather – Kuroyari no Blast
(Blackwing – Elfen the Pitch-Black)11613567Black-Feather – Shikkoku no Elfen *
(Blackwing – Foehn the Iron Chain)????????Black-Feather – Tessa no Föhn *
Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind02009101Black-Feather – Shippū no Gale
(Blackwing – Mistral the Silver Shield)????????Black-Feather – Gintate no Mistral *
(Blackwing – Qal’at the Moonlight)85215458Black-Feather – Getsuei no Qal’at *
Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame58820853Black-Feather – Sōen no Shura
Blackwing – Sirocco the Dawn75498415Black-Feather – Akatsuki no Sirocco
(Blackwing – Vayu the Brave Banner)????????Black-Feather – Taihai no Vayu *
Blade Knight39507182Blade Knight
Blade Rabbit58268433Blade Rabbit
Blade Skater97023549Blade Skater
Blast Asmodian11685347Blast Devil
Blast Held by a Tribute89041555Ikenie no Daku Bakudan
(Blast Dragon) Bomb Dragon @
Blast Juggler70138455Mister Bomber
Blast Lizard (Bomb Lizard) Bakudan Tokage @
Blast Magician21051146Blood Magician —Rengoku no Majutsushi—
(Blast Remover) Remove Bomb @
Blast Sphere26302522Sphere Bomb Kyūtai Jigen Bakudan
Blast with Chain98239899Kusaritsuki Dynamite
Blasting Fuse99788587Bakudōsaku
Blasting the Ruins21466326Zangai Bakuha
Blasting Vein Blasting Vein @
Blaze Accelerator69537999Blaze Cannon
Blazewing Butterfly16984449Enyōchō Wilpus
Blazing Hiita92518817Moesakaru Hiita
Blazing Inpachi05464695Kaenmokujin Inpachi
Bless of MoonlightNONE? @
Blessings of the Nile30653113Nile no Megumi
Blind Destruction32015116Musabetsu Hakai
Blindly Loyal Goblin35215622Mōshinsuru Goblin
Blizzard Dragon61802346Blizzard Dragon
(Blizzard Lizard) Blizzard Lizard @
Blizzard Wall Blizzard Curtain @
Blizzard Warrior96565487Blizzard Warrior *
Blizzed, Guard of the Ice Barrier60161788Hyōkekkai no Bannin Blizzed *
Block Attack25880422“Kōgeki” Fūji
Block TokenNONEBlock Token
Blocken Blocken @
Blockman (Block Man; The Blockman)48115277Blockman
(Blonde Wave) Blonde-Wave @
Blood Sucker97783659Blood Sucker *
Blowback Dragon25551951Blowback Dragon
Blue Flame Swordsman Sōen no Kenshi @
Blue HeadNONEBlue-Head @
Blue Medicine20871001Blue Potion
Blue Moon Blue Moon – Chinure no Tsuki @
(Blue on Blue) Blue on Blue @
Blue ScizzarNONEBlue-Scizzar @
Blue Thunder T-4514089428Blue-Thunder T45
Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie35282433Blue-Eyed Silver-Zombie *
Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon53347303Blue-Eyes Shining-Dragon
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon53183600Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon @
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon23995346Blue-Eyes Ultimate-Dragon
Blue-Eyes White Dragon89631139Blue-Eyes White Dragon
{Blue-Eyes White Dragon}NONEB·E·W Dragon *
Blue-Eyes White Dragon – AzraelNONEBlue-Eyes White Dragon – Azrael @
Blue-Eyes White Dragon – DjibrilNONEBlue-Eyes White Dragon – Djibril @
Blue-Eyes White Dragon – Iblis (Blue-Eyes White Dragon – Ibris)NONEBlue-Eyes White Dragon – Iblis @
Blue-Winged Crown41396436Kammuri o Itadaku Aoki Tsubasa
Boar Soldier21340051Boar Soldier
Boil ManNONEBoil-Man @
Bokoichi, the Freightening Car08715625Makamotsusharyō Bokoichi
Bolt Escargot12146024Bolt Escargot *
Bolt Penguin48531733Bolt Penguin *
Bomb TokenNONEBomb Token @
Bombardment Beetle57409948Bakudan Kamemuchi
Bonding – H2O45898858Bonding – H2O
Bone Crusher37675138(Bone-Crusher)
Bone Mouse21239280Hone Nezumi *
(Bone Temple Block)47778083Bone Temple Block *
Bone TurtleNONEGamekottsu @
Bonfire Kagaribi @
Boo Koo68963107Boo Koo *
Boobytrap Booby Trap @
Book of Eclipse35480699Kaiki Nisshoku no Sho
Book of Life02204140Seisha no Sho —Kindan no Jujutsu—
Book of Moon14087893Tsuki no Sho
Book of Secret Arts91595718Hijutsu no Sho
Book of Taiyou38699854Taiyō no Sho
(Boomerang Boy)91309264Boomerang Boy @
(Boomerang Elf) Boomerang Elf @
Boot-Up Soldier – Dread Dynamo13316346Kidō Heishi Dead-Revolver
(Born from Draconis) Born from Draconis @
Boss Rush66947414Boss Rush
Botanical Girl84824601Botanity Girl
Botanical Lion20546916Botanical Lio
(Botis) Botis @
Bottom Dweller81386177Shingyo
Bottomless Shifting Sand76532077Sokunashi Ryūsa
Bottomless Trap Hole29401950Naraku no Otoshiana
Boulder Tortoise09540040Ganseki Kametter *
Bounce (Magic Transfer) Mahō Utsushi @
Bountiful Artemis32296881Hōjō no Artemis
Bracchio-Raidus16507828Bracchio-Raidus *
Brain Control87910978Sennō – Brain Control
Brain Crusher81919143Brain Crusher
Brain Dragon Daitōryū Brain Dragon @
Brain Jacker40267580Brain Jacker
Brain SlimeNONENōmiso Slime @
Brainwashing Beam59258334Sennō Kōsen
Brave Attack Brave Attack @
Brave Scizzar74277583Brave Scizzar *
(Break Draw) Break Draw @
Break the Seal Break the Seal @
Breaker the Magical Warrior71413901Madō Senshi Breaker
Breakthrough!96218985Chūō Toppo
Breath of Light (Wind of the Gods)20101223Kami no Ibuki
Brigadier of Landstar (Rifleman of Landstar)NONELandstar no Jūshi @
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier50321796Hyōkekkai no Ryū Brionac *
Broken Bamboo Sword41587307Ore Takemitsu
Broken Blocker60930169Broken Blocker
Bronze Knight TokenNONESeidō Kishi Dan Token @
Bronze Knights Seidō Kishi-dan @
Bronze Scale Dō no Tenbin @
Bronze Warrior Kasshoku no Warrior @
Broww, Huntsman of Dark World79126789Ankokukai no Karyūdo Broww
Brron, Mad King of Dark World06214884Ankokukai no Kyō-Ō Brron
Brutal Potion30155789Sadistic Potion
Bubble Blaster53586134Bubble Shot
Bubble Crash61622107Bubble Crash
Bubble Illusion80075749Bubble Illusion
Bubble Rod Bubble Rod @
Bubble Shuffle61968753Bubble Shuffle
Bubonic Vermin06104968Death Hamster
Burden of the Mighty44947065Kyōsha no Kutsū
Burial from a Different Dimension (Burial from the Different Dimension)48976825Ijigen-kara no Maisō
Buried Destiny Maisōsareta Unmei @
Buried Soul Talisman Sōgon no Shikifu @
Burning Algae41859700Moeru Hi
Burning Beast59364406Shakugan Majutsu
Burning Knuckle (Burning)NONEBurning-Knuckle Armour {Burning-Light Armour} @
Burning Land24294108Moesakaru Daichi
Burning Phoenix49278143Burning-Phoenix @
Burning Skullhead????????Burning Skull-Head *
Burning Soul Sword Mikatakoroshi no Ma-ken Burning Soul @
Burning Spear18937875Shakunetsu no Yari
Burst Breath80163754Burst-Breath
Burst Impact Burst Impact @
Burst Return27191436Burst Return
Burst Stream of Destruction17655904Horobi no Burst Stream
Bushido CounterNONEBushido Counter
Buster Armor Trap Buster Armour @
Buster Blader78193831Buster Blader
Buster KnuckleNONEBuster-Knuckle Armour @
Buster PyleNONEBuster-Pyle Armour @
Buster Rancher84740193Buster Launcher
(Buster Thousand) Buster Thousand @
(Buster Trap) Buster Trap @
Butterfly Dagger – Elma69243953Chū no Tanken – Elma
By Order of the Emperor35011819Emperor Order
Byroad Sacrifice36935434Byroad Sacrifice
Byser Des (Viser Des)56043446Manrikimajin Vicer Death *
Byser Shock (Viser Shock, Cyber Shock)17597059Vicer Shock
Cabrera Stone Cabrara-Stone @
Cactus Fighter74440055(Cactus Fighter)
Caius the Shadow Monarch09748752Jatei Gaius
Call of Darkness (Call of the Dark)78637313Yami-kara no Yobigoe
Call of the Earthbound (Earthbound Spirit’s Invitation; Ghost Beckoning)65743242Jibakurei no Izanai
Call of the Grave16970158Hakaba-kara no Yobigoe
Call of the Haunted97077563Living Dead no Yobigoe
Call of the Mummy04861205Mīra no Yobigoe
Camouflage Gardna Meisai Gardna @
Candelato, the Beast of Light Kōgenjū Candela @
Candle of Fate (Candle of Destiny)47695416Unmei no Rōsoku *
Cannon Soldier11384280Cannon Soldier
Cannon Soldier MK-214702066Megacannon Soldier
Cannonball Spear Shellfish95614612Hōdan Yarigai
Canyon (Fault Zone)28120197Dansō Chitai
Captain Leo10722221Captain Leo @
Capture Snare Ikedori no Wana @
Carat IdolNONENull @
Carboneddon Carboneddon @
Card Blocker42256406Card-Blocker *
Card Defense Card Defence @
Card Destruction72892473Tefuda Massatsu
Card Ejector (Card Excluder)26701483Card-Excluder
Card Exchange Tefuda Kōkan @
(Card Fixative) Card Hexative @
Card Guard Guard of Card @
Card from a Different Dimension Ijigen-kara no Hōsatsu @
Card Loan Card Loan @
Card of Demise Inochi Kezuri no Hōsatsu @
Card of Last Will Yuigon no Fuda @
Card of Reversal Gyakuten no Hōsatsu @
Card of Safe Return57953380Seikan no Hōsatsu
Card of Sanctity42664989Tenyori no Hōsatsu
Card of Variation Ruten no Hōsatsu @
Card Rotator72767833Card Flipper
Card Shuffle12183332Shotgun Shuffle
Card Trader48712195Card-Trader
Card Trooper85087012Card-Gunner
Carrotman Ninjinman @
(Cassimolar) Cassimolar @
Castle Gate36931229Castle Gate
Castle Walls44209392Jōheki
Castle of Dark Illusions (Castle of D. Magic)00062121Yamikuromashi no Shiro
Cat’s Ear Tribe95841282Neko no Mimizoku
(Catapult) Tōsekiki @
Catnipped Kitty96501677Matatabi Cat
Catapult Turtle95727991Catapult Turtle
Cave Dragon93220472Grand Dragon
Celebration of Creation Tanjo no Shukufuku @
Celestia, Lightsworn Angel94381039Lightlord Angel Kerubim
Celestial Sword – Eatos (Divine Goddess Sword – Aetos) Megami no Seiken – Aetos @
Celestial Transformation28890974Kōshinka
Cell Division Saibō Bunretsu @
Cell Division TokenNONESaibō Bunretsu Token @
Cell Explosion Virus84491298Saibō Bakuha Virus
Celri, Monk of Dark World (Cyril, Monk of Dark World) Ankokukai no Dōshi Celri @
Celtic Guardian91152256Elf no Kenshi
Cemetery Bomb51394546Cemetery Bomb
Cemetery Change Cemetery Change @
(Central Shield) Central Shield @
Centrifugal Field01801154Centrifugal Field
Ceremonial Bell20228463Ceremony Bell
Cestus of Dagla (Sword of Dogra)28106077Dagla no Tsurugi
Chain Burst48276469Chain Burst
Chain Destruction01248895Chain Destruction
Chain Detonation51449743Chain Blast
Chain Disappearance57139487Chain Lost
Chain Energy79323590Maryoku no Kase
Chain Healing25050038Chain Healing
Chain Material39980304Chain Material
Chain of the Underworld Meikai no Kusari @
Chain Strike91623717Chain Strike
Chain Summoning09952083Summon-Chain
Chain Thrasher88190453Chain Thrasher
Chainsaw Insect77252217Chainsaw Insect
Chakra65393205Chakra *
Chamberlain of the Six Samurai44430454Rokubushū no Jijū
(Chameleon Colored) Chameleon Coloured @
Change! Mecha Ojama King Change! Mecha Ojama King @
Change of Heart04031928Kokorogawari
Change of Hero – Reflector Ray (Reflector Ray)74095602Change of Hero – Reflector Ray
(Change the Odds) Kakuritsu Hendō @
Change Slime18914778Change Slime *
Chaos Barrier Field Konton no Barrier Chaos Field @
Chaos BlazeNONE? @
Chaos Burst04923662Chaos Burst
Chaos Command Magician72630549Chaos Magician
Chaos Core Chaos Core @
Chaos Distill (Chaos Distiller; Alchemic Kettle – Chaos Distill) Renkinkama Chaos Distil @
Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End82301904Chaos Emperor Dragon —Shūen no Shisha—
Chaos End61044390Chaos End
Chaos Form Chaos Form @
Chaos Greed97439308Chaos Greed
Chaos Necromancer01434352Chaos Necromancer
Chaos Phantasm Armityle (Armityle the Chaos Phantom)43378048Konton Genma Armityle *
Chaos Sorcerer09596126Chaos Sorcerer
Chaos-End Master46609443Chaos-End Master *
Chaosrider Gustaph47829960Chaosrider Gustaph
Charcoal Inpachi13179332Daimokutan Inpachi
Charge Charge @
(Charge of the Cornered Rats)84389640Kyūso no Shingeki *
Charge of the Light Brigade94886282(Kōtai no Tōgeki)
Chariot Pile Chariot Pile @
Charm of Lamentation Hitan no Hōsatsu @
Charm of Shabti50412166Shabti no Omamori
Charubin the Fire Knight37421579Hono-o no Killer
Chasm of Spikes (Chasm with Spikes)NONEKushizashi no Otoshiana @
Checkmate69313735Discovered Attack
Chick BombNONEPiyo-Bomb @
Chimaera, the Master of BeastsNONEJūshin Chimæra
(Chimera the Flying Phantom Beast) (Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast)04796100Yūyoku Genjū Chimæra *
Chimeratech Fortress Dragon79229522Chimæratech Fortress Dragon *
Chimeratech Overdragon64599569Chimæratech Over-Dragon
Chiron the Mage16956455Kenja Chiron
Chopman the Desperate Outlaw40884383Kyōakuhan – Chopman
Chorus of Sanctuary81380218Seīki no Utagoe
Chosen One21888494Erabareshimono
(Chronic Deja Vu) Chronic Déjà Vu @
Chronicle CounterNONEChronicle Counter
Chrysalis Chicky17363041Cocoon Chicky
Chrysalis Dolphin42682609Cocoon Dolphina
Chrysalis Mole42239546Cocoon Mogu
Chrysalis Larva16241441Cocoon Larva
Chrysalis Pantail (Cocoon Panther)43751755Cocoon Panthère
Chrysalis Pinny29246354Cocoon Pinny
Chthonian Alliance46910446Hell Alliance
Chthonian Blast18271561Hell Blast
Chthonian Emperor Dragon95888876Hell-Kaiser Dragon
Chthonian Polymer72287557Hell Polymer
Chthonian Soldier50916353Hell Soldier
(Chthonian Sword) Hell Sword @
Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter08508055Kakutō Nezumi Chu-Ske
Chun-ChunNONEChun-Chun @
Cinderella Cinderella @
Claret Note Blood Note @
Class System Kaikyū Sedō @
Claw Reacher41218256Killer The Claw
Clay Charge22479888Clay Charge
Clay Wrap Clay Wrap @
Cleansing Water Seisui no Heigai @
Clear Cube Clear Cube @
Clear Phantom Clear Phantom @
Clear Rage Golem Clear Rage Golem @
(Clear Tribute) Clear Sacrifice @
Clear Vice Dragon Clear Vice Dragon @
Clear Vicious Knight Clear Vicious Kight @
Clear Wall Clear Wall @
Clear World Clear World @
Cliff the Trap Remover06967870Kurosasori – Wanahazushi no Cliff
Climax Hour Climax Hour @
Cloak and Dagger08323633Yogiri no Sniper
Clock CounterNONETokei Counter
Clock Tower Prison75041269Yūgoku no Tokeitō
Clockwork Night Clockwork Night @
Clone Dragon Clone Dragon @
Clone Slime Clone Slime @
Clone TokenNONEClone Token
Cloning (Clone Duplication)86871614Clone Fukusei
(Closed Plant Gate) Closed Plant-Fate @
(Closure Forest) Closure Forest @
Cloudian – Acid Cloud17810268Cloudian – Acid Cloud
Cloudian – Altus79703905Cloudian – Altus
Cloudian – Eye of the Typhoon57610714Cloudian – Eye of the Typhoon
Cloudian – Ghost Fog83604828Cloudian – Ghost Fog
Cloudian – Cirrostratus43318266Cloudian – Kirostas
Cloudian – Nimbusman20003527Cloudian – Nimbusman
Cloudian – Poison Cloud83982270Cloudian – Poison Cloud
Cloudian – Sheep Cloud56597272Cloudian – Sheep-Cloud
Cloudian – Smoke Ball80825553Cloudian – Smoke-Ball
Cloudian – Storm Dragon13474291Cloudian – Storm Dragon
Cloudian – Turbulence16197610Cloudian – Turbulence
Cloudian Squall90135989Cloudian Squall
Cloudian Token (Sheep Cloud Token)NONECloudian Token
Clown Zombie (Zombie Clown)92667214Murder-Circus Zombie
Coach Goblin42541548Oni Goblin
Cobal, Excavator of Dark World Ankokukai no Hakkutsushi Cobal @
Cobra Jar86801871Snake Pot
Cobrada Cobrada @
Cobraman Sakuzy75109441Hebijajin Sakuzy
Cockroach Knight33413638Cockroach Knight
Cocoon of Evolution40240595Shinka no Mayu
Cocoon Party80368942Cocoon Party
Cocoon Rebirth43644025Cocoon Reborn
Cocoon Veil56641453Cocoon Veil
Code A Ancient Ruins99342953(Kodai Zangai Code A)
(Code Change) Code Change @
(Code of Justice) Code of Justice @
Coffin Seller65830223Kan’okeuri
Cold Enchanter24661486Cold Enchanter
Cold Fusion Fusion Freezing @
Cold Sleeper Cold Sleeper @
Cold Wave60682203Daikanpa
(Collapsed Power) Chikara no Kekkai @
Collected Power07565547Chikara no Shūyaku
Colossal Fighter23693634Gigantic Fighter
Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode38898779(Gigantic Fighter Slash Buster)
Colosseum – Cage of the Gladiator Beasts52518793Gladial-Beast no Ori Colosseum
Combat Scissor Beetle Combat Scissors Beetle @
Combination Attack08964854Combination Attack
Combo Fighter08806072Combo-Fighter
Combo Master44800181Combo-Master
Comic Hand Comic Hand @
Command AngelNONECommand Angel @
Command Knight (Tactical Warrior)10375182Command Knight
Command Silencer Command Silencer @
(Commander Covington)22666164Tokusenkan Covington *
Commencement Dance43417563Odoriniyoru Yūhatsu
Common Charity40465719Bonjin no Hodokoshi
Common Sacrifice Common Sacrifice @
Common Soul14772491Tamashī no Kyōyū – Common Soul
(Comparable Level) Comparable Level @
Compensation Mediation Chūsai no Daishō @
Compulsory Evacuation Device94192409Kyōsei Dasshū Sōchi
Comrade Swordsman of Landstar83602069Kyōtōsuru Landstar no Kenshi
Conduction Warrior Linear Magnum ± Chōdendōsenshi Linear Magnum Plus Minus @
Confusion Chaff67630339Confusion Chaff
(Consumed Power) Chikara no Shōshitsu @
Contact Out69270537Contact Out
Contact Soul Contact Soul @
Contagion of Madness Kyo’oki no Densen @
Contingency Fee Seikō Hōshū @
Continuous Destruction Punch68057622Counter Machinegun Punch
Construct of Mask (Contract of Mask)02304453Kamen no Keiyaku @
Contract with Exodia33244944Exodia-to no Keiyaku
Contract with the Abyss69035382Naraku-to no Keiyaku
Contract with the Dark Master96420087Yami no Shihaisha-to no Keiyaku
Convert Contact82639107Convert Contact
Convulsion of Nature62966332Tenpenchī
Copy Doll Copy Ningyō @
Copy Plant66457407Copy Plant
Copy TokenNONECopy Token @
Copycat (Mimic Illusionist)26376390Monomane Gensōshi
(Core Assault)????????Core-Buster *
(Core Density Compression)????????Core Nōdo Asshuku *
(Core Retraining)????????Core no Saineri Shigeru *
Corroding Shark34290067Dead Shark
Corruption Cell “A”02561846Shinshoku Saibō “A”
Cosmic Blast Cosmic Blast @
Cosmis Fortress Gol’gar68319538Sora Toride Gol’gar
Cosmic Horror Gangi’el51192573Sakemono Gangi’el
(Cosmic Space) Cosmic Space @
Cosmo Queen38999506Cosmo Queen
Cosmo Queen’s Prayer04561679Cosmo Queen no Inoru @
Cost Down23265313Cost Down
Counselor Lily05519829(Counselor Lily)
Counter Cleaner38834303Counter-Cleaner
Counter Counter42309337Counter Counter
Counter Spice Cumin Counter Spice – Cumin @
Counterattack! Gyakushū! @
Counterattack Beacon Gyakushū no Michibiki @
Counterbalance (All Killing Death Card) Shisatsu Sōsai @
Courageous Charge Sutemi no Tōshin @
(Courtly Manners)????????Kyōtei no Shikitari *
Covering Fire74458486Enkoshageki
Crab KingNONECrab-King @
Crab Turtle91782219Crab Turtle
Cranium Fish18828179Mother Brain
Crass Clown93889755Murder-Circus
Crater Creator Kaku Bakudan @
Crawling Dragon67494157Chi o Hau Dragon
Crawling Dragon #238289717Shikabane o Musaboru Ryū
Crazy Fish53713014Crazy Fish *
(Crazy Summon Gear) Crazy Summon Gear @
Creature Seizure15305240Rakaku Sōchi
Creature Swap31036355Kyōseiteni
Creeping Doom Manta52571838Shinobiyoru Devil Manta
Crest Burn Crest Burn @
Crest CounterNONECrest Counter @
Crime and Punishment Crime and Punishment @
Crimson Fire24566654Crimson Hellflare *
Crimson Ninja14618326Red Ninja
Crimson Sentry28358902Guren no Onnashogohei
Crimson Sunbird46696593Kōyōchō *
Crimson TokenNONEWine Token @
Crocozaurus (Crocosaurus) Crocozaurus @
Crop Circles24082387Mystery-Circle
Cross Change Cross Change @
Cross Counter37083210Cross-Counter
(Cross Counter-Trap) Cross Counter Trap @
Cross Heart Cross Heart @
Cross Porter73146473Cross Porter
Cross Shift Cross Shift @
Cross-Sword Beetle74976215Cross-Sword Hunter
Crossline Counter Cross-Line Counter @
Crow Goblin77998771Karasu Tengu {Normal} *
Crow Tengu Karasu Tengu {Effect} @
Crown of Command Zettai Kunshu no Kanmuri @
Crush Card Virus (Crush Card; Deck Destruction Virus)57728570Shi no Deck Hakai Virus
Cry Havoc!39712330Kessen no Hibuta
Crystal Abundance72881007Hōgyoku no Hanran
Crystal Beacon (Tempt to the Crystal)95326659Hōgyoku no Michibiki
Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth69937550Hōgyokujū Amber Mammoth
Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat32933942Hōgyokujū Amethyst Cat
Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle21698716Hōgyokujū Cobalt Eagle
Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise68215963Hōgyokujū Emerald Turtle
Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle32710364Hōgyokujū Ruby Carbuncle
Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus07093411Hōgyokujū Sapphire Pegasus
Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger95600067Hōgyokujū Topaz Tiger
Crystal Blessing35486099Hōgyoku no Megumi
Crystal CounterNONEGem Counter
Crystal Counter (Counter Crystal)11136371Counter Gem
Crystal Flash Hōgyoku no Senkō @
Crystal Promise08275702Hōgyoku no Keiyaku
(Crystal Fortress) Hōgyoku no Toride @
(Crystal Fountain) Hōgyoku no Izumi @
Crystal Pair (Crystal Set)47121070Hōgyoku no Sōheki
Crystal Raigeki96331676Hōgyoku no Inori
Crystal Release10004783Hōgyoku no Kaihō
Crystal Seal Suishō no Fūin @
Crystal Seer82099401Suishō no Uranaishi
Crystal Skull Suishō Dokuro @
Crystal Slicer Hōgyoku Katsudan @
Crystal Tree47408488Hōgyoku no Ki
Cunning of the Six Samurai27178262Rokubushū no Kotowari
Cup of Ace37812118Cup of Ace
Cup of Sealed Soul Fūkon no Seihai @
Cupid’s Kiss (Cupid Kiss) Cupid Kiss @
Cure Mermaid85802526Princess Ningyo
Curry Fiend Roo Curry Majin Roo @
Curry Pot Curry Pot @
Curse of Aging41398771Rōka no Noroi
Curse of Anubis66742250Anubis no Noroi
Curse of Darkness84970821Ankoku no Jubaku
Curse of Dragon28279543Curse of Dragon
Curse of Fiend12470447Ja’akuka Gashiki
Curse of Millennium Shield83094937Sennen no Tate no Gishiki @
Curse of Royal02926176Ōke no Noroi
Curse of the Masked Beast94377247Kamenmajū no Gishiki
Curse of the Tri-Horned Dragon Tri-Horn Dragon no Gishiki @
Curse of Thorns Ibara no Noroi @
Curse Transfer Noroi Utsushi @
Cursebreaker69666645Mahō Kaijo @
Cursed Dollhouse Norowareta no Doll House @
Cursed Fig18489208Cursed Fig
Cursed Ivy Cursed Ivy @
Cursed Ring Norowareta Yubiwa @
Cursed Waters Level 3 Ma no Kai’iki Level 3 @
Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell58851034Fūma no Juin
Curtain of the Dark Ones22026707Kuroma-zoku no Curtain *
Cú Chulainn the Awakened10789972Kakusei Senshi Cú Chulainn
Cyber Angel Benten Cyber Angel —Benten— @
Cyber Angel Dakini Cyber Angel —Dakini— @
Cyber Angel Idaten Cyber Angel —Idaten— @
Cyber Archfiend59907935Cyber Dæmon
Cyber Barrier Dragon68774379Cyber Barrier Dragon
Cyber Blader10248389Cyber Blader
Cyber Commander06400512Commander *
Cyber Dinosaur39439590Cyber Dinosaur
Cyber Dragon70095154Cyber Dragon
(Cyber Alnair) Cyber Alnair @
(Cyber Alsafi) Cyber Alsafi @
(Cyber Eltanin) Cyber Eltanin @
(Cyber Struve) Cyber Struve @
(Cyber Thuban) Cyber Thuban @
Cyber End Dragon01546123Cyber End Dragon
Cyber Esper91663373Cyber Esper
Cyber Falcon30655537Mecha Falcon
Cyber Gymnast76763417Cyber Gymnatix
Cyber Harpie Lady80316585Harpie Lady Cyber Bondage
Cyber Jar34124316Cyber-Pod
Cyber Kirin76986005Cyber Giraffe
(Cyber Larva) Cyber Larva @
Cyber Laser Dragon04162088Cyber Laser Dragon
(Cyber Lower) Cyber Lower @
Cyber Ogre64268668Cyber Ogre
Cyber Ogre 237057012Cyber Ogre 2
Cyber Ouroboros30042158Cyber Ouroboros
Cyber Petit Angel Cyber Petit Angel @
Cyber Phoenix03370104Cyber Phoenix
Cyber Prima02158562Cyber Prima
Cyber Raider39978267Cyber Raider
Cyber Repairer Cyber Repairer @
Cyber Saurus89112729Mecha Zaurus
Cyber Shadow Gardna90440725Cyber Shadow Gardna
Cyber Shark32393580(Cyber Shark)
Cyber Shield63224564Cyber Bondage *
Cyber Soldier44865098Kikai no Heitai *
Cyber Soldier of Darkworld75559356Makai no Kikaihei
Cyber Summon Blaster63477921Cyber Summon Blaster
Cyber Tutu49375719Cyber Tutu
Cyber Twin Dragon74157028Cyber Twin Dragon
Cyber Valkyrie Hail Cyber @
Cyber Valley03657444Cyber Valley
Cyber-Stein69015963Devil Franken
Cyber-Tech Alligator48766543Cyber-Tech Wyvern
Cyberdark Dragon40418351Gaikokuryū – Cyber Dark Dragon
Cyberdark Edge77625948Cyber Dark Edge
Cyberdark Horn41230939Cyber Dark Horn
Cyberdark Impact!80033124Cyberdark Impact!
