Deck Name: Accelerate your Limits
Name: Richard Day
Store: Silver Bullet Comic
Location: N. Wilkesboro, North Carolina
Date: 5-7-05 / 2:00 - 6:00
Entrance Fee: $10 to enter and get pack of your choosing
1st Place Prize: YGO box
Tournament Format: Swiss

<('.'<) <( '.' )> (>'.')> <( '.' )> <('.'<) <( '.' )> (>'.')> <( '.' )>

01 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
01 Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
01 Hand of Nephthys
02 Apprentice Magician
01 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
01 Breaker the Magical Warrior
01 Sangan
02 Magician of Faith
02 Blade Knight
01 D. D. Warrior Lady
01 D. D. Assailant
01 Exiled Force
01 Sinister Serpent
01 Tribe-Infecting Virus

01 Pot of Greed
01 Graceful Charity
01 Snatch Steal
01 Premature Burial
01 Mystical Space Typhoon
01 Heavy Storm
01 Swords of Revealing Light
01 Delinquent Duo
02 Nobleman of Crossout
02 Enemy Controller
02 Scapegoat
01 Lightning Vortex
01 Reinforcement of the Army

01 Mirror Force
01 Dust Tornado
01 Ring of Destruction
01 Torrential Tribute
01 Call of the Haunted
02 Bottomless Trap Hole


01 Magic Cylinder
01 Raigeki Break
01 Dust Torando
01 Enemy Controller
01 Don Zaloog
01 Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke
02 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
01 Airknight Parshath
01 Reflect Bounder
01 Smashing Ground
02 Book of Moon
01 Metamorposis
01 Jinzo

How the deck works:
Simply I use the method of Hand advantage.  As I use less  cards to overwhelm my opponent, they end up using more cards  than me to counter attack.  Soon they have no hand, while my  hand is fresh and ready to use when my turn starts again.  I  play very quick, so it takes some time for my opponent to  figure out what just happened.  I have many monster removal to  keep them from getting the field advantage.  My Turkey (Sacred  Phoenix of Nephthys) is easy to summon to the field, thanks to  my speed cards like Apprentice and Hand of Nephthys.  While  they take the time to mess with my Turkey, Envoy is summoned  to my field to take the game to my advantage. 

I arrived Silver Bullet around 1:15 to get a good start on  who's entering and maybe do some trades.  I did some warmups  before the tourney starts at 2.  I was surprised not many ppl  showed up, but I spoke too soon.  Some more arrived and then  Josh (judge/owner) decided to get the duelist's vote to either  make the tourney to win a box or just regular.  A regular  would mean that to get in is $5 and 1st place takes 3 packs,  2nd place takes 2 packs, so forth.  But the $10 to enter is  that 1st place wins a box.  So we all agreed to do the  tournament for 1st place to win a box.  So now let's begin.
Match #1
[Rich V.S. James]
Status: 0-0
~1st Round~
He pulled a Breaker, lucky you.  He runs an Exodia deck that  has nothing but stall.  He stalls enough until he draws all  pieces of Exodia.  It went ok, I started by playing Delinquent  Duo and lower his hand.  He then played Solemn Wishes to gain  500 Life Points during each of his standy phase.  I had Blade  Knight and Kycoo to take him down each turn. Blade Knight to  destroy, and Kycoo directly to remove monsters from the grave.   Even though he had Solemn Wishes, that extra 500 Life points  wasn't enough.


~2nd Round~
We both exchange damage really good.  I still had the upper  hand in having both field and hand advantage.  It wasn't long  before I was declared winner for this match.  Good Game. 

Match #2
[Me V.S. Mitchell]
Status: 1-0
~1st Round~
He runs an Earth/Beast deck.  I started off with a good old  Delinquent Duo.  Then later on, I flipped MoF over and got  Delinquent again.  He then got Enraged to attack my f/d  Sinister so I took some good damage.  He snatch steal my  monster and then I played Goats to save my Life Points.  Then  I played Heavy storm to destroy Snatch and the other f/d card.   Then later, I had my Turkey on the field, and that was game.


~2nd Round~
I attacked his f/d monster, and it reveal Nimble Mononga.   Then he only got 1 Nimble from his deck and shuffled.  Then  when I ended, he set another card f/d and end.  Then I  summoned another monster to the field, so I have two monsters  to rid the field of two of his monster in defense mode.  The  summoned monster is Hand of N. and the other one is Kycoo I  think I had on my field earlier.  I knew where Nimble is at so  I had Hand of N. to attack it since it only has 100 Def and  then I let Kycoo attack the other one.  It was another Nimble.   So then later on, we both play Ring of Destruction and that  lowered his Life points, and then soon, I won.

Match #3
[Me V.S. Peter]
Status: 2-0
~1st Round~
I saw him run a Burn deck, so I was ready to watch out for my  Life Points.  First turn, honors are mine.  I played  Delinquent on the first turn and took out his hand.  Then I  set Magician of Faith and a f/d down, end.  He draws and then  defend and sets a f/d card too, end.  Then I flipped over my  Magician again and played Delinquent Duo once more.  His hand  is empty.  He he played something to stop my attack and I kept  getting hit with Birdie flip doing 1000 to me.  Then later on,  it was bashing with Turkey directly.


