RegnR8's Absolute Rule of the Monarchs. Jan. 9, 2005


RegnR8's Absolute Rule of the Monarchs
Tournament Report for Jan. 9, 2005


Newnan Sports Cards
Newnan, Ga
Free to play
1st gets 4 packs
2nd gets 3 packs
3rd gets 2 packs
Advanced Format
Single Elimination
Around 25 people today.


Hi all,


Welcome to the Sunday edition of the tournament report! I hope you are all well and winning!


We got to the store close to 2 PM. There is a thirteen and under tournament and some of the guys I brought with me played in it while myself and the older boys traded and dueled and generally hung out. I made a lot of good trades today for cards I haven't had before. I got rid of some of my major multiples. I was able to get a lot of promo cards. I got 2 Archfiend of Gilford, Anti-Spell Fragrance, Makyura the Destroyer and a Command Knight for some Fire Princess, Catapult Turtle and Limiter Removal. I also got a Silent Swordsman Level 3 and an Ultimate Rare Machine Duplication for some Gorilla and Archfiend Soldier to a kid who was just starting out. All in all, a good trading day!


I made some minor adjustments to the deck from yesterday.


Absolute Rule of the Monarchs


x2 Mobius the Frost Monarch
x2 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
x3 Night Assailant
x3 Nimble Momonga
x1 Sinister Serpent
x3 Berserk Gorilla
x1 TIV
x1 Breaker
x1 Fiber
x1 Cyber


x1 PoG
x1 Change of Heart
x1 Snatch Steal
x1 Premature Burial
x2 Scapegoat
x2 NoC
x2 Creature Swap
x1 Painful Choice
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 MST
x1 Swords Of Revealing Light
x1 Hammer Shot


x1 Dust Tornado
x2 Bottomless Trap Hole
x2 Horn of Heaven
x1 Call of the Haunted
x1 Ring of Destruction


x3 Kinetic Soldier
x1 JInzo
x1 Royal Decree
x2 Enemy Controller
x1 Divine Wrath
x2 Magic Jammer
x1 RoD
x2 Raigeki Break
x2 Magic Drain
x1 Magical Scientist


Well, 4 o'clock rolled around and the first pairings were called.




Monarchs VS Spellcaster




He wins the die roll and goes first. I get Goat, Horn, NoC, Assailant and Gorilla. He sets a monster and ends his turn.


I NoC his set Archfiend Soldier. Why set that? I dunno. Some people play differently, I suppose. I summon a Gorilla and attack. I set the Goat and Horn.


In his draw phase, I activate the Goat. He sets a S/T card and plays Card Destruction. I get an Assailant and Zaborg. He summons Injection and I negate the summon with Horn and a token. Ahhh. Sweet negation.


I draw Cyber Jar, set the Assailant, attack with the Gorilla and end my turn.


He sets a monster, plays Tribute Doll and summons Dark Magician and can't attack because of Tribute Doll's requirements.


I draw a Nimble, tribute My Assailant for Zaborg, destroy his Dark Magician and attack for 4400 and the win.


8000 - negative 400. Ahhh. Good start to the tournament.




He goes first and sets a S/T and a monster.


I get Snatch, Painful Choice, Assailant, Cyber, Horn and another Assailant. I play Painful Choice and offer him Swords, NoC, Goat, Change of Heart and Swap. Too my surprise he gave me the Nobelman of Crossout. I NoC his set Skilled Dark Magician. Why does he keep setting attackers like that? I don't know. I set the Assailant and the Horn.


He MST's the Horn and sets a monster.


I draw Fiber Jar, flip my Assailant and destroy another set Archfiend Soldier. I do NOT understand this at all. I set Fiber, attack for 200LP with the Assailant and end my turn.


He sets another monster. Ok. Whatever.


I draw and flip my Fiber Jar. I get Change of Heart, 2 Assailant, Zaborg and Horn. Crap. Not what I want after I flip my own Fiber Jar! I set the Horn and the Assailant.


