RegnR8's Absolute Rule of the Monarchs - Jan. 8, 2005


RegnR8's Absolute Rule of the Monarchs
Tournament Report for January 8, 2005


Sports Cards and Collectables
Fayetteville, Ga
$5.00 to play
1st gets 3 packs
2nd gets 2 packs
3rd don't get jack
Advanced Format
5 rounds of Swiss Format
20 to 30 people today


Hi all,


Welcome to this week's tournament report! I hope this writing finds you well and winning!


I had a busy morning running lots of errands before we left for the tournament. I had a cup of coffee at home, bought one from the Dunkin' Donuts while running errands (large French Vanilla with cream and sugar, of course) and had another when we arrived at the store. I had a third later on in the day. Boy, that's a lot of coffee!


There were a LOT of people in the store this week. It was a good crowd. There were a few smaller kids there, which is ok, but the majority were experienced duelists and a wide variety of deck types were represented! In Traditional Format, one would not see such a diversity. There was one person complaining about how all the "good" cards have been banned. Needless to say, he was razzed by all in attendance. Heh.


I made some major changes to the deck this week, getting it Regional ready. I worked on the side deck, preparing it to better handle the different deck types I am sure to face next weekend. Props to Rjakapeanut4u for suggesting the addition of the Nimbles. They worked better than the Peten. The only advantage I experienced with the Peten over the Nimble is they combo with Painful Choice better. Some have suggested Slate Warrior over Nimble and Peten. I would like to test this out, too but, I don't think I have enough time before Regional. I could test it at tomorrow's tournament, but I don't think I will.


Here's the deck as it stands this week. Hopefully, it is ready for Regionals and if I duel someone with an identical deck next weekend, I will deck them. Ha.


Absolute Rule of the Monarchs


x2 Mobius the Frost Monarch
x2 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
x3 Night Assailant
x3 Nimble Momonga
x1 Sinister Serpent
x3 Berserk Gorilla
x1 TIV
x1 Breaker
x1 Fiber
x1 Cyber


x1 PoG
x1 Change of Heart
x1 Snatch Steal
x1 Premature Burial
x2 Scapegoat
x1 Enemy Controller
x2 NoC
x2 Creature Swap
x1 Painful Choice
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 MST
x1 Swords Of Revealing Light
x1 Hammer Shot


x1 Dust Tornado
x2 Bottomless Trap Hole
x2 Horn of Heaven
x1 Call of the Haunted


x3 Kinetic Soldier
x1 JInzo
x1 Royal Decree
x1 Enemy Controller
x1 Divine Wrath
x2 Magic Jammer
x1 RoD
x2 Raigeki Break
x2 Magic Drain
x1 Magical Scientist




Monarchs VS Water/Burn/Control ? This deck is a little messed up.




I win the die roll and go first and get a so-so opening hand with Pot, NoC, Snatch, Horn, Change and Sinister. I play Pot and get Bottomless and a Gorilla. Ok, That's a little stronger. I summon the Gorilla and set Bottomless.


He sets a monster and one S/T. This is good.


I draw and he Drops Off my Zaborg. Meh. I NoC his set Gagagigo, set Horn, and attack with the Gorilla. Then I set Sinister.


He summons another Gagagigo and I Bottomless it.


I draw Heavy Storm, summon a Gorilla and attack for 2000.


He draws and ends his turn.


I draw a Night Assailant, set it and attack for 2000 again.


He ends his turn again.


I draw Zaborg. I tribute my Assailant for Zaborg, destroy my Sinister and attack. Kuriboh. What the?? It doesn't matter anyway because I attack him with the Gorilla for the win. Too easy.




He goes first. I get Breaker, Swap, Pot, Nimble and MST.


He activates ALO, activates Scapegoat and summons Cannon Soldier and says he launches all the tokens for 2000 damage. I'm like, "Hold up! You can't summon the same turn you activate Scapegoat." This puts a damper on his plans and he just activates the Scapegoat and ends his turn.


I draw another Nimble, play Pot and get TiV and Scapegoat. I summon the Goat, throw away a Nimble for beast to destroy his tokens and attack for 1800 with TIV. Kuriboh again. DoH! I set MST and end my turn.


He sets a monster.


I draw Hammer Shot, summon a Nimble and Swap it for his face down Cannon Soldier. I attack my Nimble with TiV and gain 1000LP.


He sets a monster.


I draw a Gorilla, flip up Cannon Soldier, attack his face down Gagagigo with Cannon Soldier, attack with TIV and Gorilla and then launch them all for the win!


Boy, that was really no challenge at all.