~2nd Round~
Same as 1st Round.  Except I didn't use Delinquent this time.

Match #4 [Top 8]
[Me V.S. Jordan]
Status: 3-0 (Untouchable mode)
~1st Round~
Ok first this was wierd, he said that he never won anything  and got a 0-3 while I have 3-0.  What are the chances?  Hmmm,  well every opponent whether they are good or not, I play my  best.  He uses Burning Log guy that has 1850 attack and I  ringed it.  Then I got my Turkey out with Hand of N. and it  was over quickly.


~2nd Round~
He went first and set 4 s/t cards down and summoned Otoclops I  think with 1800 ATK.  I destroyed his monster and attack, but  he never responded with his 4 s/t cards.  Then I got my Blade  Knight on the field and kept attacking him directly twice and  then my Luster Soldier came out and busted the field for my  win.

Match #5 [Top 4/Semi-finals]
[Me V.S. J]
Status: 4-0 (In the Zone mode)
~1st Round~
Right now it's top 4 and I knew I need to shape up for this  match.  This match went easy, as I had the upper hand with  Card advantage. 


~2nd Round~
I could not touch him in this round. I finally took alot of  cards into clearing his field and attack directly with Blade  Knight.  Then he got Mataza on the field equipped with Axe of  Despair, doing good damage to my Blade Knight and then me  directly.  I had 3400 left, and I have one monster on the  field and he has Mataza.  My hands were Enemy Controller and  Hand of N.  I know I can play Enemy Controller and take his  Mataza, attack him twice with it. and then summon Hand of N.  and summon Turkey.  But I forgot that you cannot control swift  Mataza, this was a huge bad move I just made.  I simply watch  my monster be tributed for nothing.  So I defend with Hand of  N. and ended my turn.  He soon finished me off.


~3rd Round~
This went really really tough.  I can remember everything of  what happened here.  Well I summoned Turkey to the field and I  thought I had this game won.  He then destroyed it and then  summon Jinzo to stop my traps, and then he removed Light and  Dark to summon his Luster to the field.  Then he flipped his  f/d Sinister to do more damage.  He attack me with all of his  monster.  I was worried.  I had 7200 and then it got me all  the way down to 1500.  Then I started, I draw.  Then he said  very quickly that this is my Standby phase I'm going too, I  said yes and I'll get back my Phoenix to the field.  Then he  said ok, I'll play Book of Moon on Jinzo.  I was confused on  his action, but then I proceed and summoned my Phoenix to the  field.  Then he plays Ring of Destruction on his Envoy to kill  me off.  Oh my goodness, this can't be.  But then I saw I had  one last shot to do.  That was my Torrential Tribute, I played  that to chain with the summoning on my Phoenix.  With that  chain, all the monsters were destroyed with TT before Ring  resolved.  After that, I won the duel barely.  But then  somehow the ruling on that was messed up.  I couldn't chain TT  because it was too late, it was already summoned to the field.   Even if I played TT when Phoenix was summoned, he could chain  with RoD and I would still be destroyed and he would have won.   I think he understood and didn't call a judge on that one to  verify.  So that's how I won that one.  Seriously, I had so  much in my mind, that I didn't take the time to really see  what I've done.  I thought I did it correctly, but then later  on when I thought of it, I made a valid move.  I'm so sorry  that I did that to you.  Next time, we both know about this.   You may win again next time when I face you, because now we  can get the rulings cleared out next time. 


Match #5 [Final Match]
[Me V.S. Captain C.]
Status: 5-0 (Unfrickenbelieveable mode)
~1st Round~
He's running a Dark Magician deck.  I'm not sure what  happened, he Nobleman of Crossout on my f/d Magician of Faith,  so we pretty much screwed up our Light fodders.  Then he drew  a card and looked at his graveyard and said I end.  I knew it  was Luster.  So I let my Phoenix attack for game.  Then I said  show me your hand.  He revealed that it was Black Luster  Soldier.  Then, I revealed to him that I had Black Luster in  my hand as well.


~2nd Round~
I don't know, he made a terrible mistake here.  He asked about  Phoenix's effect one more time to be sure and I think he  understood.  Then he had no monsters on the field to protect  him so he set a card, played Swords of Revealing Light and  then summoned Exiled to destroy my Phoenix and ended.  Then I  said, you remember what happens when Phoenix is destroyed by  card effect?  Then it clicked into his head that he made a  mistake.  Gobble Gobble is back and took care of his Swords.   Then I summoned another monster and attack directly for game.

Well my win count is 6-0, so I was undefeated and came in 1st  place.  The prize is getting a YGO box, but then all they had  was Dark Revelations.  He said that next week that there will  be more boxes in stock.  I said ok, I'll come by next week and  pick up my prize.  Of course, I'm going to get FET so I can  pull an Silent Swordsman LV 5.

1) Getting in 1st Place in a box Tournamanet
2) Traded to get another Creator, and another Phoenix
3) Turkey has really helped me out, thank you
4) For J, I really feel awful, he deserves to win

1) Making bad moves and mistakes against J.
2) Have to win next week to get my box (I can wait)
3) I live like 35 minutes away from that store

My email address is if you want to know more about my deck, me, or anything.