True Chaos Control

Cody Reinhardt

TBS Comics

Pensacola, FL

$3 entry fee, Swiss

Jan. 8


This is my Chaotic control deck, needs enemy controllers but for now its ok.

Monsters: 22
Airknight Parshath
3 Berzerk Gorilla
Breaker the Magical Warrior
2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
Reflect Bounder
2 Agent of Creation - Venus
Tribe Infecting Virus
Mad Dog of Darkness
Exilled force
Fiber jar
3 mystic shine ball
Magical Scientist

Magic: 14
2 Creature Swap
Premature Burial
Snatch Steal
Painful Choice
Heavy Storm
Change of Heart
Pot of greed
Nobleman of Crossout
2 Book of moon
2 Giant Trunade

Traps: 8
Call of the Haunted
Torrential Tribute
Ring of Destruction
2 Compulsory Evacuation Device
2 Bottomless Trap hole


Fusions: normal scientist stuff
Total: 44


There were 5 people who entered -_- but it was ok.

First round: Me vs. Eric

Eric runs this pyro/burn deck with raging flame sprite. I dominated my creature swapping my mystical shine balls (my favorite strategy) for his raging flame sprites where they were at about 2600 or so (he runs motlen destruction). second duel i was gettin owned by Raging flame sprite and level limit. with jinzo, tribe, and a facedown mystic shine ball on the field, i play painful choice. i put in dmoc, heavy storm, giant trunade, snatch steal and breaker. he gives me snatch, which i use on RFS to attack. he draws nothin and i end up winning. 2-0

2nd round: Me vs. Nick

Nick runs different stuff every week. today he ran this earth/warrior thing.

these matches were very close. he wasnt able to get out maximum swarming, but i still had a tough time containing him. the best thing was that i had berzerk, and he ran 3 gia power....w00t. anyway, i won 2-1, last match because he got a bad draw with his cyber jar (wonder why i dont run it?) DD assailent got in the way alot, and one time he snatched my jinzo to attack me ddwl. no win situation there. but i pulled off agent/creature swap a few times, so i actually kept some field advantage over warrior ^_^ 2-1

3rd match: Brother Paul

My brother was running GK today. and, as we all know, GK sucks. well, in his hands anyway. i dont even know if he got a win today or not. anyway, GK was no match for my field control. it was just total anialation. i won 2nd match because of his cyber jar (gee): he got GK spear thing or whatever, i got like 3 monsters, and used ring on his... 2-0

Finals: Eric

Arg, why must we be playing Swiss? erics back to haunt me. we split the first 2 games about even, though the one i won was dominated like out first matches. last match this is what it came down to: My side: nothing. His side: snatch steal on my berzerk, his solar flare dragon, molten destruction. Yipes. attacks leave me with 500. but solar flare goes off before snatch steal.....omg, i had bls in my hand, next turn i would have drawn painful choice, and he has nothing to stop bls. arg, so close. 2nd place: 2 packs. i choose ast, lookin for controller, get crap, some good commons, but normal rares


Having some close and fun matches

2 packs for 3 bucks

beaten my bro, and making him mad, so he changes his deck completely (a weekly tradition!)


5 people...

Crap packs

losin to my ride up there...arg

the way i lost the last match

being kicked outta homefield and being accussed of something i didnt do, which you know, is slander without proof... this was a few weeks ago


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