Cyberdark Keel03019642Cyber Dark Keel
Cybernetic Cyclopean96428622Cybernetic Cyclops
Cybernetic Fusion Support Cybernetic Fusion Support @
Cybernetic Hidden Technology92773018Cybernetic Hidden Technology
Cybernetic Magician59023523Cybernetic Magician
Cybernetic Zone47295267Cybernetic Zone
Cyclon Laser05494820Cyclone Laser
(Cyclon Wing) Cyclon Wing @
Cyclone Blade29612557Cyclone-Blade
Cyclone Boomerang22147147Cyclone Boomerang
D CounterNONED Counter
(D – Acceleration) D – Acceleration @
D – Boost D – Boost @
D – Burst D – Burst @
D – Chain43405287D – Chain
D – Counter08698851D – Counter
D – Cubic D – Cubic @
D – Force D – Force @
D – Formation74329404D – Formation
D – Fortune09201964D – Fortune
D – Mind D – Mind @
D – Shield62868900D – Shield
D – Spirit89899996D – Spirits
D – Time99075257D – Time
D. Human81057959Drago-Human
D. Tribe02833249Ryū no Ketsuzoku
D.3.S. Frog09910360Gaeru San Death
D.D. Assailant70074904D.D. Assailant
D.D. Borderline60912752Ijigen no Kyōkaisen
D.D. Crazy Beast48148828Ijigen no Kyōjū
D.D. Crow24508238D.D. Crow
D.D. Designator33423043Ijigen no Shimeisha
D.D. Dynamite08629798D.D. Dynamite
D.D. Guide52702748Ijigen no Annainin
D.D. Scout Plane03773196Ijigen no Teikikki
D.D. Survivor48092532Ijigen no Seikansha
D.D. Trainer86498013Ijigen Trainer
D.D. Trap Hole05606466Ijigen no Otoshiana
D.D. Warrior (Dimensional Warrior; Dimensional Knight)37043180Ijigen no Senshi
D.D. Warrior Lady07572887Ijigen no Onnasenshi
D.D.M. – Different Dimension Master82112775Different Dimension Master {D D M}
D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation09622164Different Dimension Revival {D D R}
Damage = Reptile44584775Damage Equal Reptor
(Damage Capture) Damage Capture @
(Damage Interest) Damage Interest @
Damage Condenser28378427Damage Condenser
Damage Polarizer (Damage Polylizer)46031685Damage Polarilyser
Damage Summon Jigyoku Shōkan @
(Damage Translation) Damage Translation @
Damage-Off Zone Damage-Off Zone @
Dancing Elf59983499Dancing Elf
Dancing Fairy90925163Dancing Færie
Dandylion (Dandelion)15341821Dandylion
Dangerous Machine Type-676895648Dangerous Machine Type-6
Dark Archetype Dark Archetype @
Dark Arena Dark Arena @
Dark Armed Dragon65192027Dark Armed Dragon
Dark Artist72520073Yami no Geijutsusha *
Dark Assailant41949033Yami no Ansaisha
Dark Auction Yami Auction @
Dark Balter the Terrible80071763Majin Dark Balter
Dark Bat67049542Dark Bat
Dark Blade11321183Yamimakai no Kenshi Dark-Sword
Dark Blade the Dragon Knight86805855Yamimakai no Ryūkishi Dark-Sword
Dark Bribe77538567Makyū no Wairo
Dark Calling12071500Dark Calling *
Dark Cat with White Tail08634636Omoshiroi Kuroneko
Dark Catapulter33875961Dark Catapulter
Dark Chimera32344688Dark Chimæra *
Dark City53527835Dark City
Dark Coffin01804528Norowareta Hitsugi
Dark Computer Virus Yami no Computer Virus @
Dark Core70231910Black Core
Dark Creator (God of Darkness – Dark God; Lord of Darkness) Yami no Kami – Dark-God @
Dark Creator Token (Dark God Token; Lord of Darkness Token)NONEDark-God Token @
Dark Crusader91596726Dark Crusader
Dark Cure03701074Dark Cure
(Dark Current Lightning Speed) Dan’an Sokka @
Dark Deal65824822Yami no Torihiki
Dark Designator78053598Yami no Shimeisha
Dark Dragon Ritual Kokuryū Kōrin @
Dark Driceratops65287621Ankoku Drikeratops
Dark Dust Spirit89111398Sajin no Akuryō
Dark Effigy81755371Dark-Frame
Dark Element Dark Element @
Dark Elf21417692Dark Elf
Dark End Dragon88643579Dark-End Dragon *
Dark Energy04614116Yami Energy
Dark Eradicator Warlock29436665Black Executioner
Dark Eruption00674561Dark Burst
Dark Eye Stalker Dark Eye Stalker @
Dark Factory of Mass Production90928333Yami no Ryōsankōjō
Dark Flare Knight13722870Kokuen no Kishi —Black Flare Knight—
Dark Fusion94820406Dark Fusion
Dark General Freed70676581(Dark General Freed)
Dark Gray09159938Dark Grey
Dark Grepher14536035Dark Grepher
Dark Guardian Yami no Shugoshin – Dark Guardian @
Dark Hole53129443Black Hole
Dark Horus66214679Dark Horus Dragon
Dark Hunter19357125Dark Assassin
Dark Illusion Black Illusion @
Dark Illusion05562461Yami no Genei
Dark Jeroid90980792Dark Jeroid
Dark King of the Abyss53375573Shin’en no Mei-Ō
Dark Lucius LV485313220Dark Lucius Level 4
Dark Lucius LV612817939Dark Lucius Level 6
Dark Lucius LV858206034Dark Lucius Level 8
Dark Magic Attack02314238Black Magic
Dark Magic Curtain99789342Kuromajutsu no Curtain
Dark Magic Portal Meikai no Jikū @
Dark Magic Retribution Kuromajutsu no Hōfuku @
Dark Magician46986414Black Magician
Dark Magician (Dark Magician #2)36996508Black Magician {P4-02} *
Dark Magician Girl38033121Black Magician Girl
Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight Ryūkishi Black Magician Girl @
Dark Magician Knight50725996Black Magicians Knight
Dark Magician of Chaos40737112Konton no Kuromajutsushi
Dark Master – Zorc97642679Dark Master – Zorc
(Dark Matter) Dark Matter @
Dark Mimic LV174713516Ankoku no Mimic Level 1
Dark Mimic LV301102515Ankoku no Mimic Level 3
(Dark Mist) Dark Mist @
Dark Mirror Force20522190Ja’akunaru Barrier —Dark Force—
Dark Necrofear31829185Dark Necrofear
Dark Nephthys38107923Dark Nephthys
Dark Paladin98502113Chōmadō Kenshi – Black Paladin
Dark Paseo (Ritual of the Advent of the Matador, Dark Paseo; Ritual of the Matador) Matador Kōrin no Gishiki Dark Paseo @
Dark Plant13193642Dark Plant *
Dark Prisoner89558090Dark Prisoner *
Dark Psycho Eye Dark Psycho-Eye @
Dark Rabbit99261403Dark Rabbit *
Dark Red Enchanter45462639Dark-Red Enchanter
Dark Renewal (Coffin of Dark Resurrection; Black Magic Revival Casket) Kuroma-zoku Fukkatsu no Hitsugi @
Dark Resonator97021916Dark Resonator
Dark Room of Nightmare85562745Akumu no Gōmonbeya
Dark Ruler Ha Des53982768Meikai no Ma-Ō Ha Death
Dark Sage92377303Kokui no Daikenja
Dark Sanctuary Dark Sanctuary @
Dark Scorpion – Chick the Yellow61587183Kurosasori – Nigeashi no Chick
Dark Scorpion – Gorg the Strong48768179Kurosasori – Tōriki no Gorg
Dark Scorpion – Meanae the Thorn74153887Kurosasori – Ibara no Meanæ
Dark Scorpion Burglars40933924Kurosasori Tōkutsudan
Dark Scorpion Combination20858318Hissatsu Kurosasori Combination
Dark Scorpion Tragedy of Love (Black Scorpion, Tragedy of Love) Kurosasori Ai no Higeki @
(Dark Shabti) (Dark Ushebti) Dark Shabti @
Dark Shade40196604Dark-Shade *
(Dark Simorgh)11366199Dark Simorgh *
Dark Snake Syndrome47233801Kurojabyō
Dark Spear Black Spear @
Dark Spell Regeneration (Revival of the Dark) Ankoku no Masaisei @
Dark Spirit Art – Greed38167722Yamirei Jutsu – “Yoku”
Dark Spirit of the Silent93599951Sanmoku no Dark Spirit
Dark Strike Fighter32646477Dark Dive Bomber
Dark Summoning Beast (Dark Summons God; Lord of Dark Summons) Ankoku no Shōkanshin @
Dark Tinker76614003Dark Repairer
Dark Titan of Terror89494469Ankoku Mashin Titan
Dark Token Dark Token @
Dark Tournament Ankoku no Butōkai @
(Dark Tuner – Catast Rogue) Dark-Tuner Catast-Rogue @
(Dark Tuner – Chaos Rogue) Dark-Tuner Chaos-Rogue @
(Dark Tuner – Dark Ape) Dark-Tuner Dark Ape @
(Dark Tuner – Spider Cocoon) Dark-Tuner Spider Cocoon @
Dark Tuning23440062Wicked Reborn *
Dark Tyranno (Black Tyranno) Dark Tyranno @
Dark Valkyria83269557Dark Valkyria
Dark Verger50164989Dark Verger *
Dark Voltanis65282484(Dark Voltanis)
Dark Wall of Wind Yami no Gofūheki @
(Dark Wave) Dark Wave @
Dark Witch35565537Valkyrie
Dark World Dealings74117290Ankokukai no Torihiki
Dark World Grimoire61623148Ankokukai no Shomotsu
Dark World Lightning93554166Ankokukai no Ikazuchi
Dark Zebra59784896Dark Zebra
Dark-Eyes Illusionist38247752Dark Eyes Illusionist
Dark-Piercing Light45895206Yami o Kakikesu Hikari
Darkbishop Archfiend35798491Darkbishop Dæmon
Darkblaze Dragon39343610Dark-Blaze-Dragon
Darkfire Dragon17881964Ankoku Kaenryū
Darkfire Soldier #105388481Burning Soldier
Darkfire Soldier #278861134Hono-o no Kengō
(Darklord Asmodeus)85771019Datenshi Asmodeus *
(Darklord Desire) Datenshi Desire @
(Darklord Ede Arlae)????????Datenshi Ede Arlae *
(Darklord Superbia)????????Datenshi Superbia *
(Darklord Ukobach) Datenshi Ukobach @
Darklord Zerato40921744Datenshi Zerato
(Darklord’s Bewitchment) Datenshi no Genwaku @
(Darkness) Darkness @
(Darkness 1) Darkness One @
(Darkness 2) Darkness Two @
(Darkness 3) Darkness Three @
Darkness Approaches80168720Yami no Otozure
(Darkness Bramble) Darkness Bramble @
Darkness Destroyer93709215Darkness Destroyer
(Darkness Eye) Darkness Eye @
Darkness Half Darkness Half @
(Darkness Necroslime) Darkness Necroslime @
(Darkness Neosphere) Darkness Neosphere @
(Darkness Outsider) Darkness Outsider @
(Darkness Raincrow) Darkness Raincrow @
(Darkness Seed) Darkness Seed @
(Darkness Slime) Darkness Slime @
Darknight Parshath76925842Dark Parshath
Darkworld Thorns43500484Makai no Ibara
Data Brain Data Brain @
Dawnbreak Gardna57549932Sunrise Gardna
(Dazzling Radiance) Genwaku no Senkō @
De-Fusion (De-Polymerization)95286165Yūgō Kaijo
De-Spell (Cursebreaker)19159413Mahōjōkyo
Deal of Phantom69122763Shugorei no Omamori
Debris Dragon14943837Debris Dragon
Debris Station Debris-Station @
Decayed Commander10209545Kuchihateta Bushō
Deck Destruction Virus Zettai Hakai —Genocide Virus— @
Deck Devastation Virus35027493Ma no Deck Hakai Virus
Deck Lockdown01149109Deck-Lock
Declaration of Despair Vampire no Gofu @
Decoy Baby Decoy Baby @
Decoy Dragon02732323Decoy-Dragon
Dedication through Light and Darkness69542930Hikari to Yami no Senrei
Deep Diver17559367Deep Diver
(Deep Forest) Fukai Mori @
Deepest Impact Deepest Impact @
(Deepsea Diva)78868119Shinkai no Diva *
Deepsea Macrotrema13314457Shinkai no Ō Unagi
Deepsea Shark28593363Shinkai ni Umimu Same
Deepsea Warrior24128274Deepsea Warrior
Defender Iceberg Teppeki Hyōsen – Defend-Iceberg @
Defender, the Magical Knight02525268Madō Kishi Defender
Defense Draw24268052Guard Block
Defense Maiden Defence Maiden @
Defense Seal Wall Fūin Bōgyo Kabe @
Defense Wall Defence Wall @
Defensive Tactics28877100Defensive Tactics
Degenerate Circuit36995273Shutukai Kairo
(Deja Vu) Déjà Vu @
Dekoichi The Battlechanted Locomotive87621407Masōkikansha Dekoichi
(Delay Summoning) Okureta Shōkanseki @
Delinquent Duo44763025Itazurasukina Futakoakuma
Delta Attacker39719977Delta Attacker
Delta Barrier Delta Barrier @
(Delta Crow – Anti-Reverse)59839761Delta Crow – Anti Reverse *
Delta Reactor Delta Reactor @
Demand Man Demand-Man @
Demise Lord Death Lord @
Demise of the Land48934760Shūen no Chi
Demise, King of Armageddon72426662Shūen no Ō Demise
Demiurge Ema Demiourgos Ema @
DemonisNONEDemonis *
(Depth Amulet) Depth Amulet @
Des Counterblow39131963Death Counter
Des Croaking44883830Death Chorus
Des Dendle12965761Death Dendle
Des Feral Imp (Dark Gremlin)81985784Death Gremlin
Des Frog84451804Death-Gaeru
(Des Hand) Death Hand @
Des Kangaroo78613627Death Kangaroo
Des Koala69579761Death Koala
Des Lacooda02326738Death Lacooda
Des Mosquito33695750Death Mosquito
Des Volstgalph81059524Death Volstgalph
Des Wombat09637706Death Wombat
Descending Lost Star42079445Lost Star Descent
Desert Protector38981606Desert Gardna
Desert Sunlight93747864Sabaku no Hikari
(Desert Trapdoor Spider) Sabaku no Kakuregumo @
Desert Twister81977953Desert Twister
Despair from the Dark71200730Yamiyori Ideshi Zeppō
Desperado Manager Desperado Manager @
(Desperate Battle) Desperate Battle @
Despised Reality Mikudashita Jōyaku @
Desrook Archfiend72192100Desrook Dæmon
Destiny Board (Forbidden Board)94212438Ouija Ban
Destiny Draw45809008Destiny Draw
Destiny End Dragoon76263644Dragoon D-End
Destiny Hero – Blade Master55461064Destiny Hero Dagger-Guy
Destiny Hero – Captain Tenacious77608643Destiny Hero Diehard-Guy
Destiny Hero – Celestial Destiny Hero Divine-Guy @
Destiny Hero – Dasher81866673Destiny Hero Dash-Guy
Destiny Hero – Defender54749427Destiny Hero Defend-Guy
Destiny Hero – Departed39829561Destiny Hero Departed-Guy
Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude13093792Destiny Hero Diamond-Guy
Destiny Hero – Disk Commander56570271Destiny Hero Disc-Guy
Destiny Hero – Dogma17132130Destiny Hero Dogma-Guy
Destiny Hero – Doom Lord41613948Destiny Hero Devil-Guy
Destiny Hero – Double Dude28355718Destiny Hero Double-Guy
Destiny Hero – Dread Servant36625827Destiny Hero Dread-Servant
Destiny Hero – Dreadmaster40591390Destiny Hero Dread-Guy
Destiny Hero – Dunker93431862Destiny Hero Dunk-Guy
Destiny Hero – Fear Monger80744121Destiny Hero Doom-Guy
Destiny Hero – Malicious09411399Destiny Hero Diabolic-Guy
Destiny Hero – Plasma (Destiny Hero Bloo-d)83965310Destiny Hero Bloo-D
Destiny Hero – The Dark Angel Destiny Hero Dark Angel @
Destiny Mirage15294090Destiny Mirage
Destiny Signal35464895Destiny Signal
Destroyer Golem73481154Hakai no Golem
(Destruction Cloud) Destruction Cloud @
Destruction Cyclone59235795Death-Cyclone
Destruction Insurance Destruction Insurance @
Destruction Jammer98956134Destruction Jammer
Destruction of Destiny62980542Destiny Destroy
Destruction Punch05616412Counterpunch
Destruction Ring21219755Hakai Ring
Destructive Draw77859858Hametsu-he no Quick Draw
Detonating89086566Kiraika *
Detonator Circle “A”20985997Destruct Circle – A
Deuce Deuce @
Dewloren, Tiger Prince of the Ice Barrier70583986Hyōkekkai no Ko-Ō Dewloren *
Dharc the Dark Charmer19327348Yamirei Tsukai Dharc
Dharma Cannon96967123Daihō Dharma
Diabolos, King of the Abyss29424328Ma-Ō Diabolos
Diabound Diabound @
Diabound Kernel Diabound Kernel @
Diamond-Dust Cyclone19980975Diamond-Dust Cyclone
Diamond Head Dragon Diamond Head Dragon @
Dian Keto the Cure MasterNONESaryō no Kami Dian Keto
Dice Armadillo69893315Dice Armadillo *
Dice Field Dice Dungeon @
Dice Jar03549275Dice Pot
Dice Mantis (Kamakiriman)68928540Kamakiller *
Dice Re-Roll83241722Reverse Dice
Dice Try!59905358Dice-Impact
Different Dimension Capsule11961740Time Capsule
Different Dimension Dragon50939127Ijigenryū Twilight-Zone-Dragon
Different Dimension Gate56460688Ijigen Kakuri Machine
Different Dimension Hangar Ijigen Kakunōko @
Diffusion Wave-Motion87880531Kakukinsuru Hadō
Dig Beak29948642Dig Beak
Dimension Distortion95194279Jigen no Hizumi
Dimension Explosion01896112Jigen Yūbaku
Dimension Fortress Weapon01596508Jigen Yōsaiheiki
Dimension Fusion23557835Jigen Yūgō
Dimension Fusion Destruction Jigen Yūgōsatsu @
Dimension Jar73414375Dimension Pod
Dimension Wall67095270Dimension Wall
Dimensional Alchemist36733451Dimension Chemistry
Dimensional Catapult Jigen Hakaihō – Super Thunder Unit @
Dimensional Fissure81674782Jigen no Sakeme
Dimensional Inversion98666339Reverse-Dimension
Dimensional Prison70342110Jigen Yūhei
(Dimensional Recursion) Jigen Kaiki @
Dimensionhole22959079Worm Hole
Dino Stomp Dino-Stomp @
(Dinoblast) Dinoblast @
Dinosaur WingNONEDinosaur-Wing *
(Direct Border) Direct Border @
Disarmament20727787Busō Kaijo
Disc Fighter19612721Disc Fighter
Disciple of the Forbidden Spell15595052Fūma no Denshōsha
(Discord)????????Fukyōwaon *
Discord Counter Discord Counter @
Disenchanter76137614Saint Disenchanter
Disgraced Mage Shiryō Dōshi Discredit Mage @
Disgraceful Charity Datenshi no Hodokoshi @
Disk Magician76446915Disc Magician
Diskblade Rider41113025Disk-Rider
(Distrain Card) Distrain Card @
Disturbance Strategy77561728Kairan Sakusen
Divination of Fate Unmei no Yoken @
Divine Chalice Kamigami no Sakazuki @
Divine Dragon Ragnarok62113340Shinryū Ragnarok
Divine Dragon – Excelion10032958Shinryū – Excelion
(Divine Evolution) Kami no Shinka @
Divine Fowl King Alector (Divine Bird King Alector)17573739Shinkin-Ō Alector *
Divine Gate Kami no Jōmon @
Divine Knight Ishzark (Holy Knight Ishzark)17902462Saint Knight Ishzark
(Divine Revelation) Seinaru Tenkei @
Divine Sanctuary Holy Sanctuary @
(Divine Sea Dragon Gishirunodon)76891401Shinkairyū Gishirunodon *
Divine Serpent Jashin Gē @
Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade31423101Shinken Phoenix-Blade
Divine Wind Seinarukaze Divine Wind @
Divine Wrath49010598Tenbatsu
(Diving Black Salvo) Kyūkōka Bomb @
Dizzy Angel (Drunken Angel) Yoidore Angel @
Dizzy Tiger (Drunken Tiger) Yoidore Tiger @
Djinn the Watcher of the Wind (Wind Djinn)97843505Kaze no Bannin Djinn *
DNA Checkup27340877DNA Teikikenshin
(DNA Destruction) DNA Massatsu Jujutsu @
DNA Surgery74701381DNA Kaizō Shujutsu
DNA Transplant56769674DNA Ishoku Shujutsu
Doble Passe Doble Passe @
Doctor Cranium22171591Kaballist
Doctor D Doctor D @
Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper25882881Shinigami no Dokuroizo *
Dokuroyaiba30325729Shinigami Boomerang
Doll Chimera Doll Chimæra @
Doll Hammer Doll Hammer @
Doll of Demise91635482Killer Doll @
Doll Part Blue Doll Parts Blue @
Doll Part Gold Doll Parts Gold @
Doll Part Pink Doll Parts Pink @
Doll Part Red Doll Parts Red @
Doma The Angel of Silence16972957Shi no Chimmoku no Tenshi Doma
(Domain of the Dark King) Mei-Ō no Ma @
Domino Effect32663969Domino
Don Turtle03493978Dongame
Don Zaloog76922029Don Zaloog
Doom Accelerator Death Accel @
(Doom and Rebirth) Death and Rebirth @
(Doom Castle) (Devil Castle) Devil-Castle @
Doom Dozer76039636Devil-Dozer
(Doom Petal Countdown) Death Petal Countdown @
Doom Shaman94944637Devils Summoner
Doom Virus Dragon Shi no Deck Hakai Virus Dragon @
Doomcaliber Knight (Skull Descovery Knight; Death Knight Deathcalibur)78700060Shiryō Kishi Deathcalibre Knight
Doomkaiser Dragon06021033Death-Kaiser Dragon
Doomkaiser Dragon/Assault Mode01764972Death-Kaiser Dragon Slash Buster
Doomsday Horror64379430The End Spirits
Doomsday TokenNONEKokuen Token
Door to Mirrorland Kagami no Kuni e no Tobira – Silver Arch @
Doppelganger TokenNONEDoppeler Token @
Dora of Fate67464807Unmei no Dora
Doriado (Dryad)84916669Doriado *
Doriado’s Blessing23965037Doriado no Inori
Dormant Volcano Kyūkazan @
Doron (Drone)00756652Doron *
Dorover24194033Dorover *
Double Attack34187685Double Attack
Double Cloth ArmorNONEDouble Cloth Armour @
Double Coston44436472Double Coston
Double Dude TokenNONEDouble-Guy Token
Double Fusion Double Fusion @
Double It! Sarani Bai! @
Double Magical Arm Bind Double Magic-Arm Bind @
Double Snare03682106Double Trap
Double Spell24096228Double Magic
Double Summon43422537Dual-Summon
Double Tag Team67223587Handicap Match!
(Double Tool D&C)63730624Double-Tool D-and-C *
Double-Edged Sword Technique21007444Moroha no Katsujinken Jutsu
Dowsing Burn Dowsing Burn @
DrabombNONEDrabomb @
Dragged Down into the Grave (Michizure of Doom; Traveling Companion of the Open Grave)16435215Haka’ana no Michizure
Dragon Capture Jar50045299Dragon-zoku Fūin no Tsubo
(Dragon Evolution) Dragon Evolution @
(Dragon Glasses) Ryū no Megane @
Dragon Gust Dragon Gust @
Dragon Heart Dragon Heart @
Dragon Ice64262809Dragon Ice
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady @
Dragon Manipulator63018132Dragon Rider
Dragon Master Knight (Master of Dragon Soldier)62873545Master of Dragon Knight
Dragon Nails (Dark Dragon Claws; Nails of Bane) Yami Ryū-zoku no Tsume @
Dragon Piper55763552Tsubo Majin
Dragon Pirate Soldier74738622Dragon-Pirates Soldier @
Dragon Revival Ritual Jaryū Fukkatsu no Gishiki @
Dragon Seeker28563545Dragon Killer
Dragon Statue09197735Dragon Soul Statue *
(Dragon Switch) Dragon Switch @
Dragon TokenNONEDragon Token @
Dragon Treasure01435851Dragon no Hihō
(Dragon Vanguard)77135531Ryū no Senpei *
Dragon Zombie66672569Dragon Zombie
Dragon-Mail Knight Dragon Mail Knight @
Dragon’s Gunfire (Dragon-Fire)55991637Karyū no Kaendan
(Dragon’s Lair) Ryū no Sōkutsu @
Dragon’s Mirror71490127Dragons Mirror
Dragon’s Rage54178050Ryū no Gekirin
Dragoness the Wicked Knight70681994Madotsu Kishi Dragoness
Dragonic Attack32437102Dragonic Attack
Dragonic Contract Ryū-to no Keiyaku @
(Dragonic Enrage) Dragonic Enrage @
Dragonic Knight38109772Dragon Knight *
(Dragonic Tactics) Dragonic Tactics @
Dragonic Unit Ritual Dragon Unit no Gishiki @
Dragonic Warrior Dragon Warrior @
(Dragonroid) Dragonroid @
Dragons Unite Dragons Unit @
(Dragonslayer) Dragonslayer @
(Drain Strike) Drain Strike @
Drain Time Drain Time @
Draining Shield43250041Drain Shield
(Dramatic Crossroad) Unmei no Wakaremichi – Dramatic Crossroad @
Dramatic Pose Ōmie @
Dramatic Rescue (Rescue Operation)80193355Kyūshutsugeki
Drastic Drop Off04440873Kyōretsu-na Hataki Otoshi
(Draw Blast) Draw Bomb @
Draw Paradox Draw-Paradox @
Draw Slime Draw Slime @
Drawber Drawber @
Drawler Drawler @
Dreadscythe Harvester66973070Deathscythe Killer
Dream Clown13215230Dream Pierrot
Dreamsprite08687195Genei no Yōsei
Dress Up Dress Up @
Drill Bug88733579Senkōchū
Driving Snow00473469Mōfubuki
Droll Bird97973387Spick *
Drooling Lizard16353197Ikichi o Susurumono
Drop Off55773067Hataki Otoshi
Drowsing Point Dowsing Point @
Dual Gate Dual Gate @
Duality Hyōri Ittai @
DUCKER Mobile Cannon14506878DUCKER
Duelist ID CardNONEDuelist ID Card *
Duelist Name CardNONEDuelist Name Card *
Duelist’s GloveNONEDuelist Glove *
Dummy Golem13532663Dummy Golem
Dummy Marker Dummy Marker @
Dunames Dark Witch12493482Dunames Valkyria
Dungeon Dice Dimension Dice @
Dungeon Worm (Parasite Worm)51228280Dungeon Worm
Dupe Frog46239604Machigaeru
Duos Duos @
Duos Dragon (Drake Knight Duos Dragon) Ryūma Kishi Duos Dragon @
Dust Barrier31476755Sajin no Kekkai
Dust Tornado60082869Sajin no Ōtatsumaki
Dweller in the Depths46508640Ryūmiyaku no Sumumono
Dynabase Dyna Base @
Dynatank Dyna Tank @
E Force E Force @
E N Shuffle E N Shuffle @
E - Emergency Call00213326E - Emergency Call
Eagle Eye53593416Eagle Eye
Earth Chant59820352Daichi Ginshō
Earth Effigy53461122Gaia-Frame
(Earthbound Lord Aslla Piscu)10875327Jibakushin Aslla Piscu *
(Earthbound Lord Ccapac Apu)46263076Jibakushin Ccapac Apu *
(Earthbound Lord Ccarayhua)????????Jibakushin Ccarayhua *
(Earthbound Lord Chacu Challhua)????????Jibakushin Chacu Challhua *
(Earthbound Lord Cusillu)????????Jibakushin Cusillu *
(Earthbound Lord Uru) Jibakushin Uru @
Earthbound Spirit67105242Earth Bound Spirit
Ebon Arrow88341502Black Arrow
Ebon Magician Curran46128076Kuromadōshi Curran
Edge Hammer84361420Edge Hammer
(Effect Shut) Effect Shut @
Egg UncleNONETama Oyaji @
Egyptian God SlimeNONEGod Slime @
Ehren, Lightsworn Monk44178886(Lightlord Monk Ehren)
Ekibyo Drakmord69954399Ekibyō Virus Black Dust
Eldeen06367785Eldeen *
Electric Lizard55875323Denki Tokade
Electric Snake11324436Electric Snake
Electric Virus24725825Electric Worm
Electro-Whip37820550Dengeki Muchi
Electromagnetic Bagworm (Electronic Bagworm)07914843Zachtraeger Magnet *
Electromagnetic Turtle (Super Electric Turtle)NONEChōdenji Turtle @
Elegant Egotist (Kaleidoscope)90219263Mangekyō —Kareinaru Bunshin—
Elegant Light LV4 Yūgatō Level 4 @
(Element Change) Element Change @
Element Doom23118924Element Devil
Element Dragon30314994Element Dragon
Element Magician65260293Element Magician
Element Saurus92755808Element Zaurus
Element Soldier66712593Element Soldier
Element Sword Element Sword @
Element Valkyrie97623219Element Valkyrie
Elemental Absorber94253609Elemental Absorber
Elemental Burst61411502Elemental Burst
Elemental Hero Absolute Zero40854197Elemental Hero Absolute Zero *
Elemental Hero Air Neos11502550Elemental Hero Air Neos
Elemental Hero Aqua Neos55171412Elemental Hero Aqua Neos
Elemental Hero Avian21844576Elemental Hero Featherman
Elemental Hero Bladedge59793705Elemental Hero Edgeman
Elemental Hero Bubbleman79979666Elemental Hero Bubbleman
Elemental Hero Burstinatrix58932615Elemental Hero Burstlady
Elemental Hero Captain Gold80908502Elemental Hero Captain Gold
Elemental Hero Chaos Neos17032740Elemental Hero Chaos Neos
(Elemental Hero Clay Guard) (Elemental Hero Clay Guardian) Elemental Hero Clay-Guardman @
Elemental Hero Clayman84327329Elemental Hero Clayman
Elemental Hero Dark Neos28677304Elemental Hero Black Neos
Elemental Hero Darkbright41517868Elemental Hero Dark Brightman
Elemental Hero Divine Neos31111109Elemental Hero God Neos
Elemental Hero Electrum (Elemental Hero Erikshieler)29343734Elemental Hero Elixirer
Elemental Hero Flame Wingman35809262Elemental Hero Flame Wingman
Elemental Hero Flare Neos81566151Elemental Hero Flare Neos
Elemental Hero Gaia16304628Elemental Hero Gaia *
Elemental Hero Glow Neos85507811Elemental Hero Glow Neos
Elemental Hero Grand Neos48996569Elemental Hero Gran Neos
Elemental Hero Heat (Elemental Hero The Heat)98266377Elemental Hero The Heat
Elemental Hero Ice Edge41077745Elemental Hero Ice-Edge *
Elemental Hero Inferno68745629Elemental Hero Flame Blast
Elemental Hero Knospe62107981Elemental Hero Knospe
Elemental Hero Lady Heat95362816Elemental Hero Lady of Fire
Elemental Hero Magma Neos78512663Elemental Hero Magma Neos
Elemental Hero Marine Neos05128859Elemental Hero Marine Neos
Elemental Hero Mariner14225239Elemental Hero Sailorman
Elemental Hero Mudballman (Elemental Hero Madballman)52031567Elemental Hero Mudballman
Elemental Hero Necroshade89252153Elemental Hero Necrodarkman
Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman81003500Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman
Elemental Hero Neo Bubbleman05285665Elemental Hero Bubbleman Neo
Elemental Hero Neos89943723Elemental Hero Neos
Elemental Hero Neos Alius69884162Elemental Hero Another Neos
Elemental Hero Ocean37195861Elemental Hero Ocean
Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer41436536Elemental Hero Phoenix-Guy
Elemental Hero Plasma Vice60493189Elemental Hero Plasma-Viceman
Elemental Hero Poison Rose51085303Elemental Hero Blume
Elemental Hero Prisma89312388Elemental Hero Prisma
Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster47737087Elemental Hero Rampart Gunner
Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman25366484Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman
Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer88820235Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix-Guy
Elemental Hero Sparkman20721928Elemental Hero Sparkman
Elemental Hero Steam Healer81197327Elemental Hero Steam Healer
Elemental Hero Storm Neos49352945Elemental Hero Storm Neos
Elemental Hero Stratos40044918Elemental Hero Airman
Elemental Hero Tempest83121692Elemental Hero Tempester
Elemental Hero Terra Firma74711057Elemental Hero The Earth
Elemental Hero Thunder Giant61204971Elemental Hero Thunder Giant
Elemental Hero Voltic09327502Elemental Hero Voltic
Elemental Hero Wild Wingman55615891Elemental Hero Wild Wingman
Elemental Hero Wildedge10526791Elemental Hero Wild Jaggyman
Elemental Hero Wildheart86188410Elemental Hero Wildman
Elemental Hero Woodsman75434695Elemental Hero Forestman
Elemental Mirage Elemental Mirage @
Elemental Mistress Doriado99414168Elemental Mistress Doriado
Elemental Recharge36586443Elemental Charge
(Elemental Storm) Elemental Storm @
Elephant Statue of Blessing85166216Megumi no Zō
Elephant Statue of Disaster12160911Wazawai no Zō
Elf’s Light39897277Elf no Hikari
Eliminating the League73872164Oie Otori Tsubushi
Emblem of Dragon Destroyer06390406Ryūhakai no Akashi
Emblem of the Awakening09845733Kakusei no Akashi
Embodiment of Apophis28649820Apophis no Keshin
Embryonic Beast64154377Mijuku-na Akuma *
(Emergence Cyber) Emergence Cyber @
Emergency Assistance Kinkyū Kyūgō @
Emergency Evasion Kinkyū Kaihi @
(Emergency Order from Gatmuz)13504844Gatmuz no Kinkyū Shirei *
Emergency Provisions53046408Hijōshoku
Emergency Repairs Mechanic Tamashī @
(Emergency Steel-Core Dump)63018036Kinkyū Kōkakushobun *
(Emergency Synthesis)99002135Kinkyū Gōsei *
Emergency Teleport67723438Kinkyū Teleport
Emes the Infinity43580269Emes the Infinity
Emissary of Darkness TokenNONEMeifu no Shisha Kai-En Token
Emissary of the Oasis06103294Oasis no Shisha
Emissary of the Afterlife75043725Meikai no Shisha
Emperor of Flames85672752Hono-o no Mikado @
Emperor of LightningNONE(Kaminari no Kōtei)
Emperor of the Land and Sea11250655Suiriku no Tei-Ō *
Emperor Sem21672573Emperor Setem *
Emperor’s Staff Hō-Ō no Shakujō @
Empress Judge15237615Sabaki o Shitasu Jotei
Empress Mantis58818411Jotei Kamakiri
Enchanted Javelin96355986Holy Javelin
Enchanting Fitting Room30531525Ma no Shichakubeya
Enchanting Mermaid75376965Kōkō no Mermaid
Enchanted Sword Nothung Reiken Nothung @
End of the World08198712End of the World
Endymion, the Master Magician40732515Shinsei Madō-Ō Endymion
Enemy Controller98045062Enemy Controller
Energy-Absorbing Monolith57006589Energy Kyūshūban
Energy Disc Energy Disk @
Energy Drain Energy Drain {Spell} @
Energy Drain56916805Energy Drain {Trap}
Enervating Mist26022485Suija’aku no Kiri
Engine TokenNONEMotor Token
(Engine Tuner) Engine Tuner @
Enigma the Creator Tentaishi Enigma @
Enma’s Judgment Enma no Sabaki @
Enraged Battle Ox76909279Gekkō no Minotaurus
Enraged Muka Muka91862578Gekkō no Muka Muka
Equip Shot62878208Equip Shoot
(Equip Spell Reproduction) Busō Saisei @
Eradicating Aerosol94716515Toge-Toge-Shin no Sacchūzai *
Eradicator Epidemic Virus54974237Yami no Deck Hakai Virus
Erda’s Guidance Chi no Megami – Erda no Michibiki @
Eria the Water Charmer74364659Suirei Tsukai Eria
Escape Dasshutsu @
Escape from the Dark Dimension31550470Yamijigen no Kaihō
Eshila the Lovely Bisque Doll Uruwashī no Bisque Doll – Ecila @
Eternal Dread35787450Eternal Dread
Eternal Drought (Eternal Draught)56606928Eien-no Katsuei *
Eternal Rest95051344Jōbutsu
Eternal Reverse Eternal Reverse @
Etoile Cyber11460577Etoile Cyber
