Mind Puppet - De-puppetized deck - Bob's collectables - Hamburg NJ - Afternoon Tournament

My deck is now De-puppetized because I have made major changes to my deck so it doesn't have the same strategy as my friend anymore. It's still a brand of control though. (I still kept the name Mind Puppet though cause i like it ^_^)

Monsters -
(17 Total, 17 Effects, 0 Normals, 0 Spirits)

Tributes: (4)
Dark Magician of Chaos x 1
Dark Ruler Ha Des x 1
Jinzo x 1
Vampire Lord x 1

Non-Tributes: (13)
Breaker the Magical Warrior x 1
Cyber Jar x 1
Fiber Jar x 1
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer x 2
Magical Scientist x 1
Magician of Faith x 1
Mystic Tomato x 2
Sinister Serpent x 1
Spirit Reaper x 2
Tribe Infecting Virus x 1

Magic -
(15 Total, 9 Normal, 4 Quick-Play, 2 Equip)

Book of Moon x 1
Change of Heart x 1
Creature Swap x 1
D.D. Designator x 1
Mystical Space Typhoon x 1
Nobleman of Crossout x 2
Pot of Greed x 1
Premature Burial x 1
Scapegoat x 2
Snatch Steal x 1
Stray Lambs x 1
Swords of Revealing Light x 1
The Forceful Sentry x 1

Traps -
(9 Total, 7 Normal, 1 Counter, 1 Continuous)

Call of the Haunted x 1
Draining Shield x 1
Dust Tornado x 2
Horn of Heaven x 1
Magic Cylinder x 1
Ring of Destruction x 1
Torrential Tribute x 1
Waboku x 1

Fusions -
(3 Total)

Dark Balter the Terrible x 1
Dark Flare Knight x 1
Thousand-Eyes Restrict x 1

Total Cards: Deck - 41 cards
Fusion - 3 cards

[{Before Hand}]

I talked to some people and made some trades because there was time in between the morning and afternoon tournament. For the morning, I borrowed some cards from my friend Chris. (If you read my old report you know him as Whitey) I thought my deck was better with the borrowed cards, which were Creature Swap, Snatch Steal, Don Zaloog (I had one of my own too), D.D. Warrior Lady (Also had one of my own), and Heavy Storm, but in the morning tournament, which should, in theory, be easier because it's the winner's tournament, I only got 3rd. So after the tourney was over, I traded my D.D. Warrior Lady away for Snatch Steal and Thousand-Eyes Restrict and I traded my Don Zaloog and Thousand-Eyes Restrict for Dark Magician of Chaos, Creature Swap, and Horn of Heaven. So I did some editing and entered the afternoon tournament.

[{Round one}]

People: Mind Puppet vs. Sean (...Shawn? idk)
Decks: De-puppetized vs. Horus Control

This kid has all but like 45 cards or something. His dad comes with him every week and, in theory, he should be very good. Not so much...

~ First Duel ~

I knew he ran Horus, and last time I faced him, I, as we at Bob's like to call it, "Mega-Smited" him. My new game plan didn't work well versus him seeing as Horus doesn't like magic cards, so I used my Reapers to reap him directly and flush his hand, kinda like how my old strategy worked. ("Card from Hand! Card from Hand!" ^_^) Ok, so I saw Horus Lv 8 for a short while, but nothing Tribe can't take care of. :)

~ Second Duel ~

I was gonna call this deck a Horus Deck before this duel, then I found out about the control half of it. He used Ground Collapse in the first duel, but I had Breaker break it the next turn. This time, he waited for my Magic and Trap removal to be gone, caught me with a Scapegoat on the field and sprung 2 ground collapses on me... -_-º So I drew Creature Swap, turned my goat to attack mode, then I obtained his Jinzo via Creature Swap and attacked. Then he Hammer Shot it and ended. I drew Kycoo and smacked him around a while until...


[{Between Rounds}]

I watched the end of the match between Whitey and Tyler. Tyler is the only kid I've ever faced who can consistantly beat me everytime we duel. It bugs me to no end that he can beat me all the time, Whitey can beat him everytime, and me and Whitey go 1 for 1 when we duel. (Except for my Uber-Slump when I lost 13 straight to him) Whitey commenced with the Smiting and then I asked Bob who I was facing next and he said the winner of the duel going on behind me. I turned around to see a girl dueling against a kid who I think his nmae is Dario. I said whats the score and the girl said they both won 1 duel. Dario is an average player who can beat me from time to time so I thought this girl must be at least descent. I said whats the LP score, Dario said 8000-8000. I walked over, then I was let down when Dario got Ha Des, Jinzo, and a Mad Dog out and killed her.

[{Round two}]

People: Mind Puppet vs. Dario, maybe.. (Hm, I must be bad with names.)
Decks: De-puppetized vs. Random Beatdown/Chaos compilation

I boasted by sitting down in front of him and saying "Ready to be Fiend Mega Smited?" (I don't know why I kept saying that but I think there is a card called Fiend Mega Cyber, but Im not sure. Anyway..)

~ First Duel ~

I drew into a monster heavy hand. I always let my opponent choose who goes first. He went first. He set some Magic and/or Traps and a monster. My turn. Draw a monster. Hand: Jinzo, Ha Des, Vampire Lord, Sinister, Magician of Faith, and Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer. Summoned Kycoo, attack his down m--- cylinder... I attacked myself... Well, It went similarly to this all duel. BUT THEN......
DEFEAT! (Oh, I got you good. You thought I'd say VICTORY!)

