RegnR8's Regional Tournament Report - January 15, 2005


RegnR8's Absolute Rule of the Monarchs
Regional Tournament Report
January, 15, 2005


Colossal Games
Marietta, Ga
$15.00 entry fee
Top 4 get Invites to Nationals, Boxes and more stuff
Top 16 get packs
7 Rounds of Swiss
Top 8 in Finals
122 People


Just in case you didn't pay attention to the number of people who attended this Regional Event typed above, I will repeat it in the body of the text.




One hundred and twenty two people.


That's a lot of Yugioh.


Hi all,


Welcome to the special Regional Edition of the Tournament Report! I hope this writing finds you well and winning. For the past week, I have been changing my deck around and trying new things and tweaking and re-tweaking and messing with it and messing with it some more. I think I'm overthinking! I finally decide on the final version the night before Regionals and, it is more different than it's ever been. The addition of one card really gave the deck another dimesion that came into play numerous times during the course of the day. My deck count also became 41, which is really unusual for me. I still adhere to the fourty card deck count theory, but decided, "What the heck!"


The side deck is where I made substantial changes. Since I needed to be prepared for a wider variety of deck types than in my usual meta, I added three King Tiger Wanghu to assist me against weenie rush, scientist, control and other deck types that rely on smaller monsters. I only sided decked them in once during the day, but they were ENORMOUSLY effective. The Kinetic Soldiers saw much play because BLS was running around like an out of control disease. So, after finally deciding on the deck and side deck, it looked like this:


Absolute Rule of the Monarchs


x3 Mobius the Frost Monarch
x2 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
x3 Nimble Momonga
x3 Berserk Gorilla
x1 Tribe Infecting Virus
x1 Sinister Serpent
x1 Breaker the Magical Warrior
x1 Morphing Jar
x2 Night Assailant
x1 Fiber Jar


x1 Pot of Greed
x1 Change of Heart
x1 Snatch Steal
x1 Swords of Revealing Light
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 Mystical Space Typhoon
x2 Nobleman of Crossout
x2 Scapegoat
x2 Creature Swap
x1 Painful Choice
x1 Premature Burial
x1 Metamorphosis
x1 Enemy Controller


x2 Bottomless Trap Hole
x2 Horn of Heaven
x1 Ring of Destruction
x1 Call of the Haunted
x1 Waboku




x1 Jinzo
x3 Kinetic Soldier
x3 King Tiger Wanghu
x2 Magic Drain
x2 Magic Jammer
x1 Torrential Tribute
x1 Divine Wrath
x1 Giant Trunade
x1 Royal Decree


Today was a great day for dueling and we all did a lot of it! My house was the launching pad for the road trip to Regionals. Since Colossal Games is about an hour away, I had about 10 people meet me at home and we all drove up together. We had seventeen people from our store representing that day.


We arrived around 9:30 and, to my great satisfaction, there was a Dunkin Donuts within a few yards of the store so, a large French Vanilla with cream and sugar was the first item on the agenda! The day was off to a great start. There were already a couple of dozen people there and they just kept steadily coming. Paper work for me was at a mimimum because I had already filled out a deck list form so, I spent very little time writing.


There was someone's Millenium Puzzle Trophy sitting on a table inside the store. I noticed it had a chain attached the the puzzle piece and I casually made a comment that the Millenium Puzzle Trophy I won did not come with a chain attached. Someone then told me it belonged to a guy who brings it to the store with him for tournaments and sits it next to him while he duels. They also told me he takes the puzzle piece from it's case and actually walks around wearing it, even wearing it while he duels! What? I asked them if they were kidding me and they said no. It was confirmed later in the day when the guy did wear it! Oh, man. Hilarious...Turns out he was a jerk as well. I spoke with many people who dueled him and they said he was cocky, arrogant and ill-mannered. Well, he made it to the top eight but lost. When he lost he started crying. I didn't know wether to feel sorry for him or laugh. That's taking this game a little too seriously if you ask me.


First pairings were finally called and I got a table in the mid 50's. One of our crew, Sasuke30290, got the seat next to me. Our opponents sat down and started talking about God cards and how to get them in play and how great they are and Sasuke and I are thinking these guys are ridiculous. You know the type, "Oh you use Jinzo? I got something to stop him in my deck, Double Snare, baby." They're annoying.




After a zillion announcements that nobody heard because they were talking, we began. I showed my opponent my side deck and he said he doesn't use one. Ding, ding, ding! Bells go off in my head! NoOb...I tell him I have a fusion deck and show it to him. He says he never uses one. OK. Fine. He starts talking about his deck. It's a Harpy deck. Oh man. Why is this guy telling me this? Is he that big of an idiot or is he trying to psyche me out?


He wins the die roll and choses to go first. We cut decks and he looks at the bottom of his deck and shows me the Tyrant Dragon at the bottom of it. He says, "Oh, man, that's at the bottom of my deck!" I shake my head in amazement and tell him he should not look at the bottom of his deck, nor show me the card. I can have it removed from the game if I wish and he's like, "Oh, sorry."


