YUGI Starter Deck - SPOILER - LIST 

SDY-001 15025844 Mystical Elf Spellcaster LIGHT 4 800 2000 A delicate elf that lacks offense, but has a terrific defense backed by mystical power.  
SDY-002 41392891 Feral Imp Fiend DARK 4 1300 1400 A playful little fiend that lurks in the dark, waiting to attack an unwary enemy.  
SDY-003 87796900 Winged Dragon,Guardian of the Fortress #1 Dragon WIND 4 1400 1200 A dragon commonly found guarding mountain fortresses. Its signature attack is a sweeping dive from out of the blue.  
SDY-004 70781052 Summoned Skull Fiend DARK 6 2500 1200 A fiend with dark powers for confusing the enemy.  Among the Fiend-Type monsters, this monster boasts considerable force.  
SDY-005 32452818 Beaver Warrior Beast-Warrior EARTH 4 1200 1500 What this creature lacks in size it makes up for in defense when battling in the prairie.  
SDY-006 46986414 Dark Magician Spellcaster DARK 7 2500 2100 The ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense. Ultra Rare Card
SDY-007 06368038 Gaia The Fierce Knight Warrior EARTH 7 2300 2100 A knight whose horse travels faster than the wind. His battle-charge is a force to be reckoned with.  
SDY-008 28279543 Curse of Dragon Dragon DARK 5 2000 1500 A wicked dragon that taps into dark forces to execute a powerful attack.  
SDY-009 91152256 Celtic Guardian Warrior EARTH 4 1400 1200 An elf who learned to wield a sword, he baffles enemies with lightning-swift attacks.  
SDY-010 40374923 Mammoth Graveyard Dinosaur EARTH 3 1200 800 A mammoth that protects the graves of its pack and is absolutely merciless when facing grave-robbers.  
SDY-011 13429800 Great White Fish WATER 4 1600 800 A giant white shark with razor-sharp teeth.  
SDY-012 90357090 Silver Fang Beast EARTH 3 1200 800 A snow wolf that's beautiful to the eye, but absolutely vicious in battle.  
SDY-013 13039848 Giant Soldier of Stone Rock EARTH 3 1300 2000 A giant warrior made of stone. A punch from this creature has earth-shaking results.  
SDY-014 66672569 Dragon Zombie Zombie DARK 3 1600 0 A dragon revived by sorcery. Its breath is highly corrosive.  
SDY-015 16972957 Doma The Angel of Silence Fairy DARK 5 1600 1400 This fairy rules over death, and administers it when necessary.  
SDY-016 48365709 Ansatsu Warrior EARTH 5 1700 1200 A silent and deadly warrior specializing in assassinations.  
SDY-017 36304921 Witty Phantom Fiend DARK 4 1400 1300 Dressed in a night-black tuxedo, this creature presides over death.  
SDY-018 41218256 Claw Reacher Fiend DARK 3 1000 800 Stretching arms and razor-sharp claws make this monster a formidable opponent.  
SDY-019 47060154 Mystic Clown Fiend DARK 4 1500 1000 Nothing can stop the mad attack of this powerful creature.  
SDY-020 37120512 Sword of Dark Destruction Magic Card MAGIC       A DARK monster equipped with this card increases its ATK by 400 points and decreases its DEF by 200 points.  
SDY-021 91595718 Book of Secret Arts Magic Card MAGIC       A Spellcaster-Type monster equipped with this card increases its ATK and DEF by 300 points.  
SDY-022 53129443 Dark Hole Magic Card MAGIC       Destroys all monsters on the field.  
SDY-023   Dian Keto the Cure Master Magic Card MAGIC       Increases your Life Points by 1000 points.  
SDY-024 93221206 Ancient Elf Spellcaster LIGHT 4 1450 1200 This elf is rumored to have lived for thousands of years. He leads an army of spirits against his enemies.  
SDY-025 46474915 Magical Ghost Zombie DARK 4 1300 1400 This creature casts a spell of terror and confusion just before attacking its enemies.  
SDY-026 66788016 Fissure Magic Card MAGIC       Destroys 1 face-up monster with the lowest ATK.  
SDY-027 04206964 Trap Hole Trap Card TRAP       If the ATK of a monster summoned by your opponent (excluding Special Summon) is 1000 points or more, the monster is destroyed.  
