Will Chan’s tourney report Melbourne Australia

Card heaven

30 people attended

XYZ deck of the day



Pre tourney:

I looked out for my friends matt Joyce and Connor (great friends) to come. Unfortunately matt did not come which was bad coz he is really fun to verse and can help with my decks a lot.

I signed up and was ready to go. My friend max (really good friend) and I talked about his and my deck.


Deck list:

Monsters: 19


2x y dragon head

2x x head cannon

3x z metal tank

3x ddwl

3x shining angels

2x heavy mech support platform

cyber jar






2x frontline base

heavy storm

change of heart

premature burial


2x book of moon

3x limiter removal

snatch steal

swords of revealing light


Traps: 7

3x waboku



Magic cylinder

Call of the haunted



Duel one:

Me vs. earth beat down


This guy was cool and I think I was pretty nervous\

He goes first and got x,y,y and 2 limiters.

He summons berserk and ends.

I draw CHANGE of heart!!!

Could this be great?

I change his berserk

Summon y give 2 limiters and atk for 8000!!!

First turn win

next duel was about the same


Duel 2

Couldn’t really rememer

Destroys him very easily with my pieces

Xyz out 2nd turn and he couldn’t do anything after that.


Duel two xyz he couldn’t defeat either and when I limiter my xyz twice he said good game and showed me his set call of the haunted



Duel 3:

Me vs. Rachel

Rachel is the sort of person who really loves her dark magician girl. Her deck is very good through her swarming ability and being able to sages stones her dmg.


Duel 1:

I went first and I think that I was losing until my tribe came out

After that the xyz pieces started attacking here directly



Duel 2:

She was really in control the whole match.

I couldn’t do anything from what she was doing. I couldn’t handle her power



Duel 3:

I was quite nervous bout this one but I managed to get through it with the help of her not drawing well







Duel 4:

Me vs. Bjorn

This guy ran an earth type of deck.

Duel 1:

We seemed to go on forever until my xz fusion was destroy his set spells coz that was all he was drawing.

Duel 2:

He was going quite well until one stage he didn’t atk my piece. Then I fused them to create the xy dragon cannon. It is the ultra rare which makes ya discard 1 card to destroy a face up spell or trap. Luckily all his monsters were from call and premy/





Me vs slab

Slab and I are good mates

Well couldn’t really remember anything much and I think that he just swarmed me for the win but I managed to win the second game due to my lateral thinking lol

No I was just outclassed

Congrats to slab for winning and I hope u enjoyed this


Came 2nd and got 40 store credit




Trading a ddwl off this kid for strike ninja

Getting BLS for 10 and call super

For not using bls



Slab cleaning me up

Getting beaten in one round by Rachel although she is a good duelist