He sets another monster and an S/T.


I draw Call of the Haunted, play Change of Heart on his Apprentice Magician, tribute my Night Assailant for Zaborg and destroy his Magician and attack for 2400. I set Call of the Haunted.


He sets a monster. Oh man.....


I draw a Nimble, summon it and attack another Apprentice Magician and he gets another, which I attack and he starts looking through his deck for another spellcaster but can't find what he's looking for. I ask if he's looking for Magician of Faith and he says he's looking for Magical Scientist!. It turns out, it was stuck to another card in his hand and he couldn't summon it anyway. I was ready to negate it with Horn though, so I was cool. I have to end my turn.


He sets a monster and one S/T. DOH!


I draw Zaborg. Heh. I tribute my Nimble for Zaborg and destroy his Archfiend Soldier and he conceeds.


8000 - 0. Wacked.




Monarch VS Huge deck of something Fiend/Control/Necrofear/Chaos like. I don't know, it was kind of incoherent. This guy is nice enough but, is one of those people who is nearly obsessed with rulings and how good this or that combo is an how they discovered a new combo and how bad he beat his previous opponent, you know the type.




I go first and get Bottomless, Nimble, NoC, Breaker, Scapegoat and another Nobleman of Crossout. I set the Nimble, Bottomless and Goat.


He activates SoRL, flipping up my Nimble, sets a monster and 2 S/T cards.


He Drops Off my Premature Burial, meh, and I NoC his Magician of Faith. Hah. He has to get another removed from play. I summon Breaker, remove the token to destroy his Swords and I attack with the Nimble, he flinches and reaches for the set card but doesn't activate it. I attack with Breaker and he activates Draining Shield. Ohhhh, I'm scared.


He sets 1 S/T.


I draw Horn, set it, and attack with Nimble and Breaker.


He plays Painful Choice and offers Morphing Jar, Giant Germ, Archfiend Soldier, TiV and the Fiend Megacyber. I have Nobelman in my hand and I start playing a little mind game. I look at the cards for a while and say, "Hmmm. I could use some more cards in my hand , too." I give him the Morphing Jar. He sets it and 1 S/T card.


He Drops Off a Night Assailant and I don't give a freakin' rip! Heh heh. I NoC his Morphing Jar and he is royally ticked off! I attack him with Breaker and the Nimble again! I'm loving it! He's getting madder than a wet dog in a room where you're not allowed to shake your dog!


He sets another S/T card.


I attack him with Breaker and the Nimble again.


He draws a card and quits! Ha. Killed by a tokenless Breaker and a Nimble Momonga. Go home!




He goes first and sets one monster and one S/T card.


I get Swords, Gorilla, Horn, Zaborg, MST and Breaker. I play Swords and flip up his Giant Germ. I MST his Cylinder and summon a Gorilla. I take the 500 damage from the Germ when I attack it. Big deal. I'm not afraid of a little bit of burn from some dumb Germ. Yeah, yeah, Dark Necrofear food, big deal. He gets two Germs to the field.


He plays Change on my Gorilla, tributes it and a Germ for Guardian Angel Joan. That was a little unexpected. Ok. Swords is out, so I'm good. He sets one S/T.


I draw Call of the Haunted and summon a Berserk in attack position.


He draws and sets another S/T card.


I draw and he Drops Off and Assailant. Ok, I could have used that. I tribute my Gorilla for Zaborg and destroy his Joan and attack him for 2400 and set the Call.


He Premature Burial's Joan and still can't attack. This is the last turn on Swords.


Heh. Heh. This is evil. I draw another Zaborg. I tribute my Zaborg for Zaborg, destroy his Joan AGAIN and he's mad. I attack him and he plays Widespread Ruin on my Zaborg. Oh darn. I Call Zaborg back and he MST's my Call. Oh darn twice.


He draws and does nothing.


I draw Assailant and set it.


He sets a monster.


I get Fiber and set it. I flip up my Night Assailant and destroy his set Slate Warrior. I set Horn of Heaven.