Eucalyptus Mole Yukari Mole @
(Eva Abductor) Eva Abductor @
(Eva Epsilon) Eva Epsilon @
Eva TokenNONEEva Token
Everliving Underworld Cannon31467372Fushishiki Meikaihō
Evil Blast15684835Evil Blast *
Evil Dragon Ananta (Ananta the Snake Dragon)08400623Jaryū Ananta
Evil Hero Dark Gaia58332301Evil Hero Dark Gaia
Evil Hero Infernal Gainer95943058Evil Hero Hell Gainer
Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy50304345Evil Hero Hell Brat
Evil Hero Infernal Sniper50282757Evil Hero Hell Sniper
Evil Hero Inferno Wing22160245Evil Hero Inferno Wing
Evil Hero Lightning Golem21947653Evil Hero Lightning Golem
Evil Hero Malicious Edge58554959Evil Hero Malicious Edge
Evil Hero Malicious Fiend86676862Evil Hero Malicious Devil
Evil Hero Wild Cyclone13293158Evil Hero Wild Cyclone
(Evil Thorn)85431040Evil Thorn *
Evil TokenNONEEvil Token
(Evolution 2) Evolution Two @
Evolution Burst52875873Evolution Burst *
Exarion Universe63749102Exarion Universe
Excalibur Excalibur @
Exchange of the Spirit (Reversal of Graves)17484479Gense to Meikai no Gyakuten
Executioner of Mist Valley41978142Mist Valley no Shikkōsha *
Exhausting Spell95451366Maryoku Kokatsu
Exile of the Wicked26725158Akumabarai
Exiled Force74131780Narazumono Yōhei Butai
Exodia the Forbidden One33396948Fūinsareshi Exodia
Exodia Necross12600382Exodia Necross
Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord (Exodios, the Ultimate Forbidden One; Exodius, the Ultimate Forbidden One)13893596Kyūkyoku Fūinshin Exodios
Exploder Dragon20586572Bomber Dragon
Exploding Disc Jirai @
Explosion Fuse Dōkasen @
Explosion Wing Explosion Wing @
(Explosion Wing Dragon)40529384Explode Wing Dragon *
Extinction Fist Danzetsuken @
(Extra Boost) Extra Boost @
Exxod, Master of the Guard (Guardian Exode)55737443Shugoshin Exxod
Eye MouthNONEEye-Mouth @
(Eye of Foresight) Miraiyochi no Me @
Eye of Illusion (Eye of Deception) Genwaku no Manako @
Eye of RaNONE? @
Eye of Wdjat Wdjat-gan no Nenriki @
Eyearmor64511793Kopicks *
Factory of 100 Machines07030340Hyakki Yakō
Fairy Box21598948Monster Box
Fairy Dragon20315854Færie Dragon
Fairy Guardian22419772Pixie Guardian
Fairy King Truesdale45425051Yōsei-Ō Oberon
Fairy Meteor Crush97687912Meteor Strike
Fairy of the Fountain81563416Izumi no Yōsei *
Fairy of the Spring20188127Izumi no Seirei
Fairy Wind Yōsei no Kaze @
Fairy’s Gift68401546Yōsei no Okuimono
Fairy’s Hand Mirror17653779Tenshi no Tekagami
Fairywitch (Angelwitch)37160778Angel Majo *
Faith Bird75582395Saint Bird
Fake Explosion41234315Fake Explosion Penta
(Fake Feather)22628574Fake Feather *
Fake Friendship Treaty Itsuwari no Yūkōjōyaku @
Fake Hero78387742Fake Hero
Fake Trap03027001Nisemono no Wana
Falcon of Mist Valley82199284Mist Valley no Falcon *
(Fallen Angel in Darkness) Yami ni Ochita Tenshi @
Fallen Paradise Shitsurakuen @
Falling Down32919136Falling Down
(Falling Dragon) Maioriru Dragon @
Fallout Fall Out @
Familiar Knight89731911Familiar Knight
Familiar-Possessed – Aussa31887905Hyōisōchaku – Aussa
Familiar-Possessed – Eria68881649Hyōisōchaku – Eria
Familiar-Possessed – Hiita04376658Hyōisōchaku – Hiita
Familiar-Possessed – Wynn31764353Hyōisōchaku – Wynn
Fatal Abacus77910045Death Calculator
Fear from the Dark34193084Yamiyori no Kyōfu
Fearful Earthbound Senritsu no Earthbound @
Feather Shot19394153Feather Shot
Feather Storm Feather Storm @
Feather Wind71060915Feather Wind
Felgrand Dragon (Fell-Grant Dragon)03954901Fellgrant-Dragon
Feng Shui Master of the Ice Barrier56704140Hyōkekkai no Fūsuishi *
Fengsheng Mirror37406863Hōshinkyō
Feral Imp4139289Gremlin
Fiber Jar78706415Fiber-Pod
Field Barrier07153114Field-Barrier
Field Commander Rahz89529919Senshi Rhaz
Fiend Cannon Demon Cannon @
Fiend CastleNONEAkumashiro @
Fiend Comedian81172176Devil Comedian
Fiend Kraken (Doom Kraken)77456781Devil Kraken *
Fiend Reflection #168870276Absoluter *
Fiend Reflection #202863439Mirage
Fiend Roar Deity Galbas60434101Magōshin Galbas *
Fiend Roar Deity Grimlo24040093Magōshin Grimlo *
(Fiend Roar Deity Kulus)????????Magōshin Kulus *
Fiend Roar Deity Kushano97439806Magōshin Kushano *
(Fiend Roar Deity Levuathan)????????Magōshin Levuathan *
Fiend Roar Deity Luri97651498Magōshin Luri *
(Fiend Roar Deity Miztoriji)????????Magōshin Mīztoriji *
Fiend Roar Deity Raven47217354Magōshin Raven *
(Fiend Roar Deity Sorukius)????????Magōshin Sorukius *
(Fiend Roar Deity Ulustos)????????Magōshin Ulustos *
Fiend Roar Deity Valkiris54048462Magōshin Valkiris *
Fiend Rose Demon Rose @
Fiend Scorpion26566878Devil Scorpion
Fiend Skull Dragon66235877Death Dæmon Dragon
Fiend Slime Mold Devil-Slime Mould @
Fiend Sword22855882Norowareshi Maken *
Fiend’s Hand52800428Shisha no Ude *
Fiend’s Hand Mirror58607704Akuma no Tekagami
Fiend’s Mirror31890399Devils Mirror *
Fiend’s Sanctuary24874630Devils Sanctuary
Fiendish Engine Ω (Fiendish Motor Ω)82556058Demonic Motor Omega
Fife & Drum Corps Kotekitai @
Fifth Hope55428811Hope of Fifth
(Fighter’s Ape) Fighters Ape @
Fighting Spirit06178850Fighting Spirits
Fimugana Fimugana @
Final Attack Orders52503575Saishū Tōgeki Meirei
Final Countdown95308449Shūen no Countdown {Spell}
Final Countdown Final Countdown {Trap} @
Final Destiny18591904Saishū Sensō
Final Flame73134081Hiaburi no Kei
Final Fusion Kensen Yūgō – Final Fusion @
Final Light Shūmaku no Hikari @
Final Ritual of the Ancients60369732Daijashin no Gishiki
Fire Darts43061293Fire Darts
Fire Eye88435542Fire Eye *
Fire Kraken46534755Fire Kraken
Fire Princess64752646Big Bang Girl
Fire Reaper53581214Fire Devil *
Fire Recovery Fire Back @
Fire Sorcerer27132350Fire Sorcerer
(Fire Trap) Fire Trap @
Fire Trooper53927679Fire Trooper
Fire Wagon (Hot Ride)52512994Kasha *
Fire Whip Fire Whip @
Fireball TokenNONEHinotama Token
Firebird87473172Burning Bird
(Firecracker) Kanshakudama @
Fires of Doomsday46173679Shūen no Hono-o
Fires of Shiranui Shiranui no Yurameki @
Firestorm Prominence13846680Hell-Prominence
Firewall94804055Fire Wall
Firewing Pegasus27054370Fire Wing Pegasus *
Fireyarou71407486Hono-o no Majin
Fish Depth Charge58873391Fisher-Charge
Five-Headed Dragon (Mythic Dragon; F.G.D.)99267150Five God Dragon {F·G·D}
Flame Armor Dragon Flame Armour Dragon @
Flame Cerebrus60862676Flame Kerberos
Flame Champion42599677Hono-o no Kengō
Flame Dancer12883044Flame-Dancer
Flame Ghost58528964Flame Ghost
Flame Manipulator34460851Hono-o o Ayatsurumono
Flame Ogre58098303Flame Ogre
Flame Ruler41089128Flame Ruler
Flame Spirit Ignis79444933(Hono-o no Seirei Ignis)
Flame Swordsman45231177Hono-o no Kenshi
(Flame Tanglewire) Hono-o no Tetsujyōmō @
Flame Viper (Flame Snake)02830619Flame Viper
Flame Wall Flame Wall @
Flaming Fist Jigoku Enken @
Flamvell Archer54326448Flamvell Archer *
Flamvell Baby13761956Flamvell Baby *
Flamvell Dragnov68226653Flamvell Dragnov *
Flamvell Fiend91711547Flamvell Devil *
Flamvell Gurnika77372241Flamvell Gurunika *
Flamvell Magical95621257Flamvell Magical *
Flamvell Paun28332833Flamvell Paun *
Flamvell Urquizas53714009Framvell Urquizas *
Flash Assailant96890582Hyōsatsu no Ansatsusha
Flash EyeNONEFlash-Eye @
Flash of the Forbidden Spell39956951Fūma Issen
Flat Level 4 Flat Level 4 @
Flint Cragger Flint Cragger @
Flint Lock83812099Flint-Lock
Flint Missile16437822Flint Attack
Flip Flop Frog81278754Uragaeru
Flipping the Table (Table Flipping) Chabudai Gaeshi @
(Flower Counter)NONEFlower Counter *
Flower Man Flower-Man @
Flower Wolf95952802Flower Wolf
Fluff TokenNONEWatage Token *
Flute of Hammelin Hammelin no Fue @
Flying Dragon Whirl Hiryū Tenbu @
(Flying Elephant) Hikō Elephant @
Flying Fish31987274Hangyojū Flying Fish
Flying Fortress SKY FIRE16898077Giant Bommer – AIR-RAID
Flying Kamakiri #184834865Dragonfly
Flying Kamakiri #203134241Flying Mantis
Flying Penguin05628232Tobi Penguin
Flying Saucer Muusik’i97697678Enban Muusik’i
Foaming Beauty Happōbijin – Champagne @
Fog Castle (Fog Palace) Kiri no Ōjō @
Fog Control63741331Fog Control
Fog CounterNONEFog Counter
Fog King06614221King-Mist
Follow Wind98252586Follow Wind
Fool Clown Fool Clown @
Foolish Burial81439173Orokana Maisō
Foolish Revival83778600Miss Revive
Footsteps of the Goddess Megami no Ashioto @
Force of Four Force of Four @
Forced Activation Kyōsei Batsudō @
Forced Back43340443Kickback
Forced Ceasefire97806240Gōin-na Ansenkyōtei
(Forced Deal) Gōin-na Torihiki @
Forced March Kyōkōgun @
(Forced Recovery) Kyōsei Kaishū @
Forced Requisition74923978Kyōsei Sesshū
Forest Hunter Mori no Karyūdo @
Forest Wolf Mori no Ōkami @
Formation Union26931058Formation Union
Fortress Warrior (Massive Warrior)66288028Massive Warrior
Fortress Whale62337487Yōsai Kojira
Fortress Whale’s Oath77454922Yōsai Kojira no Chikai
Fortune Chariot Fortune Chariot @
(Fortune Lady Fiery)????????Fortune-Lady Fiery *
(Fortune Lady Lighty)????????Fortune-Lady Lighty *
(Fortune Slip) Fortune Slip @
Fossil Excavation23869735Kaseki Hakkutsu
Fossil Dragon Skullgar {Cenozoic} Shinseidai Kaseki Ryū Skullgar @
Fossil Dragon Skullgios {Paleozoic} Koseidai Kaseki Ryū Skullgios @
Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo42009836Fossil Dyna-Pachycephalo
Fossil Fusion Kaseki Yūgō – Fossil Fusion @
Fossil Hammer Fossil Hammer @
Fossil Machine Skull Convoy {Paleozoic} Koseidai Kaseki Machine Skull-Convoy @
Fossil Machine Skull Wagon {Mesozoic} Chūseidai Kaseki Machine Skull-Wagon @
Fossil Tusker17706537Mammo Fossil
Fossil Warrior Skull Bone (Fossil Knight Skullpawn) (Skullpawn the Cenozoic Skull Knight) Shinseidai Kaseki Kishi Skull-Pawn @
Fossil Warrior Skull King (Fossil Knight Skullking) (Skullking the Paleozoic Skull Knight) Koseidai Kaseki Kishi Skull-King @
Fossil Warrior Skull Knight (Fossil Knight Skullknight) (Skullknight the Mesozoic Skull Knight) Chūseidai Kaseki Kishi Skull-Knight @
Fox Fire88753985Kitsune Bi
Fragrance Storm69584564Fragrance Storm
Freed the Brave Wanderer16556849Hōrō no Yūsha Freed
Freed the Matchless General49681811General Freed
Freezing Beast85359414Hyōgan Majutsu
Frenzied Panda98818516Killer Panda
Frequency Magician62154416Magical-Ficialist
Freya, Spirit of Victory12398280Shōri no Michibikite Freya
Fricka’s Mediation Fricka no Chūsai @
(Friendly Fire) Dōshi Uchi @
Frog Resurrection Ikikaeru @
Frog the Jam68638985Kaeru-Slime
Froggy Forcefield34351849Frog Barrier
Front Change Front Change @
Frontier Wiseman38742075Henkyō no Daikenja
Frontline Base46181000Zensenkichi
Frost and Flame Dragon55589254Frost-and-Flame Twin-Dragon
Frost Tiger Cold Tiger @
(Frozen Fitzgerald) Hyōketsu no Fitzgerald @
Frozen Soul57069605Tamashī no Hyōketsu
Fruits of Kozaky’s Studies49998907Kozaky no Jibaku Sōchi
Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan01781310Fū Rin Ka Zan
Fuhma Shuriken09373534Fūma Shuriken
Fulfillment of the Contract48206762Keiyaku no Rikō
Full Armor Gravitation Full Armour Gravitation @
Full Barrier Shield Full Barrier Shield @
Full Moon CounterNONEGachirin Counter @
Full Moon Mirror Gachirinkyō @
Full Salvo70865988Full Burst
(Full Throttle) Full-Throttle @
(Funerary Tribute) Ikenie no Fukusōhin @
Fungi of the Musk53830602Makaishokubutsu *
Fushi No Tori38538445Fushi no Tori
Fushioh Richie39711336Nosferatu Lich
Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast51632798Kahen Kijū Gunner-Dragon
Fusion Birth Fusion Birth @
Fusion Buster Fusion Buster @
Fusion Devourer98336111Fusionist-Killer
Fusion Gate33550694Fusion Gate
Fusion Guard (Fusion Card)73026894Fusion Guard
Fusion Recovery18511384Fusion Recovery
Fusion Sage26902560Yūgō Kenja
(Fusion Shot) Fusion Shot @
Fusion Sword Murasame Blade37684215Yūgōbuki no Murasame-Blade
Fusion Weapon27967615Fusion Weapon
Future Fusion77565204Mirai Yūgō – Future Fusion
Future Samurai90642597Mirai Samurai
Future Vision Raise no Vision @
(Future Vision) Future Vision @
(Futurevision) Futurevision @
(G B Hunter)04130270G B Hunter *
G Force G Force @
Gaap the Divine Soldier37955049Gunshin Gaap *
(Gadget Arms)47985614Gadget Arms *
Gadget Box Gadget Box @
Gadget Driver54497620Gadget Driver
Gadget Hauler28002611Gadget Trailer
Gadget Soldier86281779Gadget Soldier
Gadget TokenNONEGadget Token @
Gadius Gadius @
Gachi Battle! Gachi Battle! @
Gadoul Gadoul @
Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth97204936Daichi no Kishi Gaia-Knight
Gaia Plate, the Earth Giant (Earth Giant Gaia Plate)14258627Chikyū Kyojin Gaia Plate *
Gaia Power56594520Gaia Power
Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective51355346Bakuen Shūtōtai Gaia Soul
Gaia The Fierce Knight06368038Ankoku Kishi Gaia
Gaia the Dragon Champion66889139Ryūkishi Gaia
Gale Dogra16229315Gale Dogra *
Gale Lizard77491079Bakufū Tokage
Gallis the Star Beast30915572Hoshimijū Gallis
Gamble Angel Bunny Gamble Tenshi Bunny @
Gambler of Legend (Legendary Gambler)02196767Legend Gambler
Gamma The Magnet Warrior11549357Magnet Warrior Gamma
Gandora the Dragon of Destruction (Crush D. Gandra)64681432Hakairyū Gandora
Ganigumo (Spider Crab)34536276Ganigumo *
Garestgorath (Galestgoras) Garestgorath @
Garma Sword90844184Garma-Sword
Garma Sword Oath78577570Garma-Sword no Chikai
Garnecia Elefantis49888191Garnecia Elefantis
Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior59019082Lightlord Warrior Garoth
Garuda the Wind Spirit12800777Kaze no Seirei Garuda
Garvas69780745Garvas *
Gate Blocker Gate Blocker @
(Gate Blocker 2) Gate Blocker Two @
Gate CounterNONEGate-Counter
Gate Deeg49258578Gate Deeg *
(Gate Defender) Gate Defender @
Gate Guardian25833572Gate Guardian
Gate Guardian Ritual56483330Gate Guardian no Gishiki @
Gate Sword46211326Hellgate Sword @
Gatekeeper19737320Gate Keeper
Gateway to Dark World93431518Ankokukai ni Tsuzuketsu Kaitsūro
Gather Your Mind07512044Seishin Tōitsu
Gathering of Malice Onnen no Shūketsu @
Gatling Dragon87751584Kahenkishū Gatling Dragon
Gator Dragon (Lizard Dragon) Lizardragon @
Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts05818798Genjū-Ō Gazelle
Gear Golem the Moving Fortress30190809Kidō Toride no Gear Golem
Gearfried the Iron Knight00423705Tetsu no Kishi Gear Freed
Gearfried the Swordmaster57046845Kensei – Naked Gear Freed
Geartown37694547Gear Town
GEM Burst G E M Burst @
Gem Flash Energy57753602Gem-Flash-Energy
Gemini Elf69140098Gemini Elf
Gemini Elf – KachuaNONEGemini Elf – Kachua @
Gemini Elf – LoraNONEGemini Elf – Lora @
Gemini Imps67688478Gemini Devil
Gemini Lancer26254876Dual Lancer
Gemini Summoner19041767Dual Summoner
Gemini Trap Hole67045174Dual Hole
Gene-Warped Warwolf69247929Genetic Werewolf
Generation Shift34460239Generation Change
Genesis Crisis Genesis Crisis @
Genesis Dragon31038159Genesic-Dragon *
Genex Blast24432029Genex Blast *
Genex Controller68505803Genex Controller *
Genex Doctor89211486Genex Doctor *
Genex Gaia89333528Genex Gaia *
Genex Heat53944920Genex Heat *
Genex Neutron19182751Genex Neutron *
Genex Power Planner30399511Genex Power Planner *
Genex Searcher67483216Genex Searcher *
Genex Undine04904812Genex Undine *
Genex Worker93882364Genex Worker *
Genin49370026Juggler *
Geo Genex33972299Geo Genex *
Germ Infection24668830Saikin Kansen
Gernia (Ghelnia Ghoul; Gelnia)77936940Gernia
Gestalt Trap Gestalt Trap @
Get Your Game On!NONE(Gotcha!)
Getsu Fuhma21887179Getsu Fūma
Ghengis Ghan the Emperor Dragon Kōteiryū – Ghengis Ghan @
Ghost Gardna59965151Dead Gardna
Ghost Knight of Jackal13386503Jackal no Reikishi
Ghostly Reinforcements Yōma no Engun @
Ghoul with an Appetite (Hungry Ghoul)95265975Ōkui Ghoul *
Giant Axe Mummy78266168Giant Mummy
Giant Flea41762634Kyūketsu Nomi
Giant Flood Daikōzui @
Giant Germ95178994Giant Virus
Giant Kozaky58185394Giant Kozaky
Giant Mech-Soldier72299832Kikai no Kyohei *
Giant Orc (Giant Oak)73698349Giant Orc
Giant Racket Dekarake *
Giant Rat97017120Kyodai Nezumi
Giant Red Seasnake58831685Seazarion {Caesarian}
Giant RexNONEGiant Rex @
Giant Scorpion of the Tundra41403766Tundra no Ōsasori *
Giant Soldier of Stone (Giant Rock Soldier)13039848Ganseki no Kyohei
Giant Trap Hole80723580Ōotoshiana
Giant Trunade42703248Hurricane
Giant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames (Fire-Eating Turtle)96981563Hono-o o Tarau Ōkame
Giant Ushi Oni Ō-Ushi Oni @
(Giant’s Iron Hammer) Kyojin no Tettsui @
Giant’s Training Otoko no Shugyō @
Gift Card39526584Gift-Card
Gift Fiend TokenNONEGift Demon Token
Gift of the Martyr98792570Uketsugareru Chikara
Gift of the Mystical Elf98299011Holy Elf no Shūkufuku
Gift of the Weak Jakusha no Okurimono @
Giga Gagagigo43793530Giga Gagagigo
Giga-Tech Wolf08471389Giga-Tech Wolf
Gigantic Cephalotus82116191Giganto Cephalotus
Giganto (Spike Clubber)33621868Giganto *
(Gigastone Omega)79080761Gigastone Omega *
GigatonNONEGigatonne @
Gil Garth (Gilgarth)38445524Gil Garth
Gilaforce Gilaforce @
Gilasaurus45894482Shunsoku Gilazaurus
Gilford the Legend69933858Gilford the Legend
Gilford the Lightning36354007Gilford the Lightning
(Giltia Gearfried the D. Steel Knight) Kōtetsu no Madō Kishi Gilti-Gear Freed @
Giltia the D. Knight51828629Madō Kishi Giltia
Gingerbread House Okashi no Ie @
Girochin Kuwagata84620194Girochin Kuwagata
Give and Take55465841Give and Take *
Gladiator Beast Alexander42592719Gladial-Beast Alexander
Gladiator Beast Andal90582719Gladial-Beast Andal
Gladiator Beast Bestiari41470137Gladial-Beast Bestiari
Gladiator Beast Darius25924653Gladial-Beast Darius
Gladiator Beast Dimacari31247589Gladial-Beast Dimacari
Gladiator Beast Equeste57731460Gladial-Beast Equeste
Gladiator Beast Gaiodiaz90957527Gladial-Beast Gaiodiaz
Gladiator Beast Gyzarus48156348Gladial-Beast Gyzarus
Gladiator Beast Heraklinos27346636Gladial-Beast Heraklinos
Gladiator Beast Hoplomus04253484Gladial-Beast Hoplomus
Gladiator Beast Laquari78868776Gladial-Beast Laquari
Gladiator Beast Murmillo05975022Gladial-Beast Murmillo
Gladiator Beast Octavius29590752Gladial-Beast Octavius
Gladiator Beast Retiari00612115(Gladial-Beast Retiari)
Gladiator Beast Samnite02619149Gladial-Beast Samnite
Gladiator Beast Secutor77642288Gladial-Beast Secutor
Gladiator Beast Spartacus79580323Gladial-Beast Spartacus
Gladiator Beast Torax65984457Gladial-Beast Torax
Gladiator Beast War Chariot96216229Gladial-Beast Chariot
Gladiator Beast’s Battle Archfiend Shield08730435Gladial-Beast no Tōki Dæmons-Shield
Gladiator Beast’s Battle Gladius25407406Gladial-Beast no Tōki Gladius
Gladiator Beast’s Battle Halberd99013397Gladial-Beast no Tōki Halberd
Gladiator Beast’s Battle Manica52496105Gladial-Beast no Tōki Manica
Gladiator Beast’s Inner Strength55136228Gladial-Beast no Sokojikara
Gladiator Beast’s Respite98891840Kyūsokusuru Gladial-Beast
Gladiator Lash97234686Gladial Change
Gladiator Proving Ground35224440Gladial-Trainer
Gladiator’s Return24285858Gladial Return
Glass Slippers Glass no Kutsu @
Glassman Glass Man @
Glife the Phantom Bird Kaichō Glife @
Globerman Globerman @
Glorious Illusion61962135Senkō no Illusion
Glory Level Talisman Glory Level Talisman @
Glory Shield Glory Shield @
Gluminizer Gravity-Wave @
Goblin Attack Force78658564Goblin Totsugeki Butai
Goblin Black Ops66707058Goblin Ansatsu Butai
Goblin Calligrapher12057781Suka Goblin
(Goblin Dancing Force) Goblin Butō-Tai {Butai} @
Goblin Decoy Squad18960169Goblin Yōdō Butai
Goblin Elite Attack Force85306040Goblin Elite Butai
Goblin Fan04149689Tengu no Uchiwa
Goblin King18590133King Goblin
Goblin Negotiator Goblin no Kōshōnin @
Goblin of Greed00425934Gōyoku Goblin
Goblin Out of the Frying Pan69632396Goblin no Sonoba Shinogi
Goblin Recon Squad82324312Goblin Teisatsu Butai
Goblin Thief45311864Nusutto Goblin
Goblin Zombie63665875Goblin Zombie
Goblin’s Secret Remedy11868825Goblin no Hiyaku
Goddess Bow Seikyū no Megami Artemis @
Goddess of Whim67959180Kimagure no Megami
Goddess Skuld’s Oracle Megami Skuld no Takusen @
Goddess Urd’s Verdict Megami Urd no Saidan @
Goddess Verdande’s Guidance Megami Verdande no Michibiki @
Goddess with the Third Eye (All-Seeing Goddess)53493204Shingan no Megami
Goe Goe the Gallant Ninja10236520Ninja Gizoku Goe-Goe
Goggle Golem21155323Kyojin Goggle
Gogiga Gagagigo39674352Gogiga Gagagigo
Goka, the Pyre of Malice23116808Onnen no Tamashī Gōka
Gokibore (Pillroach)15367030Gokibōru
(Goku En) Goku-En @
Gold Moon Coin Hoshi no Kinka @
Gold Sarcophagus (Sealed Gold Coffer)75500286Fūin no Ōgonhitsu
Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World78004197Ankokukai Bushin Goldd
Golden Bamboo Sword74029853Kogane-iro no Takemitsu
Golden Flying Fish76203291Kōuroko no Tobiuo
Golden Homunculus (Homunculus Gold)27408609Ōgon no Homunculus
Golden Ladybug87102774Golden Ladybug
(Golden Rule) Kinkagyokujō @
(Golem)17313545Golem *
(Golem Dragon)????????Golem Dragon *
Golem Sentry52323207Banpei Golem
Golgoil07526150Golgoil *
Good Goblin Housekeeping09744376Goblin no Yarikurijōzu
Good Hero Yoi Hero @
Gora Turtle80233946Gora Turtle
Gora Turtle of Illusion42868711Genei no Gora Kame
Gorgon Egg11793047Gorgon Egg *
Gorgon’s Eye52648457Gorgon no Manako
Gorlag Balrog @
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness44330098Meifu no Shisha Gorz
Goyo Guardian07391448Goyō Guardian
Gozen Match53334471Gozen-Jiai
Gozuki Gozuki @
Graceful Charity79571449Tenshi no Hodokoshi
Graceful Dice74137509Tenshi no Saikoro
Graceful Revival98273947Angel Lift
Gradius10992251Chōjikūsentōki Vic Viper
Gradius’ Option14291024Option
Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon21785144Lightlord Dragon Gragonith
Grand Tiki Elder13676474Kamen Jujutsushi Cursed Gyura
Granadora (Swallowtail Spike Lizard)13944422Granadora
Grand Convergence38430673Grand Cross
Grandmaster of the Six Samurai83030729Rokubushū no Shihan
Granmarg the Rock Monarch60229110Chitei Granmarg
Grapple Blocker32907538(Grapple Blocker)
Grappler02906250Grappler *
Grappler of Landstar Landstar no Kakutōshi @
Grass Phantom41249545Grass Phantom
Grasschopper95166228Valuable Armour
Grave Arm Maisō no Ōde @
Grave Lure57270476Hakaba-kara no Izanai
Grave Ohja40937767Grave Ōja
Grave Protector11448373Grave Keeper
Grave Squirmer48343627Grave Squirmer
Gravedigger Ghoul82542267Hakahori Ghoul
Gravekeeper’s Assailant25262697Hakamori no Assassin
Gravekeeper’s Cannonholder99877698Hakamori no Ōtsutsumochi
Gravekeeper’s Chief62473983Hakamori no Osa
Gravekeeper’s Commandant17393207Hakamori no Shireikan
Gravekeeper’s Curse50712728Hakamori no Jujutsushi
Gravekeeper’s Guard32101832Hakamori no Banhei
Gravekeeper’s Servant16762927Hakamori no Tsukaima
Gravekeeper’s Spear Soldier63695531Hakamori no Nagayarihei
Gravekeeper’s Spy24317029Hakamori no Teisatsusha
Gravekeeper’s Vassal99690140Hakamori no Jūsha
Gravekeeper’s Watcher26084285Hakamori no Kanshisha
Graverobber’s Retribution33737664Haka’arashi no Mukui
Graveyard and the Hand of Invitation27094595Temanekisuru Hakaba *
(Graveyard of Prehistoric Creatures)83266092Chōkodai Seibutsu no Hakaba *
Graveyard of Wandering Souls Tamashī no Samayo’u Hakaba @
Gravi-Crush Dragon09391354Gravi Crush-Dragon
Gravitic Orb29216198Gravity Ball
Gravity Axe – Grarl32022366Jūryoku no Ono – Grarl
Gravity Bind85742772Gravity Bind —Chōjūryoku no Ami—
Gravity Behemoth56931015Gravity Behemoth
Gravity Gain Level Hōimō —Gravity Gain— @
Gray Wing29618570Grey Wing
(Grazing Shot) Kasumeru Dangan @
Great Angus11813953Great Angus
Great Bill55691901Great Bill *
Great Dezard88989706Daishinkan De Zard
Great Kite of Ninja Ninpō Tenkū no Ōtako @
Great Long Nose02356994Great Tengu
Great Mammoth of Goldfine (Great Mammoth of Graveyard)54622031Kin-iro no Mazō *
Great Monk of the Ice Barrier41090784Hyōkekkai no Daisōjō *
Great Moth14141448Great Moth
Great Maju Garzett47942531Great Majū Garzett
Great Phantom Thief10809984Seiki no Ōdōrobō
Great Shogun Shien63176202Daishōgun Shien
Great Spirit92736188Great Spirit
Great Sword Great Sword @
Great White13429800Great White
Greed Pact Gōyoku Kyōtei @
Greed Quasar50263751Greed Quasar
Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest (Forest Guard Green Baboon)46668237Mori no Bannin Green Baboon
Green Gadget41172955Green Gadget
Green Phantom King22910685Ryokuju no Rei-Ō
Gren, Tactician of Dark World51232472Ankokukai no Sakushi Gren
Gren Maju Da Eiza36584821Gren Majū Da Eiza
(Grenader) Grenader @
Grief Tablet Neiki Wdj @
Griffore53829412Griffore *
Grinder Golem75732622Torch Golem
Grinder TokenNONETorch Token
Ground Attacker Bugroth (Terra Bugroth)58314394Rikusengata Bugroth
Ground Collapse90502999Jiban Chinka
Ground Erosion Daichi no Shinshoku @
Groundbreaking (Land Worship) Jichinsai @
Gruesome Goo65623423Killer Blob *
Gryphon Wing55608151Gryphon no Tsubasa
Gryphon’s Feather Duster34370473Gryphon no Hanemauki
Guard Dog57346400Guard Dog
(Guard Hedge)59042331Guard Hedge *
(Guard Mantis) Guard Mantis @
Guard of Flamvell21615956Guard of Flamvell *
Guard Penalty48653251Guard Penalty
Guarder DragonNONEGuarder-Dragon @
Guardian Angel Joan68007326Guardian Angel Jeanne
Guardian Baou73544866Guardian Baō
Guardian Ceal10755153Guardian Ceal
Guardian Dreadscythe (Guardian Deathsize)NONEGuardian Deathscythe @
Guardian Eatos (Guardian Aetos)NONEGuardian Eatos @
Guardian Elma74367458Guardian Elma
Guardian Force Guardian Force @
Guardian Grarl47150851Guardian Grarl
Guardian Kay’est09633505Guardian Kay’est
Guardian of Order71799173(Guardian of Order)
Guardian of the Labyrinth89272878Meikai no Bannin
Guardian of the Throne Room47879985Ō Shitsumae no Guardian
Guardian Shield Guardian Shield @
Guardian Sphinx40659562Guardian Sphinx
Guardian Statue75209824Guardian Statue
Guardian Treasure Shugoshin no Hōsatsu @
Guardian Tryce46037213Guardian Tryce
Gudoul Gudoul @
Guidance of Light and Dark Hikari to Yami no Michibiki @
Guidance to Ore Michibiki no Kōgyoku @
Guivre Guivre @
Gulliver Chain Gulliver Chain @
GumboNONEGumbo @
(Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier)????????Hyōkekkai no Ryū Gungnir *
Gust Fan55321970Toppū no Ōgi
Gyaku-Gire Panda09817927Gyakugire Panda
Gyakutenno Megami31122090Gyakuten no Megami
H - Heated Heart74825788H - Heat Heart
Hade-Hane28357177Hade Hane
Half Life Half Life @
Half or Nothing15552258Half or Stop
(Half Shut) Half Shut @
Half TokenNONEHalf Token @
Hallowed Life Barrier88789641Holy Life Barrier
(Hallowed Tribute) Holy Sacrifice @
Hamburger Recipe80811661Hamburger no Recipe
Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder32491822Kōrai-Ō Hamon
Hammer Shot26412047Hammer Shot
HamptonNONEHampton @
Hand Control Shujū Shōaku @
Hand Destruction (Hand Collapse)74519184Tefuda Dansatsu
Hand of Nephthys98446407Nephthys no Michibikite
Hand of the Six Samurai78792195(Rokubushū no Te)
Handcuffs Dragon97904474Wappa Dragon
Hannibal Necromancer05640330Hannibal Necromancer
Hanya-ChanNONEHanya-Chan @
Happy Lover99030164Happy Lover
Happy Marriage Happy Marriage @
Hard-sellin’ Goblin68875140Oshiuri Goblin
Hard-sellin’ Zombie94374859Oshiuri Zombie
Hard Armor20060230Hard Armour
Hargen XNONEHargen X @
Harmonia Mirror Harmonia no Kagami @
Harpie Girl34100324Harpie Girl
Harpie Lady76812113Harpie Lady
Harpie Lady 191932350Harpie Lady 1
Harpie Lady 227927359Harpie Lady 2
Harpie Lady 354415063Harpie Lady 3
Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation Harpie Lady —Hōō no Jin— @
Harpie Lady Sparrow Formation Harpie Lady —Susaku no Jin— @
Harpie Lady Sisters12206212Harpie Lady Sanshimai
Harpie Lady – Aello (Harpie Lady – Airo)NONEHarpie Lady – Aello @
Harpie Lady – Celaeno (Harpie Lady – Keraino)NONEHarpie Lady – Celæno @
Harpie Lady – Ocypete (Harpie Lady – Ocupete)NONEHarpie Lady – Ocypete @
Harpie Queen75064463Harpie Queen
Harpie’s Brother30532390Birdman
Harpie’s Feather Duster18144506Harpie no Hanebōki
Harpie’s Feather Storm Harpie no Hanefumeki @
Harpie’s Pet Baby Dragon06924874Harpies Pet Baby Dragon
Harpie’s Pet Dragon52040216Harpies Pet Dragon
Harpies’ Hunting Ground75762277Harpie no Kariba
Harvest Angel of Wisdom85399281Chitenshi Harvest
Hate Buster93895605Hate Buster
Haunted Shrine Mononoke no Sukūhokora @
Hayabusa Knight21015833Hayabusa no Kishi
Head SuckerNONEHead-Zucker @
Headless Knight05434080Kubinashi Kishi
HealerNONE? @
Healing Wave Generator31281980Heal Waver
Healing Wind Iyashi no Kaze @
Heart Freezer – Snow Crystal24514503Kokoro o Kōraseru Snow-Crystal @
Heart of Clear Water64801562Meikyōshisui no Kokoro
Heart of the Underdog35762283Bonkotsu no Iji
(Heart of the Weak)86016245Jakusha no Iji *
Heat Crystals Hono-o no Kesshō @
Heavy Mech Support Platform23265594Kyōkashien Mecha Heavy Weapon
Heavy Slump52417194Daibōraku
Heavy Storm19613556Ōarashi
Heavy Storm Blade Heavy Storm Blade @
Helimai Helimai @
Helios – The Primordial Sun (The Ancient Sun Helios)54493213Genshi Taiyō Helios
Helios Duo Megistus (Helios Duo Megiste)80887952Helios Duo Megistus
Helios Trice Megistus (Helios Tris Megistus; Helios Tris Megiste)17286057Helios Trice Megistus
Helping Robo For Combat47025270Hakuhei Sengata o Tetsudai Robo
Helpoemer76052811Jigokushijin Helpoemer
Herald of Creation (Prophet of the Creator)66337215Sōsei no Yogensha
Herald of Green Light21074344Green Declarer
Herald of Orange Light17266660(Orange Declarer)
Herald of Purple Light94689635Violet Declarer
Hercules Beetle52584282Hercules Beetle
Hero Barrier44676200Hero Barrier
Hero Blast37412656Hero Blast
Hero Call Hero Call @
Hero Counterattack19024706Hero Gyakushū
Hero Dice Hero Dice @
HERO Flash!!00191749Hero-Flash!!