In my opening hand I get NoC, Assailant, Enemy Controller, Zaborg and MST. He draws, and the first card played of the Regional event is Reasoning. I'm thinking, "What the heck? Reasoning? Ok, maybe he is trying to mess with my head after all." So, I guess 8, thinking DMoC. No, it's a level 4 Harpie's Brother. Whew. Ok, he is running a Harpy Deck. He summons a Red Eyes Black Chick and I freak. What is this? He sacs the Chick for a Red Eyes (from his deck and I didn't notice). He sets one S/T and ends his turn. He was proud of himself for that one. If I was paying better attention, I would have noticed he got the Red Eyes from his deck and not his hand. Between duels, it was kindly pointed out by a friend of mine who was watching. He told me to keep my head up and stop taking so many notes! Haha. Good advice, which I took for the rest of the day.


I draw a Nimble, set it, Enemy Controller and the MST and end my turn.


He plays Reasoning again. This time I guess 4 and it's another Red Eyes. Crap. If I get walloped by this junk,, I'm going to scream.


He attacks, and I get all the Nimbles and he hits them all and I gain 3000LP. 


I draw Call of the Haunted. I set it and an Assialant.


He summons a Luster Dragon and makes a fatal error. He doesn't attack.


I draw Waboku. I Call the NImble Back and Tribute it for Zaborg, destroying one of his Red Eyes. I flip up the Assailant and destroy the other Red Eyes. I attack the Harpie's Brother and just like that, I have field control back. I set the Waboku.


He uses Change of Heart on my Zaborg and attacks. I activate Waboku. He does nothing else.


I draw Tribe, summon it and discard for Dragon and attack.


He draws and sets a monster and activates Harpies Hunting Ground and says, "I destroy your set magic or..uh, wait. I don't even have a Harpy Lady on the field." LMAO.


I draw Zaborg. I tribute TiV for Zaborg and destroy his set Harpy Girl and attack for 4800 and the game.




This game was all Monarchs. An early Painful Choice gave me the advantage and after wiping him out, a Fiber flip netted me a Gorilla on an open field when he had 200LP left. He did no damage to me. That's the way this deck should run.


He got mad and complained his deck sucked, he shouldn't have listened to so-and-so, and he should've never played with it and blah, blah, blah. Yeah, you're right. Go home.


If you're going to play in a Regional event, you have GOT to play something worthwhile.


RECORD 1 - 0


The pairings were called really quickly after time was called so, that was good. I was moved up from seat 56 to seat 18 and I stayed around there the rest of the day, moving up to as high as 9 and as low as 24.




He wins the die roll and lets me go first. OK. Fine. I'll take it. I draw RoD, Horn, Assailant, Call of the Haunted, Swap and a Nimble. I set RoD and Nimble.


He summons Skilled Dark and I Ring it. He sets 2 S/T and ends his turn.


I draw Zaborg, set my Assailant and Horn.


He summons Kycoo and I negate the summon with Horn and my Assailant. Maybe I shouldn't have been too quick on the Horn, but it's too late now. He Calls the Skilled Dark back and attacks my Nimble. I get two Nimbles, 1000LP, and he ends his turn.


I draw Creature Swap, flip up my Nimbles and activate the Swap. He objects and calls a Judge over. Judge rules in my favor because I am right. Battle positions of monsters CAN be changed before the activation of Swap. Heh. I attack my Nimble and gain 1000LP and he loses 900. Gotta love the Nimbles. I attack him with my other Nimble. I set Call and end.


He plays Smashing Ground on his own Skilled Dark. Oh yes. He's got nothing. He summons a DD Assailant and attacks my Nimble. I gain another 1000LP.


I draw NoC. I Call my Nimble back and tribute it for Zaborg, destroy his DD Assailant and attack for 2400. Sweet.


He plays Smashing Ground on my Zaborg. Darn, That's aggravating. He plays Reinforcements of the Army and gets another DD Assailant. He sets a monster and I assume it's the Assailant.


I draw Mobius and NoC his Sinster! WoOT! I end my turn. He draws and discards DMoC for Monster Reincarnation and gets his Assailant from the graveyard. Hmmm. Interesting. He sets a monster and ends his turn.


I draw Horn and set it.


He draws and ends his turn.


I draw Morphing Jar and set it.


He flips up his set DD Warrior Lady and attacks my Jar. I ask him if he would like to remove and he says no. I get Fiber Jar, Scapegoat, 2 Gorilla and Painful in the Jar flip. He MST's my Horn and ends his turn.


I draw Pot of Greed. I get Sinister and another Scapegoat. I play Painful Choice and offer him Enemy Controller, Change of Heart, Snatch Steal, Nobleman of Crossout and Metamorphosis. He gives me the Metamorphosis. !?! I didn't expect that.