RECORD 1 - 0




Monarchs VS Machine




He wins the die roll and chooses to go first. I get Mobius, Zaborg, 2 NoC and EC. Hmmm. Not good. He plays Ante and has a Fusilier Dragon and I show him Zaborg, take the 1000LP damage and send my my Zaborg to the graveyard. Ouch. He sets one S/T and summons Drillago. I make sure he understands if I have a card in my S/T zone, Drillago can not attack me directly. He sort of balks a little at that but, too bad, that's the way it works unless the rules have changed and who knows?


I draw Premature Burial. That's pretty sweet. I Premature Zaborg and attack his Drillago, set EC and end turn.


He sets a monster.


I draw Painful Choice. I NoC his Fusilier Dragon (heh) and attack with Zaborg. I know his set S/T card can't hurt me because he would have activated it already.


He summons TiV, discards to destroy my Zaborg and attacks. Oh, well.


I draw a Nimble and activate Painful Choice. I offer him, Creature Swap, 3 Gorilla and Breaker. He gives me Breaker and I summon Breaker and attack. He activates Interdimensional Matter Transporter on his TiV and I attack him directly for 1900 with Breaker. I set NoC as a bluff. I already had the EC set, but haven't activated it. It's been sitting for a couple of turns and I set the NoC to make him think I have something good set.


TiV comes back and he discards Magical Scientist to destroy my Breaker. Fine, he's dumping his hand to get rid of my monsters. He attacks and sets a monster.


I NoC his Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive and he doesn't like that one bit. Hehheh. He takes all three out of play. No wonder he was discarding for Tribe, he thought he was going to get to draw a card. I set a Nimble and end my turn.


I'm winning by 100Lp and he summons a Helping Robo For Combot and attacks my Nimble and I gain 1000Lp and get a Nimble to the field. He does Robo's effect and attacks the other face down Nimble. I gain another 1000. He asks about the third Nimble and I tell him I can only get one.


I draw my TiV, summon it, discard my Mobius to destroy his Robo and suicide TiV's. I still have a Nimble in my hand and I gained 2000LP, so I can take a hit.


He sets a S/T and ends his turn.


I draw a Night Assailant, summon a Nimble and attack.


He plays Ante again and we both only have level 3. He shows me his Cyber Jar and I show him my Assailant. Hmm. Ante can be a dumb card. Why would he play Ante when he only had a level 3 in his hand? He sets a monster and ends his turn. I'm pretty sure it's his Cyber Jar he just showed me. OK.


I go ahead and attack his Cyber Jar with the Nimble and I get Snatch, Cyber, Sinister, Horn and Fiber. WooT! He gets Exiled and X Head Cannon. I set all my monsters (mixing them up), Snatch his Exiled and tribute it to destroy his X Head. I set Horn and end my turn.


He plays Heavy Storm. Oh well. He takes a guess and NoC's my Cyber Jar. He summons Fusilier and takes another guess and hits my Fiber. Darn! I wanted him to attack my Serpent. I get TiV, 2 Gorilla, Horn and Bottomless. He plays Pot and sets 2 S/T cards.


I'm winning, 5000 to 1900 when I draw a Nimble and summon it. If he Rings it, that's good. If he Cylinders me, who cares? Ha! I set Horn and Bottomless. I attack and he Rings my Nimble! Hah! That gets him down to 900LP. I end my turn.


He draws and sets a monster.


I draw Painful and play it. I offer him SoRL, Swap, 2 NoC and Change of Heart. That's a pretty Painful Choice. He gives me the Swap. I summon a Gorilla and Swap it for his face down Gear Golem. Hmmm. I think about this for a while. OK. I just end my turn.


He summons Reflect Bounder and I Bottomless it. He equips my Gorilla with Megamorph and Shooting Star Bow-Ceal and attacks me directly. What the?!? That's funny as all get out and I LMAO.


I draw Creature Swap and it's over no matter what I do. I go ahead and summon TiV, discard to destroy my jacked-up Gorilla and attack him with TiV for the win. The Nimble's really helped because that would've killed me had I not gotten the life gain from them earlier in the duel.




He goes first again and I draw Breaker, Nimble, Change, Goat and NoC. He sets a monster and 1 S/T.


I draw a Night Assailant and NoC his Gear Golem! Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark! I summon a Nimble, set the Goat and attack him for 1000.


He summons Magical Scientist, pays 1000 more LP to get TER to suck up my Nimble and attacks me with the Scientist. Ohhh. My Nimble is destroyed in the end phase. poor Nimble....


I draw TiV, summon Breaker, remove the token to destroy his Call of the Haunted and attack the Scientist.