Hero Heart67951831Hero Heart
Hero Kid32679370Hero Kids
Hero Mask75141056Hero Mask
Hero Medal10489311Hero Medal
Hero of the East89987208Tōhō no Eiyū *
Hero Pressure Hero Pressure @
Hero Ring (Hero Heyro)26647858Hero Halo
(Hero Shield) Hero Shield @
Hero Signal22020907Hero Signal
Hero Solidarity Hero Solidarity @
Hero Spirit81167171Hero Spirits
(Hero’s Backup) Heros Backup @
Hero’s Bond76442616Hero’s Bond
(Hero’s Guard) Heros Guard @
(Hero’s Guild) Heros Guild @
Hero’s Return Eiyū no Kikan @
Hero’s Rule One, Five Freedoms Heros-Rule-1 Five Freedoms @
Hero’s Rule 285854214Heros-Rule-2
Hexe Trude Hexe Trude @
Hidden Book of Spell21840375Kakusareta Madōshō
Hidden Soldiers (Hidden Soldier)02047519Kakurehei
Hidden Wish Himitsu Omoi @
Hieroglyph Lithograph10248192Hieroglyph no Sekiban
(High Speed Release Wave)????????Kōsoku Kaihōha *
High Tide Gyojin54579801Michishio no Merman
HightideNONEMichishio @
Hiita the Fire Charmer00759393Karei Tsukai Hiita
Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi75745607Hi no Kagu-Tsuchi
Hinotama46130346Fire Ball
Hinotama Soul96851799Sting
Hiro’s Shadow Scout81863068Akuma no Teisatsusha
Hitodenchak46718686Hitodenchak *
Hitotsu-Me Giant76184692Cyclops
Hobbit Hobbit @
Holding Arms Holding Arms @
Holding Legs Holding Legs @
Holograh10859908Holograh *
Homunculus the Alchemic Being40410110Renkinseifū Homunculus
Homunculus TokenNONEHomunculus Token @
Horn Imp69669405Imp *
Horn of Heaven98069388Shōten no Tsunobue
Horn of Light38552107Hikari no Tsuno
Horn of the Unicorn64047146Ikkakujū no Horn
Horned Saurus Hellhorn-Zaurus @
Horseytail TokenNONETsukushī Token
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV475830094Horus no Kokuenryū Level 4
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV611224103Horus no Kokuenryū Level 6
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV848229808Horus no Kokuenryū Level 8
Horus’ Servant09264485Horus no Shimobe
Hourglass of Courage43530283Yūki no Sunatokei *
Hourglass of Life08783685Inochi no Sunatokei *
(Hourglass of Time) Toki no Sunatokei @
House of Adhesive Tape15083728Nenchaku Tape no Ie
Howling Insect93107608Howling Insect
(Howling Land) Hoetakeru Daichi @
Huge Revolution65396880Daikakumei
Human-Wave Tactics30353551Jinkai Senjutsu
Humanoid Slime46821314Humanoid Slime
Humanoid Worm Drake05600127Humanoid Drake
Hungry Burger30243636Hungry Burger
Hunter Channel Hunter Channel @
Hunter Dragon96005454Hound Dragon
Hunter Owl51962254Hunter Owl
Hunter Spider80141480Hunter Spider
Hunter WhaleNONEHunter-Whale @
Hunting Instinct11925569Shurō Honnō
Hunting Net Hunting Net @
Hurricail15042735Hurricail *
(Hurricane Dragon) Hurricane Dragon @
Hurricane Nest Hurricane no Su @
Hydra Viper37869028Triple-Viper
Hydro Genex47421985Hydro Genex *
Hyo38982356Hyo *
Hyozanryu62397231Diamond Dragon
Hyper BeetleNONEHyper-Beetle @
Hyper Coat Hyper-Coat @
Hyper Hammerhead02671330Hyper Hammerhead
Hyper Psychic Blaster95526884Hyper-Psycho-Gunner
Hyper Psychic Blaster/Assault Mode37169670Hyper-Psycho-Gunner Slash Buster
Hyper Refresh Hyper Refresh @
Hyper Synchron40348946Hyper Synchron
(Hyper Venom Counter)NONEHyper Venom Counter
Hysteric Fairy21297224Hysteric Angel
Hysteric Party77778835Hysteric Party
Hyumoko Hyumoko @
Icarus Attack53567095God-Bird-Attack
Ice Age Panic Ice Age Panic @
Ice Blast User Rice30276969Hyōdan Tsukai Rice *
Ice Coffin TokenNONEIce-Coffin Token *
Ice CounterNONEIce Counter
Ice Knight Ice Knight @
Ice Master (Ice Blizzard Master)32750510Ice Blizzard Master
(Ice Mirror) Ice Mirror @
Ice Queen14462257Kōri no Jo-Ō *
(Ice Sword) Maken Ice Sword @
Ice Water20848593Kōrimizu *
Icicle of Sacrifice Ikenie no Hyōchū @
Icicle TokenNONEHyōchū Token @
Ido the Supreme Magical Force35984222Chōmajin Ido
Il Blud70595331Jigoku no Monban Il Blud
Ill Witch81686058Siren *
Illegal Summon Ihō Shōkan @
Illusion Gate (Door of Phantasmal Magic) Genma no Tobira @
Illusion Ice Sculpture Gensō no Hyōzō @
Illusion Magician (Magus of Illusion) Genzō no Majutsushi @
Illusionist Faceless Mage28546905Illusionist No Face
Immortal Class Fumetsu Kaikyū @
Immortal Dragon Fushi no Ryū @
Immortal God Slime Fushi no God Slime @
Immortal Homeostasis Fushi no Homeostasis @
(Immortal Lineage) Fushi no Kettō @
(Impact Flip) Impact Flip @
Impact Revive Impact Revive @
Impenetrable Formation96631852Tōheki no Fujin
Imperial Iron Wall30459350Ōkyū no Teppeki
Imperial Order61740673Ōkyū no Chōkumei
Imprisoned Queen Archfiend52248570Prisonqueen-Dæmon
Inaba White Rabbit77084837Inaba no Shiro Usagi
Incandescent Ordeal33031674Shukunetsu no Shiren
(Incomplete Timebox) Mikan no Timebox @
Indestructible Armor Plating Special Coating Body @
Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei84173492Fukutsutōshi Lei-Lei
(Inferior Mirage) Nigemizu @
Infernal Blasthound Hell Gundog @
Infernal Dragon47754278Hell Dragon
Infernal Flame Emperor19847532Hell Flame Emperor
Infernal Gauntlet Hell Gauntlet @
Infernal Incinerator23309606Engoku Majin Hell Burner
(Infernal Spider) Hell Spider @
Infernal Transaction Jigoku no Torihiki @
Infernalqueen Archfiend08581705Hellqueen Dæmon
Infernalvania Fushi no Ōkoku Hellvania @
(Infernity Archfiend)????????Infernity Dæmon *
(Infernity Beast) Infernity Beast @
(Infernity Destroyer)????????Infernity Destroyer *
(Infernity Dwarf)????????Infernity Dwarf *
(Infernity Guardian)????????Infernity Guardian *
Inferno Fire Blast52684508Kokuendan
(Inferno Flareup) Rekkaen no Jigoku @
Inferno Hammer17185260Inferno Hammer
Inferno Reckless Summon (Reckless Summon)12247206Jigoku no Bōsō Shōkan
Inferno Tempest14391920Hell Tempest
Infestation Mushibami @
Infinite Cards94163677Mugen no Tefude
Infinite Dismissal (Vortex)54109233Messiah no Arijigoku
Infinite Fiend Mirror (Infinite Demon Summoning Mirrors) Mugen no Kōmakyō @
(Infinity) Infinity @
Infinity Dark76520646Infinity Dark
Injection Fairy Lily79575620Injection Angel Lily
Inpachi97923414Daimokujin Inpachi
Insect Armor with Laser Cannon (Insect Gun Armor)03492538Kakitsuki Insect Armour {Kakitsuki Insect Armour Level 5} *
Insect Barrier23615409Mushiyoke Barrier
Insect Costume Tōchū Kasō @
Insect Garden Chūbaika no Sono @
Insect Imitation96965364Hika
Insect Knight15052053Insect Knight
Insect Larva47943952Insect Larva @
Insect Monster TokenNONEInsect Monster Token
Insect Pheromone Insect Pheromone @
Insect Princess37957847Insect Princess
Insect Queen91512835Insect Queen
Insect Soldiers of the Sky07019529Sora no Konchuhei
Insecticide Sacchūzai @
Instant Freeze Shunkan Hyūketsu @
Instant Fusion01845204Instant Fusion
Instant Fusion (Instantaneous Fusion) Shunkan Yūgō @
Instant Neo Space11913700Instant Neo-Space
Insurance Insurance @
(Interdimensional Battle) Akūkan Battle @
Interdimensional Matter Transporter36261276Akūkan Busshitsu Tensō Sōchi
Interdimensional Warp57384901Akūkan Jump Sōchi
Interplanetary Invader “A”14729426Wakusei-kara no Buttai A
Intervention of Fate Unmei no Kaizai @
Intoxicated Bug of the Ice Barrier92065772Hyōkekkai ni Sumumayoichū *
Introduction to Gallantry69091732Gizoku no Nyūmonsho
Invader from Another Dimension28450915Ijigen-kara no Shinryakusha *
Invader of Darkness56647086Ankoku no Shinryakusha
Invader of the Throne03056267Ōza no Shinryakusha
Invasion of Flames26082229Shinryaku no Hono-o
Invincible Hero Muteki no Eiyū Invincible Hero @
Invisible Wire15361130Mie-nai Piano Sen @
Invitation to a Dark Sleep52675689Ankoku no Nemuri o Sasō Lucifer
(Iophil) Iophil @
Ipiria Ipiria @
Iris, the Earth Mother09628664Earth-Mother Iris
Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu73431236Meikō Kotetsu
Iron Cage Tetsu no Ori @
Iron Chain Blaster26157485Chain Shooter
Iron Chain Coil53152590Chain Coil
Iron Chain Dragon19974580Chain Dragon
Iron Chain Repairman53274132Chain Repairer
Iron Chain Snake80769747Chain Snake
Iron Core of Koa’ki Meiru36623431Koa’ki-Meiru Kōkaku
(Iron Core Radiation)????????Kōkaku no Kagayaki *
Iron Face53076430Iron Face @
Iron Hans Tetsu no Hans @
Iron Knight Tetsu no Kishi @
(Iron Resolve) Iron Resolve @
IronoidNONEIronoid *
Island Turtle04042268Shimakame
Ittan Momen Ittan Momen @
Ivy Shackles14730606Ivy Shackle
Ivy TokenNONEIvy Token
Jack’s Knight90876561Jacks Knight
Jade Insect Whistle95214051Hisui no Mushifue
Jade Knight44364207Jade-Knight
Jain, Lightsworn Paladin96235275Lightlord Paladin Jain
Jam Breeding Machine21770260Slime no Zōshokuro
Jam Defender21558682Defender Slime
Jammer Slime Jammer Slime @
Jar of Greed83968380Gōyoku-na Kame
Jar Robber33784505Tsubo Nusumi
Javelin Beetle26932788Javelin Beetle
Javelin Beetle Pact41182875Javelin Beetle no Keiyaku
Jellyfish14851496—Kurage— Jelly Fish
Jenis, Lightsworn Mender83725008Lightlord Priest Jenis
Jerry Beans Man23635815Jerry Beans Man
(Jester Candy)????????Jester Comfit *
(Jester Lord)????????Jester Lord *
Jet Gauntlet (Jet Blast Turret) Jet Gauntlet Armour @
Jewel Sword Hōgyoku no Tsurugi @
Jigen Bakudan90020065Time Bomber
Jinzo77585513Jinzōningen – Psycho Shocker
Jinzo #732809211Jinzōningen Nana-go
Jinzo – Lord35803249Jinzōningen – Psycho Lord
Jinzo – Returner09418534Jinzōningen – Psycho Returner
Jirai Gumo94773007Jirai Gumo
Job-Change Mirror55337339Tenshoku no Makyō *
Jowgen the Spiritualist41855169Shōreijutsushi Jowgen
Jowls of Dark Demise05257687X·E·N·O
Joyful Doom Kanki no Danmatsuma @
Judge Man30113682Judge Man
Judgment Blaster Judgement Bomber @
Judgment Dragon57774843Judgement Dragoon
Judgment of Anubis55256016Anubis no Sabaki
Judgment of the Desert04869446Sabaku no Sabaki
Judgment of the Pharaoh (Judgment of Pharaoh)55948544Pharaoh no Shinpan
Judgment of Thunder85080048Ikazuchi no Sabaki
(Jump Guard) Jump Guard @
Junk Barrage79068663Junk Attack
(Junk Box)37745919Junk Box *
(Junk Dealer) Junk Dealer {Spell} @
Junk Dealer Junk Dealer {Trap} @
Junk Synchron63977008Junk Synchron
Junk Warrior60800381Junk Warrior
Juragedo Juragedo @
Jurak Giganot80032567Jurak Giganot *
(Jurak Iguanon)????????Jurak Iguanon *
Jurak Monolov36717258Jurak Monolov *
Jurak Protapus23927574Jurak Protapus *
(Jurak Pteira)????????Jurak Pteira *
(Jurak Spinos)????????Jurak Spinos *
Jurak Tyranus62701967Jurak Tyranus *
Jurak Vello59312550Jurak Vello *
Jurassic Heart Jurassic Heart @
Jurassic Impact Jurassic Impact @
Jurassic World10080320Jurassic World
Just Desserts24068492Jigō Jitoku
Jutte Fighter60410769Jutte Knight
KA-2 Des Scissors52768103KA-2 Death Scissors
Kabuki Stage – Big Bridge Kabuki Butai —Ōhashi— @
Kabuki Stage – Cherry Blossom Mountain Kabuki Butai —Sakurayama— @
Kabuki Stage – The Rough Seas  Kabuki Butai —Ara’umi— @
Kagemusha of the Blue Flame (B. Flame Kagemusha)15401633Shien no Kagemusha
Kageningen80600490Shadow Fighter *
Kahkki, Guerilla of Dark World25847467Ankokukai no Shikaku Kahkki
Kaibaman34627841Seigi no Mikata Kaibaman
Kairyu-Shin76634149Leviathan *
Kaiser Colosseum35059553Kaiser Colosseum
Kaiser Dragon94566432Kaiser Dragon
Kaiser Glider52824910Kaiser Glider
Kaiser Sea Horse17444133Kaiser Seahorse
Kaitoptera Hell-Kite Ptera {Chitoptera} @
(Kamakiri Eggcase) Kamakiri no Ransho @
(Kamakiri Token)NONEBaby Kamakiri Token @
Kaminari Attack09653271Reishin no Kaminari
Kaminote Blow97570038God Hand Smash
Kamionwizard41544074Chaos Wizard *
Kanan the Swordmistress12829151Onnakenshi Kanan *
Kangaroo Champ95789089Kangaroo Champ
Kanikabuto84103702Kanikabuto *
Kappa Avenger48109103Fukushū no Kappa *
Kappa ManNONEKappa-Man @
Karate Man23289281Karate-Man
Karbonala Warrior54541900Karbonala Senshi {Gardna no Senshi}
Karma Cut71587526Inga Setsudan
Kattapillar81179446Caterpillar *
Kazejin62340868Fūmashin – Hyūga
KC One Crayton K C Clayton @
Key Mace01929294Key-Mace *
Key Mace #220541432Lock-Mace *
Key of Illusion Illusion no Kagi @
Kid Guard10759529Kids Guard
Killer Needle88979991Killer Bee
Kinetic Soldier79853073Cypher Scouter
King Fog84686841King Smoke
King Dragun13756293Ryūmajin – King Dragun
King of Destruction – XexexNONEHakai-Ō Xexex
King of the Skull Servants36021814Wight King
King of the Swamp79109599Numa-chi no Mashinō
King of Yamimakai69455834Yamimakai no Ha-Ō
King Pyron20438745Shakunetsu-Ō Pyron
King Tiger Wanghu83986578Ōko Wanghu
King’s Knight64788463Kings Knight
Kiseitai04266839Seishin Kiseitai
Kishido Spirit60519422Kishidō Seishin
Kiteroid Kiteroid @
Knight of Dark Dragon Knight of Dark Dragon @
Knight of Destiny Gasshinryū Timæus @
Knight of Pentacles Knight of Pentacles @
Knight of Landstar Landstar no Kishi @
Knight of Twin Swords (Duker of Twin Swords) Duker Twin Sword @
Knight’s Title87210505Kishi no Shōgō
(Koa’ki Meiru Berugzark)????????Koa’ki-Meiru Berugzark *
(Koa’ki Meiru Crusader)????????Koa’ki-Meiru Crusader *
(Koa’ki Meiru Doom)80925836Koa’ki-Meiru Devil *
(Koa’ki Meiru Drago)12435193Koa’ki-Meiru Drago *
(Koa’ki Meiru Full Barrier)????????Koa’ki-Meiru Full-Barrier *
Koa’ki Meiru Guardian45041488Koa’ki-Meiru Guardian *
(Koa’ki Meiru Ice)54520292Koa’ki-Meiru Ice *
(Koa’ki Meiru Power Hand)19642889Koa’ki-Meiru Power-Hand *
(Koa’ki Meiru Rock)????????Koa’ki-Meiru Rock *
(Koa’ki Meiru Speed)????????Koa’ki-Meiru Speed *
(Koa’ki Meiru Tornado)????????Koa’ki-Meiru Tornado *
(Koa’ki Meiru Valafar)72258771Koa’ki-Meiru Valafar *
Koala March Koala no Kōshin @
Kojikocy01184620Mamono no Karyūdo
Korogashi32569498Korogashi *
Koumori Dragon67724379Devil Dragon
Kozaky’s Self-Destruct Button21908319Kozaky no Jibakusōsa
(Krepaal) Krepaal @
Krokodilus (Crocodilus)76512652Krokodilus *
Kumootoko56283725Kumo Otoko
Kunai with Chain37390589Kusaritsuki Boomerang
Kung Fu Nyan Nyan Kung-Fu Nyan-Nyan @
Kunoichi56514812Kunoichi Warrior
Kunoichi Ayame the Ninja Girl Konoichi Soldier Ayame @
Kuraz the Light Monarch57666212Kōtei Kuraz
Kuribabylon Kuribabylon @
Kuribah Kuribā @
Kuribandit Kuribandit @
Kuribeh Kuribē @
Kuribih Kuribī @
Kuriboh TokenNONEKuribō Token *
Kuribon????????Kuribon *
Kuribuh Kuribū @
Kuwagata α60802233Kuwagata Alpha
Kwagar Hercules95144193Kwagar Hercules
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer88240808Reimetsujutsushi Kycoo
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp97590747Lamp no Masei La Jinn
(Labor Pain) Labour Pain @
LaLa Li-oon09430387LaLa Li-oon *
LaMoon75850803LaMoon *
Labyrinth of Nightmare66526672Akumu no Meikyū
Labyrinth Tank99551425Meikyū no Masensha
Labyrinth Wall67284908Meikyū Heki —Labyrinth Wall—
Lady Assailant of Flames90147755Hono-o no Onna Ansatsusha
Lady Ninja Yae82005435Onna Ninja Yae
Lady Panther38480590Lady Panther
Lady of Faith17358176High Priestess
Lamb TokenNONEKohitsuji Token
Lamia Lamia @
Laminate Armor Laminate Armour @
(Lance Lindworm)????????Lance Lindworm *
(Lancer Dragonuit) (Rancer Dragonute)11125718Lancer Dragonuit *
Landstar Forces Shūketsu! Landstar Sentai @
Landstar Shot Landstar Shot @
Laplace, the Fiend Mathematician Makai Sanjūtsushi Laplace @
Larva of MothNONEMoth no Yōsei @
Larvae Moth87756343Larva Moth
Laser Cannon Armor (Level 3 Laser Cannon)77007920Laser Cannon Armour {Laser Cannon Armour Level 3}
Last Day of Witch90330453Majogari
Last Machine Acid Virus San no Last Machine Virus @
Last Magnet Last Magnet @
Last Resort (Last-Resort)97970833Last Resort
Last Trick Last Trick @
Last Tusk MammothNONELast of Tusk Mammoth @
Last Turn28566710Last Battle!
Last Will85602018Yuigonshō
(Late Penalty) Late Penalty @
Laughing Flower42591472Warauhana *
Launcher Spider87322377TM-1 Launcher Spider
Lava Battleguard20394040Barbarian 1-go
(Lava Dragon)41741922Lava Dragon *
Lava Golem00102380Yōganmajin Lava Golem
Layard the Liberator67468948Kyūsai no Layard
Lead Compass Namari no Compass @
Leading Question Ha Death no Yūdō Jinmon @
(Learning Elf) Learning Elf @
Left Arm of the Forbidden One07902349Fūinsareshimono no Hidariude
Left Leg of the Forbidden One44519536Fūinsareshimono no Hidariashi
Left Arm Offering Hidariude no Daishō @
Legacy Hunter87010442Legacy Hunter
Legacy of Yata-Garasu (Corpse of Yata-Garasu)30461781Yata-Garasu no Mukuro
Legend Nymph65310565Legend Nymph @
Legend of Heart Legend of Heart @
Legendary Black Belt96458440Densetsu no Kuro Obi
Legendary Ebon Steed12324546Shikkoku no Meiba
Legendary Fiend99747800Legend Devil
Legendary Flame Lord60258960Densetsu no Flame Lord
Legendary Jujitsu Master25773409Densetsu no Jūjutsuka
Legendary Knight Critias Densetsu Kishi Critias @
Legendary Knight Hermos Densetsu Kishi Helmos @
Legendary Knight Timaeus Densetsu Kishi Timæus @
Legendary Sword61854111Densetsu no Ken
Legion the Fiend Jester25280974Madōke Legion @
Lekunga TokenNONELekunga Token
Lengard Lengard @
Leo Wizard04392470Leo Wizard *
Leopard Girl49000779Panther-Girl @
(Leprechaun) Leprechaun @
(Leraie the Divine Archer) Kyūshin Leraie @
Lesser Dragon55444629Lesser Dragon
Lesser Fiend16475472Lesser Dæmon
(Level 2 Power Boost) Power Boost Level 2 @
(Level Award) Level Award @
Level Change Level Change @
Level Conversion Lab84397023Level Henkanjitsu Kenshitsu
(Level Copy) Level Copy @
Level Down!?90500169Level-Down!?
Level Jar Level Pod @
Level Limit – Area A54976796Level Seigen A Chiku
Level Limit – Area B03136426Level Seigen B Chiku
(Level Mirroring) Level Mirroring @
Level Modulation61850482Level Chōsei
(Level Resist Wall) Level Resist-Wall @
Level Retuner86223870Level Retuner
(Level Soul) Level Soul @
Level Tax Level Tax @
(Level Ties) Level no Kizuna @
Level Tuning74741494Power Tune
Level Up!25290459Level Up!
(Level Warrior)97385276Level Warrior *
Levia-Dragon – Daedalus37721209Levia-Dragon – Dædalus
Lich Lord, King of the Underworld55818463Shi-Ō Lich-Lord
Life Absorbing Machine14318794Seimeikyū Shūsō
Life Equalizer17178486Life-Changer
Life Force Life Force @
Life Shaver Kezuryoku Inochi @
Lifeforce Harmonizer76214441Life Coordinator
(Lifeline from the Graveyard) Bochi-kara no Inochizuna @
Light and Darkness Dragon (Dragon, Light & Dark)47297616Light-and-Darkness Dragon
Light Barrier73206827Hikari no Kekkai
Light Effigy54766667Holy-Frame
Light End Dragon25132288Light-End Dragon *
(Light Hero) Light Hero @
Light Laser11471117Light-Elaser
Light Law Medium52253888Light-Law-Medium @
Light of Intervention62867251Seinaru Kagayaki
Light of Judgment44595286Sabaki no Hikari
Light of Redemption02362787Kyūenkō
Light of the Master (Light from the Master) Shu-kara no Hikari @
(Light of the Sanctuary) Shinden-he no Hikari @
(Light Shadow) Kage no Hikari @
Light Spiral35577420Light Resilence
Light to the Depths Shinsei-he to Michibiku Hikari @
Light-Imprisoning Mirror53341729Senkō o Suikomo Magic Mirror
Lighten the Load37231841Keiryōka
Lightforce Sword49587034Hikari no Fūsatsuken
Lightlow Protection Light-Law Protection @
Lightning Blade55226821Inazuma no Ken
Lightning Conger27671321Kaminari Unagi
Lightning Crash Kaminari @
Lightning Punisher45023678Lightning-Punisher
Lightning Saber Fūraiken @
Lightning Talisman Hiraifuda @
Lightning Vortex69162969Lightning Vortex
Lightning Wallaby90587622Lightning Wallaby @
Lightsworn Barrier22201234Lightlord Barrier
Lightsworn Sabre30502181Lightlord Rapier
Lightwave Tuning78845026Lightning Tune
Limit Reverse00027551Limit Reverse
Limit Tribute Sacrifice Limited @
Limiter Break92450185Limiter Break *
Limiter Removal23171610Limiter Kaijo
Lineage of Destruction29307554Hakaishin no Keifu
Linear Accelerator Cannon64238008Linear-Cannon
Liquid Beast93108297Liquid Beast
Lisark55210709Sapphire Lisark *
Litmus Doom Ritual (Litmus Death Ritual; Ritual of Litmus) Litmus no Shirishiki @
Litmus Doom Swordsman (Litmus, the Warrior of Death; Swordsman of Doom Litmus) Litmus Shi no Kenshi @
Little Chimera68658728Little Chimæra
Little D42625254Heavy T Rex *
Little FleaNONENomitan @
Little Red Riding Hood Akazukin @
Little-Winguard (Tiny Guardian)90790253Little Winguard
Living Fossil Living Fossil @
Living Vase34320307Inochiaru Kabin *
Lizard Soldier20831168Lizard Hei
Loge’s Flame Loge no Hono-o @
LolislyNONELolisly @
Lone Wolf82452993Kokō no Kakutōka
Lonefire Blossom48686504Lonefire Blossom
Long Range Strike Sniper-Mode @
Long-Nosed Blue Mammoth25737191Long-Nose-Blue-Mammoth @
Lord of D. (Lord of Dragons)17985575Lord of Dragon —Dragon no Shihaisha—
Lord of the Lamp99510761Lamp no Majin
Lord of the Red Lord of the Red @
Lord of Zemia81618817Zemia no Kami *
Lord Poison40320754Lord Poison
Lorelei, the Symphonic ArsenalNONE(Gakutai no Bukiko Lorelei)
Lost Guardian45871897Lost Guardian
Lost Pride Lost Pride @
Love ChildNONELove-Chan @
Love Letter Koibumi @
Lucky Chance96012004Lucky Chance!