It's 8400 - 1800 my favor when I set the Fiber Jar and Scapegoat.


He Changes my set Fiber and tributes it for Jinzo and attacks. I respond with Scapegoat and he attacks a token. He activates Swords.


I summon the Serpent and Morph it to TER and suck up his Jinzo. I set another Goat and end my turn.


He plays Giant Trunade and gets his Jinzo back to his hand. Hmm. That was kind of cool. He summons DD Assailant and activates Swords again.


I draw Zaborg, MST his SoRL and take his DD Assailant with TER. I summon Berserk. I attack with TER and he activates Draining Shield. Meh. I set Bottomless and end my turn.


He plays Heavy Storm, sets a monster and that's all he can do.


I draw Zaborg. This is gonna work out great. I take his set DD Warrior Lady with TER then tribute TER for Zaborg and destroy a token. I attack with Zaborg into a Cylinder and attack directly with the Gorilla. It's 5700 - 1500 so, what do I care if I get hit with a Cylinder. Unless he draws BLS, I think I got this game. I set the Scapegoat.


He plays Pot of Greed. Uh oh....He summons a Blade Knight and attacks a token and I attack him on the next turn for the win.




He goes first and sets one S/T and a monster.


I draw RoD, Assailant, Pot, Meta, Goat and MST. I play Pot and get Heavy Storm and another Assailant. Grrr. I set the Ring, the Goat and the Assailant.


He tributes his Sinister for Jinzo and attacks my Assailant and I destroy his Jinzo. Boy, that's gotta tick you off!!! Heheh. He activates Swords, sets a S/T and ends.


I draw Horn of Heaven and set another Assailant. In my end phase, he MSTs my set Goat which I happily activate. Dummy, he should have MST'd the Horn I just set.


He draws and sets a monster and ends his turn.


I flip up the Assailant, destroy his DD Assailant. I set Bottomless and end my turn. I'm praying he doesn't have Heavy Storm.


He draws and plays Giant Trunade. Not as bad as Heavy, but still pretty nasty. I activate the Goat. He plays Reinforcements, gets Mataza and attacks my Assailant and a token. He activates Swords again.


I draw TIV, MST his Swords, Morph a token to TER, take his Mataza and attack him with it. Heh. Boy, the Metamorphosis is working well for me this morning. I set Ring and end my turn.


He sets a monster and one S/T and ends his turn.


I draw a Nimble and attack his DD Assailant. I take damage and then Ring it. I end my turn.


He summons Kycoo and I negate the summon with Horn and a token. I draw Bottomless and set it. I summon TiV and attack with TER. I'm slowly getting him. I wish I had sucked up something bigger than Mataza. The threat of BLS is looming over me. The longer this duel goes, the faster he's going to get him out.


He plays Monster Reincarnation, discarding his Sinister to get back DD Assailant. He sets a monster.


I draw my Sinister and attack his set Skilled Dark with TER. I take damage and discard my Sinister to destroy Skilled Dark and TER. I set a Nimble and end my turn.


He summons DD Warrior Lady and I Bottomless her. I draw Morphing Jar, set another Bottomless, flip up my Nimble and attack for 1000, and then 1600 with TiV.


He gets his Sinister back and sets it. OK, this can be good. I summon my Sinister and attack his set Sinister with it. LOL! Then attack with Nimble and TIV which he Draining Shields. Crap.


He gets Sinister back, sets it and one S/T.


I summon a Gorilla, attack his set Sinster with my Serpent, attack with the Nimble and TIV and then the Gorilla, which he Draining Shiled's again. MAN! That is so annoying!!!!


He draws sets a monster and ends his turn.


I tribute my Serpent for Zaborg, destroy his DD Assailant and attack with all. Finally! I get him down to 500LP. I'm at 4200. I set Bottomless Trap Hole. I'm pretty confident now. He has one card in his hand and it's Sinister. Even if he brings out BLS I can Bottomless that rat-faced &*(*&^%. I set a Goat too, for good measure.


He draws, summons Breaker and I Bottomless him. He conceeds. Hooray!


RECORD 2 - 0




Here I face the second BLS deck of the day. All of you probably know how much I hate BLS. This duel, plus one other later in the day, further deepen the hatred of this uber-broken monster.


I lose the die roll and he goes first. I draw Horn, 2 Nimbles, Change and the Serpent. Not good at all.


He sets an S/T and ends his turn. He probably has a bad a hand as I do.


I draw Metamorphosis. I set the Horn and the Nimble and end my turn.


He summons a DD Warrior Lady and attacks my Nimble. I ask if he would like to remove. He says no, so I gain 1000LP and get the second Nimble to the field. He asks about the third Nimble and I tell him I chose not to set it. I don't have to tell him it's in my hand. He ends his turn.