He summons a Mirage Dragon and I negate the summon with Horn and my face up Assailant. Wahahahah! He says something about nobody uses Horn of Heaven and I'm thinking, I do and it just owned you with it.


I flip Fiber Jar and get Painful Choice, Change of Heart, Sinister, Breaker and Pot. I play Pot and get a Night Assailant and Creature Swap. I play Painful and offer him 2 Gorilla, Scapegoat, Nimble and TiV. He's at 2200LP now and I know he won't give me the Gorilla. He probably won't give me the TiV so, it's down to a Nimble and the Goat. I hope he gives me the Goat and he does. I summon Breaker, set the Scapegoat and attack him for 1900LP. That puts him down to 300LP.


This is where it gets interesting. He summons Amazoness Swords Woman and equips her with an Axe of Despair. Oh, he is so going to die now. He attacks Breaker and I take a good bit of damage from that one. He sets 2 S/T.


I draw Snatch Steal and he plays Drop Off. Darn. That could have come in handy. It doesn't matter. I activate Scapegoat and Creature Swap. He face falls to the floor!! Priceless. I can't change the position of the token, even though I activated it before the Swap, so I attack the token with his jacked-up Swordswoman. Ha. Do NOT stick an equip card on your monster against me or you will feel the wrath of your own monster as it TURNS against you! (Evil laugh).


He sets a monster.


I draw a Horn of Heaven. I Change of Heart his Germ and attack for the WIN! NO! He Cylinders it! Hahaha! What do I care! I'm at 7000LP, I can afford to take a measely 1000LP! Ok, I attack with the Swordswoman and he activates Widespread Ruin! Hahahah! What do I care, it's his own stupid MONSTER! Hahahah! Whew. Ahhh, too funny. I set a Night Assailant and Horn.


He sets a monster.


I flip up my Night Assailant and destroy some monster he set, I forget. I attack for 200. Kuriboh. I can't kill this guy!


He says, "Since you have two or more monsters on the field than I, I special summon The Fiend Megacyber!" I negate the summon with Horn and a token. He gets really miffed! He's owned again by a card nobody plays with. He sets a monster instead. Ha.


I draw a Bottomless and attack his card with the Assailant to see what it is and it's a Germ. I take the 500 damage and he gets two more to the field. Grr. Stall. Stall. Stall. All I need to do is 300 lousy points of damage for cryin' out loud! I set the Bottomless.


He tributes a Germ for another Fiend Megacyber and I Bottomless it! Oh, man! That brings tears to my eyes. He curses and turns his Germ to defense position and ends his turn.


I draw Call of the Haunted and set it. I attack his last Germ with the Assailant.


He draws and sets two S/T cards.


I draw Mobius but do not tribute becasue he may have some chainable traps down and I may be able to simply kill him with the Assailant. I attack with the Assailant for 200 and he takes it. Ok, he has 100LP left now. Grrr. I go ahead and tribute the Assailant for Mobius and destroy his 2 set cards which were non-chainable so, I'm good. His field is clear for next turn.


He draws, sets a monster and one S/T. I don't think he's got anything to stop me next turn.


I Call my Gorilla back, attack his Morphing Jar with the Gorilla and it doesn't matter because I attack him with Mobius for the win.


Afterwards, he was all like, "If I only was able to summon BLS" and stuff. Yeah, right. Whatever.




Monarchs VS Zombie


This is the same deck I beat yesterday in the Finals at another Tournament. I think he's looking for revenge!


I lose the die roll and he goes first. I get a Nimble, MST, Premature, Horn and Dust Tornado. He activates Call of the Mummy and special summons a Patrician of Darkness and a Pyramid Turtle. He sets one S/T and ends his turn. One of the drawbacks of a zombie deck is hand depletion. He has four cards on the field and two in his hand in one turn . If I can get the cards I need, and play conservatively, I may be able to get him to burn all his cards up in a hurry.