Lucky Cloud82760689Lucky-Cloud
Lucky Iron Axe34664411Kōun no Tetsu Ono
Lucky Pied Piper68762510Kōun no Fuefuki
Lucky Trinket03985011Holy Power *
Lullaby of Obedience (Voice of the Heavens) Tensei no Fukujū @
Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner95503687Lightlord Summoner Luminas
Luminous Clouds Goshiki no Saibo @
Luminous Spark81777047Shine Spark
Luminous Soldier57482479Taiyō no Senshi
Lunar Queen Elzaim62210247Tsuki no Megami Elzaim *
Lure Phantom Lure Phantom @
Luster Dragon11091375Sapphire Dragon
Luster Dragon #217658803Emerald Dragon
Lycanthrope84385264Lycan Thrope
(Lycanthrope) Lycanthrope @
Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress22624373Lightlord Magician Lyla
(Lyra the Giver) Lyra the Giver @
M Force M Force @
M-Warrior #156342351Magnets 1-go
M-Warrior #292731455Magnets 2-go
Mabarrel98795934Macannon *
Machine Angel Ritual Kikaitenshi no Gishiki @
Machine Attacker38116136Machine Attacker *
Machine Conversion Factory25769732Kikai Kaizō Kōjō
Machine Duplication63995093Kikai Fukuseishutsu
Machine King46700124Kikai-Ō
Machine King Prototype89222931Kikai-Ō – Prototype
Machine Lord Ür96938777Shinki-Ō Ur
Machiner’s Defender96384007Machiners Defender *
Machiner’s Force58054262Machiners Force *
Machiner’s Sniper23782705Machiners Sniper *
Machiner’s Soldier60999392Machiners Soldier *
Macro Cosmos30241314Macro-Cosmos
Mad Archfiend94664694Mad Dæmon
Mad Dog of Darkness79182538Ankoku no Mad Dog
Mad Lobster97240270Mad Lobster
Mad Profiler Mad Profiler @
Mad Reloader31034919Mad Reloader
Mad Sword Beast79870141Mōshinsuro Kenkakujū
Madjinn Gunn43905751Majingan {Machinegun} *
Mage Power83746708Madōshi no Chikara
Magic Cylinder62279055Magic Cylinder
Magic Drain59344077Magic Drain
Magic Formula (Dark Magician’s Tome of Black Magic)67227834Majutsu no Jumonshō
Magic Jammer77414722Magic Jammer
Magic Mirror Spirit Asogi Makyō no Shikigami – Asogi @
Magic Mirror Spirit Nayuta Makyō no Shikigami – Nayuta @
Magic Planter01073952Magic Planter *
Magic Reflector61844784Magic Gardna
Magical Academy Magical Academy @
Magical Alms Maryoku no Fuse @
Magical Android43385557Magical Android
Magical Arm Shield (Magic-Arm Shield)96008713Magic-Arm Shield
Magical Blast91819979Magic Blast
Magical Citadel of Endymion39910367Mahō Toshi Endymion
Magical Dimension28553439Dimension Magic
Magical Exemplar06061630(Magical Exemplar)
Magical Explosion32723153Magical Explosion
Magical Ghost46474915Magical Ghost
Magical Hats81210420Magical Silk Hat
Magical Labyrinth64389297Meikyū Henge
Magical Longicorn Magic Longicorn @
Magical Mallet88852291Uchide no Kozuchi
Magical Marionette08034697Magical Marionette
Magical Merchant32362575Madōzatsu Kashōnin
Magical Neutralizing Force Field Mahō o Uchikesu Kekkai @
Magical Pigeon Magical Pigeon @
Magical Plant Mandragola07802006Mazō Mandragora
Magical Reflect Slime03918345Magic Slime
Magical Scientist34206604Madō Scientist
Magical Stone Excavation (Mining for Magical Stones; Excavation of Mage Stones)98494543Mahōseki no Saikutsu
Magical Thorn (Magic Thorn)53119267Maryoku no Toge
Magical Trick Mirror Kikai Jikake no Magic Mirror @
Magician Dragon (Wizard Dragon) Wizardragon @
Magician of Black Chaos30208479Magician of Black Chaos
Magician of Faith31560081Saint Magician
(Magician’s Ape) Magicians Ape @
Magician’s Circle00050755Magicians Circle
Magician’s Library Majutsushi no Shoko @
Magician’s Scales Majutsushi no Tenbin @
Magician’s Selection Magicians Select @
Magician’s Valkyria (Magician’s Valkyrie)80304126Magicians Valkyria
Magicians Unite (Magician’s Unite)36045450Magicians Cross
Magna Drago36750412Magna Drago
Magna-Slash Dragon72903645Magna Slash-Dragon
Magnet Armor Magnet Armour @
Magnet Circle LV294940436Magnet Circle Level 2
Magnet Conductor Plus Magnet Conductor Plus @
Magnet Force Magnet Force @
Magnet Force Minus Magnet Force Minus @
Magnet Force Plus Magnet Force Plus @
Magnet Reverse Magnet Reverse @
Magnet Warrior Omega Minus Magnet Warrior Omega Minus @
Magnet Warrior Omega Plus Magnet Warrior Omega Plus @
Magnet Warrior Sigma Minus Magnet Warrior Sigma Minus @
Magnet Warrior Sigma Plus Magnet Warrior Sigma Plus @
Magnetic Mosquito50074522Mosquito Magne *
Maha Vailo93013676Maha Vailo
Maiden in Love Koisuru Otome @
Maiden of the Aqua17214465Ungami no Miko
Maiden of the Macabre84055227(Maiden of the Macabre)
Maiden of the Moonlight79629370Tsukiakari no Otome
Maiden CounterNONEOtome Counter @
Majestic Mech – Goryu95701283Lightning Gear – Gōryū
Majestic Mech – Ohka69303178Lightning Gear – Ōka
Majestic Mech – Senku32918479Lightning Gear – Senkū
Maji-Gire Panda60102563Majigire Panda
Major Riot09074847Ōzōdō
Maju Garzett08794435Kokusei Majū Garzett
Makiu, the Magical Mist (Makiu; Magical Mist)27827272Makiu
Makyura the Destructor (Executor-Makyura)21593977Shokeinin – Makyura
Malevolent Catastrophe (Calamity of the Wicked)01224927Jashin no Daisaigai
Malevolent Mech – Goku En31571902Darkness-Gear – Goku-En
Malevolent Nuzzler99597615Akuma no Kuchizuke
Malice Ascendant14255590Zōfukusuru Malice
Malice Dispersion13626450Jakitaisan
Malice Doll of Demise72657739Onnen no Killer Doll
Mammoth Graveyard40374923Mammoth no Hakaba
Man Beast of Ares71395725Jūjin Ares
Man Eater93553943Man Eater
Man-Eater Bug54652250Hitokuimushi
Man-Eating Black Shark80727036Kuroki Hitokui Same *
Man-Eating Plant49127943Hitokui Shokubutsu *
Man-Eating Treasure Chest13723605Hitokui Hōsekibako
Man-Thro’ Tro’43714890Hitonage Troll
MandragonNONEMandragon @
Manga Ryu-Ran38369349Toon Dragon Egger
Maniacal Servant33455338(Maniacal Servant)
Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands95492061Manjū God
Manticore of Darkness77121851Ankoku no Manticore
Marauding Captain02460565Kirikomi Taichō
Marie the Fallen One57579381Datenshi Marie
MarinackNONEMarinack @
Marine Beast29929832Marine Beast *
Marionette Burial Marionette no Maisō @
Marionette Mite87514539Kugutsuchū
Mark of the Rose45247637Bara no Kokuin
Marshmallon Glasses66865880Marshmallon no Megane
Martyr Curse Junkyōsha no Noroi @
Martyr Flag Martyrs Flag @
(Masahiro as a Dark Clown)NONEYami Dōkeshito Kashita Masahiro *
Masaki the Legendary Swordsman44287299Densetsu no Kendō Masaki
Mask of Brutality82432018Kyōbōka no Kamen
Mask of Darkness28933734Yami no Kamen
Mask of Dispel20765952Maryoku Muryokuka no Kamen
Mask of Impregnability Teppeki no Kamen @
Mask of Perplexity Gonwaku no Mask @
Mask of Restrict29549364Ikeniefūji no Kamen
Mask of Shine & Dark25110231Yami to Hikari no Kamen @
Mask of the Accursed56948373Jukon no Kamen
Mask of Weakness57882509Jakutaika no Kamen
Masked Beast Des Gardius (Masked Beast Des Guardius; Masked Beast of Guardius)48948935Kamen Majū Death Gardius
Masked Chopper87250908Masked Chopper
Masked Clown77581312Kamen Dōke *
Masked Doll Kamen Ningyō @
Masked Dragon39191307Masked Dragon
Masked Knight LV3 Masked Knight Level 3 @
Masked Knight LV5 Masked Knight Level 5 @
Masked Knight LV7 Masked Knight Level 7 @
Masked Sorcerer10189126Kamen Madōshi
Masquerade Kamenbutōkai @
Mass Driver34906152Mass-Driver
Mass Hypnosis21768554Shūdan Saimin
Master & Expert75499502Master and Expert
Master Gig16191953Master Gig
Master Kyonshee24530661Tatsujin Kyonshi
Master Magician’s Incantation Jōkyū Majutsushi no Jumonaishō @
Master Monk49814180Master Monk
Master of Oz27134689Master of O Z
Mataza the Zapper22609617Fuiuchi Mataza
(Material Armadillo) Material Armadillo @
(Material Bat) Material Bat @
(Material Lion) Material Lion @
(Material Scorpion) Material Scorpion @
Matter Leveller Busshitsu Chōsei Sōchi Leveller @
Mausoleum of the Emperor80921533Shikōtei no Ryōbo
Mavelus59036972Mavelus *
(Maximillion J. Pegasus) Pegasus J Crawford @
Maximum Six30707994Maximum Six
Mazera DeVille06133894Mazera Devil
Mech Bass50176820Cyborg Bass *
Mech Mole Zombie63545455Zombie Lamp *
Mecha Bunny10110717Mecha-Usa{gi}
Mecha Ojama King Mecha Ojama King @
Mecha Ojama King Transformation Henshin! Mecha Ojama King @
Mecha-Dog Marron94667532Mecha Dog Marron
Mechaleon94412545Mechaleon *
Mechanical Hound22512237Mechanical Hound
Mechanical Ninja – Raikoh64198918Karakuri Ninja Raikō @
Mechanical Snail34442949Mechanical Snail
Mechanical Spider45688586Karakuri Kumo *
Mechanicalchaser07359741Mecha Hunter
Meda Bat76211194Dark Napoleon
Medical Aid Kit Kyūkyū Bako @
(Medical Aid Lifesaving)????????Kyūkyū Kyūmei *
Medium of the Ice Barrier88494899Hyōkekkai no Kōreishi *
Medium Piece Golem58843503Mid Piece Golem
Medusa Worm02694423Medusa Worm
Mefist the Infernal General46820049Hell General Mephisto
Mega Thunderball21817254Mega Thunderball
Mega Ton Magical Cannon32062913Mega-Tonne Madō Cannon
Mega Zowler (Megazowler)75390004Mega-Zowler {Megasaurus} *
Megalodon Megalodon @
Megarock Dragon71544954Megarock Dragon
Megasonic Eye07562372Megasonic Eye
MegatonNONEMegatonne @
Megirus Light23032273Megirus Light *
Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers47731128Kekkai Jutsushi Mei-Kō
Melchid the Four-Face Beast86569121Melchid Shimenjū
Meltiel, Sage of the Sky49905576Angel-Saint Meltius
Memory Crusher48700891Memory Crusher
(Memory Snatcher) Memory Snatcher @
Meotoko53832650Babylon *
Mercury Hourglass Suigin no Sunatokei @
Mermaid Knight24435369Mermaid Knight
Mesmeric Control48642904Saiminjutsu
Messenger of Peace44656491Heiwa no Shisha
Metabo Globster49808196Metabo Sucker
Metal Armored Bug65957473Metal-Armoured-Bug
Metal Detector75646520Kinzoku Tanchiki
Metal Dragon09293977Metal Dragon
Metal Fiend TokenNONEMetal Devil Token
Metal Fish55998462Metal Fish
Metal Guardian68339286Metal Guardian
Metal Reflect Slime26905245Metal Reflect Slime
Metal Shooter07200041Metal Shooter
Metal TurtleNONEKametal @
Metallizing Parasite – Lunatite07369217Metal Kakisei Seimitsu – Lunatite
Metalmorph (Magic Metal Force)68540058Metal-ka Mahōhansha Sōkō {Mahōhansha Sōkō Metal-Force}
(Metalmorph Plus) Mahōhansha Sōkō Metal-Plus @
Metalsilver Armor33114323Metalsilver Armour
Metalzoa50705071Metal Devil-Zoa
Metaphysical Regeneration49980185Supernatural-Healing
Meteo the MatchlessNONEMeteo the Matchless
Meteor B. Dragon90660762Meteor Black Dragon *
Meteor Dragon64271667Meteor Dragon
Meteor of Destruction33767325Death Meteor
Meteor Stream Meteor Stream @
Meteorain64274292Meteor Rain
Micro Ray18190572Micro Kōsen
Mid Shield Gardna75487237Middle Shield Gardna
Midnight Fiend83678433Midnight Devil *
Mighty Guard62327910Mighty-Guard
Mighty Mage (Little Wizard) Little Wizard @
Mikazukinoyaiba38277918Crescent Dragon
Millennium Golem47986555Sennen Golem
Millennium Scorpion82482194Millennium Scorpion
Millennium Shield32012841Sennen no Tate
Milus Radiant07489323Milus Radiant
Mimesis Gitai @
Mimicat (Doppelganger)69YDQM85Copycat @
MimmyNONEMimmy @
Mind Control37520316Seishin Sōsa
Mind Crush15800838Mind Crush
Mind Haxorz75392615Mind Hacker
Mind Master96782886Mental-Master
Mind Monster Mind Monster @
Mind Protector85060248Mental-Protector
Mind on Air66690411Mind on Air
Mind Over Matter59718521Browning Power
Mind Wipe52817046Kioku Masshō
Mine Golem76321376Mine Golem
Minefield Eruption85519211Ganban Bakuha
(Mineshaft Explosion) Kōzan Bakuha @
Minomushi Warrior46864967Iwa no Senshi *
Minor Goblin Official01918087Goblin no Koyakunin
Miracle Contact Miracle Contact @
Miracle Dig06343408Kiseki no Hakkutsu
Miracle Draw Kiseki no Draw @
Miracle Fertilizer44887817Zōsōzai
Miracle Flipper00131182Miracle Flipper
Miracle Fusion45906428Miracle Fusion
Miracle Jurassic Egg63259351Kiseki no Jurassic Egg
Miracle Kids (Miracle Kid)55985014Miracle Kids
(Miracle Lucas)97168905Miracle Lucas *
Miracle Moment Kiseki no Shunkan @
Miracle Restoring68334074Kiseki no Fukkatsu
Miracle Rupture Kiseki no Senkō @
(Miracle Storm) Kai-En Miracle Storm @
Miraculous Descent80551130Kiseki no Kōrin
Miraculous Rebirth37011715Miracle Reborn
Mirage Dragon15960641Mirage Dragon
Mirage Knight49217579Genei no Kishi —Mirage Knight—
Mirage of Nightmare41482598Akumu no Shinkirō
Mirage Ruler Mirage Ruler @
Mirage Spell Mirage Magic @
Mirage Target Mirage-Target @
Mirage TokenNONEMirage Token
Mirage Tube48017809Mirage-Cylinder
(Mirror Barrier) Mirror Barrier @
Mirror Bind Seinaru Kekkai – Mirror Bind @
Mirror Call Shirogane no Henbai – Mirror Call @
(Mirror Curse)46656406Jugon no Kagami *
Mirror Damage Mirror Damage @
Mirror Force44095762Seinaru Barrier —Mirror Force—
Mirror Force Dragon Mirror Force Dragon @
Mirror Gate43452193Ijigen Tunnel —Mirror-Gate—
Mirror Knight Calling Mirror Knight Kōrin @
Mirror Knight TokenNONEMirror Knight Token @
Mirror of Duality Onmyōkyō @
Mirror of Yata01200843Yata no Kagami
Mirror Route Kagami no Jūjiro – Mirror Route @
Mirror Tablet Kyoheki no Wdj @
Mirror Trap Mirror Trap @
Mirror Wall22359980Ginmaku no Mirror Wall
Mischief of the Goddess Megami no Itazura @
Mischief of the Time Goddess Toki no Megami no Itazura @
Mispolymerization58392024Yūgō Shippai
Mist Body (Mistobody)47529357Mist-Body
Mist Archfiend28601770Mist-Dæmon
Mist Condor65549080Mist Condor *
Mist Valley Bird of Prey29587993Mist Valley no Kyoshinchō *
Mist Wurm27315304Mist Wurm *
Mix Spice Garamasala Magic Spice – Garamasala @
(Mizukage of the Ice Barrier)????????Hyōkekkai no Mizukage *
Moai Interceptor Cannons45159319Moai Geigekihō
Mobius the Frost Monarch04929256Hyōtei Möbius
Mobius Castle Möbius no Shiro @
Mobius Glacier Möbius no Hyōga @
Modified Ultra Evolution Pill (New Ultra Evolution) Chōshinka Yaku Kai @
Mogley Moglin @
Moisture Creature75285069Moisture Seijin
Mokey Mokey27288416Moke Moke
Mokey Mokey King12802864King Moke Moke
Mokey Mokey Smackdown01965724Ikareru Moke Moke
Molten Behemoth17192817Magma Giganto
Molten Destruction19384334Burning-Blood
Molten Zombie04732017Shakunetsu Zombie
(Molting Escape) Molting Escape @
Mon Larvas07225792Mon Larvas *
Monk Fighter03810071Monk Fighter
Monk Halberd Sōhei no Naginata @
(Monkey King Zeman) Enma-Ō Zeman @
Monster Cannon Monster Cannon @
Monster Egg36121917Monster Egg
Monster Eye84133008Monster Eye *
Monster Gate43040603Monster Gate
Monster Lord Dungeonmaster @
Monster Reborn (Reborn the Monster)83764718Shisha Sosei
Monster Recovery93108433Monster Kaishū
Monster Register Monster Register @
Monster Reincarnation (Monster Rebirth)74848038Shisha Tensei
Monster Tamer97612389Monster Tamer *
Monstrous Bird (Giant Eagle)35712107Kyodai-na Kaichō *
Monsturtle15820147Monsturtle *
Montage Dragon23303072Montage Dragon
Moon Envoy45909477Tsuki no Shisha
Moon TokenNONEMoon Token
Mooyan Curry58074572Mooyan no Curry *
Morale Boost93671934Shikikōyō
Morph CounterNONEDeformer Counter
Morphing Jar33508719Metamorpot
Morphing Jar #279106360Chaos-Pod
Morphtronic Accelerator44424095Deformer Speed Unit
(Morphtronic Bind)85101228Deformer Bind *
Morphtronic Boarden48381268Deformer Boarden
Morphtronic Boomboxen92720564Deformer Radicassen
Morphtronic Cameran28124263Deformer Cameran
Morphtronic Celfon93542102Deformer Mobifon
Morphtronic Clocken91607976Deformer Clocken
Morphtronic Cord70423794Deformer Cord
Morphtronic Datatron66331855Deformer Chockan
Morphtronic Engine07817703Deformer Power Unit
Morphtronic Forcefield77229910Deformer Barrier
Morphtronic Magnen29947751Deformer Magnen U
(Morphtronic Magnen I) Deformer Magnen I @
Morphtronic Map56074358Deformer Field
Morphtronic Mix-up14613029Blend-Deformer
Morphtronic Monitron28284902Deformer Gazer
Morphtronic Radion55119278Deformer Radion
(Morphtronic Remocon)57108202Deformer Remocon *
(Morphtronic Repair Unit)90239723Deformer Repair-Unit *
Morphtronic Rusty Engine20686759Deformer Retro-Engine
(Morphtronic Scopen)10591919Deformer Scopen *
Morphtronic Slingen75775867Deformer Pachin
(Morphtronic Videon)84592800Deformer Videon *
Mosaic Manticore08483333Mosaic Manticore
MoskidNONEMoskido @
Mother Grizzly57839750Grizzly Mother
(Motor Caesar) Motor Caesar @
(Motor Parts) Motor-Parts @
(Motor Shell) Motor-Shell @
(Motor Violence) Motor-Violence @
Mound of the Bound Creator Kami Shibari no Tsuka @
Mountain Warrior04931562Mountain Warrior *
Mr. Volcano31477025Mister Volcano
Mucus Yolk70307656Grudge
Mud Max Mud Max @
Muka Muka46657337Muka Muka
Multiple Destruction Shinaba Murotomu @
Multiple Piece Golem71628381Multi Piece Golem
Multiple Slime Multiple Slime @
Multiplication of Ants (Ant Reproduction)22493811Ari no Zōshoku
Muse-A69992868Muse no Tenshi *
Mushroom Man14181608Kinoko Man
Mushroom Man #293900406Matango
Musician King56907389Musician King
Mustering of the Dark Scorpions68191243Kurosasori Danshōshū
Mutant Crab86495330Mutant Crab @
Mutant Mindmaster11106758Mutant Highbrain
(Mutineer of the Ice Barrier)????????Hyōkekkai no Kekkitai *
My Body As A Shield69279219Wagami o Tateni
Mysterious Guard01347977Seinaru Mamorite
Mysterious Puppeteer54098121Nazo no Kugutsushi
Mysterious Triangle53291093Triangle Area
Mystery Hand62793020Nazo no Te *
Mystic Baby Dragon Mystic Baby Dragon @
(Mystic Baby Knight) Mystic Baby Knight @
(Mystic Baby Magician) Mystic Baby Magician @
Mystic Box25774450Shi no Magic Box
Mystic Clown47060154Berserker
Mystic Dragon Mystic Dragon @
Mystic Egg Mystic Egg @
Mystic Eruption Shōgeki Gekihen @
Mystic Horseman68516705Kentaurus
Mystic Lamp98049915Mahō no Lamp
Mystic Plasma Zone18161786Dark Zone
Mystic Probe49251811Mahōtensa no Sekigan
Mystic Revolution Mystic Revolution @
Mystic Swordsman LV247507260Mystic Swordman Level 2
Mystic Swordsman LV474591968Mystic Swordman Level 4
Mystic Swordsman LV660482781Mystic Swordman Level 6
Mystic Tomato83011277Killer Tomato
Mystical Beast of Serket (Mystical Beast of Selket)89194033Seijū Serket *
Mystical Capture Chain63515678Seinaru Kusari *
Mystical Cards of Light48356796Senkō no Hōsatsu
Mystical Elf15025844Holy Elf
Mystical Knight of Jackal98745000Jackal no Seisenshi
Mystical Moon (Full Moon)36607978Mashō no Tsuki
Mystical Refpanel35563539Seirei no Kagami *
Mystical Sheep #130451366Illusion Sheep
Mystical Sheep #283464209Sleepy
Mystical Shine Ball39552864Holy Shine Ball
Mystical Space Typhoon05318639Cyclone
Mystical Wind Typhoon63516460Ichijin no Kaze
Mystik Wok80161395Shinhi no Chūka Nabe
Mythical Beast Cerberus55424270Magic Beast Kerberos
Nama HargenNONENama-Hargen @
Name of a Friend (The Rival’s Name) Tomo no Namae @
NameyochikoNONENameyochiko @
Narrow Corridor (The Narrow Corridor) Semaki Kairō @
Narrow Pass40172183Semaki Tsūro
Narukami Waterfall Narukami no Takitsubo @
Natural Disaster18158397Natural Disaster
Natural Selection Natural Selection @
(Natural Tune)62896588Natural Tune *
Naturia Antjaw99150062Naturia Antjaw *
Naturia Beast33198837Naturia Beast *
Naturia Beetle27762803Naturia Beetle *
Naturia Cliff????????Naturia Cliff *
(Naturia Dragonfly)????????Naturia Dragonfly *
Naturia Cosmos Beet98437424Naturia Cosmos-Beet *
Naturia Gaodrake16527176Naturia Gaodrake *
Naturia Guardian80555116Naturia Guardian *
Naturia Nerve16940215Naturia Nerve *
Naturia Rock54161401Naturia Rock *
Naturia Rosewhip61049315Naturia Rosewhip *
Naturia Spiderfang25654671Naturia Spiderfang *
(Naturia Sunflower)????????Naturia Sunflower *
Neck Hunter70084224Neck Hunter *
Necklace of Command48576971Yodatsu no Kubikaza
Necro Cycle Necro-Cycle @
Necro Doll Meister Necro Doll Meister @
Necro Gardna04906301Necro Gardna
Necro Illusion Necro Illusion @
Necro Jar Necro-Pod @
Necro Mannequin Necro-Mannequin @
Necro Sacrifice Necro Sacrifice @
Necro Shot Necro-Shot @
Necro Soldier Necro-Soldier @
Necro Wall Necro-Wall @
Necro Wall TokenNONENecro-Wall Token @
Necrolancer the Timelord (Chronolord)61454890Toki no Majin Necrolancer
Necromancy Necromancy @
Necrovalley47355498Ōke no Nemurutani —Necrovalley—
Needle Ball94230224Needle Ball *
Needle Burrower98162242Needle Bunker
Needle Ceiling38411870Tsuri Tenjō
(Needle Gillman)42463414Needle Gillman *
Needle TokenNONE(Toge Token)
Needle Wall38299233Needle Wall
Needle Worm81843628Needle Worm
Needlebug Nest84968490Harimushi no Sōkutsu
Negate Attack14315573Kōgeki no Muryokuka
Negate Defense Shiryō no “Shubi” Fūji @
Negative EnergyNONEYami Energie @
Negative Energy Generator Yami Generator @
Neko Mane King11021521Neko Mane King
Nekogal #101761063Cats Færie
Nekogal #243352213Cat Lady
Neo Aqua Madoor49563947Neo Aqua Madoor
Neo Bug16587243Neo Bug
Neo Space42015635Neo-Space
Neo Space Pathfinder19594506Neo-Space Conductor
Neo the Magic Swordsman50930991Mahōkenshi Neo
Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin12510878Angel-Brave Neo Parshath
Neo-Signal N Signal @
Neo-Space Road Neo-Spacia Road @
Neo-Space Wave Neo-Spacia Wave @
Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird54959865Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird
Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin17955766Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin
Neo-Spacian Dark Panther43237273Neo-Spacian Black Panther
Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab89621922Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab
Neo-Spacian Glow Moss17732278Neo-Spacian Glow Moss
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole80344569Neo-Spacian Gran Mole
Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin78734254Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin
Neo-Spacian Twinkle Moss13857930Neo-Spacian Twinkle Moss
(Neon Laser Blaster) Neon-Laser-Blaster @
Neos Energy Neos Energy @
Neos Force47274077Neos Force
Neos Wiseman05126490Neos Wiseman
New Year Drum Hatsune no Tsuzumi @
NEX (Neo-Spacian Extent)81913510Neo-Spacian-Extent {N E X}
Next to be Lost07076131Lost Next
Next World Raise @
Nibelung’s Ring Nibelung no Yubiwa @
Nibelung’s Treasure Nibelung no Zaihō @
Night Assailant16226786Night no Assassin
Night Lizard78402798Night Lizard *
Night of One Hundred Horrors Hyakkiyakō @
Night Wing Sorceress49826746Kurotsubasa Majutsushi
Nightmare Archfiend TokenNONENightmare Dæmon Token
Nightmare Archfiends42956963Nightmare Dæmons
Nightmare Binding Akumu no Tetsusa @
Nightmare Chains Akumu no Jūjika @
Nightmare Horse59290628Nightmare Horse
Nightmare Mirror Akumu no Makagami @
Nightmare Penguin81306586Penguin Nightmare
Nightmare Scorpion88643173Nightmare Scorpion *
Nightmare Shuffle Nightmare Shuffle @
Nightmare Tri-Mirror Akumu no Sanmenkyō @
Nightmare Wheel54704216Gōmonsharin
Nightmare’s Steelcage58775978Akumu no Tetsuori
Night’s End Sorcerer36107810(Nights-End Sorcerer)
(Nihilistic Summoning Art) Kyomu no Shōkanjutsu @
Nimble Momonga22567609Subayai Momonga
Nimble Musasabi57844634(Subayai Musasabi)
Nin-Ken Dog11987744Ninken Wonder Dog
Nine-Tailed Fox Kyūbi no Kitsune @
Ninja Commander Ikusa Ninja Commander Ikusa @
Ninja Commando Kabuki Ninja Commando Kabuki @
Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke04041838Ninja Master Sasuke
Ninja Master Shogun Ninja Master Shōgun @
Ninja Smoke Ball Ninpō Kemuridama @
Ninja Soldier Katana Ninja Soldier Katana @
Ninja SquidNONEIka Ninja @
Ninjitsu Art of Decoy89628781Ninpō Utsusemi no Jutsu
Ninjitsu Art of Transformation70861343Ninpō Henge no Jutsu
Nitro Synchron96182448Nitro Synchron
Nitro Unit23842445Nitro Unit
Nitro Warrior18013090Nitro Warrior
No Entry!!60306104Shinnyū Kinshi! No Entry!!
Nobleman of Crossout71044499Massatsu no Shito
Nobleman of Extermination17449108Bokumetsu no Shito
Nobleman-Eater Bug65878864Shitokuimushi
Noisy Gnat45620686Sōsōmushi
Non Aggression Area76848240Zettai Fukashin Ryōiki
Non-Fusion Area27581098Yūgō Kinshi Area
Non-Spellcasting Area20065549Zettai Mahō Kinshikuiki
Nova Summoner48783998Calling Nova
Novox’s Prayer43694075Law no Inoru
Nubian Guard51616747Nubia Guard
Null and Void (Muko)80863132Mukō
Numinous Healer02130625Hakui no Tenshi
Nurse Reficule the Fallen One67316075Datenshi Nurse Reficule
Nutrient Z29389368Tairyoku Zōkyōzai Super Z
Nuvia the Wicked12953226Meshin Nuvia
O – Oversoul63703130O – Over-Soul
Obedience Fukujū @
Obelisk the Tormentor (The God of the Obelisk)NONEObelisk no Kyoshinhei {The God of Obelisk}
Oberon’s Prank Oberon no Itazura @
Obese Marmot of Nefariousness56713552Evil Rat *
Obligatory Summon Kyōsei Shōkan @
Obnoxious Celtic Guard (Obnoxious Celtic Guardian)52077741Honrōsuru Elf no Kenshi
Obsidian Dragon90464188Kokuyōganryū
Ocean Dragon Lord – Neo-Daedalus10485110Kairyūshin – Neo Dædalus
Ocean of Regeneration Saisei no Umi @
Ocean’s Keeper45045866Oceans Opah
Ocubeam86088138Angel Eyes
(Offensive Guard) Offensive Guard @
Offering to the Snake Deity93217231Dokuja no Kumotsu
Offerings to the Doomed19230407Shisha-he no Kumotsu
Ogre-Headed Zombie25840722Ogre Head Zombie @
Ogre of the Black Shadow45121025Kuroikage no Ogre
Oil Sekiyu Saikutsu @
Ojama Black79335209Ojama Black
(Ojama Blue)64627453Ojama Blue *
(Ojama Country)90011152Ojama Country *
Ojama Delta Brief Ojama Delta Brief @
Ojama Delta Hurricane!!08251996Ojama Delta Hurricane!!