I draw Ring and set it. I summon Sinister and he visibly twinges for a moment and reaches for his set S/T card but doesn't do anything. I activate Metamorphosis and he doesn't respond. I get out TER and take his DD Warrior Lady and attack him with it. No response. It's 9000 - 6500.


He summons Breaker and removes the token to get rid of his DD Warrior Lady on TER. I let him get rid of the token on Breaker because I can still suck up something and he can't attack anyway. I Ring his Breaker for 1600. I figured, what the heck. I got the duel pretty much in control. He ends his turn. BLS is still lurking somewhere in his deck though.


I draw Painful Choice and activate it. I offer him Swap, Breaker, MST, Assailant and Mobius. He gives me the MST. I set the MST and my Sinister and attack. He activates his Scapegoat. I attack a token.


He plays Heavy Storm, then Change of Heart on my TER, sucks up my Serpent, then summons Exiled Force to get rid of TER. Pretty slick trick.


I summon another Nimble, flip up the other and attack two of his tokens. I set Change of Heart as a bluff because I don't have anything else to set.


He plays The Warrior Returning Alive and gets Exiled Force and then summons it. Then he summons Command Knight and I tell him he's already summoned. He's like, "My bad".  He uses Exiled to get rid of a Nimble and doesn't attack the other first. I guess he doesn't want me to gain the life, or he made a bad mistake. Probably the latter. He activates Swords.


I draw Waboku and end my turn.


He summons TiV discards calling "Earth" and I don't do anything. He said, "I discarded." I said, "You called Earth. This is a Beast. Earth is it's attibute, not type." He scrunches up his face and discards another card for Beast and gets rid of my Nimble and attacks.


I draw Snatch Steal. I Change his TIV and discard my Serpent for Aqua. I set Waboku and end my turn.


He pays 1000LP for Confiscation and takes Mobius from my hand. He summons Mataza and attacks. I activate Waboku.


I draw Zaborg, set my Serpent and end my turn.


He attacks my Serpent with Mataza and then attacks directly.


I draw Call of the Haunted and set it.


He summons a Command Knight and attacks. I Call Mobius back. He ends his turn.


I attack his Mataza with Mobius. I activate Swords and end my turn.


He activates Scapegoat, turns his Command Knight to defense and plays The Forceful Sentry, taking my Zaborg and returning it to my deck.


I attack his Command Knight.


He activates Reinforcements and gets DD Warrior Lady and sets her.


I draw Mobius, set Sinster and attack his DD with Mobius and he removes. Some may question why I did this. I had Swords out, Sinister on the field and Mobius in my hand.


It's 5800 - 2700 my favor. The duels going pretty smoothly. My opponent has made some mistakes but he's young, maybe thirteen or fourteen. He plays Pot of Greed, sets a monster and one S/T and ends his turn. Swords is now gone.


I draw NoC and get rid of his set Spirit Reaper. I tribute Sinster for Mobius and he Bottomless. Oops! I may not have as much control over this as I thought! I end my turn.


He sets sets 2 S/T and ends his turn.


I summon a Gorilla and attack into a Cylinder. Meh. I set Horn and he MST's it. I set Scapegoat and end my turn.


He sets a monster and ends his turn.


I summon Sinister to psyche him out and NoC his Marauding Captain. I attack with the Gorilla into a Sakuretsu Armor. That's lame. I attack with Sinister. Hehehe.


He draws and ends his turn.


I draw Creature Swap and turn my Sinister to defense.


He summons Don Zaloog and attacks my Sinister.


I draw and Swap my Serpent with his Don and attack him.. He has no cards in his hand, so I take the top two from his deck. Neither is BLS.


He top decks Snatch Steal. He takes the Don and attacks and I activate Scapegoat.


I draw Pot of Greed and get Zaborg and Enemy Controller. I use Enemy Controller to take his Don, tribute it for Zaborg and destroy one of my tokens and attack.


I am winning 4200 to 900LP.


He uses Call of the Haunted to get a Blade Knight back and ends his turn.


I attack his Blade Knight with Zaborg.


He has 500LP left. I have 4200. I have hand dominance. I have field advantage. I have LP advantage. I have the upper hand in this duel and it is because of a well built deck, my opponents mistakes and careful play.


He special summons BLS. IS that not WRONG!?! Is that not STUPID?! Is that not OVERPOWERED?! Is that not BROKEN?! Is that FAIR?! No, it is not. This kid has 500LP left and I have every advantage in the world yet the duel changes by ONE card. That should not be. Ban BLS. He attacks my Zaborg and attacks again. I activate Scapegoat. That's BS!


I draw Fiber Jar but set a Berserk Gorilla.


He attacks my Gorilla and a token.


Ok. Maybe I can get away with setting Fiber Jar. I draw Premature Burial. Dang. I set the Fiber, hoping he'll attack it.