I draw Zaborg. Hmm. Options here. I MST his set Book of Moon, set the Nimble and the Tornado.


He summons another Turtle and attacks ALL my Nimbles. I gain 3000LP, but I have nothing left to tribute my Zaborg for.


I go ahead and Tornado his Call of the Mummy, Premature my Nimble and tribute it for Zaborg. I destroy a Turtle and end my turn. I can't attack Patrician because he'll make me attack a Turtle, then he'll get a Ryu Kokki and my Zaborg will be dead.


He uses Book of Life to get a Turtle back, summons a Regenrating Mummy and attacks Zaborg with a Turtle and gets a Kokki and kills my Zaborg then hits me with the Patrician, Mummy and the other Turtle. I am dying in a hurry here.


I draw Creature Swap. It does me absolutely no good because he'd only Swap a Turtle. Dang it! I'm in a barrel. I set Sinster and end my turn.


He attacks the Serpent with the Mummy, then attacks with Patrician and the Turtle.


I am praying for Fiber Jar or Cyber or something, and I draw the Fiber. I set it.


He sets an S/T then attacks my Fiber. I am desperate for something good to happen now! I get an Assailant, Goat, Mobius and MST. Workable. Maybe. He summons a Turtle and sets 2 S/T.


I draw Sinister and set it along with MST and the Goat. I think about MST'ing the card to his right, but don't.


He tributes the Turtle for Ryu Kokki and Rings it for the win. The card I thought about MST'ing was his Ring. A little reminder folks: Always go with your GUT instinct.




I side deck out Swords, Swap, Assailant, NoC and Hammer Shot for 2 Jammer, 2 Drain and a Raigeki Break.


I go first and get a Goat, Raigeki Break, Horn, 2 Zaborg and a Gorilla. Hmmm. Possibilities.  I summon the Gorilla and set the Goat and the Raigeki Break. I almost set the Horn but didn't want to empty my hand.


He draws, plays Change on my Gorilla and tributes it for Ryu Kokki. DARN! See what I mean about GUT feelings. If I had set the Horn, I could have negated the summon if I activated Scapegoat in his draw phase. He sets one S/T and attacks. I activate my Scapegoat and he hits a token.


I draw Mobius. NO!! I set the Horn this time.


He attacks another token.


I draw Snatch Steal. OK. This'll work! I activate it and he Book of Moon's his Ryu Kokki! Darn. That's a nasty trick. OK. I got a trick up my sleeve, too. I have to end my turn.


When he flips up the Ryu Kokki, I negate the summon with Horn. That was a nasty trick, too. He plays Book of Life on it and I'm icked off and I have to Raigeki Break it. I discard Zaborg for the Break, hoping I can get it back later. Then he FREAKIN' Premature Burial's the Darn thing! I can't get RID of that monster! He attacks a token.


I draw Night Assailant and set it. Maybe I can get rid of it this way!


Nobelman of Crossout.....NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am instantly dejected and know there is little hope for me now. He summons a Spirit Reaper and attacks with the Kokki and the Reaper, taking out a Zaborg from my hand with the Reaper's effect.


I draw a Bottomless and set it.


He summons a Turtle and attacks with everything. I need a miracle draw, here.


I don't get it. I draw Change of Heart and he's going to kill me next turn no matter what I do so, I conceed. I got owned that time.


Boo hoo. He had his revenge. Someone told me I jinxed my deck by saying he wanted revenge. I don't believe in that sort of thing anyway. Oh well. There's always next weekend. I'm over it!


Today was fun even though I lost in the third round. We ate Pizza, hung out, traded and left a little early today. I needed to finish typing up the reports.


Regionals is next weekend and I am ready for it. I think. I still need to tweak the side deck a little more, I think. I'm going to probably make a couple of changes to the main deck, too. I have some ideas, but don't want to post them here in case anyone who goes to Regionals reads know who you are!!! Heheheh.


Until next week!


Happy dueling!




IM, PM or email always welcome!