Ojama Delta Thunder!! Ojama Delta Thunder!! @
Ojama Green12482652Ojama Green
Ojama Knight40391316Ojama Knight
Ojama King90140980Ojama King
(Ojama Red)37132349Ojama Red *
Ojama Ride Ojama Get Ride! @
Ojama TokenNONEOjama Token
Ojama Trio29843091Ojama Trio
Ojama Yellow42941100Ojama Yellow
Ojamachine Yellow Ojamamachine Yellow @
Ojamachine Yellow TokenNONEOjamamachine Yellow Token @
Ojamandala Ojamandala @
(Ojamarble) Ojamarble @
(Ojamarking) Ojamarking @
Old Vindictive Magician45141844Shūnen Bukakirō Majutsushi
Omega Goggles04857085Omega Megane
Ominous Fortunetelling56995655Fukitsuna Uranai
(One For One)02295440One For One *
One Hot Sauce Bottle (A Keg of Sake; Hot Sauce Bottle) Ojōshi Ippon @
One Hundred Year Awakening Hyaku-nen no Mezame @
One on One Fight Ikkiuchi @
One Who Hunts Souls03606209Tamashī o Karumono *
One-Eyed Shield Dragon33064647One-Eyed Shield Dragon
(One-Hundred Eye Dragon One-Hundred Eye Dragon @
Oni Tank T-3466927994Oni Tank T-Sanjūyon
Onion Man Tamanegiman @
Onmoraki Onmoraki @
Ooashi (Bigfoot)13906696Big Foot @
Ookazi19523799Chūya no Ōkazi
Oppressed People58538870Dan’atsu Sarerutami
Opti-Camouflage Armor44762290Kōgaku Meisai Armour
Opticlops14531242Red Cyclops
Option Hunter33248692Option Hunter
Option TokenNONEOption Token
Orb of Yasaka74115234Yasaka no Magatama
Orbital Bombardment96875080Daikikengai Shageki
Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness63120904Ankoku Daiyōsaijutsu
Ordeal of a Traveler39537362Tabibito no Shiren
Order to Charge78986941Tōgeki Shirei
Order to Smash39019325Gyakusai Shirei
Orgoth the Relentless (God Orgus) God Orgoth @
Orichalcos Aristeros Orichalcos Aristeros @
Orichalcos Deuteros Orichalcos Deuteros @
Orichalcos Dexia Orichalcos Dexia @
Orichalcos Gigas Orichalcos Gigas @
Orichalcos Kyutora Orichalcos Kyutora @
Orichalcos Malevolence Orichalcos Diabolos @
Orichalcos Mirror Orichalcos Mirror @
Orichalcos Shunoros Orichalcos Shunoros @
Orichalcos Sword of Sealing Orichalcos no Mafūken @
Orichalcos Tritos Orichalcos Tritos @
Orion the Battle King02971090Tatakai no Kami Orion *
Oscillo Hero82065276Oscillo Hero
Oscillo Hero #227324313Elekids
Otherworld – The “A” Zone60946968Ikai Kūkan – A Zone *
Outstanding Dog Marron11548522Meiken Marron
Over BoostNONEOver-Boost Armour @
Over Destiny72204747Over Destiny
(Over Ghost Rain) Over Dead Rain @
Over Limit23282832Over-Limit
Overdoom Line87046457Over-Dead Line *
Overdrive02311603Gatling Buggy
Overdrive Teleporter01834753(Overdrive Teleporter)
Overload Fusion03659803Overload Fusion
Overpowering Eye60577362Iatsusuru Magan *
Owl Hermit of the Black Forest48156505Kurokimori no Fukurō Sentan @
Owner’s Seal09720537Shōyūsha no Kokuin
Oyster Meister83239739Oyster-Meister
Oyster TokenNONEOyster-Token
(Pain to Power) Pain to Power @
Painful Choice74191942Kujū no Sentaku
Pair Cycroid Pair Cycroid @
Paladin of the Cursed Dragon68670547Black-Knight of Dark-Dragon
Paladin of White Dragon73398797Knight of White Dragon
Pale Beast21263083Pale Beast
PalmeyNONEPalmey @
Pandemonium94585852Pandemonium —Akuma no Sōkutsu—
Pandemonium Watchbear75375465Jigoku no Nangumo
Pandora Pandora @
Panther Warrior42035044Shikkoku no Hyōsenshi Panther Warrior
Para Mutant Para Mutant @
Parallel World Fusion Parallel World Fusion @
Paralyzing Chain79707116Paralyse Chain
Paralyzing Potion50152549Shibire Kusuri
(Parasite Caterpillar) Parasite Caterpillar @
Parasite Paracide27911549Kiseichū Paracide {Parricide}
Parasitic Ticky87978805Kiseitai Dani
(Parmal) Seishin Parmal @
Parrot Dragon62762898Parrot Dragon
(Partner Change) Partner Change @
Path to Destiny Unmei no Michibiki @
Patrician of Darkness19153634Noble du Noir
Patrol Robo76775123Patrol Robo
(Pearl of Change) Jūka no Hōju @
Pegasus Wing Tenma no Tsubasa @
Penalty Game!00967928Batsu Game!
Pendulum Machine24433920Furikoyaiba no Kōmonkikai *
Penguin Knight36039163Penguin Knight
Penguin Soldier93920745Penguin Soldier
Penguin Sword Penguin Sword @
Penguin TorpedoNONEPenguin Gyorai @
Pentacle of Ace Pentacle of Ace @
Penumbral Soldier Lady64751286Tsuki no Onnasenshi
People Running About12143771Nigemadōtami
Perfect Counter Code 1, 2, 3 Perfect Counter Code One-Two-Three @
Perfect Machine King18891691Perfect Kikai-Ō
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth48579379Kyūkyoku Kanzentai Great Moth
Performance of Sword04849037Dancing Soldier
(Permal) Permal @
Peten the Dark Clown52624755Yami Dōkeshi no Peten
Petit Angel38142739Petit-Tenshi
Petit Dragon75356564Petit-Ryū
Petit Moth58192742Petit Moth
Phalanx Pike42709949Shugoshin no Hoko
(Phantasm Counter)NONEGenma Counter @
Phantasm TokenNONEGenma Token
Phantasmal Martyr TokenNONEGenma no Junkyōsha Token
Phantasmal Martyrs93224848Genma no Junkyōsha
Phantom Beast Cross-Wing71181155Genjū Cross-Wing
Phantom Beast Rock-Lizard (Phantom Beast Rock Lizard)70969517Genjū Rock-Lizard
Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus34961968Genjū Thunder-Pegas
Phantom Beast Wild-Horn07576264Genjū Wild-Horn
Phantom Cricket56605802Gen’ei Kōrogi
Phantom Dewan77603950Satanna *
Phantom Dragon49879995Phantom Dragon
Phantom Dragonray Bronto (Dark Mutation)43191636Ryūkagegyo Ray Bronto
Phantom Ghost61201220Ghost *
Phantom of Chaos30312361Phantom of Chaos
Phantom Skyblaster (Illusion Brigadier)12958919Genjūshi
Pharaoh’s Servant52550973Pharaoh no Shimobe
Pharaoh’s Treasure63571750Ōke no Zaihō
Pharaonic Protector89959682Ōke no Shugosha
Pheromone WaspNONEPheromone Wasp @
Phoenix Gravitation Phoenix Gravitation @
Phoenix Wing Wind Blast63356631Hōyoku no Bakufū
Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis23558733Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis *
Phoenixian Seed96553688Phoenixian Seed *
Photon Generator Unit66607691Photon Generator Unit
Physical Double63442604Butsuri Bunshin
(Pierce Musketeer) Pierce Musketeer @
Pigeon TokenNONEHato-Token @
Pigeonholing Books of Spell96677818Madōsho Seiri
Pikeru’s Circle of Enchantment74270067Pikeru no Mahōjin
Pikeru’s Second Sight58015506Pikeru no Dokushinjutsu
(Pill Popper) (Drug User) Yakukui @
Pinch Hopper26185991Daida Batter
Pineapple Blast90669991Pineapple Bomb
PinkerNONEPinker @
Piranha Army50823978Guntai Piranha
Piri Reis Map Piri Reis no Chizu @
Pitch-Black Power Stone34029630Shikkoku no Power-Stone
Pitch-Black Warwolf88975532Shikkoku no Senshi Werewolf
(Pitch-Black Zumwalt) Shikkoku no Zumwalt @
Pitch-Dark Dragon47415292Shikkoru no Dragon
Pixie Knight35429292Pixie Knight
Pixie Ring????????Gallitrap – Pixie Rin *
Plague Wolf55696885Ekibyō Ōkami
Plaguespreader Zombie33420078Zombie-Carrier
Planet Alignment Wakusei Chokuretsu @
Planet Pollutant Virus39163598Wakusei Osen Virus
Plant CounterNONEPlant Counter
Plant Food Chain54451023Shokobutsu Rensa
Plant TokenNONEPlan-Token
Plasma Eel Plasma Eel @
Plasma CounterNONEBlood Counter {Counter} @
Plasma Counter Blood Counter {Trap} @
Plasma Discharger Blood Discharger @
Plasma Roar Chi no Hōkō – Blood Roar @
Plasma TokenNONEBlood Token @
Plasma Warrior Eitom Plasma Senshi Eitom @
Poison Butterfly Dokuchō Poison Butterfly @
Poison Chain33302407Poison Chain
(Poison Crossbow) Poison Bow-Gun @
Poison Draw Frog56840658Hikigaeru
Poison Fangs76539041Poison Fang
Poison Mummy43716289Poison Mummy
Poison of the Old Man08842266Goinkyo no Mōdokuyaku
Poisonous Snake TokenNONEDokuhebi Token
Poisonous Viper Mōdoku Mamushi @
(Polarizing Prism) Henkō Prism @
Pole Position73578229Pole Position
Polymerization27847700Yūgō {Volume.6} *
Portable Battery Pack61840587Keitaigata Battery
Possessed Dark Soul52860176Hyōsuru Blood Soul
Pot of Avarice67169062Don’yoku-na Tsubo
Pot of Generosity70278545Kenkyo-na Tsubo
Pot of Greed55144522Gōyoku-na Tsubo
Pot the Trick55567161Pot the Trick *
Potato Man Potato-Man @
Power Annihilator Power Murder @
Power Balance Power Balance @
Power Bind Power Bind @
Power Bombard Power Bomb @
Power Bond37630732Power Bond
Power Capsule54289683Power Capsule
Power Charger Power Charger @
(Power Connection) Power Connexion @
(Power Converter) Power Converter @
Power Filter19844995Shōkan Seigen – Power-Filter
(Power Gift) Power Gift @
Power Injector89547299Power Injector
(Power Load) Power Load @
Power of Kaishin77027445Poseidon no Chikara
Power of NatureNONE? @
Power Off Power Off @
Power Spirit Power Spirits @
(Power Tool Dragon)02403771Power Tool Dragon *
Power Wall Power Wall @
Power Zone Power Zone @
Powered Tank Powered Caterpillar @
(Powered Tuner)50621530Powered Tuner *
Powerful Rebirth Kyōka Sosei @
Practitioner of the Ice Barrier23950192Hyōkekkai no Jutsusha *
Prairie Dragon Prairie Dragon @
Precious Cards from Beyond68304813Meikai no Hōsatsu
Premature Burial (Magic Burial)70828912Hayasugita Maisō
Prepare to Strike Back04483989Hangeki Junbi
Prevent Rat00549481Prevent Rat
Prevention Star94303232Prevent Star
(Prey Counter)NONEEmono Counter @
(Preying Mantis) Preying Mantis @
Prickle Fairy91559748Ibara no Yōsei
Pride of Tribe Ichizoku no Pride @
Pride Shout Pride Shout @
Prideful Roar66518841Pride no Hōkō
Prima Light Prima no Hikari @
Primal Seed23701465Gensho no Tane
Prime Material Dragon12298909Material-Dragon
Prime Material Falcon01287123(Material-Falcon)
Princess Curran02316186Princess – Curran
Princess Pikeru75917088Princess – Pikeru
Princess of Tsurugi51371017Tsurugi no Jo-Ō
Prism Wall Prism Wall @
(Prohibited Cup)25789292Kinjirareta Seihai *
Prometheus, King of the Shadows82213171Yami-Ō Prometheus
Promotion Promotion @
(Proof of Powerlessness)11373345Muryoku Shōmei *
Prophecy Yogen @
(Protection Counter)NONEShugo Counter @
Protective Soul Ailin11678191Shugorei Ailin
(Protector of Darkness) Yami no Shūgoshin @
Protector of the Sanctuary24221739Shinden o Mamorusha
Protector of the Throne10071456Ōza no Shugosha
Proto-Cyber Dragon26439287Proto Cyber Dragon
Prototype Development Prototype Change! @
Psi-Impulse31328739Psychic Impulse
Psychic Armor HeadNONEPsychic Armour Head @
(Psychic Charge)82633308Psycho Charge *
Psychic Commander21454943Psycho Commander
(Psychic Cyborg)80102359Kyōka Jinrui Psycho *
Psychic Cyclone Psychic Cyclone @
Psychic Jumper52430902Psycho-Jumper
Psychic Kappa07892180Psycho Kappa
Psychic Lifetrancer45379225Psycho Health-Trancer
(Psychic Path)25401880Psycho-Path *
Psychic Rejuvenation21488686Psycho Healing
Psychic Snail58453942Psycho Whorled
Psychic Sword92346415Psycho Sword
Psychic Trigger55673611Psycho Trigger
Psychic Tuning03891471Psycho Tune
(Psychic Wave) Psychic Wave @
Psycho-Puppet63459075Killer Puppet @
Psychokinesis32180819Saikoshiki Nendō
Pulling the Rug34717238Tatami Gaeshi
Pump Up Pump Up @
Pumpkin Carriage Kabocha no Bajō @
Pumpking the King of Ghosts29155212Ghost Ō —Pumpking—
Punished Eagle74703140Sabaki no Taka
Pupa of MothNONEMoth no Sanagi @
Puppet King03167573Puppet King
Puppet Master (Puppet Master, Controller of the Dead)41442341Shiryō Ayatsurishi Puppet-Master
(Puppet Pawn) Puppet Pawn @
Puppet Plant51119924Puppet Plant
(Puppet Queen) Puppet Queen @
Puppet Ritual05783166Puppet no Gishiki @
(Puppet Rook) Puppet Rook @
Pure Pupil Pure Pupil @
Purity of the Cemetery Seren-na Bochi no Maryoku @
Purse With a Hole Ana’aki Saifu @
Pursuit Chaser27870033Chase Scud
Pyramid Energy76754619Pyramid Power
Pyramid of Light53569894Hikari no Pyramid
Pyramid Turtle77044671Pyramid Turtle
Pyro Clock of Destiny01082946Unmei no Bijikei
Quality Quality @
Quantity Quantity @
Queen Bird73081602Queen Bird
Queen of Autumn Leaves04179849Kōyō no Jo-Ō
Queen of Fate – EterniaNONEUnmei no Jo-Ō Eternia
Queen of Thorns45500495Hell Bramble
Queen’s Bodyguard71411377Jo-Ō Shineitai
Queen’s Double05901497Jo-Ō no Kagemusha
Queen’s Knight25652259Queens Knight
(Quentin) Tōkusenkan Quinton @
Question Change!? Ques-Change!? @
Question MarkerNONEHatenan @
Quick Attack Sokkō @
Quick Charger49479374Quick-Charger
(Quick Summon) Quick Summon @
Quick Summon Sokkō Shōkan @
Quickrush Quick Attack @
Quillbolt Hedgehog23571046Bolt Hedgehog
Quiz Hour! Quiz Hour! @
Quiz Panel Obelisk 10 Quiz Panel Obelisk no Jū @
Quiz Panel Obelisk 20 Quiz Panel Obelisk no Nijū @
Quiz Panel Obelisk 30 Quiz Panel Obelisk no Sanjū @
Quiz Panel Ra 10 Quiz Panel Ra no Jū @
Quiz Panel Ra 20 Quiz Panel Ra no Nijū @
Quiz Panel Ra 30 Quiz Panel Ra no Sanjū @
Quiz Panel Slifer 10 Quiz Panel Osiris no Jū @
Quiz Panel Slifer 20 Quiz Panel Osiris no Nijū @
Quiz Panel Slifer 30 Quiz Panel Osiris no Sanjū @
Quizzer Panel 9 Nazorā Panel 9 @
R – Righteous Justice37318031R – Right Justice
Ra’s Disciple Ra no Shito @
Rabid Horseman94905343Minokentaurus
(Rabid Horseman #2)43708640Minokensatyrus *
Radiant Jeral84177693Holy Jeral
Radiant Mirror Force21481146Senkō no Barrier —Shining Force—
Radiant Spirit12624008Shine-Spirits
Rafflesia Seduction31440542Hanwaku no Rafflesia
Rage of the Forbidden One Fūinsareshimono no Fundo @
Raging Cloudian23639291Aggressive Cloudian
Raging Earth50957346Rage-Earth
Raging Eria56524813Sakamaku Eria
Raging Flame Sprite90810762Sakamaku Hono-o no Seirei
Ragnarok Ragnarok @
Rai-Jin37829468(Thunder God)
Raigeki12580477Thunder Bolt
Raigeki Break04178474Thunder Break
Rain of Mercy66719324Megumi no Ame
Rain Storm45653036Rain-Storm
Rainbow Blessing Niji-iro no Shukufuku @
Rainbow Blessing Niji no Megumi {GX} @
Rainbow Bridge Bifrost Eiyū no Kakehashi Bifrost @
Rainbow Dark Dragon79407975Kyūkyoku Hōgyokushin Rainbow Dark Dragon
Rainbow Dragon79856792Kyūkyoku Hōgyokushin Rainbow Dragon
Rainbow Flower21347810Rainbow Flower
Rainbow Gravity63806265Niji no Inryoku
Rainbow Life34002992Rainbow Life
Rainbow Marine Mermaid29402771Rainbow Marine Mermaid *
Rainbow Neos86346643Rainbow Neos
Rainbow Path07617253Niji no Yukue
Rainbow Snake Eingana Nijihebi no Eingana @
Rainbow Veil12355388Rainbow Veil
Raise Body Heat51267887Taion no Jōshō
Raiza the Storm Monarch73125233Fūtei Raiza
RakkikkyNONERakkikky @
Rallis the Star Bird41382147Hoshimitori Rallis
Rampage Condenser Bōsō Condenser @
Rampaging Rhynos03784434Totsugeki Rhynos
(Rapid-Fire Attack) Rengeki @
Rapid-Fire Magician06337436Rendan no Majutsushi
Raptor Wing Strike94681654Feather Wind Attack
Rare Fish80516007Rare Fish *
Rare Metal Dragon25236056Rare-Metal Dragon
Rare Metalmorph12503902Rare-Metal-ka Mahōhansha Zōkō
Rare Value60876124Rare Value
Raregold Armor07625614Raregold Armour
Raviel, Lord of Phantasms69890967Genma-Ō Raviel
Ray & Temperature85309439Hikarize to Taiyō
Ray of Hope82529174Kibō no Hikari
Razor Lizard18372968Kamisori-Tokage
Ready for Intercepting31785398Geigekijūnbi
(Real Genex Magna)????????Real Genex Magna *
(Real Genex Turbo)????????Real Genex Turbo *
(Realize Defense) Realise Defence @
Really Eternal Rest28121403Daijōbutsu
Realm of Light36099620Justice World
Reaper of the Cards33066139Card o Karu Shinigami
Reaper on the Nightmare85684223Nightmare o Karu Shiryō
Reaper Scythe Shishin no Ogama Deathscythe @
(Rear-Guard Action) Shingari no Sentō @
Rebellion Zōhangeki @
Rebirth Judgment (Declaration of Rebirth) Rin’ne Dokudan @
Rebirth Tablet Sosei no Wdj @
Reborn Zombie23421244Reborn Zombie
Receive Ace Receive Ace @
Reckless Greed37576645Mubōna Yokubari
Reckless Parasite Kiseijū no Kōsō @
(Reckless Power)11596936Reckless-Power *
Recurring Nightmare81191584Akumu Futatabi
Recycle Barrier Recycle Barrier @
Recycle Genex51827737Recycle Genex *
Recycling Batteries99995595Battery-Recycle
Recycling Plant Kuzutetsu Saisei no Kōba @
Red Archery Girl65570596Yume o Hiku Mermaid
Red Dragon Archfiend70902743Red Dæmons Dragon
Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode77336644Red Dæmons Dragon Slash Buster
Red Gadget86445415Red Gadget
Red Ghost Moon Ayakashi no Red Moon @
Red Mane, Blue Breeches88526905Red-Mane Blue-Breeches @
Red Medicine38199696Red Potion
Red Ogre68722455Akaoni
Red Process – Rubedo Sekishokuka Rubedo @
Red ScorpyNONERed Scorpy *
Red HeadNONERed-Head @
Red Wyrm Red Wyrm @
Red-Eyes B. Chick36262024Kokuryū no Hina
Red-Eyes B. Dragon74677422Red-Eyes Black-Dragon
{Red-Eyes B. Dragon}NONER·E·B Dragon *
Red-Eyes B. Dragon Sword Red Eyes Black Dragon Sword @
Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon64335804Red-Eyes Black-Metal-Dragon
(Red-Eyes Burn) Red-Eyes Burn @
Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon96561011Red-Eyes Darkness-Dragon
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon88264978Red-Eyes Darkness-Metal-Dragon
(Red-Eyes Spirit) Red-Eyes Spirits @
Red-Eyes Transmigration Red Eyes Transmigration @
Red-Eyes Wyvern67300516Red-Eyes Wyvern
Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon05186893Red-Eyes Undead-Dragon
Red-Moon Baby56387350Vampire Baby
Red-Pepper Spice Magic Spice – Red Pepper @
Reduction Barrier Reduxion Barrier @
Reflect Bounder02851070Makyōdōshi Reflect Bounder
Reflect Energy Energy Reflector @
Reflector Bit Reflector Bit @
(Reflector Shield) Hanshajun —Reflector— @
(Refracting Prism) Bunsan Prism @
Regenerating Mummy70821187Saisei Mīra
Regenerating Rose31986288Split Demon Rose
Regenerating Rose TokenNONEDemon-Rose Token
(Regret Reborn) Regret Reborn @
(Regulus the White Lion) Shiroki Shishi Regulus @
Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World99458769Ankokukai no Mashin Reign
Reinforcement of the Army32807846Zōen
(Relationship) Relationship @
Relativity Field Sōtaisei Field @
Relay Soul Tamashī no Relay @
Release from Stone26956670Kasekigan no Kaihō
Release Restraint23412459Kōsoku Kaijo
Released Curse Tokihanatareta Noroi @
Relieve Monster37507488Monster Relief
(Remake Puzzle) Remake Puzzle @
Remote Revenge61656650Higeki no Hikigane
Remove Brainwashing94739788Sennō Kaijo
Remove Trap51482758Wanawazushi
Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World60606759Ankokukai no Banpei Renge
Replacement Parts Parts Hojū @
(Reptile’s Spawn) Reptiles Spawn @
Rescue Cat14878871Rescue Cat
Rescuer from the Grave Maibotsushin no Kyūsai @
Reshef the Dark Being62420419Daijashin Reshef
Residual Reflection Zanryūshinen @
Respect Play08951260Seisei Dōdō
(Respect Synchron) Respect Synchron @
Restructer Revolution99518961Kakumei
Resurrection of Chakra39399168Chakra no Fukkatsu *
Resurrection Scroll Sosei no Kyōmon @
Resurrection Tribute Fukkatsu no Ikenie @
Retreat of the Dark Scorpions Kurosasori Tesshū @
Retribution of the Ant Lion Arijigoku no Hōfuku @
Return from the Different Dimension27174286Ijigen-kara no Kikan
Return of the Doomed19827717Shisha no Seikan
Return of the Six Samurai46874015Rokubushū Suisan!
(Return of the Swallows)10651797Tsubame Gaeshi *
Return Soul10537981Return-Soul
Return Talisman Shikigami Gaeshi @
Return Talisman TokenNONEShikigami Token @
Return Ticket Spare-Car @
Return Zombie03072077Return Zombie
Revenge Sacrifice Revenge Sacrifice @
Revenge Soul Revenge Soul @
Reversal of Fate36690018Gyakutensuru Unmei
Reversal Quiz05990062Daigyakuten Quiz
Reverse Effector Reverse Effector @
Reverse of Neos18302224Reverse of Neos
Reverse of Reverse Reverse of Reverse @
Reverse Reborn Reverse Reborn @
Reverse Trap77622396Ama no Ja’aku no Noroi
Reverse-Time Toki no Gyakuryū @
Revival Gift93912845Revival Gift
Revival Jam31709826Revival Slime
Revival of Dokurorider (Revival of Skeleton Rider)NONESkullrider no Fukkatsu
Revival of Sennen Genjin16206366Sennen Genjin no Fukkatsu @
Revived King Ha Des05309481Yomigaerishi Ma-Ō Ha Death
Revived Serpent Night Dragon39411600Evil-Knight Dragon no Gishiki @
Revoke Fusion (Fusion Scrap)49469105Yūgō Haki
(Revolution – Trick Battle) Kakumei – Trick Battle @
Revolving Stage Kaiten Butai Revolving Stage @
Rhaimundos of the Red Sword62403074Akakiken no Rhaimundos *
Ribbon of Rebirth37534148Reborn-Ribbon
Ride of the Valkyries Walküren Ritt @
Right Arm of the Forbidden One70903634Fūinsareshimono no Migiude
Right Leg of the Forbidden One08124921Fūinsareshimono no Migiashi
Right or Left Quiz! Quiz! Right or Left @
Rigorous Reaver (Rigras Leever)39180960Riglas Reaper
Ring of Defense58641905Bōgyorin
Ring of Destruction (Bell of Destruction)83555666Hakairin
Ring of Fiendish Power Ring of Devil-Power @
Ring of Life Seimeirin @
Ring of Magnetism20436034Jiryoku no Yubiwa
(Ring of Power) Chikara no Yubiwa @
Riryoku Field70344351Force-Field
(Rise of the Darklord) Datenshi Kōrin @
Rise of the Snake Deity (Rise of the Sacred Deity)16067089Jashin Kōrin
Rising Air Current45778932Desert Storm
Rising Energy78211862Rising Energy
Rite of Spirit30450531Kōrei no Gishiki
Ritual Foregone65540690Gentei Kaijo
Ritual Raven34334692Gishiki no Kumotsu
Ritual Sanctuary Shukufuku No Kyōkai —Ritual Church— @
Ritual Sealing09145181Gishiki Kōrin Fūin no Sho
Ritual Weapon54351224Ritual Weapon
Rivalry of Warlords90846359Gunyūkakkyo
Road Synchron71971554Road Synchron
Road Warrior02322421Road Warrior
Roaring Ocean Snake19066538Todoroki no Daiumihebi
Robbin’ Goblin88279736Oihagi Goblin
Robbin’ Zombie83258273Oihagi Zombie
Robolady92421852Rare-Metal Lady
Robot TokenNONERobot Token @
Robotic Knight44203504Kikai Gunsō
Roboyarou38916461Rare-Metal Soldier
Roc from the Valley of Haze28143906Kasumi no Tani no Daikaichō
Rock Bombardment29781762Iwanage Attack
Rock Ogre Grotto #1 (Smashing Rock)68846917Ganketsu Majin Ogre Rock
Rock Ogre Grotto #262193699War Earth *
Rock Spirit82818645Ganseki no Seirei *
Rocket Jumper53890795Rocket Jumper
Rocket Hermos Cannon Rocket Helmos Cannon @
(Rocket Pilder) Rocket Pilder @
Rocket Warrior30860696Rocket Senshi
(Rockman) Iwao @
(Rockstone Token)NONERockstone Token *
(Rockstone Warrior)51987571Rockstone Warrior *
RockyNONERocky @
Rod of Silence – Kay’est95515060Seijaku no Rod – Kay’est
Rod of the Mind’s Eye94793422Sengan no Hoko
Rogue Doll91939608Holy Doll
Roid Reinforcements Roid Nōnyū @
Roll of Fate Unmei no Hōsatsu @
Roll Out!91597389Get Ride!