He plays Ante. All I have is an Assailant so, I take 1000LP damage. He summons Reflect Bounder and attacks Breaker for 100Lp damage. He sets an S/T.


I draw another Assailant and set it.


He sets another S/T, summons Drillago and equips it with Megamorph. He attacks my set Assailant with Reflect and I destroy his Drillago. Heh.


I play Change of Heart and he Interdimensional Matter Transports his Reflect Bounder and I summon a Gorilla and attack him directly for 2000LP. I'm winning 5900 - 2700.


He sets a monster and ends his turn.


I draw a NImble, summon TiV and discard a Nimble for machine, attack his face down X-Head with TiV, then attack directly for 2000 with the Gorilla.


He draws and conceeds.


RECORD 2 - 0




Monarchs VS Dragon


This is the deck that won last week. My daughter came in second and she also runs a dragon deck. She lost to this deck, so I was looking forward to playing against it.




I go first and get Swap, Pot, Mobius, MST, Dust Tornado and Painful. I play Pot and get Bottomless and Change. I am forced to play Painful Choice because I have nothing to summon or protect myself. I offer him SoRL, Gorilla, Cyber, Assailant and Scapegoat. He gives me the Scapegoat and I set it, the Bottomless and the Tornado.


He draws and sets a monster and one S/T . Wow. That was lucky for me. I Dust Tornado his Dust Tornado, then he plays Heavy Storm and I chain the Scapegoat. He sets another S/T and ends his turn. I should have waited for his end phase to activate the Tornado. My bad.


I draw Mobius and MST his set Rush Recklessly (?WT?) I Swap a token for his set Fiber Jar. Hmmm. Should I keep it? Nah. I tribute it for Mobius and attack him for 2400LP damage.


He summons a Mirage Dragon, Snatch's my Mobius and attacks two tokens. Grrr.


I draw Heavy Storm, gain 1000LP from Snatch, play Heavy and attack his Mirage with my returned Mobius. I'm winning 9000 - 4700.


He sets a monster and one S/T. I have him on the ropes.


I draw Fiber Jar. I Change his Cyber Jar (WoOT!) and tribute it for another Mobius, destroy his set Cylinder (double WooT!) and attack for 4800LP damage. He's at negative 100LP. That was a decisive victory!




He goes first and I get Enemy Controller, Hammer Shot, Gorilla, Swap and Goat. He sets a monster and one S/T.


I draw a Nimble and activate Scapegoat. I Swap a token for his set Masked Dragon. Hmmm. If he attacks his own Masked, he'll get another. Ummm, I don't like this too much. I set EC and end my turn.


He plays Card Destruction, then Pot. I get Change, Sinister and Night Assailant. He Premature Burial's a Masked Dragon sent to the graveyard by Card Destruction, summons another Masked Dragon and attacks two tokens.


I draw Painful Choice and offer him TiV, 2 Zaborg and 2 Mobius. Man, I love Painful Choice. He gives me a Zaborg. I Change one of his Masked Dragon, tribute it for Zaborg and he Rings it. I still have priority and destroy his other Masked Dragon but we both take 2400.


He draws and ends his turn. He has like, one card in his hand, maybe two.


I draw NoC and set the Night Assailant.


He draws and sets one S/T.


I draw Pot and get another Assailant and Heavy Storm. I set the second Assailant.


He sets another S/T.


He draws and pays 1500LP for Autonomous Action Unit! Oh man! This is wacked. He gets my Mobius and attacks my Night Assailant and I destroy it! LOL! He paid 1500LP for nothing! What the?!? Whatever. Heh. I'm still chuckling at that one...ahhhh...


It's 5600 - 4100 and I draw a Gorilla. I play Heavy Storm, summon a Gorilla and attack him for 2000LP. I set a NoC to fake him out.


He Snatch's my Gorilla and attacks another Night Assailant and I destroy my Gorilla. Hahahahahah!!!! This is cracking me up to no end! He's getting frustrated now. He summons a Spear Dragon in his Main Phase 2 and ends his turn.


I draw Bottomless and set it.


He attacks a token with Spear and I have to take the 1900LP damage. He sets a monster.


I draw a Nimble, summon it and attack his defense position Spear with it.


He flips up his set Luster Dragon and it's then I realize I had set a NoC the turn before and didn't use it! I smack myself in the head!


He attacks my Nimble with Luster and I get another on the field, gaining 1000LP in the process. He tributes the Luster for a face down monster. Hmmm. That's interesting.


I draw Cyber Jar and remember my NoC and use it to get rid of his set Kaiser Glider. OooooKkkkk...Hmmm. I don't really understand that. Maybe he wanted to use its effect? I don't know. But, who cares?! I flip up my Nimble and whack him for 1000LP!  Go Nimble!


