Subject:  My Beat Down – Peter Silberberger, Great White, Prince George, BC, Canada


Slayer’s Beat Down Deck

Peter Silberberger

Great White, Prince George, BC, Canada

Dec. 17, 2004


A total of 24 entered at the Tournament




Normal Monsters:



Effect Monsters:      -       23


Witch of the Black Forest

Sinister Serpent

Exiled Force

Guardian Sphinx

Skilled Dark Magician

Sasuke Samurai

Fiber Jar

Des Koala

Cat’s Ear Tribe

Vampire Lord

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

Tribe – Infecting Virus

Berserk Gorilla

Mobius the Frost Monarch


Night Assailant x2

Dark Ruler Ha Des


Slate Warrior

Man – Eater Bug

Amazoness Tiger


Magic:     -       13

Change of Heart

Monster Reborn

The Forceful Sentry

Heavy Storm

Harpie’s Feather Duster


Mystical Space Typhoon

Delinquent Duo

Pot of Greed

Dark Hole

Graceful Charity


Premature Burial


Traps      -     10

Mirror Force

Ring of Destruction

Time Seal

Covering Fire

Trap Jammer

Magic Drain

Bottemless Trap Hole

Torential Tribut

Deraining Shield

Imperial Order


Total Number of Cards:     46


First Round:     Me vs. Colin (Reigning Champion)



First Duel:

Colins deck changes every week, so it was hard to determine what stragety to use against him.  The duel started with me going first, I had a pretty bad hand so I played my pot og greed, and then my graceful charity.  I tossed my Jinzo, and my sinister serpent and then played monster reborn for my Jinzo. This is where my opponent completely destroyed me, he played Snatch Steal, and yoinked my Jinzo, then sacrificed it for his jinzo, then monster reborned my jinzo, and attacked for 4800 Danage – ouch.  On my tern, I got back my sinister, and set 3 cards on the field and a fiber jar face down.  On his turn, he played Nobleman of crossount and ttacked for the win.



Second Duel:

The second duel was just as bad as the first because I got beat very quickly because all I drew was magic cards.  Colin beat me in 3 turns.



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