Yu-Gi-Oh CCG
By MeX
card # card name atk/def Group type level Description
TP3-001 Needle Worm 750/600 flip insect 2 flip: discard 5 cards from the top of your opponent's deck to
his/her graveyard
TP3-002 Anti-Raigeki   magic   when your opponent activates raigeki, all of your opponents
monsters are destroyed in place of yours
TP3-003 Mechanical Chaser 1850/800 earth machine 4  
TP3-004 B. Skull Dragon 3200/2500 fusion   9 Red eyes+Summoned Skull
TP3-005 Horn Of Heaven   magic   Offer 1 of your own monsters on the field as a tribute to
negate the summon (including Special Summon) of a
monster and destroy it.
TP3-006 Axe Raider 1700/1150 earth warrior 4  
TP3-007 Kwagar Hercules 1900/1700 earth insect 6 kwagara+hercules beetle
TP3-008 Patrol Robo 1100/900 earth machine   During your standby phase you can look at one face down
card that’s been set by your opponent as long as this card
remains face up on the field
TP3-009 White Hole   magic   When your opponent plays "Dark Hole", the monsters on your
side of the field are not destroyed.
TP3-010 Dragon Capture Jar  
 TP3-011 Goblin's Secret Remedy  
 TP3-012 Final Flame  
 TP3-013 Spirit Of The Harp  
 TP3-014 Pot Of Greed  
 TP3-015 Karbonala Warrior  
 TP3-016 Darkfire Dragon  
 TP3-017 Elegant Egotist  
 TP3-018 Dark Elf  
 TP3-019 Little Chimera  
 TP3-020 Bladefly