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CARD SPOILER - LIST by Bill Smith, Reno, NV

Card Number Card Name Card Type Description/Effect Rarity ATK DEF Stars
MP1-001 Millennium Shield Monster [Earth/Warrior] A Millennium item, it's rumored to block any strong attack. Ultra Rare 0 3000 5
MP1-002 Cosmo Queen Monster [Dark/Spellcaster] Queen of the galaxies and mistress of the stars. Ultra Rare 2900 2450 8
MP1-003 Goddess of Whim Monster [Light/Fairy/Effect] Toss a coin and call Heads or Tails. Call it right and this card's ATK will be doubled during this turn. Call it wrong and it will be halved during this turn. Super Rare 950 700 3
MP1-004 Frog the Jam Monster [Water/Aqua] A slime with the head of a frog, it attacks by croaking terribly. 700 500 2
MP1-005 Yarazno Monster [Dark/Zombie] A treasure box containing a monster that attacks any unwary bandit. Common 1300 1500 4
MP1-006 Takriminos Monster [Water/Sea Serpent] A member of a race of sea serpents that freely travels through the sea. Super Rare 1500 1200 4
MP1-007 Stuffed Animal Monster [Earth/Warrior] It may look like a harmless stuffed animal, but its zipper mouth deals a deadly bite. 1200 900 3
MP1-008 Megasonic Eye Monster [Dark/Machine] Made of mysterious metal, this monster is a doomsday machine from the edge of the universe. 1500 1800 5
MP1-009 Yamadron Monster [Fire/Dragon] This monster has three fire-breathing heads and can form a sea of blazing flames. 1600 1800 5
MP1-010 Three-Legged Zombies Monster [Dark/Zombie] A pair of friendly skeletons, lean and fat, that travel with extreme difficulty. 1100 800 3
MP1-011 Flying Penguin Monster [Water/Aqua] A very rare penguin that takes to the air with ears shaped like wings. 1200 1000 4
MP1-012 Fairy's Gift Monster [Light/Spellcaster] This flying monster is known for delivering happiness to all. 1400 1000 4
MP1-013 Ushi Oni Monster [Dark/Fiend] A bull fiend restored by the dark arts, this monster appears out of a jar. 2150 1950 6
MP1-014 Turtle Bird Monster [Water/Aqua] An unusual turtle that not only swims at tremendous speeds, but can also sail across the skies. 1900 1700 6
MP1-015 Dark-Percing Light Magic Flip all of your opponent's face-down Monster Cards on the field face-up. The Effect of the monsters will activate at this time. Super Rare