He removes it from play. Fraglesitzlemetzin!!!!^%#%$!! He tributes BLS for Jinzo!!!! WHAT THE HECK!!! That was a TOTAL goof up!!
I am surprised at that. What an ENORMOUS mistake! He is going to lose now. I guarantee it. He attacks a token.


I Premature Zaborg and suicide with Jinzo. I set a Scapegoat.


I am now at 400LP.


He summons Marauding and Scientist and attacks. I activate Scapegoat.


I draw a Gorilla and attack for the win!


What a really BAD play. That mistake cost him the duel.




I side deck out the Nimbles, NoC and EC for 3 Kinetics and 2 Magic Drain.


He goes first and I get a Gorilla, Goat, Snatch, Heavy and a Kinetic. He sets one S/T and summons a Blade Knight.


I draw Metamorphosis. I Heavy Storm his Cylinder, Snatch his Blade Knight, summon a Gorilla and attack him. That was pretty good. I set the Enemy Controller and end my turn.


He gains 1000LP from Snatch, Snatch's my Gorilla and tributes it for Jinzo. Hahah. That was pretty good. He attacks his Blade Knight and I take it.


I summon the Serpent, Morph it for TER and take his Jinzo and he Book of Moon's my TER. His Jinzo goes to the GY. I set Ring and Bottomless and end my turn.


He draws and does nothing. He has no monster in his hand.


I draw a Night Assailant set it and return TER to attack position.


He does nothing again.


I draw Fiber Jar and end my turn.


He uses Change of Heart on my TER and sucks up my Night Assailant and has to end his turn. Heh.


I draw Waboku, set it and the Fiber Jar.


He summons Breaker and I Bottomless him.


It's 4200 - 1400, my favor, when I flip the Fiber Jar. All I need is a Gorilla, Breaker or TiV and I can kill him this turn. I draw. Bottomless. No good. MST. No good. Premature Burial. Oh, man. I'm starting to worry now. Zaborg. NO!!!! It's down to my last card, if it's not a monster or something, I am dead. My last card is Painful Choice!!! I am saved! I offer him 3 Gorilla, Breaker and Tribe and it doesn't matter. He gives me TiV and I summon it and attack him for game and match!


RECORD 3 - 0


OK. Doing good. Killed both Warrior/BLS decks I have faced so far. Last Regionals I lost three duels and they were all to warrior decks. So far, so good. I've gotten the wins against them.






I dueled this guy at last regionals. He was running a machine deck and I really slaughtered him. He used Ring on his own double Limitered Y-Dragon Head when he was at 6000 and I was at 8000 after I played Heavy Storm. Ha.


This deck is messed up bad. I mean in a good way. It was really fun and challenging to duel this deck because there was so much unexpected stuff in it!


I chose to go first and get Call, Gorilla, Change, Zaborg, Assailant and Swap. I set the Call and summon the Gorilla.


He sets a monster and 2 S/T.


I draw Scapegoat, turn a token to attack and Swap a token for his set Cyber Jar. Second time today a judge was called over to check the ruling on Swap. I win again. I attack the token with the Gorilla and he Cylinders. Ok good. At least that's out of the way. I set Call of the Haunted.


He attacks the Cyber Jar with the token! Ha! Ha! Too funny. He takes a little damage. He gets a Gorilla and Bazoo, and I especially notice the Card Destruction. I get a Gorilla, Nimble, Breaker and Sinister, along with a Metamorphosis. I do not want him to use Card Destruction. I set all my monsters. He attacks a Nimble, I gain 1000LP and get two more to the field. In his main phase 2, he tributes his Gorilla for Jinzo and sets 2 S/Ts. Crap, he is going to play the Card Destruction. He does. I get Pot, Scapegoat and Bottomless. He removes three monsters to jack up Bazoo to 2500. He plays Exchange! CRAP! He takes my Pot of Greed and I get a lame Manticore of Darkness. I immediately jot down in big letters on my pad, "Side Deck Drains!!!" and underline it. He plays my Pot and finally ends his turn.


MISTAKE NUMBER 1 of the DAY! Here's where I seriously goof up and may have cost myself the match. I draw a Gorilla, summon it, Change of Heart his Jinzo and attack his Bazoo. What a MORON! I forgot Bazoo was at 2500! I suicide the Gorillas, set Scapegoat and end my turn. I messed up in a MAJOR way! You can not afford to make a SINGLE mistake at this level of play. I kick myself.


He activates Premature and asks me if I would like to respond. I chain my Call to Zaborg and he chains his Return from the Different Dimension and pays half his LP. I Bottomless all of them and he says I can't because his Premature is targeting Jinzo. I'm sort of not too sure about that so, I call a judge. Judge sides with my opponent because Bottomless is not a part of the chain begun with Premature Burial. Ok. That makes sense and I'm cool with that. This is going from bad to worse though. He summons Chaos Rider Gustaph removes a couple of spell cards from play to pump him up, and equips Jinzo with Wicked Breaking Flamberblahblah, whatever that card is. He attacks. Scapegoat! Whew. Gotta love them little sheep sometimes.