(Rookie Fight) Rookie Fight @
Root Dragonwood26859743Root-Dragon-Wood @
Root Water39004808Root Water
Rope of Life93382620Inochi no Tsuna
RoppNONERopp @
Rose Bud25090294Blumenblatt
Rose Curse Curse of Rose @
Rose Flame????????Rose Flame *
Rose Spectre of Dunn (Rose Spectre of Dune)32485271Bara ni Hisomu Akuryō *
Rose Tentacles41160533Rose Tentacles *
Rose TokenNONERose Token
Rose, Warrior of Revenge01557341(Adauchi no Senshi Rose)
Rose Whip Bara no Muchi @
Rough Exploder Rough Bomber @
Rough Fight Rough Fight @
Roughneck Missile Launcher47333913Arakure Missile Launcher @
Roulette Barrel46303688Roulette Bomber
Roulette Spider Roulette Spider @
Royal Command33950246Ōkyū no Gōrei
Royal Decree51452091Ōkyū no Ofure
Royal Firestorm Guards54040221Entei Konoehei
Royal Guard39239728Royal-Guard *
Royal Keeper16509093Ōzoku Shineitai
Royal Knight68280530Royal Knights
Royal Knight of the Ice Barrier66661678Hyōkekkai no Royal Knight *
Royal Magical Library70791313Ōritsu Mahōtoshkan
Royal Oppression93016201Ōkyū no Dan’atsu
Royal Straight Royal Straight @
Royal Straight Slasher Royal Straight Slasher @
Royal Surrender56058888Ōkyū no Kanraku
Royal Swamp Eel37953640(Ōkyū no Numa-chi no Unagi)
Royal Sword Ōke no Tsuguri @
Royal Tribute72405967Ōke no Ikenie
Royal Writ of Taxation86742443Ōkyū no Jūzei
Rubble King Gareki no Ō @
Ruby Dragon Ruby Dragon @
Rude Kaiser26378150Rude Kaiser
Ruin, Queen of Oblivion46427957Hametsu no Megami Ruin
Ruklamba the Spirit KingNONESeirei-Ō Ruklamba @
Runner LizardNONEHashiri Tokage *
Rush Recklessly70046172Tosshin
Ruthless Denial (Merciless Crossout)73148972Mujō no Massatsu
Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter21502796Lightlord Hunter Ryko
Ryu Kokki57281778Ryū Kokki
Ryu Senshi49868263Dragon Warrior
Ryu-Kishin Clown42647539Gargoyle no Dōkeshi
Ryu-Kishin Powered24611934Gargoyle Powered
Ryu-Ran02964201Dragon Egger
Sabatiel the Philosopher’s Stone Kenja no Ishi Sabatiel @
Saber Beetle49645921Sabre Beetle
Saber of Malice Onnen no Kodachi @
Saber Slasher73911410Killer Machine *
Sacred Crane30914564Seichūku Crane
Sacred Defense Barrier (Sacred Protective Barrier) Seichi no Shugokekkai @
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys61441708Nephthys no Hōōshin
Sacred Stone of Wdjat Wdjat no Seikiban @
Sage of Silence26669055Seijaku no Seija
Sage of Stillness62054060Heion no Kenja
Sage’s Stone (Sage’s Jewel)13604200Kenja no Hōseki
Saggi the Dark Clown66602787Yami Dōkeshi no Saggi
(Sail to the Duelist Kingdom)NONEŌkoku-he no Funade *
Sakuretsu Armor56120475Reactive Armour
Sample Fossil Sample Fossil @
Samsara44182827Rin’ne Tenshō
Samsara Kaiser72237166Kaiser Sacrifice
Samsara Lotus05592689Sacrifice Lotus
(Samurai of the Ice Barrier)????????Hyōkekkai no Bushi *
Sand Doobdlebug Sand Doodlebug @
Sand Gambler50593156Sand Gambler
Sand Moth73648243Sand-Moth
Sand Stone73051941Sand Stone
Sand-Witch (Mystical Sand)32751480Sand Witch *
(Sandcastle) Suna no Toride @
Sanga of the Thunder25955164Raimashin – Sanga
Sanguine Swamp60627999Chi no Numa-chi
(Sapphire Revive) Sapphire Revive @
Sasuke Samurai16222645Ittōryōdan Zamurai
Sasuke Samurai #211760174Gongodōdan Zamurai
Sasuke Samurai #377379481Ōbanburomai Zamurai
Sasuke Samurai #464538655Ichigeki Hissatsu Zamurai
Satellite Base Satellite Base @
Satellite Cannon50400231Satellite Cannon
Satellite Laser Balsam (Satellite Laser X-06S, Balsam) Satellite Laser X-Zero Six Five Balsam @
Saurobeast Brachion (Brachyon)41753322Ryūkyakujū Brachion *
(Savage Colosseum) Savage Colosseum @
Scab Blast Scab Blast @
Scab CounterNONEScab Counter @
Scab Scarknight Scab Scarknight @
Scab Scream Scab Scream @
(Scale Mail) Scale Mail @
Scapegoat73915051Scape Goat
Scarknight Crying Scarknight @
Scarr, Scout of Dark World05498296Ankokukai no Sekkō Scarr
Schroedinger’s Cat Schrödinger no Itazura Neko @
Science Soldier67532912Kagaku Tokushuhei
Scrap Fusion Scrap Fusion @
(Scrap Garage) Scrap Garage @
Scrap Storage Scrap Okiba @
Scrap-Iron Scarecrow98427577Kuzutetsu no Kakashi
Scroll of Bewitchment10352095Genwaku no Makimono
(Sea Archer)04252828Sea Archer *
Sea Kamen71746462Sea Kamen *
Sea King Dragon23659124Sea King Dragon *
Sea Koala87685879Koalacco
(Sea Otter Koala)71759912Raccoala *
Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness42071342Ankoku no Kairyūhebi
Seal of Serket (Seal of Selket) Serket no Monshō @
Seal of the Ancients97809599Kyushin no In
(Sealed Battle Position) Fūin no Jin @
Sealed Gate Fūin no Tobira @
Sealmaster Meisei02468169Fūinshi Meisei
Search Shock Search Shock @
Search Striker80885324Search Striker
Sebek’s Blessing22537443Sebek no Shukufuku
Second Coin Toss36562627Second Chance
Second Goblin19086954Second Goblin
Secret Barrel27053506Shikomi Machinegun
Secret Mission Secret Mission @
Secret Pass to the Treasures77876207Zaihō-he no Kakushitsūro
Secret Village of the Spellcasters68462976Mahō-zoku no Sato
Secrets of the Gallant95096437Gizoku no Gokuisho
Sectarian of Secrets15507080Tsuminishitagaumono
Security Orb26533075Security Ball
Seed Cannon81524977Shushi Dangan
Seed of Deception18752938Itsuwari no Tane
Seed of Flame38041940(Hono-o no Tane)
Seed TokenNONE(Tane Token)
(Seeress An-chan) Uranai Majo An-chan @
(Seeress Chi-chan) Uranai Majo Chi-chan @
(Seeress Fu-chan) Uranai Majo Fu-chan @
(Seeress Hikari-chan) Uranai Majo Hikari-chan @
(Seeress Sui-chan) Uranai Majo Sui-chan @
Seismic Crasher00114932Plate-Crasher
Seismic Shockwave79569173Daijishin
Seiyaryu06740720Holy Night Dragon
Selection of Fate Unmei no Sentaku @
Self Tribute Self Sacrifice @
Self-Destruct Button57585212Jibaku Switch
Senet Switch63394872Position-Change
Sengenjin76232340Sennen Genjin
Senju of the Thousand Hands23401839Senjū God
Senri Eye60391791Senrigan
Sentinel of the Sea (Guardian of the Sea; Sea Guardian)85448931Umi o Mamorusenshi
(Seraphim Gardna) Seraphim Gardna @
(Seraphim Blaster) Seraphim Gunner @
(Seraphim Saber) Seraphim Sabre @
Serial Spell49398568Renzoku Mahō
Service Ace Service Ace @
Serpent Marauder82742611Devil Snake *
Serpent Night Dragon66516792Evil Night Dragon
Serpentine Princess71829750Naga
Servant of Catabolism02792265Igyō no Shūsha
Seven Goatlings Shichi-ki no Koyagi @
Seven Tools of the Bandit03819470Tōzoku ni Nanatsudōgu
(Seven-Armed Archfiend) (Seven-Armed Fiend) Seven-Arm Dæmon @
Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror99735427Kurayami o Suikomo Magic Mirror
Shadow Balance (Devil’s Scales) Akuma no Tenbin @
Shadow Delver57827484Shadow Diver
(Shadow Guardsman) Shadow-Guardman @
Shadow Ghoul30778711Shadow Ghoul
Shadow Moon Shadow Moon @
Shadow of Eyes (The Alluring Shadow)58621589Yūwaku no Shadow
Shadow Specter40575313Hellbound *
Shadow Spell29267084Yami no Jubaku
Shadow Tamer37620434Dæmon Tamer
Shadow Toon Shadow Toon @
Shadowknight Archfiend09603356Shadowknight Dæmon
Shadowpriestess of Ohm27869883Priestess Ohm
Shadowslayer20939559Yami no Jūnin Shadowkiller
Shaman of Mist Valley95443805Mist Valley no Kitōshi *
Shapesnatch04035199Shape Snatch
(Shard of Hope) Kibō no Kakeru @
Share the Pain56830749Itamiwake
Shattered Axe (Crumbling Axe)12117532Hibiware no Yukuono
Sheep TokenNONEHitsuji Token
Shell Knight Shell Knight @
Shiba-Warrior Taro27416701Shiba Senshi Taro
Shield & Sword52097679Migite ni Tate o Hidarite ni Ken o
Shield Attack Shield Attack @
Shield Crush (Shield Crash)30683373Shield Crush
(Shield of Illusion) Zanzō no Tate @
Shield Recovery Shield Recovery @
Shield Spear03244563Shield-Spear
Shield Strike Shield Strike @
Shield TokenNONEShield Token @
Shield Wall Shield Wall @
Shield Warrior95360850Shield Warrior
Shield Wing28859794Shield Wing *
(Shield Worm) Shield Worm @
Shien’s Castle of Mist11102908Shien no Kasumijō
Enishi, Shien’s Chancellor38280762Shien no Rōjū Enishi
Shien’s Footsoldier99675356Shien no Ashigaru
Shien’s Spy07672244Shien no Kansha
Shifting Shadows59237154Ugomeku Kage
Shinato, King of a Higher Plane86327225Tenkai-Ō Shinato
Shinato’s Ark60365591Kiseki no Hakobune
Shine CounterNONEShine Counter
Shine Palace (Bright Castle)82878489Shine Castle *
Shining Abyss87303357Shine Abyss
Shining Angel95956346Shine Angel
Shining Dragon Shine Dragon @
Shining Friendship82085619Friendship
Shining Silver Force89563150Hakuen no Barrier —Silver-Force— *
Shizuka the Heavenly Dancer Tenjō Maihime – Shizuka @
Shock ShellNONEShock Shell @
Shooting Star Bow – Ceal95638658Ryūsei no Yumi – Ceal
Short Circuit Short @
Short Circuit75967082Short-Circuit {Spell}
(Short Circuit) Short-Circuit {Trap} @
Shovel Crusher71950093Shovel Crusher
Shrink (Collapse)55713623Shūshuku
Shutendoji (Shutendohji)65422840Shūtendōji *
Shuttleroid10449150Shuttleroid *
Side Attack Side Attack @
Silent Abyss86442081Silent-Abyss
Silent Doom (Silent Fiend)42534368Mokusuru Shisha
Silent Insect40867519Silent Insect
Silent Magician LV473665146Silent Magician Level 4
Silent Magician LV872443568Silent Magician Level 8
Silent Pain Chinmoku no Itami @
Silent Space Chinmoku no Kokū @
Silent Strider18235577Jakujakumushi
Silent Swordsman LV301995985Silent Swordman Level 3
Silent Swordsman LV574388798Silent Swordman Level 5
Silent Swordsman LV737267041Silent Swordman Level 7
Silent Torment Chinmoku no Gekitsū @
Sillva, Warlord of Dark World32619583Ankokukai no Gunshin Sillva
Silver Bow and Arrow01557499Gin no Yumeya
Silver Dollar 1 Dollar Ginka @
Silver Fang90357090Silver Fang
Silver Key Gin no Kagi @
Silver Spirit Redirection Ginshin no Katatagae @
Silver Spirit Sakyo Shirogane no Shikigami – Sakyō @
Silver Spirit Ukyo Shirogane no Shikigami – Ukyō @
(Silvery-White Wing)????????Hakugin no Tsubasa *
Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry86489182Shiso Shinchō Simorgh
Simorgh, Bird of Divinity14989021Shinchō Simorgh
Simultaneous Loss92219931Nisha Ichiryōzon
Single Combat Ikiuchi @
Singularity Fiend Tokuiten no Akuma @
Sinister Doctrines Jashin Kyōten @
Sinister Justice Makai no Shihō Torihiki @
Sinister Seed Token (Flower Token)NONEDemon-Balsam Token
Sinister Seeds60406591Demon-Balsam Seed
Sinister Serpent08131171Killer Snake
Sinister Sprocket61632317Dark Sprocketer
Six Samurai United72345736Rokubushū no Kessoku
Six Scrolls of the Samurai54913680Rokubu no Sho
Sixth Sense03280747Dairokkan *
Skeleton Fiend (Bone Snapper) Jinkokki @
Skelgon32355828Skelgon *
Skill Drain82732705Skill Drain
(Skill Shock) Skill Shock @
(Skill Successor) Skill Successor @
Skilled Dark Magician73752131Jukuren no Kuromajutsushi
Skilled White Magician46363422Jukuren no Shiromajutsushi
Skull Archfiend of Lightning61370518Jinrai no Ma-Ō – Skull Dæmon
Skull Base Skull Base @
Skull Conductor????????Skull Conductor *
Skull Dice00126218Akuma no Saikoro
Skull Dog Marron86652646Skull Dog Marron
Skull Flame????????Skull Flame *
Skull Guardian03627449Law-Guardian
Skull Invitation98139712Shiryō no Izanai
Skull Knight02504891Skull Bishop
Skull Knight #215653824Skull Knight
Skull Lair06733059Shiryō no Su
Skull Mariner05265750Kaizokusensu Skull Blood-gō
Skull Red Bird10202894Sky Hunter
Skull Servant32274490Wight
Skull ShellNONEDokuroppi @
Skull Stalker54844990Death Stalker *
Skull-Mark Ladybug64306248Dokurogan Ladybug
Skullbird08327462Death Bird *
Sky Dragon95288024Sky Dragon
Sky Scourge Enrise11458071Tenmashin Enrise
Sky Scourge Invicil74841885Tenmashin Invicil
Sky Scourge Norleras48453776Tenmashin Norleras
Sky Union Makūkashin @
Skyblaster Token (Brigadier Token)NONEJūshi Token
Skyscraper63035410Matenrō —Skyscraper—
Skyscraper 2 – Hero City47596607Matenrō 2 – Hero City
Slash Draw Ichigeki Hissatsu! Iai Draw @
Slate Warrior78636495Nuit
Sleeping Lion40200834Nemureru Lion
Slifer the Sky DragonNONEOsiris no Tenkūryū {Saint Dragon – God of Osiris}
Slifer’s OrbNONE? @
Slime04588539Slime @
Slime Ball Slime Hole @
Slime Base Slime Base @
(Slime King) Slime King @
Slime Monster TokenNONESlime Monster Token @
Slime TokenNONESlime Token
Slip Stream Slip Stream @
Slot Machine03797883Slot Machine AM-7
Small Piece Golem22754505Small Piece Golem
Smash Ace Smash Ace @
Smashing Ground97169186Jikudaki
Smoke Grenade of the Thief63789924Nusotto no Kemuridamo
Snake Deity’s Command80678380Jashin no Chōkumei
Snake Fang00596051Dokuhebi no Kiba
Snake Rain17189677Snake Rain
Snake Whistle81791932Snake Whistle
Snakeyashi29802344Snake Palm *
Snatch Steal45986603Gōdatsu
(Snatch Steal Whip) Gōdatsuben @
Sneak Attack Fuiuchi @
Sneak Exploder Sneak Mine @
Snipe Hunter84290642Snipe-Stalker
Snow Fairy Yuki no Yōsei @
Snowfall Sword Zansetsuken @
(Snowmaneater)91133740Snowmaneater *
Solar Flare Dragon45985838Prominence Dragon
Solar Genex15605085Solar Genex *
Solar Ray44472639Solar Ray
Solar Recharge00691925Solar Exchange
Solar ShineNONE? @
Soldier of Mist Valley22837504Mist Valley no Senshi *
Soldier Revolt Soldier Revolt @
Solemn Judgment41420027Kami no Senkoku
Solemn Wishes35346968Kami no Megumi
SolidRoid α SolidRoid Alpha @
SolidRoid β SolidRoid Beta @
SolidRoid γ SolidRoid Gamma @
Solitude84794011Solitude *
Solomon’s Lawbook23471572Solomon no Rippōsha
(Someone Like Misawa) Misawa no Yōnamono @
(Something Worth Protecting) Mamorubekimono @
Sonic Bird57617178Sonic Bird
Sonic Chick36472900Road-Runner
Sonic Duck84696266Sonic Duck
Sonic EyeNONESonic Eye *
Sonic Jammer84550200Sonic Jammer
Sonic Maid38942059Otome
Sonic Shooter40384720Sonic Shooter
Sorcerer of Dark Magic88619463Magic Hierophant of Black
Sorcerer of the Doomed49218300Death Sorcerer
Soul Absorption68073522Tamashī Kyūshū
Soul Anchor Soul Anchor @
(Soul Barter) Tamashī no Kōkan —Soul Barter— @
Soul Charge Soul Charge @
Soul Connection Tamashī no Tsunagari @
Soul Demolition76297408Soul Crush
Soul Devouring Bamboo Sword51670553Tamashī o Sū Takemitsu
Soul Exchange68005187Cross Soul {Cross Sacrifice}
Soul Fusion Spirits Fusion @
Soul Guide Tamashī o Michibikumono @
Soul Hunter72869010Soul Hunter *
Soul Infusing Sculptor Tamashī o Fukikomu Chōkokuka @
Soul Mirror Hangonkyō @
Soul of Fire (Fire Soul)95026693Fire Soul
Soul of ObeliskNONE? @
Soul of Purity and Light77527210Holy Shine Soul
Soul of the Pure47852924Tenshi no Ikichi
(Soul Prison) Tamashī no Rōgoku @
Soul Release05758500Tamashīno Kaihō
Soul Resurrection92924317Yomigaerishi Tamashī
Soul Return Tamashī no Kikan @
Soul Reversal78864369Reverse Soul
Soul Rope37383714Tamashī no Tsuna
Soul Scizzar12061457Soul Scizzar @
Soul Shield Soul Shield @
Soul Taker81510157Soul Taker
Soul Tiger15734813Soul Tiger
(Soul Union) Tamashī no Kessoku – Soul Union @
Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower63012333Seiki o Sū Bone Tower
Souls of the Forgotten04920010Onnenshū Gōtai
Southern Ocean Malevolence11949819Southern Ocean Diabolos @
(Sowing Seeds of the Fool) Gusha no Tanemakiki @
Space Gift (Space-Gift)01539051Spacia Gift
Space Mambo36119641Space Manbow
Space Megatron39181897Megatron @
(Space-Time Transcendence) Jikū Chōetsu @
Spare Genex16828633Spare Genex *
Spark Blaster92362768Spark Gun
Sparks76103675Hi no Ko
Spatial Collapse20644748Uchū no Shūshuku
Spear Cretin58551308Dark Familiar
Spear Dragon31553716Spear Dragon
Special Hurricane42598242Special Hurricane
Specimen Inspection Hyōhon no Etsuran @
Specter39638048Spectre @
Speed Booster Speed Booster @
Speed CounterNONESpeed Counter @
(Speed Edge) Speed Edge @
(Speed Jaguar) Speed Jaguar @
Speed King Skull Flame????????Speed King ☆ Skull Flame *
(Speed Spell –) Accelerate Draw Speed-Spell – Accel Draw @
(Speed Spell – Angel Baton) Speed-Spell – Angel Baton @
(Speed Spell –) Dash Pilfer Speed-Spell – Dash Pilfer @
(Speed Spell –) End of Storm Speed-Spell – The End of Storm @
(Speed Spell –) Final Attack Speed-Spell – Final Attack @
(Speed Spell –) Gap Storm Speed-Spell – Gap Storm @
(Speed Spell –) Overboost Speed-Spell – Over-Boost @
(Speed Spell –) Rapid Shotwing Speed-Spell – Rapid Shot Wing @
(Speed Spell –) Reactor Pod Speed-Spell – Reactor Pod @
(Speed Spell –) Shift Down Speed-Spell – Shift Down @
(Speed Spell –) Silver Contrail Speed-Spell – Silver Contrail @
(Speed Spell –) Sonic Buster Speed-Spell – Sonic Buster @
(Speed Spell – Speed Energy) Speed-Spell – Speed Energy @
(Speed Spell –) Speed Fusion Speed-Spell – Speed Fusion @
(Speed Spell –) Summon Speeder Speed-Spell – Summon Speeder @
(Speed Spell –) Synchro Return Speed-Spell – Synchro Return @
(Speed Spell –) Vision Wind Speed-Spell – Vision-Wind @
(Speed Spell –) Zero Reverse Speed-Spell – Zero Reverse @
Speed Warrior09365703Speed Warrior
Speed World Speed World @
Spell Absorption (Absorb Spell)51481927Mahō Kyūshū
Spell Barrier (Magic Barrier) Mafūheki @
Spell Calling41160595Calling Magic
Spell Canceller84636823Magic Canceller
(Spell Card Trap) Trap Mahō Card @
Spell Chronicle74402414Magic Chronicle
Spell CounterNONEMaryoku Counter
Spell Economics04259068Maryoku Kenyakujutsu
Spell Gear00313513Magic Gear
Spell of Illusion Gensō no Jubaku @
Spell of Pain76714458Tsūkon no Jujutsu *
(Spell of Serenity)51773900Calm Spell *
(Spell Prison) Jubakurō @
Spell Power Grasp75014062Maryoku Shōaku
Spell Purification01669772Maryoku Jōka
Spell Reactor · RE15175429Magic Reactor AID
Spell Reclamation76137276Magic Capture
Spell Reproduction (Revival Magic)29228529Mahō Saisei
(Spell Ruler) Magic Ruler @
Spell Sanctuary Magic Sanctuary @
Spell Shattering Arrow (Living Arrow; Enchanted Arrow)93260132Mahōkōka no Ya
Spell Shield Type-838275183Hachishiki Taimahōta Jūkekkai
Spell Spice Caraway Magic Spice – Caraway @
Spell Spice Cinnamon Magic Spice – Cinnamon @
Spell Striker93187568Magic Striker
Spell Textbook Mahō no Kyoka Sho @
Spell Transfer Jutsu Utsushi @
Spell Vanishing29735721Jujutsu Masshō
Spell-Stopping Statute10069180Maryokushū Ryōsenkoku
Spellbinding Circle18807108Rokubōsei no Jubaku
(Spellbinding Ruler) Hasha no Jubaku @
(Spellbook Within the Pot) Tsubo no Naka no Majutsu Sho @
Sphere of Chaos82693042Sphere of Chaos *
Spherous Lady52121290Spherous Lady
Sphinx Teleia51402177Sphinx Teleia
Spider Web Kumo no Ito @
(Spider Web) Spider Web @
Spiderweb Castle Kumo no Sujō @
(Spike Egg) Spike Egg @
(Spike Rhinoceros) Spike Rhinoceros @
Spike Seadra85326399Spike-Seadra
Spikebot87511987Spike Bot
Spiked Snail98075147Devil Tsumuri *
Spined Lindworm Light Lindworm @
SpinnerNONESpinner @
Spinning Wheel Spindle Itotsumugi no Hari @
Spiral Serpent32626733Spiral-Dragon
Spiral Spear Strike49328340Spiral Shaver
Spiria Spiria @
Spirit Barrier53239672Spirit Barrier
(Spirit Burner) Spirit Burner @
Spirit Caller48659020Tamashī o Yobusha
Spirit Contamination Seishin Osen @
Spirit Elimination69832741Reikon Shūmetsu
Spirit Force16674846Spirit Force
Spirit Hunting Tamashī-kari no Death-End @
Spirit Illusion Shiryō no Zanzō @
Spirit Mask Seirei Kamen @
Spirit Message “A”94772232Shi no Message “T”
Spirit Message “I”31893528Shi no Message “E”
Spirit Message “L”30170981Shi no Message “H”
Spirit Message “N”67287533Shi no Message “A”
Spirit of Flames13522325Hono-o no Seirei Ifrit
Spirit of the Books14037717Hon no Seirei Hawk Bishop
Spirit of the Breeze53530069Soyokaze no Seirei
Spirit of the Gems – Hassan65037153Hōseki no Sei Hassan @
Spirit of the Harp80770678Harp no Sei
Spirit of the Mountain34690519Yama no Seirei *
Spirit of the Pharaoh25343280Spirits of Pharaoh
Spirit of the Pot of Greed04896788Gōyoku-na Tsubo no Seirei
Spirit of the Six Samurai65685470Rokubushū no Mitama-shiro
Spirit of the Winds54615781Kaze no Seirei *
Spirit Reaper23205979Tamashī o Kezuru Shiryō
Spirit Ryu67957315Spirit Dragon
Spirit Shield Shiryō no Tate @
(Spirit Slayer) Spirit Slayer @
Spirit TokenNONESpirit Token @
Spirit Sword of Sealing Shiryō no Fūinken @
Spirit’s Invitation92394653Spirit no Izanai
Spirits Rest Mononoke no Ansoku @
Spiritual Earth Art – Kurogane70156997Chirei Jutsu – “Kurogane”
Spiritual Energy Settle Machine99173029Reishi Energy Kotei Sōchi
Spiritual Fire Art – Kurenai42945701Karei Jutsu – “Kurenai”
(Spiritual Fusion) Spiritual Fusion @
Spiritual Water Art – Aoi06540606Suirei Jutsu – “Aoi”
Spiritual Wind Art – Miyabi79333300Fūrei Jutsu – “Miyabi”
Spiritualistic Medium Shōrei Jutsu @
Splendid Venus (The Splendid Venus)05645210The Splendid Venus
Spring of Rebirth94425169Element no Izumi
Spotlight Spotlight @
(Spy Hero) Sennyū Spy Hero @
St. Joan21175632Seijo Jeanne
Stage Select Stage Select @
(Stairway to the Underworld) Meifunisshuke Kaidan @
Stamping Destruction81385346Stamping Crush
Star Blast67196946Star Blast
Star Blaster Star Pluster @
Star Boy08201910Star Boy
(Star Level Shuffle) Star-Level Shuffle @
Stardust Dragon44508094Stardust Dragon
Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode61257789Stardust Dragon Slash Buster
(Starlight Unicorn) Starlight Unicorn @
Statue of the Wicked65810489Ōgon no Jashin-zō
Staunch Defender92854392Tachihadakaru Kyōteki
Stealth Bird03510565Stealth Bird
Stealthroid Stealthroid {Manga} @
Steam Gyroid05368615Steam Gyroid
(Steel Armor) Hagane no Yoroi @
Steel Fan Fighter13616074Tetsusen no Futōshi @
Steel Lamp Tetsu no Lamp @
Steel Ogre Grotto #129172562Kōtetsu no Kyoshinzō
Steel Ogre Grotto #290908427Tetsuwan Golem
Steel Scorpion13599884Tetsu no Sasori
Steel Shell02370081Hagane no Kōra
Stone Armadiller63432835Stone Armadiller *
Stone Dragon (Stone D.)68171737Stone Dragon
Stone Ghost72269672Stone Ghost *
Stone Giant TokenNONEInishie no Kyojin Token @
Stone Ogre Grotto15023985Stone Giant
Stone Statue of the Aztecs (Barrieroid Garman)31812496Aztec no Sekizō [Kabe Otoko Garman]
Stonehenge Stonehenge @
Stop Defense (Defense Paralysis)63102017“Shubi” Fūji
Storm Caller15935204Storm Summoner
Storm Shooter39188539Storm Shooter
Storming Wynn29013526Fukiareru Wynn
Straight Flush25173686Straight-Flush
Strange Bird of Mist Valley14983497Mist Valley no Yōkaichō *
Stray Asmodian86209650Stray Devil
Stray Lambs60764581Mayoeru Kohitsuji
(Strike Back) Strike Back @
Strike Ninja (Black Ninja)41006930Sokkō no Black Ninja
Strike Slash30643162Strike Shot
Strikeroid Strikeroid @
(Strong Wind Dragon)23770284Strong Wind Dragon *
Stronghold the Moving Fortress (Red Gadget – Stronghold)13955608Kidō Toride – Strong Hold
Stuffed Animal71068263Kuigurumi
Submarine Frog63948258(Yūbōtogaeru)
Substitute Pain Migawari no Itami @
(Substitute Shield) Migawaru no Tate @
Success Probability 0%06859683Seikō Kakuritsu 0%
Succubus Knight (Demoness Knight)55291359Succubus Knight
SudarrenNONESudarren @
Suijin98434877Suimashin – Sūga
Suit of Sword 10 Suit of Sword Ten @
(Summon Capture) Summon Capture @
Summon Cloud55375684Summon-Cloud
Summon Dice Summon Dice @
Summon Limit23516703Summon-Limiter
Summon Reactor · SK89493368Summon Reactor AI
Summon Storm Summon Storm @
Summoned Exodia (Summoned Lord Exodia)NONEShōkanshin Exodia @
Summoned Skull70781052Dæmon no Shōkan
Summoner Monk (Summon Priest)00423585Shōkansō Summon Priest
Summoner of Illusions14644902Kensō Shōkanshi
Summoner’s Art79816536Shōkanshi no Skill
Summoning Clock Shōkan Tokei @
(Sun Shower) Sun Shower @
Sunlight Unicorn????????Sunlight Unicorn *
Sunny Pixie Sunny Pixie @
Super Conductor Tyranno85520851Super Conductor Tyranno
Super Double Summon26120084Special Dual Summon
Super Guard Super Guard @
Super Junior Confrontation29590905Super Junior Taiketsu!
Super Polymerization (Superpolymerization)48130397Chōyūgō
Super Rejuvenation27770341Chōsaisei Nōryoku
Super Robolady75923050Rare-Metal Valkyrie
Super Roboyarou01412158Rare-Metal Knight
Super Solar Nutrient28529976Chōeiyō Taiyō
(Super Summon Blaster) Super Summon Blaster @
Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill36256625Super-Vehicroid – Jumbo-Drill
Super Vehicroid Rex Union Super-Vehicroid – Rex Union @
Super Vehicroid – Stealth Union03897065Super-Vehicroid – Stealth Union
Super War-Lion33951077Super War Lion
Super-Ancient Dynabeast06849042(Chōko Dynabeast)
Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon20529766Chōdenjikadō Voltic Dragon
Superalloy Beast Raptinus64463828Chōgō Majū Raptinus
Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth99307361Chōko Shinkai-Ō Coelacanth
Supercharge (Supercharger)97705809Supercharge
Supply UnitNONE? @
Support Mission Engun Shutsugeki @
Supporter in the Shadows41422426Monokage no Kyōryokusha *
(Supremacy Berry)98380593Supremacy Berry *
Surprise Attack from Beyond (Surprise Attack from the Darkness) Yami-kara no Kishō @
Survival Instinct58419204Seizon Honnō
Susa Soldier40473581Susano’o
Swamp Battleguard40453765Barbarian 2-go
Swamp of the Dragon Snake Jaryū no Numa-chi @
Swamp of the Fallen Shikabane no Numa @
Swan Maiden Hakuchō no Otome @
Swarm of Locusts41872150Inago no Bunzei
Swarm of Scarabs15383415Scarab no Taibun
SweetaNONESweeta @
Swift Birdman Joe81896370Shippū Chōjin Joe
Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight16589042Shippū no Ankoku Kishi Gaia
Swift Samurai Storm!71934924Shippū! Kyōsatsujin
Swiftstrike Armor84613836Shinsoku no Gusoku
Swing of Memories96765646Omoide no Buranko
(Switch Off) Switch Off @
Sword Arm of Dragon13069066Sword Dragon *
Sword Hunter51345461Sword-Hunter
Sword of Dark Destruction (Sword of Ruin)37120512Yami no Hashinken
Sword of Dark Rites17589298Sacrifice Sword
Sword of Deep-Seated98495314Shūnen no Tsurugi
Sword of Dragon’s Soul61405855Ryūkoshi no Ken
Sword of Kings Tsurugi-Ō @
Sword of Kusanagi48716139Kusanagi no Tsurugi
Sword of Soul Sword of Soul @
Sword of the Soul-Eater05371656Tamaburai no Matō
Swords of Concealing Light12923641Yami no Gofū Ken
Swords of Revealing Light72302403Hikari no Gofū Ken
Swordsman from a Foreign Land85255550Ikoku no Kenshi *
Swordsman of Landstar03573512Landstar no Kenshi
Swordstalker50005633Fukushū no Sword Stalker
Symbol of Heritage45305419Keishō no Shirushi
Symbols of Duty78794994Sensen Fukkatsu no Daishō
Symmetry Rorschach Symmetry Rorschach @
Synchar75646173Phalanx *
Synchro Back Synchro Back @
Synchro Blast Synchro Blast @
Synchro Blast Wave35537860Seishin Dōchōha
Synchro Boost98143165Synchro Hero
Synchro Change36737092(Synchro Change)
Synchro Deflector24545464Synchron Reflect
(Synchro Destructor) Synchro Destructor @
(Synchro Halo) Synchro Halo @
Synchro Spirits Synchro Spirits @
Synchro Strike30123142Synchro Strike
(Synchronic Ability) Synchronic Ability @
Synchronized Realm61032879Common-Mental-World
Synthesis Spell72446038Gōsei Majutsu
Synthetic Seraphim16946849Synthetic Angel
Synthetic Seraphim TokenNONESynthetic Angel Token
System Down18895832System Down
T.A.D.P.O.L.E.10456559O Tama Ja Ku Shi {Otama-Jakushi}
Tactical Espionage Expert89698120Kareinaru Senniyū Kōsakuin
Tag Request Tag Request @
Tail Swipe83682725Tail-Swing
Tailor of the Fickle43641473Utsurigi-na Shitateya
Tainted Wisdom28725004Akuma no Chie
Take Flight Tsubasa no Moto ni @
Take One Chance Take One Chance @
(Take Over) Take Over @
(Take Over 5) Take Over 5 @
Talisman of Spell Sealing71983925Mahōfūin no Jufu
Talisman of Trap Sealing19312169Wanafūin no Jufu
Talons of Shurilane74150658Talons of Shurilane @
Tank Corps Rekisen no Sensha Butai @
(Tank Token)NONESensha Token @
Tankroid Tankroid @
Tao the Chanter46247516Onmyōji Tao *
Tatsunootoshigo47922711Seahorse *
Tears of a Mermaid Ningyō no Namida @
Telekinetic Charging Cell68392533(Nendō Chikara Saibō)
Telekinetic Power Well28741524Nendō Shūshūki
Telekinetic Shocker84847656Teleki-Attacker
Telepathic Power23323812Nendō Ryoku
(Teletemporator) Teletemporator @
(Tellus) Tellus @
(Tellus the Little Angel) Shōtenshi Tellus @
(Tellus’ Wing) Tellus no Hane @
Tempest Magician63101919(Tempest Magician)
Temple of Skulls00732302Dokuro no Jīn
Temple of the Kings (King’s Temple; Royal Temple; Cathedral of Nobles; Cathedral of Noblemen)29762407Ōke no Shinden *
Temptation of the Goddess Megami no Yūwaku @
Tenderness57935140Tenderness *
Tenkabito Shien41589166Tenkabito Shien
Tentacle Plant60715406Tentacle Plant *
Terra Firma Gravity (Terra Gravity)26509612Earth Gravity
Terra the Terrible63308047Majin Terra
Terraforming73628505Terra Forming
Terrible Deal69724380Ma no Torihiki
Terrorking Archfiend35975813Genocideking Dæmon
Terrorking Salmon78060096Genocideking Salmon
Test Ape03030892Slave Ape
Test Tiger92373006Slave-Tiger
Testament of the Arcane LordsNONEMashirubeshin no Objet
Tethys, Goddess of Light (Tethys the Light Divine)87148330Kōshin Tethys
That Which Feeds on Life (Life Eater)52367652Inochi o Shokusurumono *
The 13th Grave0003286413-nin Me no Maisōsha
The A. Forces (The Allied Forces)00403847Rengōgun
