: Earth Skilldrain Beatdown-Tommy Combs-Sword and the Stone-Whitesburg KY


Earth Skilldrain Beatdown-Tommy Combs-Sword and the Stone-Whitesburg KY


Earth Skill Drain Deck

Sacrifice Monsters

2X Dark Driceratops


Non-Sacrifice Monsters

2X Goblin Attack Force

3X Berserk Gorilla

2X Gemini Elf

2X D.D. Crazy Beast

3X Nimble Momonga

2X Giant Soldier of Stone

1X Breaker

1X Exiled Force



2X Giai Power

2X Book of Moon

2X Axe of Despair

2X Fairy Meteor Crush

1X Giant Turnade


1X Shallow Grave

1X Premature Burial

1X Reload

1X Scapegoat

1X Creature Swap

1X Card Deatruction



2X Compulsory Evacuation Device

2X Skill Drain

1X RoD

1X Torrential Tribute

1X Woboku


Side Deck

2X Dream Clown

2X Man-Eater Bug

1X Gilasaurus

1X D.D. Crazy Beast

1X Hayabusa Knight

1X Muka Muka

1X Book of Moon

2X Soul Release

1X Giant Turnade

2X Soul Exchange

1X Smashing Ground


The tournament today was mixed child and adult.  It was a swiss format,

ban list tournament.  I took my son (Dalton) and his cousin (Josh).  The tournament started at 12 so we arrived about 11 just to get a feel of the other people that were

coming.  My son was running a fire burn deck I had built for him, Josh was running a funky mixed deck he built himself. 

            13 people showed up for the tournament.  Not a great turnout but not terrible

either.  OK it was 4 rounds of swiss then the final four was single elimination. 


Match 1

Me against Little Kid with good deck

Duel 1


            OK his deck was awesome because I looked at it after the duel but he just

couldn’t play it.  I had good draw.  He went first. Face down card. Set a trap and ended his turn.  My turn giant turnade then berserk, axe, Gaia power, fairy meteor crush.  I

attacked his facedown which was a tribe.  2500 damage first turn. It went on from there.

ME 8000

Chase 8000 – 5500 – 1000 – 0


Second duel was more of the same


Match 2

Me against Guy with zombie deck

Duel 1

            I went first.  Berserk Gorilla in attack.  He plays call of the mummy,  ryu kokie,

change of heart sacrifices berserk for another ryu kokie.  Hits me for 4800.

Me 8000 – 3200 – 0

Him 8000

Duel 2

            I went first.  Nimble face down.  Compulsory set.  He activated call of the

Mummy then summoned patrician.  He attacked my nimble so I set two more.

My turn I set woboku.  His turn he activates curse of the masked beast offers patrician

 and one from his hand to bring out masked beast then plays a horn of unicorn on it to up

its attack to  3900.  He attacked and I activated woboku.   My turn I draw creature swap.

I play D.D. Crazy then activate creature swap.  I gave him D.D. and took his masked beast.  I activated an axe on it putting it to 4900 switched my nimbles to attack and went

at him.  5500 damage.  On his turn he summoned out patrician with cotm.  I killed it and him.

Me 8000 – 9000

Him 8000 – 2500 – 0

Duel 3

            Don’t remember much about this one. He went first and played a card face down. 

I summoned goblin attack and set skill drain and compulsory and ended my turn.  On his turn I activated skill drain.  He sacrificed for Ryu Kokie and I sent it back to his hand.  My turn I played berserk and Gaia.  Attacked with both for 5300.  His turn he activatd cotm and then summoned patrician.  My turn I summoned Gemini attacked and end


Me 8000 – 7000

Him 8000 – 2700 – 0


Third Match

Me Against Rob LVL deck.

            This guy usually wins the tourneys.  He took me today. 

Duel 1

            He goes first summons mystic swordsman 4 and a facedown s/t.  My turn I

summon berserk and he activates book of moon.  On his turn he kills it with mystic’s effect and seta another s/t.  My turn I activate Premature to get my berserk back.  He chains with scapegoat.  I sacrifice it for Dark Driceratops.  I attack one of his tokens for 2400 damage.  On his turn he played metamorphosis on a token for thousand eyes restrict which sucks up my driceratops and he attackes for 2400.  My turn I summon breaker and

use his bead to destroy driceratops but I can’t attack because of  thousand-eyes effect. 

His next turn sucks up breaker hits me for 1600 and so on.

Me 8000 – 7200 – 4800 – 3200 – 1600 – 0

Rob 8000 – 5600


Duel 2

            I really can’t remember this one but we both laughed because it was funny.  I

Lost this one to but it was close.  When it ended he had 1200 and I was 0.  I couldn’t use my book of moon so I could kill him because of horus lvl 6 effect.  Ah well best duels of the day. 


Match 4

Me against some kid

            Basically I beat him both times and never got below 7000.  Second duel he ringed my goblin and killed himself.



(it’s late and I am going to hurry this along)

            The final four came down to

Rob         6 – 0 (he got a bye in the first round)

Dalton     6 – 3 (lost to Rob and one round to an Exodia deck)

Josh         7 – 4 (lost to Rob and one each to two other players)

Me           6 – 3 (lost to Rob and one round to the Zombie deck)



First Round


Rob VS Josh

            Josh beat  him 2 – 0


Me VS Dalton

            He beat me the first duel and I beat him the next two.


Round 2


Me VS Josh

            I beat him 2 – 0


Dalton VS Rob

            There was no prize for 3rd so they just settled to split the rights to third


Now for Props and slops



Me for first place

$25 in store credit

Josh for Second Place

$15 in store credit

Dalton for third place

no prize but i gave him $10 of mine

Josh for beating Rob

Josh for his first finals in a tournament

Dalton for wanting to duel me instead of me forfeiting my match with him.



Can't think of any it was all good today


Till next tourny good dueling

Tommy Combs

any comments or questions send to