I draw Pot of Greed and get Raigeki and Harpie's Feather Duster!!! No, just kidding. Ahh, the good ol' days. Well, it turns out I lose really bad because he swarms all over me and totally destroys me with a zillion life point damage.




SIDE DECK TIME! I put in Royal Decree and 2 Magic Drains. That's about all I can do. I could put in the Jammer's but, I don't think they are necessary.


I go first and get Enemy Controller, Goat, Drain, Breaker and Horn. I set the Horn, Magic Drain and Scapegoat, then summon Breaker. I'm hoping he doesn't have Heavy Storm.


I activate Scapegoat in his draw phase. He laughs at that. He activates Heavy Storm. Dang IT! I Drain it and he discards for it. When he sees the Horn he understood why I actived the Goat and wanted to protect my Horn and says, "Ah, that was pretty tricky..."
He summons a Gorilla and hits Breaker. Man, 1900 ATK just doesn't cut it anymore. He sets an S/T and ends his turn.


I draw Mobius and use Enemy Controller and a token to take his Gorilla and tribute it for Mobius and get rid of his Cylinder and attack.


He removes his Gorilla from play to special summon Gigantes in defense position and sets a monster. I turn a token to attack and activate Swap. He thinks about it for a LONG time and gives me Gigantes. I attack his face down with Mobius and its a Morphing Jar. I get Zaborg, Assailant, Heavy, Nimble and Bottomless. I set the Bottomless and end my turn.


He activates Painful Choice. He offers 2 Gorilla, Jinzo, Manticore and something else. I give him the Manticore. He plays Forceful Sentry and takes a Nimble. He summons Bazoo and I Bottomless Trap Hole it. He uses his Priority to remove a bunch of monsters from play to jack it up. Uh oh.


I tribute his Gigantes for Zaborg, destroy one of my tokens and attack.


He Snatchs my Zaborg. Smeg! He sets a monster and plays Exchange. He takes my Night Assailant and I take his Chaos Rider. I have a lot of spell cards in the GY so, I could get him pretty big.


I draw a MST, gain 1000LP, MST the Snatch, summon the Chaos Rider, do not remove anything and attack his face down monster. It's Summoner of Illusions and he tries to do it's effect but it's illeagle and I attack him with Zaborg for the win.




Our duels took so long, time is running out really quickly. He choses to go first and I get Pot of Greed, Zaborg, Bottomless, Swap and a Goat CRAP. He Forcefuls my Pot back to my deck and that sucks. He sets a monster and ends his turn. I draw Royal Decree and activate the Goat and Swap a token for his set Nimble. Crap. I set the Decree and end my turn.


He summons Chaos Rider Gustaph and removes two cards from play and attacks his Nimble and gains 1000LP and sets another.


I draw Mobius and can't do anything but set the Bottomless.


He summons a monster, time is called, I Bottomless and he activates 7 tools and I activate the Decree. MISTAKE #2 I couldn't activate the Decree. We didn't catch that. In retrospect, even if I didn't activate the Decree, it would have gone to a tie breaker anyway. He would have paid the 1000LP for the 7 tools and attacked two tokens. It still would have been tied at 8000LP.


Tiebreaker: Whoever does first damage to their opponent wins.


MISTAKE #3. I win the coin flip and decide to go second. I thought I could do first damage if I was able to attack first. Well, that didn't work out because he drew Ceasefire in his opening hand and set a monster and activated Ring in my draw phase.


RECORD 4 - 1


I am starving at this point. One of my boys volunteer to get me something if he finishes his duel early enough before the next round. My duels have all been up to the wire, so I take him up on his offer.






I win the die roll and go first. I get Ring, 2 Goat, Breaker and 2 Gorilla. Hmmm. I set Ring, Goat and summon Berserk.


He plays Reinforcements of the Army and gets a Marauding. He Books my Gorilla, summons Marauding and Mystic LV 4 and I Ring it. He attacks my Gorilla with Marauding. He plays Painful Choice. HERE COMES THE BLS B.S. RIGHT NOW! He offers Jinzo, Makyura, DD Warror Lady, Grandmaster Ninja thingy and the Serpent. I give him Makyura. He sets one S/T.


I draw Premature and pay for it to get a Gorilla and summon another. He Dust Tornados the Premature and and I attack his Marauding with the other.


He summons Exiled, tributes it to destroy my Monkey and sets one S/T.


I draw Horn, set it, summon Breaker and he Torrentials.


He sets a monster and ends his turn.


I draw Mobius and activate Scapegoat.


He flips his Fiber and I negate it with Horn and a token. Ouch, that's gotta hurt. I almost don't do it because I have no monsters in my hand, but it's too late now.


I draw Swords and activate it.


He summons Makyura and ends his turn.


I draw Zaborg. DANG! Give me something I can put on the field right now!