He sets a monster and ends his turn.


I attack it with the Nimble and it's Fiber Jar. Ok. That's cool. I'm winning 3800 - 1100 and I get 2 Night Assailant, Mobius, Bottomless and Swap in the Fiber flip. I set the Bottomless and Assailant, ending my turn.


He draws and plays Pot. Grr. He activates SoRL, flipping up my now totally useless Assailant. He sets a monster and an S/T. Then plays Hammer Shot on my Assailant. OK. He said he didn't want me tributing it for Zaborg or something. Hmm. He was close. I was going to tribute it for Mobius. Heh.


I summon an Assailant to Swap with his face down monster and he Rings it. Grr. This isn't working well, now. I'm starting to hurt a little. I set the Swap and end my turn.


He flips up Luster, summons a Masked and sets 1 S/T, then attacks me. Ouch.


I draw a Gorilla, Hammer Shot his Luster, summon the Gorilla and have to end my turn because of Swords.


He MSTs my Swap, Changes my Gorilla and attacks me for the win. Oh darn. I thought I had that game, too. Oh well. One more to go.




I go first and get 2 NoC, Mobius, Goat, EC and Hammer Shot. Hmm. Interesting hand. It has some possibilities. I set the Goat and EC.


He summons a Mirage Dragon and attacks. I activate the Goat and he attacks a token. He sets 2 S/T and ends his turn.


I draw Swap and he Dust Tornados my set Enemy Controller, which I chain and tribute a token to take control of his Mirage Dragon until the end of the turn. I tribute it for Mobius, destroy his other set card. I set NoC and attack for 2400LP damage. That worked out pretty well, I thought. Just like I hoped it would. Better actually, because he used his Tornado to try to destroy my set Controller.


He draws, sets one S/T and plays Card Destruction.  I get Pot, Sinister and Call of the Haunted. He sets a monater and one S/T.


I draw a Goat, play Pot and get Zaborg and an Assailant. I set Call to see if he'd chain one of his set cards to it. He didn't and I tribute Mobius for Zaborg and destroy his set Mirage and attack for 2400. heh. I set the Goat.


He Changes my Zaborg and attacks a token. Ok. Hooray.


I Call Mobius back and attack him with it and Zaborg for the win.




Monarchs VS Dragon


OK. I have to play my daughter in the Semi-finals. We don't really like to play each other during a tournament, but that's the way it goes sometimes.




She goes first and I get Fiber, Hammer Shot, NoC, Horn, and Heavy Storm. Pooey. She activates Stray Lambs, and before you laugh, this card works great in her deck. She was able to utilize it so many times, getting out Tyrant and Blue Eyes on occasion, and it's a little stall, too.


I draw Breaker and set Fiber Jar and the Horn.


She draws and activates Swords, flipping up my Fiber Jar! NO, this could really hurt! She had two Blue Eyes, a Tyrant, Lord of D. and Premature Burial in her hand. She was happy to activate Fiber. I was not.


I get Cyber, Nimble, Serpent, Goat and Painful Choice. She sets a monster and ends her turn. Whew. Dodged a bullet. That could've walloped me.


I draw Snatch Steal. I know she runs a Morphing Jar in that deck and I am fearful of it. I set Painful, Goat and Snatch. I summon a Nimble and attack her Cyber Jar. I get TiV, a Gorilla and an Assailant which I set.. She gets a Lord of D. and sets it. I attack with TiV and the Gorilla. I got a Bottomless and Enemy Controller and set both of those, then play Painful Choice. I offered her 2 Horns, Fiber, Swords and Change. She gives me the Fiber Jar.


She sets a monster, plays Change on my Assailant and flips it, destroying my Tribe. Booo. Then she plays Card Destruction. I get Mobius, Bottomless and Premature Burial. She plays Heavy Storm and I have to chain my Goat and Enemy Controller so I will have room on the field to get my Assailant back at the end of the turn.


I draw Pot, activate it and get Mobius and a Dust Tornado. I tribute my Gorilla for Mobius, destroy her SoRL and attack her Fiber Jar! WOOT! I get Call, Cyber, TiV, Breaker and Mobius. I set the Call as a bluff. Crap. This is gonna hurt.


She summons Lord of D., Flute and 2 Spear Dragons! Then she plays Card Destruction again! I get 2 NoC, Swap and Enemy Controller. She plays Painful Choice and offers me Stamping Destruction, Cyber, SoRL, Jinzo and Pot. I give her Jinzo. Then she attacks me for 5000LP damage. Gosh! That actually could have been worse.


