sairasu89's Machine deck for January 2005


Machine deck for January 2005


Store name Triple play

Canada,Ontairo, Missisauga

Tourney date January 2, 2005

13 participants including me

My duel results 2 wins 4 loses

I had a default win at the tournament but i dont know how much its worth.

Well this time i think i did a bit better in this one.Finally there was more duelist at this tournament this time.Besides my official duels i had won 1 fun duel with a kid.This was before the tournament started.I won the duel with XYZ dragon cannon.I kept on using XYZ dragon cannon's effect and then finally attack him directly.The only official duel i won at the tournament was a duel with an adult.He did well for a duelist with about 6 months duel experience.He had more than 1 trap hole in his deck.He manage to trap hole my X head cannon.Also i managed to buy a Armed dragon lv7 from a kid at the tournament.It was fun seeing what the duelist could sell and or trade cards.Also i finally bought Makyura the destructor.In 1 duel i lost in had 1 good reason is that i didnt get many playable monsters and i just got Jinzo and X head cannon in my hand.If only i had  some fair number of monsters in my hand.Also in one duel i activate my limiter removal and my Cannon soldier had 2800 Atk.The opponent's Jinzo was destroyed.The only good thing that happen was that i managed to pull a few combos like Ring of destruction with Barrel behind the door.Anyways thats what i say in this tournament report.It is much better than my old one right?Anyways i wont be using my machine deck this Sunday.I decided to try different types of theme decks.Well later and you can find me at the POJO message boards.

Monsters: 17

Perfect machine king


Heavy mech support platform

Battle footballer

Cannon soldier x2

Barrel dragon

X-head cannon

Y-dragon head

Z metal tank

Needle burrower


Sinister serpent

Tribe infecting virus

Cyber jar

Breaker the magical warrior

Magician of faith

Magic/Spells 12

Limiter removal  x2

Pot of greed


The shallow grave

Book of moon

Mystical space typhoon

Nobleman of crossout

Change of heart

Giant trunade

Premature burial

Fairy meteor crush

Traps 11

DNA surgery

Torrential tribute

Seven tools of the bandit

Call of the haunted

Drop off

Negate attack

Ring of destruction

Judgement of anubis

Magic cylinder

Divine wrath

Barrel behind the door


I won 3 duels (2 official ones and 1 fun duel)

I won against an older opponent and this was official

I fianally got back with machines and i decided to play machines for a very long time.

Down sides

I kinda spent alot of money on booster packs and on Makyura the destructor and Armed dragon lv7.

I didnt get over alot of official wins in the tournament but i'll do my best real well this week.

Goodbye for now.

Pojo username: sairasu89



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