He turns Makyura to defense and sets another monster.


Finally, I draw a Gorilla and hit his Makyura.


He Snatch's my Gorilla. Pooey!


I draw another Zaborg. DANG! This sucks. I set another Scapegoat and end my turn.


He summons TiV, flips up his Blade Knight, discards for beast, special summons BLS. Rat faced Jerk! He attacks and I activate the other Scapegoat and he discards for beast in his main phase two.


I draw Creature Swap and conceed, showing him all I had in my hand were the three tribute monsters and Creature Swap. Tough Break for me. I don't think BLS beat me though. I had a crappy series of draws there for a while.




I side deck in my Kinetics and Magic Drains and the Decree.


I chose to go first and get something I can't decipher from my notes, Metamorphosis, Drain, Mobius, Change and Kinetic. I set the Drain and Kinetic.


He plays Pot and I Drain it. He can't discard so that's good. He sets a monster, one ST and ends his turn.


I draw a Gorilla, Change his set Sinister, tribute it for Mobius and he Rings it. I set the Metamorphosis and end my turn.


He summons TiV and attacks the Kinetic. Man, anything but TRIBE! Why couldn't it have been a warrior! Smeg.


I draw Bottomless, summon a Gorilla and attack his TiV.


He Prematures the TiV, summons Marauding and discards for beast and attacks. Darn.


I summon Breaker and attack his TiV and set Bottomless.


He summons a DD Warrior Lady and I Bottomless her. He turns Marauding to defense.


I summon a Kinetic Soldier and attack with the Kinetic and Breaker.


He summons a GAF and hits Breaker.


I draw Swords and hit his GAF with Kinetic. I activate Swords.


He sets a monster.


I attack with Kinetic and its a Grenkappa. Whatever.


He sets an S/T.


I Heavy Storm and he Books my Kinetic. I summon Berserk and attack. I'm at 600 and he's at 1900. I'm feeling a comback!


He sets a monster.


I attack his face down with the Berserk and its a DD Assailant. Darn. I attack him for 1350 and get him down to 550LP.


I have Swap and Snatch in my hand.


GUESS WHO!!??? BLS!???  He removes my Kinetic from play, summons another monster and it's over for me. No chance.


The dude even APOLOGIZED to me for using BLS. He said it was the only way he had a chance to win. If THAT doesn't tell you how freakin' broken that card is, I don't know what does!


RECORD 3 - 2


I finally get to eat but have to totally scarf it down.


I can't afford to lose another match this late in the game.








OK. This is getting ridiculous. 4 warrior decks out of 6 duels.


I win the die roll and go first. I get NoC, Goat, Mobius, Horn, Change and Call. I set the Goat and Horn.


I activate Goat in his draw phase and he MST's the Horn. He summons Marauding and Don and attacks two tokens. Oh brother, he we go again. Same ol' same ol'. He attacks two tokens and sets an S/T.


I Change his Don, tribute it for Mobius and destroy his Decree and attack his Captain. I set Call and end my turn.


He uses the Warrior Returning Alive and gets his Captain back. He sets a monster and ends his turn.


I Nobelman his Captain and attack him with Mobius. 8000 - 4000.


He summons a Blade Knight, sets an S/T and attacks a token.


I draw Enemy Controller, tribute a token to take his Blade Knight, tribute it for another Mobius and attack for 4800 and the win!




I side deck in my Kinetics.


He goes first. I get Kinetic, Assailant, Metamorphosis, Goat and Sinister. Hmmm. Pretty ok.


He sets a monster and one S/T.


I draw Heavy Storm and set the Assailant and Scapegoat.


He plays Painful Choice. FRAK!(&^&^$&! Here he comes. He offers an Airknight, Don, DD, Kycoo and Serpent. Man, this is so boring.......I go ahead and give him the freakin' Serpent because it won't matter. He summons Marauding, LV4, and flips up a Blade Knight. He attacks my Assailant with LV4, then with everything else.


I draw a Gorilla, play Heavy Storm, summon Kinetic and hit Marauding for a lot.


He Changes my Kinetic summons TIV, hits me with all and discards for machine and I lose. Oh well. BLS didn't play into this duel.




I go first and get TiV, 2 Zaborg, NoC and a Gorilla. I draw Painful and offer him 2 Goats, Gorilla, Kinetic and a Night Assailant. I forgot to write down what he gave me. I set the NoC and sumon the Gorilla.


He Snatch's my Gorilla and attacks. Pooey. He sets one S/T and a monster.


I draw Snatch. I NoC his Cyber Jar. heh. I summon TiV, discard to destroy my Gorilla and attack. I set the Snatch Steal.


He sets a monster.


I tribute TiV for Zaborg and destroy his DD Warrior Lady and I attack.


He Forcefuls my Fiber Jar and calls DD back to tribute her for Jinzo and suicides. He sets an S/T.


I draw a Kinetic and attack him for 1350. I am winning 7000 - 2650.