The Agent of Creation – Venus64734921Sozo no Daikōsha Venus
The Agent of Force – Mars91123920Chikara no Daikōsha Mars
The Agent of Judgment – Saturn91345518Sabaki no Daikōsha Saturn
The Agent of Wisdom – Mercury38730226Eichi no Daikōsha Mercury
The All-Seeing White Tiger32269855Sekigan no White Tiger
The Beginning of the End73680966Owari no Hajimari
The Bewitching Phantom Thief24348204Owaku no Kaitō *
The Big March of Animals01689516Hyakujū Taikōshin
The Bistro Butcher71107816Devil Cook
The Calculator51196174The Calculator
The Cheerful Coffin41142615Yōkina Sōgiya
The Claw of HermosNONEDensetsu Ryū Helmos —Helmos no Tsume— @
The Creator61505339The Creator
The Creator Incarnate97093037Sōseisha no Keshin
The Creator of Light (Horakthy the Creator of Light; The Creator God of Light, Horakhty)NONEHikari no Sōzōshin – Horakhty @
The Crowning of the Emperor (Crowning the Emperor) Kōtei no Taikanshiki @
The Curse Reflection Doll Noroi Kaeshi no Hitogata @
The Cursed Twin Dolls (Accursed Necrotwins) Noroi no Necro-Twin @
The Dark – Hex-Sealed Fusion52101615Yūgōjuin Seibutsu – Yami
The Dark Corridor Ankokukaidō @
The Dark Creator92719314Dark Creator *
The Dark Door30606547Ankoku no Tobira
The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave (Cave-Dwelling Dragon)93346024Dōkutsu ni Hisomuryū
The Dragon’s Bead92408984Dragon no Hōju
The Drdek08944575Death Foot *
(The Duelist Kingdom)NONEŌkoku *
The Duke of Demise Shiryō Kōshaku @
The Earl of Demise66989694Shiryō Hakushaku
The Earth – Hex-Sealed Fusion88696724Yūgōjuin Seibutsu – Chi
The Emperor’s Holiday68400115Hadaka no Ō-sama
The End of Anubis65403020End of Anubis
The Eye of TimaeusNONEDensetsu Ryū Timaeus —Timaeus no Manako— @
The Eye of Truth34694160Shinjitsu no Me
The Fang of CritiasNONEDensetsu Ryū Critias —Critias no Kiba— @
The Fiend Megacyber66362965Madō Gigacyber
The First Sarcophagus31076103Dai’ichi no Hitsugi
The Flute of Summoning Dragon43973174Dragon o Yobufue
The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh20065322Kuribō o Yobufue
The Forceful Sentry42829885Gōin-na Banpei
The Forces of Darkness29826127Ankokuyori no Gunzei
The Forgiving Maiden84080938Jihibukaki Shūdōjo
The Furious Sea King (Sea King of Fury)18710707Ikari no Kai-Ō
The Gift of Greed05915629Gōyoku-na Okurimono
The Glory of the King’s Hand (The Honor of the King’s Right)NONEŌ no Migite no Eiko *
The Glory of the King’s Other Hand (The Honor of the King’s Left)NONEŌ no Hidarite no Eiko @
The Golden Castle of Stromberg Stromberg no Kin no Shiro @
The Grave of Enkindling84136000Fukkatsu no Haka’ana
The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension88089103Yojigen no Haka
The Great LeviathanNONEOrichalcos no Kami @
The Great “Pa” Great PA @
The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams68049471Muma no Bōrei
The Half Goblin Gobu Goblin @
The Hunter with 7 Weapons01525329Nanatsu no Buki o Motsu Hunter
The Illusory Gentleman83764996Madōshinshi – J
The Immortal Bushi52035300Fushi Bushi
The Immortal of Thunder84926738Kaminari Sentan
The Inexperienced Spy81820689Mijuku-na Mittei
The Judgement Hand (The Judgment Hand)28003512Judgement The Hand
The Kick Man50407382The Kick Man
The Lady in Wight40991587Wight Fujin
The Last Warrior from Another Planet86099788Ijigen no Saishū Senshi
The Law of the Normal66926224Ja’akuniku Isshoku
The League of Uniform Nomenclature55008284Dōsei Dōmei Dōmei
The Legendary Fisherman03643300Densetsu no Fisherman
The Light – Hex-Sealed Fusion15717011Yūgōjuin Seibutsu – Hikari
The Little Swordsman of Aile25109950Aile no Shōkenshi
The Mask of Remnants (Mask of Remnant; Mask of Possession)22610082Yuigon no Kamen
The Masked Beast49064413Kamen Majutsu Masked Hellraiser
The Material Lord The Material Lord @
The Mathematician Mathematician @
(The Melody of Awakening Dragon) Dragon Mezame no Senritsu @
The Melting Red Shadow98898173Torokeru Akakikage *
The Paths of Destiny50470982Unmei no Wakaremichi
The Pillager Bandit —Tōzoku— {Bandit ~Tōzoku~} @
The Portrait’s Secret32541773Kaigani Hisomumono
The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler40703393Meikai Ryūkugutsujutsu
The Reaper of Souls (The Grim Reaper) Shinigami @
The Regulation of Tribe00296499Ichizoku no Okite
The Reliable Guardian16430187Tanomoshiki Shugosha
The Ritual of the Ultimate Forbidden Lord Kyūkyoku Fūin Kaihō Gishikijutsu @
The Rock Spirit76305638Iwa no Seirei Titan
The Sanctuary in the Sky56433456Tenkū no Seīki
The Seal of OrichalcosNONEOrichalcos no Kekkai @
The Second Sarcophagus04081094Daini no Hitsugi
The Secret of the Bandit99351431Tōzoku no Gokui
The Selection (Triage)30888983Hakobune no Senbetsu
The Shadow Who Controls the Dark (Sinister Shadow)63125616Yami o Otsukasadoru Kage *
The Shallow Grave43434803Asasugita Haka’ana
The Six Samurai – Irou27782503Rokubushū – Irō
The Six Samurai – Kamon90397998Rokubushū – Kamon
The Six Samurai – Nisashi31904181Rokubushū – Nisashi
The Six Samurai – Yaichi64398890Rokubushū – Yaichi
The Six Samurai – Yariza69025477Rokubushū – Yariza
The Six Samurai – Zanji95519486Rokubushū – Zanji
The SkullNONEDokurar @
The Sky Lord The Heavens Lord @
The Snake Hair (Medusa’s Ghost)29491031Medusa no Bōrei *
The Spell Absorbing Life99517131Seimeiryōku Kyūshūmajutsu
The Spiritual Lord The Spiritual Lord @
The Statue of Easter Island10262698Easter-tō no Moai
The Stern Mystic87557188Genkaku no Rōmajutsushi
The Thing in the Crater78243409Kakō ni Hisomumono
The Thing That Hides in the Mud18180762Doro ni Hisomi Sumumono *
The Third Sarcophagus78697395Daisan no Hitsugi
The Ties of FriendshipNONEYūjō no Kizuna @
The Transmigration Prophecy46652477Tensei no Yogen
The Tricky (Tricky)14778250The Tricky
The Trojan Horse38479725Troy Horse
(The True Obelisk) Shinsō Obelisk @
The Unchosen One Sentakusarenakkatmono @
The Unequal Treaty Fubyōdō Jōyaku @
The Unfriendly Amazon65475294Mikatakoroshi no Onnakishi
The Unhappy Girl27618634Hakkō no Otome
The Unhappy Maiden51275027Hakkō no Bishōjo
The Vow of Tribe Ichizoku no Chikai @
The Wandering Doomed93788854Samayoeru Bōsha *
The Warrior Returning Alive95281259Senshi no Seikan
The White Stone of Legend79814787White of Legend
The Wicked Avatar (Dark Avatar)21208154Jashin Avatar {The Devils Avatar}
The Wicked Dreadroot (Dark Dreadroute)62180201Jashin Dread Root {The Devils Dread-Root}
The Wicked Eraser (Dark Eraser)57793869Jashin Eraser {The Devils Eraser}
The Wicked Worm Beast06285791Ja’akunaru Worm Beast
The Winged Dragon of Ra (The Sun Dragon Ra)NONERa no Yokushinryū {Ra – The Sun of God Dragon}
The World Tree05973663Sekaiju
Theban Nightmare51838385Nightmare Thebe
Theinen the Great Sphinx87997872Sphinx Androgynes
Thermal Genex06588580Thermal Genex *
Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch26205777Entei Thestalos
Thief Dorobō @
Thirst For Blood Chi no Kawaki @
Thirst For Compensation Yōkubō no Daishō @
(Thorn of Hatred)65079854Zō-o no Toge *
Thorn Princess Ibarahime @
(Thorn Wall)02779999Thorn Wall *
(Thoroughbred Elf) Thoroughbred Elf @
Thought Ruler Archfiend70780151Mental-Sphere Dæmon
Thousand Buster Thousand Punisher @
Thousand Dragon41462083Thousand Dragon
Thousand Energy95703682Thousand Energy
Thousand Knives63391643Thousand Knife
Thousand Needles33977496Thousand Needles
Thousand Strings Chisuji no Ito @
Thousand-Eyes Idol27125110Sengan no Jakyōshin
Thousand-Eyes Jellyfish (One-Thousand Baleful Eyes)81434470Thousand Eyes Fish
Thousand-Eyes Restrict63519819Thousand Eyes Sacrifice
Threatening Roar36361633Ikakusuru Hōkō
Three-Headed Geedo78423643Mitsukubi no Geedo
Three-Legged Zombies337344392-jin 3 Ashiku Zombie
Throwstone Unit76075810Tōseki Butai
Thunder Ball (Iron Golem Gorogon) Tetsukyū Majin Gorogon @
Thunder Bird of Mist Valley69448290Mist Valley no Raichō *
Thunder Crash69196160Thunder Crash
Thunder Dragon31786629Thunder Dragon
Thunder Kid (Kaminarikozou)15510988Thunder Kids
Thunder King Rai-Oh (Rai-Oh)71564252Rai-Ō
Thunder Knight Thunder Knight @
Thunder Lord of Mist Valley89310929Mist Valley no Raijinki *
Thunder Nyan Nyan70797118Raiden Nyan-Nyan
Thunder of Ruler91781589Hasha no Ikkatsu
Thunder Option TokenNONEThunder Option Token
Ties of the Brethren Dōhō no Kizuna @
(Ties of the Dragons) Ryū no Kizuna @
Tiger Axe49791927Tiger Axe
Tiger Dragon10097168Tiger-Dragon
(Time Fusion) Jikan Yūgō – Time Fusion @
Time Machine80987696Toki no Kikai – Time Machine
Time Seal35316708Toki no Fūin
Time Stream Time Stream @
Time Travel Worm Slip @
Time Wizard71625222Toki no Majutsushi
Time Wizard Hammer Time Magic Hammer @
Timeater44913552Time Eater
Tin Spell Circle Suzu no Mahōjin @
(Tiny Angel) Tiny Angel @
Toad Master62671448Toad-Master *
Togex33878931Crashman *
Token Feastevil83675475Token Shanikusai
Token Thanksgiving57182235Token Shūkakusai
Tom Thumb Oyayubi Kozō @
(Tomohiro as a Mountain Warrior)NONESangake no Tōshi Tomohiro *
Tomozaurus46457856Tomozaurus *
Tongue Twister91250514Tongue Twister
Toon Alligator59383041Toon Alligator
Toon Ancient Gear Golem Toon Antique Gear-Golem @
Toon Briefcase Toon no Kaban @
Toon Cannon Soldier79875176Toon Cannon Soldier
Toon Dark Magician Girl90960355Toon Black Magician Girl
Toon Defense43509019Toon Defence
Toon Gemini Elf42386471Toon Gemini Elf
Toon Goblin Attack Force15270885Toon Goblin Totsugeki Butai
Toon Kingdom Toon Kingdom @
Toon Mask Toon Kamen @
Toon Masked Sorcerer16392422Toon Kamen Madōshi
Toon Mermaid65458948Toon Mermaid
Toon Rollback Toon Rollback @
Toon Summoned Skull91842653Toon Dæmon
Toon Table of Contents89997728Toon no Mokuji
Toon World15259703Toon World
ToppoNONEToppo @
Torapart83370323Torapart *
TorigunNONETorigun @
Torike80813021Saiga *
Tornado Bird71283180Tornado Bird
Tornado Wall18605135Tornado Wall
Torpedo Fish90337190Gyōraigyo
Torrential Tribute53582587Gekiryūsō
Total Defense Shogun75372290Zetsudaihōgyō Shōgun
Totem Dragon00564541(Totem Dragon)
Totem Pole Totem Pole @
Tour of Doom62784717Shinigami no Jun’yū
(Tower Built on Sand) Sajō no Rōkaku @
Tower CounterNONERōkaku Counter @
Tower of Babel94256039Babel Tower
(Toy Box) Toy Box @
Toy Cannon Toy Cannon @
Toy Emperor Toy Emperor @
Toy Magician58132856Toy Magician
Toy Robot Box Toy Robot Box @
Toy Soldier Toy Soldier {Effect} @
(Toy Soldier) Toy Soldier {Normal} @
Trade-In38120068Trade In
Trade UnionNONE? @
Tragedy (Mystical Guillotine)35686187Dantōdai no Sangeki
Tragoedia98777036Tragoedia *
(Trainer from the Inferno)42685062Jigoku-kara no Tsukai *
Training Field Training Field @
Training Wheels Ojōrin @
Trakodon (Trakadon)42348802Trakodon
Transcendent Wings25573054Shinkasuru Tsubasa
Transformation Henshin @
Transistor the Warrior Sokuryō Senshi Transistor @
Transmigration Break66100045Tensei Danzetsu
Trap Amulet (Trap Charm) Wana no Gofu @
Trap Bandit Sugōde no Tōzoku @
Trap Booster Trap Booster @
Trap Displacement (Trap Transfer) Wana Utsushi @
Trap Dustshoot64697231Dust Shoot {Chute}
Trap Eater13821299Trap Eater
Trap Hole (Chasm of Spikes; Chasm with Spikes)04206964Otoshiana
Trap Jammer19252988Trap Jammer
Trap Master46461247Trap Master
Trap of Board Eraser03055837Kokubankeshi no Wana
Trap of Darkness79766336Yamiyori no Wana
Trap of the Imperial Tomb80955168Ōbo no Wana
Trap PlantNONETrap-Plant @
Trap Reactor · Y FI52286175Trap Reactor Double-R
Trap Reclamation02122975Trap Capture
(Trap Request) Trap Request @
Trap Sluzer Trap Sluzer @
(Trap Strap) Trap Strap @
(Trap Stun)59616123Trap Stun *
Trap Trip Trap Trip @
Treacherous Trap Hole99590524(Neikan Otoshiana)
Treasure Map54762436Maizōkin no Chizu
Treeborn Frog49522489Yomigaeru
Tremendous Fire46918794Daien Jigoku
Tri-Blaze Accelerator21420702Blaze Cannon – Trident
Tri-Horned Dragon39111158Tri-Horn Dragon
Trial of Nightmare (Trial of Hell)77827521Jigoku no Saigan
Trial of the Princesses72709014Ōjo no Shiren
Triangle Ecstasy Spark12181376Triangle Ecstasy Spark
Triangle Force Triangle Force @
Triangle O Triangle – Oh @
Triangle Power32298781Triangle Power
Tribe-Infecting Virus33184167Dōzoku Kansen Virus
TribeansNONETribeans @
Tribute Burial Maisō Sareshi Ikenie @
Tribute Doll02903036Ikenie Doll
Tribute to the Doomed79759861Shisha-he no Tamuke
Tricky Spell 4 (Tricky’s Magic 4)75622824Trickys Magic Four
Tricky TokenNONEThe Tricky Token
(Trident Dragyon)39402797Trident Dragyon *
Triggered Summon (Trigger Summon)96148285Yūhatsu Shōkan
Tripwire Beast45042329Jiraijū
Trojan Blast63323539Troy-Bomb
Trojan Gladiator Beast76384284Troy no Gladial-Beast
Troop Dragon55013285Army Dragon
(Truce Reinforce)????????Truce Reinforce *
(Trust Mind)38680149Trust Mind *
(Truth Reinforce) Truth Reinforce @
Tune Warrior74093656Tune Warrior
(Tune-Up) Tuneup @
Tuner Capture50951359Tuner Capture *
Tuner’s Mind Tuners Mind @
(Tuning) Chōritsu @
Tuningware (Tuning Supporter)92676637Tuning Supporter
Turbine Genex52222372Turbine Genex *
Turbo Booster60187739Oneshot Booster
(Turbo Cannon) Oneshot Cannon @
(Turbo Rocket) Oneshot Rocket @
Turbo Synchron67270095Turbo Synchron
Turbo Warrior46195773Turbo Warrior
Turboroid Turboroid @
Turret Warrior88559132Turret Warrior
Turn Jump Toki no Chōyaku – Turn Jump @
Turtle Bird72929454Turtle Bird
Turtle Oath76806714Kame no Chikai
Turtle Raccoon17441953Turtle Tanuki *
Turtle Tiger37313348Turtle Tiger
Tusk Dragon Tusk Dragon @
Tutan Mask03149764Tutan Kamen {Tutankhamun}
TutankarmNONETutankarm @
Twilight Rose Knight (Night Rose Knight)02986553Night-Rose Knight *
Twin Bow Centaur Sōkyū no Kentaurus @
(Twin Dragons) Sōsei no Ryū @
Twin Long Rods #160589682Gross *
Twin Long Rods #229692206Twin-Tail
Twin Pillars of Ice Kokkan no Hyōchū @
(Twin Pistoleer) Twin Gunfighter @
Twin Swords of Flashing Light – Tryce21900719Senkō no Sōken – Tryce
Twin-Barrel Dragon70050374Twin-Barrel Dragon
Twin-Headed Behemoth43586926Dol Dora
Twin-Headed Dragon (Twin-Headed Griffon) Twin Head Gryphon @
Twin-Headed Fire Dragon78984772Big Bang Dragon
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon54752875Sōtō no Thunder Dragon
Twin-Headed Wolf88132637Twin-Head Kerberos
Twin-Shield Defender24025620Double Protector
Twin-Sword Marauder40225398Twin Breaker
Twinheaded Beast82035781Twinheaded Beast
Two Thousand Needles83228073Two Thousand Needles
(Two-for-One) Nicoichi @
Two-Headed Jackal Warrior Sōtō no Jackal Senshi @
Two-Headed King Rex94119974Nitō o Motsu King Rex
Two-Man Battle Cell25578802Two Man Cell Battle
Two-Mouthed Darkruler57305373Two-Mouth Darkruler
Two-Pronged Attack83887306Hasamiuchi
Tyhone #256789759Red Dragon
Tyler the Great Warrior68811206Idainaru Senshi Tyler
Type Zero Magic Crusher21237481Zero-shiki Madō Funsaiki
Tyr, the Vanquishing WarlordNONE(Haisen no Gunshin Tyr)
Tyranno Infinity83235263Dino Infinity
Tyrant Burst Dragon Tyrant Burst Dragon @
Tyrant Dragon94568601Tyrant Dragon
Tyrant Wing Tyrant Wing @
Tytannial, Princess of Camellias11819616Tsubaki Tytannial
UFO Turtle60806437UFO Turtle
UFOroid Fighter32752319UFOroid Fighter
Uluru the (Guardian) Spirit Shugoseirei Uluru @
Uluru’s (Guardian) Uluru no Shugosha @
Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem12652643Antique Gear Ultimate Golem
Ultimate Baseball Kid67934141Chōnekketsu Kyūji
Ultimate Dragon17928958Kyūkyokuryū no Gishiki @
Ultimate Insect LV149441499Ultimate Insect Level 1
Ultimate Insect LV334088136Ultimate Insect Level 3
Ultimate Insect LV534830502Ultimate Insect Level 5
Ultimate Insect LV719877898Ultimate Insect Level 7
Ultimate Obedient Fiend32240937Settai Fukujū Majin
Ultimate Offering80604091Chi no Daishō
(Ultimate Evolution Pill) Kyūkyokushinka Yaku @
Ulimate Flare Ultimate Mine @
Ulimate Flare TokenNONEUltimate Mine Token @
Ultimate Stage Costume Kyūkyoku no Stage Ishō @
Ultimate Tyranno15894048Ultimate Tyranno
Ultra Evolution Pill22431243Chōshinka Yaku
Umbral Soul86229493Darkness-Soul
(Umbrella Chimera)90460034Umbrella Chimæra @
Underworld Circle Yomi-Ten Rin @
Unfair Judge Unfair Judge @
Union Attack60399954Union Attack
Union Rider11743119Union Rider
United Resistance85936485Danketsusuru Resistance
United We Stand56747793Danketsu no Chikara
Unity14731897Kessoku Unity
(Unknown Egg) Michi no Tamago @
Unknown Warrior of Fiend97360116Aku no Mumei Senshi
Unleash Your Power!73567374Force Release
Unshaven Angler92084010Higeankō
Unstable Evolution62991886Shinkasuru Jinrui
Updraft90557975Jōshō Kiryū *
Upstart Goblin70368879Narikin Goblin
Uraby01784619Wild Raptor
Urgent Tuning94634433Kinkyū Dōchō
Uria, Lord of Searing Flames06007213Shin’en-Ō Uria
Urubonus, the Avatar of Malice Junen no Keshin Urubonus @
Ushi Oni48649353Ushi Oni
V-Tiger Jet51638941V-Tiger Jet
(Vaccination) Vaccine no Sesshu @
Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen01353770Kami no Kyojō – Valhalla
Valkyrie Brunhilde Walküre Brunhilde @
Valkyrie Dritte Walküre Dritte @
Valkyrie Erste Walküre Erste @
Valkyrie Zweite Walküre Zweite @
Valkyrie’s Embrace Walküre no Hōyō @
Valkyrion the Magna Warrior75347539Jishaku no Senshi Magnet Valkyrion
Vampire Bat Vampire Bats @
Vampire Genesis22056710Vampire Genesis
Vampire Lady26495087Vampire Lady
Vampire Lord53839837Vampire Lord
Vampire Orchis46571052Vampire Orchis
Vampire’s Curse34294855Curse of Vampire
Vampiric Leech Sokkō no Kyūketsu-uji @
Van’Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord (Dark Ruler Vandalgyon)24857466Mei-Ōryū Van’Dalgyon
Vanity’s Call24838456Vanity Call
Vanity’s Fiend47084486Vanity Devil
Vanity’s Ruler72634965Vanity Ruler
Vanquishing Light32233746(Haisen no Hikari)
Vehicroid Connection Zone23299957Vehicroid Connexion Zone
Veil of Darkness90434926Shikkoku no Tobari
Vengeful Bog Spirit95220856Onryō no Shicchitai
Vengeful Servant21702241Hanmoku no Jūsha
Vengeful Shinobi26046205O Shinobi
Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes08062132Dokujashin Vennominaga
Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes72677437Dokuja-Ō Vennominon
Venom Boa09284723Venom Boa
Venom Burn04466015Venom Splash
Venom Cobra22499463Venom Cobra
Venom CounterNONEVenom Counter
Venom Serpent36278828Venom Serpent
Venom Shot60728397Venom Shot
Venom Snake73899015Venom Snake
Venom Swamp54306223Venom Swamp
Verdant Sanctuary80402389Daijukai
Vermillion Sparrow35752363Suzaku *
Versago the Destroyer50259460Hakaishin Versago
Vessel of Illusion (Shadow Utensil) Gen’ei no Utsuwa @
Vice Dragon54343893Vice Dragon *
Vicious Claw75524092Vicious Claw
Victim Barrier Victim Barrier @
(Victoria)75162696Victoria *
Victory Dragon (Victory D.)44910027Victory Dragon
Victory Viper XX0393130021Victory Viper Double-X-Zero-Three
Vile Germs39774685Makin
Vilepawn Archfiend73219648Hellpawn Dæmon
Vindictive Spirits Onryō no Shūnen @
Violent Rain94042337Squall
Violent Salvage Violent Salvage @
Violet Crystal15052462Murasaki Suishō
Violet Witch62379337Violet Witch
Viper’s Grudge Dokuja no Onnen @
Virus Cannon (De-Spell Germ Weapon)54591086Mahōjōkyo Saikinheiki {Mahōjōkyo Virus-Cannon}
Vishwar Randi78556320Vishwar Randi *
Vision Genshi @
(Virt of the Virtues) Ryoku Tenshi Virt @
Volcanic Armor Volcanic Armour @
Volcanic Blaster81020140Volcanic Revolver
Volcanic Counter66436257Volcanic Counter
(Volcanic Curse) Volcanic Curse @
Volcanic Cyclone Fire Cyclone @
Volcanic Doomfire32543380Volcanic Devil
Volcanic Eruption42175079Daifunka
Volcanic Force Volcanic Force @
Volcanic Hammerer54514594Volcanic Hammer
Volcanic Mine Volcanic Mine @
Volcanic Queen63014935Volcanic Queen
Volcanic Rat33112041Volcanic Rat
Volcanic Recharge33725271Volcanic Charge
Volcanic Rocket76459806Volcanic Rocket
Volcanic Scattershot69750546Volcanic Buckshot
Volcanic Shell33365932Volcanic Bullet
Volcanic Slicer17415895Volcanic Edge
Volcanic Wall Volcanic Wall @
Voltanis the Adjudicator20931752Sabaki o Kudosumono – Voltanis
Voltic Kong (Vortex Kong)93151201Voltic Kong
Voltic Spear Voltic Spear @
Vorse Raider14898066Blood Vorse
Vortex Trooper07736719Air Circulator
VW-Tiger Catapult58859575VW-Tiger Catapult
VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon84243274V to Z-Dragon Catapult Cannon
W-Wing Catapult96300057W-Wing Catapult
Waboku12607053Waboku no Shisha
Wall of Illusion13945283Genei no Kabe
Wall of Ivy30069398Ivy Wall
Wall of Revealing Light17078030Hikari no Gofūheki
Wall Shadow63162310Wall Shadow
Wandering Mummy42994702Samayo’u Mīra
War-Lion Ritual54539105Lion no Gishiki
(Warm Worm) Warm Worm @
Warp Beam Warp Beam @
Warp Vortex Warp Hole @
Warrior Dai Grepher75953262Senshi Dai Grepher
Warrior Elimination90873992Senshi Massatsu
Warrior Lady of the Wasteland (Wasteland Amazon)05438492Kōya no Onnasenshi
Warrior of Atlantis43797906Atlantis no Senshi
Warrior of Tradition56413937Senjō no Shinishōzoku
Warrior of Zera66073051Zera no Senshi
Wasteland Tornado Kōya no Ōtatsumaki @
Watch TowerNONE? @
Watch Tranquilizer Dokei-kata Masuijō @
Watchkeeper of Mist Valley29054481Mist Valley no Mihariban *
Water Dragon85066822Water Dragon
Water Element (Water Elemental)03732747Water Element *
Water Girl55014050Water Girl *
Water Magician93343894Mizu no Madōshi
Water of Life Inochi no Mizu @
Water Omotics02483611Mizu no Odoriko
Water Spirit00487395Water Spirit
Waterdragon Fairy66836598Undine *
Wave-Motion Cannon38992735Hadō Cannon
Wave of Ill Intent Akui no Hadō @
Weapon Change10035717Weapon Change
Weather Control37243151Weather Control *
Weather Report72053645Weather Report
Weathering Soldier (Efflorescent Knight) Weathering Soldier @
Wedge CounterNONEKusabi Counter
Weed Out28604635Furui Otoshi
Wetha96643568Wetha *
Wetlands02084239Shicchi Sōgen
Whiptail Crow91996584Whiptail Gargoyle
Whirlpool Uzumaki @
Whirlwind Prodigy15090429Bōfū Kozō
Whirlwind Weasel93730109Shinkū Itachi
White Blizzard White Blizzard @
White Dragon Ritual09786492Hakuryū Korin
White Dolphin92409659White Dolphin *
White Hole43487744White Hole
White Knight Gardna White-Knights Gardna @
White Knight Lancer White-Knights Lancer @
White Knight Lord White-Knights Lord @
White Knight Swordsman White-Knights Swordman @
White Magical Hat15150365White Thief
White Magician Pikeru81383947Shiromadōshi Pikeru
White Night Dragon79473793Blue-Ice White-Nights Dragon *
White Night Fort Byakuyajō – White-Nights Fort @
White Night Queen20193924White-Nights-Queen *
White Ninja01571945White Ninja
White Process – Albedo Shiro no Katei Albedo @
White Veil Shiro no Veil @
White-Horned Dragon (White Horns D.)73891874White Horns Dragon
Wicked-Breaking Flamberge – Baou68427465Haja no Taiken – Baō
Wicked Canon – Anger Jashin Kyōgi – Ikari @
Wicked Canon – Anguish Jashin Kyōgi – Ku @
Wicked Canon – Doubt Jashin Kyōgi – Gi @
Wicked Canon – Hate Jashin Kyōgi – Zō @
Wicked Canon – Sadness Jashin Kyōgi – Hi @
Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head02957055Matō o Motsujaryū *
Wicked Plant TokenNONEMakusa Token
Wicked TokenNONEJashin Token
Widespread Ruin77754944Bannōjirai Greimoya
Wild Fire68815401Crazy Fire
Wild Fire TokenNONECrazy Fire Token
Wild Half Wild Half @
Wild Nature’s Release61166988Yasei Kaihō
Wilmee92391084Wilmee *
Wind Effigy99865167Wind-Frame
Wind User of Mist Valley92933195Mist Valley no Kaze Tsukai *
Wind Farm Genex43925870Wind-Farm Genex *
Windstorm of Etaqua59744639Etaqua no Bōfū
Wing Eagle47319141Wing Eagle *
Wing Egg Elf98582704Wing Egg Elf *
Winged Cleaver39175982Dark-Killer *
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #187796900Toride o Mamoru Yokuryū
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #257405307Wyvern
Winged Egg of New Life42418084Tanjō no Tenshi *
Winged Kuriboh57116033Hane Kuribō
Winged Kuriboh LV933776734Hane Kuribō Level 9
Winged Kuriboh LV1098585343Hane Kuribō Level 10
Winged Minion89258225Ha Death no Tsukaima
Winged Requital Tsubasa no Ongaeshi @
Winged Rhynos18430390Winged Rhino
Winged Sage Falcos82523462Yūyoku Kenja Falcos
Winged Trumpeter94939166Tenshi no Trumpet @
Wings of Wicked Flame92944626Jaen no Tsubasa *
Wingweaver31447217Tsubasa o Orinasumono
Wiretap Gyakutan @
WisemanNONEWiseman @
Wish Dragon Wish Dragon @
Wish of Final Effort Kesshi no Kibō @
Witch Doctor of Chaos75946257Konton no Jujutsushi
Witch Doctor of Sparta30525991Sparta no Jujutsushi
Witch of the Black Forest78010363Kurokimori no Witch
Witch’s Apprentice80741828Minarai Majo
Witty Phantom36304921Majin Death Satan
Wodan the Resident of the Forest42883273Mori no Shūnin Wodan
Wolf49417509Ōkami *
Wolf Axwielder56369281Beowulf
Wonder Cloud Wonder Cloud @
(Wonder Clover)38568567Wonder Clover *
Wonder Garage50684552Wonder-Garage
(Wonderbeat Elf) Wonderbeat Elf @
Wood Clown17511156Wood Joker *
Wood Remains17733394Mori no Shinabiru *
Woodborg Inpachi35322812Jinzōmokujin Inpachi
Woodland Sprite06979239Leaf Færie
World Suppression12253117Sekai no Heitei
Worm Apocalypse88650530Worm Apocalypse *
(Worm Bait) Worm Bait @
Worm Barses15658249Worm Barses *
Worm Cartaros51043243Worm Cartaros *
(Worm Counter)NONEWorm Counter *
Worm Dimikles88438982Worm Dimikles *
Worm Drake73216412Worm Drake
Worm Erokin14936691Worm Erokin *
Worm Falco58760121Worm Falco *
Worm Gurus85754829Worm Gurus *
Worm Hope11159464Worm Hope *
Worm Illidan57543573Worm Illidan *
Worm Jeetrikups84932271Worm Jeetrikups *
Worm King10026986Worm King *
Worm Links44811425Worm Links *
Worm Milidith71315423Worm Milidith *
Worm Noble07700132Worm Noble *
Worm Opera28465301Worm Opera *
Worm Prince54860010Worm Prince *
Worm Queen81254059Worm Queen *
Worm Requie17649753Worm Requie *
(Worm Solid)????????Worm Solid *
(Worm Tentacles)????????Worm Tentacles *
(Worm Victory)????????Worm Victory *
Wotan’s Judgment Wotan no Sabaki @
Wow Warrior69750536Gyogyo Warrior
Wrath of Neos52098461Wrath of Neos *
Wretched Ghost of the Attic17238333Yaneura no Mononoke
Wulf, Lightsworn Beast58996430Lightlord Beast Wulf
Wynn the Wind Charmer37744402Fūrei Tsukai Wynn
Wyvern TokenNONEWyvern Token @
X-Head Cannon62651957X-Head Cannon
X-Saber Airbellum (X-Saber Airbern)90508760X-Sabre Airbellum
X-Saber Axel53100061X-Sabre Axel *
X-Saber Anapelera23115241X-Sabre Anapelera *
X-Saber Galahad50604950X-Sabre Galahad *
X-Saber Palomlo96099959X-Sabre Palomlo *
X-Saber Passiul23093604X-Sabre Passiul *
X-Saber Urbellum80108118X-Sabre Urbellum *
X-Saber Urz26993374X-Sabre Urz *
X-Saber Wayne83810690X-Sabre Wayne *
Xing Zhen Hu76515293Xing Zhen Hu
XY-Dragon Cannon02111707XY-Dragon Cannon
XYZ-Dragon Cannon91998119XYZ-Dragon Cannon
XZ-Tank Cannon99724761XZ-Caterpillar Cannon
Y-Dragon Head65622692Y-Dragon Head
Yado Karu29380133Yado Karyū
Yaiba Robo10315429Yaiba Robo *
Yamadron Ritual29089635Yamadron no Gishiki @
Yamata Dragon76862289Yamata no Dragon
Yamatano Dragon Scroll76704943Yamato no Ryū Emaki *
Yamato-no-Kami82841979Yamato no Kami
Yami YugiNONE? @
(Yasashi as a Skull Knight)NONEDokuro no Shisai Yasashi *
Yashinoki41061625Yashi no Ki *
(Yellow Alert) Teki Shūkeihō —Yellow Alert— @
Yellow Gadget13839120Yellow Gadget
Yellow Luster Shield04542651Chaos Shield
Yellow Process – Kitolenics Kiro no Katei Kitolenics @
Yomi Ship51534754Yomi-he Watarufune
Yormungarde17115745Yormungarde *
Yoshitsune the Goblin Beauty Reijin Tengu – Yoshi Tsune @
Yowie Yowie @
Yu-Jo Friendship (Friendship)81332143Yūjō Yu-Jyo
Yubel – Terror Incarnate04779091Yubel – Das Abscheulich Ritter
Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare31764700Yubel – Das Extremer Traurig Drachen
YZ-Tank Dragon25119460YZ-Caterpillar Dragon
Z-Metal Tank64500000Z-Metal Caterpillar
Zaborg the Thunder Monarch51945556Raitei Zaborg
Zanki30090452Yoroi Musha Zanki *
(Zariel) Zariel @
Zarigun10598400Zarigun *
Zelua Zelua @
Zera Ritual81756897Zera no Gishiki
Zera the Mant69123138Zera
Zeradias, Herald of Heaven12171659Tenkū no Shisha Zeradias
(Zero) Zero @
(Zero Gazer) Zero Gazer @
Zero Gravity83133491Jūryoku Kaijo
Zero Hole Zero Hole @
Zero Sprite Zero Sprite @
Zero Guard Zero Guard @
Zeta Reticulant64382839Zeta Reticulant
Zoma the Spirit (Skull Zoma; Death Spirit Zoma)79852326Shiryō Zoma
(Zombie) Zombie @
Zombie Bed Undead-Bed @
Zombie Mammoth43642620Mammoth Zombie
Zombie Master17259470Zombie Master
Zombie Tiger47693640Zombie Tiger
Zombie Warrior31339260Undead Warrior *
Zombie Werewolf Fushi no Werewolf @
Zombie World04064256Undead-World
Zombie’s Jewel Zombie no Hōseki @
Zombyra the Dark88472456Dark Hero Zombyra
Zone Eater86100785Zone Eater
Zoid “M” Zoid – M @
ZorcNONEZorc *
ZottNONEZott @
Zure, Knight of Dark World07459013Ankokukai no Kishi Zure