SDY-028 83887306 Two-Pronged Attack Trap Card TRAP       Select and destroy 2 of your monsters and 1 of your opponent's monsters.  
SDY-029 19159413 De-Spell Magic Card MAGIC       Destroys 1 Magic Card on the field. If this card's target is face-down, flip it face-up. If the card is a Magic Card, it is destroyed. If not, it is returned to its face-down position. The flipped card is not activated.  
SDY-030 83764718 Monster Reborn Magic Card MAGIC       Select 1 Monster Card from either your opponent's or your own Graveyard and place it on the field under your control in Attack or Defense Position (face-up). This is considered a Special Summon.  
SDY-031 17814387 Reinforcements Trap Card TRAP       Increase 1 selected monster's ATK by 500 points during the turn this card is activated.  
SDY-032 04031928 Change of Heart Magic Card MAGIC       Select and control 1 opposing monster (regardless of position) on the field until the end of your turn.  
SDY-033 87557188 The Stern Mystic Spellcaster/Effect LIGHT 4 1500 1200 FLIP: All face-down cards on the field are turned face-up, and then returned to their original positions. No card effects are activated when cards are turned face-up.  
SDY-034 13945283 Wall of Illusion Fiend DARK 4 1000 1850 The monster attacking this creature is returned to its owner's hand. Any damage resulting from the attack is calculated normally.  
SDY-035 50930991 Neo the Magic Swordsman Spellcaster LIGHT 4 1700 1000 A dimensional drifter who not only practices sorcery, but is also a sword and martial arts master.  
SDY-036 86325596 Baron of the Fiend Sword Fiend DARK 4 1550 800 An aristocrat who wields a sword possessed by a malicious spirit that preys on the weak.  
SDY-037 13723605 Man-Eating Treasure Chest Fiend DARK 4 1600 1000 A monster disguised as a treasure chest that is known to attack the unwary adventurer.  
SDY-038 49218300 Sorcerer of the Doomed Spellcaster DARK 4 1450 1200 A slave of the dark arts, this sorcerer is a master of death-dealing spells.  
SDY-039 85602018 Last Will Magic Card MAGIC       If a monster of yours is sent from the field to the Graveyard during the turn that you've played this card, you can select a monster with an ATK of 1500 points or less from your Deck and play it as a Special Summon. Shuffle the Deck after playing the card. This card is active for 1 turn only.  
SDY-040 12607053 Waboku Trap Card TRAP       Any damage inflicted by an opponent's monster is decreased to 0 during the turn this card is activated.  
SDY-041 68005187 Soul Exchange Magic Card MAGIC       Select an opponent's monster and use it as a Tribute in place of one of your own. You must skip your Battle Phase for the turn in which this card is activated. Super Rare Card
SDY-042 72892473 Card Destruction Magic Card MAGIC       Both players must discard their entire hands and draw the same number of cards that they discarded from their respective Decks. Super Rare Card
SDY-043 46461247 Trap Master Warrior/Effect EARTH 3 500 1100 FLIP: Destroys 1 Trap Card on the field. If this card's target is face-down, flip it face-up. If the card is a Trap Card, it is destroyed. If not, it is returned to its face-down position. The flipped card is not activated.  
SDY-044 50045299 Dragon Capture Jar Trap Card TRAP       All Dragon-Type monsters on the field are switched to Defense Position and remain in this position as long as this card is active.  
SDY-045 59197169 Yami Magic Card MAGIC       Increases the ATK and DEF of all Fiend and Spellcaster-Type monsters by 200 points. Also decreases the ATK and DEF of all Fairy-Type monsters by 200 points.  
SDY-046 54652250 Man-Eater Bug Insect/Effect EARTH 2 450 600 FLIP: Destroys 1 monster on the field (regardless of position).  
SDY-047 77622396 Reverse Trap Trap Card TRAP       All increases and decreases to ATK and DEF are reversed for the turn in which this card is activated.  
SDY-048 51482758 Remove Trap Magic Card MAGIC       Destroys 1 face-up Trap Card on the field.  
SDY-049 44209392 Castle Walls Trap Card TRAP       Increase a selected monster's DEF by 500 points during the turn this card is activated.  
SDY-050 80604091 Ultimate Offering Trap Card TRAP       At the cost of 500 Life Points per monster, a player is allowed  an extra Normal Summon, Tribute Summon, or Set.