GUESS WHO?!?!?! BLS shows up and removes my Kinetic from play. What a SURPRISE! Well, I have a surprise for him.


I Snatch his stupid dumb head BLS, remove itself from play and summon a Gorilla and tear him up!!! I get him down to 650 after that and he can't recover!


RECORD 4 - 2


OK. I need to win this next match in order to even be remotely close to top 8.




MONARCHS VS WIERD RFG DECK (BLS is in this deck too)


This deck placed in the top 8 at last Regionals.


I am starting to feel a little sick. I ate so fast and I am feeling dehydrated. During this duel, I drank a whole bottle of water because I felt I was going to puke. One complaint I have about this Regional is there was no lunch break at all. It was run fairly well and pairings were posted very quickly but dude, give us a ten minute break between rounds or something.


He wins the die roll and goes first. He sets one S/T and summons a Shining Angel and activates Soul Absorption.


I get Bottomless, MST, TiV, Change, Zaborg and draw Change of Heart. I MST his Book of Moon and summon TiV. I discard for fairy and attack him for 1600. I set the Change of Heart for some ridiculous reason but that's what my notes say.


He sets 2 S/T and ends his turn.


I draw a Night Assailant and set it. I attack with TiV and he Books it. OK. I end my turn.


He activates another Soul Absorption and sets another S/T.


I draw a Gorilla, summon it and he plays Chain Destruction on it. Whatever. I flip up TiV and attack with both. I set Enemy Controller.


He summons a Strike Ninja and attacks my Tribe.


I draw Creature Swap and tribute my my Assailant for Zaborg, destroying his Strike Ninja. I attack with the Gorilla and Zaborg. He's getting slaughtered.


He sets another S/T and ends his turn.


I kill him next turn for the win.




He side decks all 15 cards. Wow.


I side deck in my King Tigers, my Decree and Divine Wrath. I'm familiar with his deck and it has a lot of little monsters in it. DD Scout Planes, Scientist, Catapult Turtle, Cannon Soldier, so I hope my Tigers can shut him down. They turn out to be crucial.


He goes first. I get Fiber Jar, 2 Goats, Painful Choice and a King Tiger Wanghu.


He plays Pot, sets one S/T and one monster, activates Soul Absorption and ends his turn.


I draw Bottomless. I play Painful Choice and offer him Horn, NoC, SoRL, Change and Swap. He gives me Swords.


I activate Swords and his Cyber Jar flips up. I get a 2 Tigers and some other stuff with the Cyber flip and he Books one of the Tigers. He gets no monsters.  I tribute something for Mobius and destroy his S/T cards and attack.


He plays Painful Choice and offers 2 Bazoo, DMoC, and 2 DD Scout Plane.  I give him Bazoo. Maybe I should have given him DMoC. Oh well. Too late now. He summons the Bazoo and removes DMoC and 2 DD Scout Plane to boost it up to 2500 attack. He sets 2 S/T and attacks one of my Tigers.


I Snatch his Bazoo and he activates Enemy Controller, tributing his Bazoo to take my Mobius till the end of the turn. OK. I set Bottomless. He Changes my Mobius and tributes it for Catapult Turtle and it's automatically destroyed by the Tiger's effect. Ooops. He forgot about that. HAHAHA!


I Call Mobius back, summon another Tiger and attack. This gets him down to 200LP and I'm at 8000!!


He activates Last Will. Summons Exiled which is automatically destroyed, but through priority, gets to use it's effect. He tributes it for oneTiger and gets Pikaru with the Last Will and when it's destroyed, gets a Chaos Sorceror and removes Mobius. That kinda worked.


I draw Divine Wrath and set it along with the Fiber Jar.


He tries to remove my Tiger with Chaos Sorceror, and I Divine Wrath it away!


I flip my Fiber Jar and draw no monsters but the Fiber Jar and I attack him with the Fiber Jar for the win!!!!




Fiber Jar saves the day!!


Well, I finish out the day with a 5 -2 record. It wasn't good enough for top 8 but I am satisfied with the way the deck performed.


Finals were pretty good. One of our crew was ranked #1 going into the Final 8 but lost. That was bad but, it was still good to get to the top 8!


The final match was really fun. The match was lost when one guy used Change of Heart on a JInzo instead of a DD Warrior Lady and he attacked the DD with Jinzo. That was the end of him.


I finished ranked 23 out of 122. Another deck I made finished 12th. I'm pretty proud of that. 4 of the 7 decks I faced were some version of BLS/Warrior. I lost to one and defeated the others. Good for me.


All in all, it was a fun day but I have one complaint. The attitude of many of the duelists were VERY negative. There were lots of card shoving, arguing and general nastiness and arrogance. Many people suffer from megalomania.


Well, its taken me over 7 hours to type this up so, I am finished with it. I hope you enjoyed it!


Until next time,


Happy dueling






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