~ Second Duel ~

"Who got Mega-Smited now? Huh? Yea that's what I thought.." Oh, you're going down little man. I went first. Used Stray lambs, set waboku. He summoned breaker, broke my waboku, I chained. My turn. I sack a lamb for Jinzo, change a lamb to attack mode, Creature swap lamb for Breaker and attack with both. Main phase 2 I used forceful sentry and put his only monster, D.D. Warrior Lady, back to his deck. His turn, he draws and sets a monster. I draw pot, play it, get Dark Magician of Chaos and Change of Heart. I change his down, Spirit Reaper. I offer his Breaker and his Reaper for DMoC and get pot, play pot, and smite him directly. He eventually killed my DMoC but regardless...

~ Third Duel ~

With that match being relatively easy, Im confident I can beat him easily in this one, I stall for a while, the get a big guy out, idk which one. Ha Des Maybe. He kept taking it with change and enemy controller even though I had swords out. Incorrect. Idiot..


[{Between Rounds}]

No drinks in the store so I went out, finished my barq's rootbeer, regrouped (All of this is in 20º weather in a T-Shirt) then came in for the Finals of the Winner's bracket.

[{Winner's Bracket Finals}]

People: Mind Puppet vs. Chris aka Whitey aka YT
Decks: De-puppetized vs. YT's Jesus Christ Control Deck (The one I copied for my old "card from hand" deck)

This one should be interesting. I learned all the staple combos from him. I've expanded from them though. Now I have some of my own combos. I need to take time out here to point out one of the best combos I've seen in a long while. YT has 4 goats, opponent has an airknight and a face down spirit reaper. He turns a goat to attack mode and uses creature swap, get spirit reaper and giving the attack mode goat, then he offers airknight for jinzo. Then he turns another goat into attack mode, enters battle phase and attack goat with goat, both die. Main phase 2 he turns another goat into attack mode and plays another creature swap giving him the attack goat for the other monster. That's what I like to call Field Control. xD

~ First Duel ~

I don't remember much about this duel, not much defense by either side, but my Jinzo made an appearance and a smiting commenced.

~ Second Duel ~

Longest.... Duel.... Ever.... He snatched my Vampire Lord, and attacked. Draining Shield. My turn, I gain 1000. This was a short way into the duel so the score was 11,000 - 4800. Things are looking good. Not so much... I made a mistake and used torrential when he brought out his tribe and he had 2 down monsters and I had 3 goats and a tomato in face-up defense mode. After I did it I saw i only had Jinzo and like book of moon in my hand. He did nothing for a while, so did I. We drew a little. Then we went into something that I've dubbed a 'Frenzy'. We do it at school all the time. Since we know exactly what each other is thinking and how we both play, we talk and move our hands very quickly and try to trip each other up with fast moves. Of course, we leave a short time for chaining traps and things like that, but kids at school even are like "How can you guys do that?" These frenzies usually last about 3-5 minutes and we both go through 5-7 turns and we both take damage and it leaves our hands flushed and we're about even. We spent this one change of hearting my jinzo, snatch stealing my jinzo, destroying snatch steal on my jinzo, and of course attacking each other with my jinzo. At the end of this frenzy, the score was 2400 - 2500 I was losing. Jinzo died somehow and I took a direct attack from Breaker at 1900. I drew. I summoned my own breaker. Broke his only face down M/T. Magic Cylinder. :D I used snatch steal and attacked for game.


[{Between Rounds}]

Right after our match I told whitey we needed a rematch and he said he'd see me in the finals. I cracked my back and watched whitey lose to Joe. -_- That should never happen. Whitey = control deck.... Joe = Chaos Deck..... Control > Chaos... Control is specificly made to counteract Chaos! 'Oh there's your BLS-EotB... Now its mine, I'll remove himself.' :D


People: Mind Puppet vs Joe
Decks: De-puppetized vs CCCC (Cookie Cutter Chaos Control for those who are stupid)

~ Duel 1 ~

*Turn 3*
Him: Jinzo, Swords, and down M/T
Me: 5 Traps and Jinzo in my hand

~ Duel 2 ~

I attacked myself with Ha Des thanks to cylinder, then it was Ring of Destructioned. So right there I've taken 4900. Any control I'd try to muster would be stopped. He summoned his zaborg and used his effect to kill my last goat and he said "Destroy it." and thats also what he says when he attacks, so I was confused and mis-fired my cylinder so he knew I had it. So he didn't attack at all with him. I was at 900 then...



Ugh, after two tourneys and no tournament victories I was flustered and angry that I spent $10 and only got 1 booster and a Big Core for coming in 2nd. The trades kinda made up for it, but whatever.

[{Prizzopz an' duh Slizzopz}] (Props and Slops)
Jinzo for negating traps
Jarrett for the ride and for making a lot of trades that improved his deck like crazy.
Don Zaloog for being so popular that if you have it, people with give their soul for it.
Little kids for being ignorant
Yata(Travis) for not showing up (I can't beat him)

jinzo for negating traps xD
Doug Brien for ploughing his dog everyday (Im watching the jets game right now)

Thats all kiddies.