I draw Premature Burial. I use Call of the Haunted on my TiV to get rid of Dragon, since TIV doesn't specifically designate a target, I can destroy her dragon types even if Lord of D. is on the field. I Premature Burial Mobius and attack her Lord of D with TiV, then directly with Mobius for 2400. I set EC and end my turn. That got her down to 3200LP.


She draws a Tyrant Dragon and conceeds. Whew. That was really close.




She goes first and I get Goat, MST, Assailant, NoC and Hammer Shot. She summons a Luster Dragon and ends her turn.


I draw Snatch Steal. I set the Goat and the Assailant and Hammer Shot her Luster.


She draws Pot and plays it. She activates Heavy Storm and I chain the Goat. She summons a Spear Dragon and I have to take the 1900 damage. She sets an S/T and ends her turn.


I draw Premature. I flip up my Assailant and destroy her Spear and attack for 200! Wow! Lot's of hurtin' there! I set MST.


She Snatch's my Assailant. I think about chaining my MST but don't. She tributes it for Jinzo and hits a token.


I draw a Dust Tornado, Snatch her Jinzo and attack her with it.


She draws, summons a Luster, plays Stamping Destruction on Snatch and kills my last two tokens. I need the HEART OF THE CARDS!!! Duh. That's so lame.


I draw Cyber Jar. Ok. The Heart of the Cards is still on life support. I set Cyber and the Tornado.


She says, "Nobelman of Crossout!" and draws. Guess what she draws? Go on...Guess... You already guessed didn't you?! Yes, to my horror and amazement the Heart of the Cards just gave me a coronary! She drew NoC and got rid of my Cyber Jar! She attacks me with Jinzo and the Luster and I MST her set Bottomless for no apparent reason. HAHA....ugh..


I draw a Nimble. Ok, my heart's still beating but the patient is dying fast. I set it. That's all I can do.


She attacks and I get both Nimbles. She attacks the second. I gain 2000LP and have a Nimble on the field.


I draw Mobius! Oh how I wish it could have been Zaborg, but Mobius will have to do. I tribute my Nimble for Mobius, suicide with her Jinzo then Premature my Mobius.


She summons another Luster and activates SoRL which I Tornado away! It's gone with the wind!


I attack a Luster with Mobius.


She sets a monster and turns her other Luster to defense.


I'm losing 2500 - 5900 when I NoC her Lord of D. and summon a Berserk. I attack her Luster with the Gorilla, then attack her for 2400 with Mobius. I'm coming back! The blood is beginning to pump through my heart and the vital signs are rising!


She sets one S/T and ends.


I draw and attack with the Gorilla. She Calls Jinzo back. Grr.. I kill Jinzo with Mobius and attack with the Gorilla. It's 2500 - 1500 now. Heh, Heh, I'm starting to fell pretty good about this. The patient is feeling frisky now!


She draws and summons Lord of D.. The heart skips a beat. She activates Flute of Summoning Dragon. The heart beats irregularly.
She summons Blue Eyes.  She attacks me and gets me down to 300, then kills me next turn. The patient dies on the table. Everyone thought he'd make a fine recovery but, he doesn't and the funeral will be held tomorrow...




I decide to go first and get Sinister, Bottomless, Mobius, Dust Tornado, Premature and another Mobius. I set Bottomless, Dust and Sinister.


She sets a monster and 2 S/T.


I draw a Gorilla, tribute my Sinster for Mobius and she chains Bottomless and Waboku. Pooey. I end my turn.


She sets another monster and flip summons the set Morphing Jar. I draw Santch Steal, Cyber, MST, Breaker and Scapegoat. She attacks with the Morphing Jar and ends her turn.


I draw Creature Swap, summon Breaker, set the Scapegoat and MST, and attack her Morphing Jar.


She flips her Fiber Jar. I get 2 Bottomless, Pot, Assailant and a Gorilla. She plays Painful Choice and offers Nobelman, Jinzo, 2 Luster Dragon and a Spear Dragon. I give her the Spear Dragon because it turns to defense and I can probably get rid of it. Maybe I should have given her Jinzo. She attacks with the Spear and then activates Swords. Hmmm. Not good.


I draw a Nimble, play Pot and get Creature Swap and Mobius. I set the Nimble and one Bottomless.


She attacks my Nimble with the Spear Dragon and I get the other two to the field. She plays Stray Lambs and ends her turn.


I flip up both Momonga and activate Creature Swap, she Rings the one I had chosen, so I tribute the other Nimble for Mobius to destroy her SoRL and attack her Spear Dragon.


She Heavys my Bottomless, sets a monster and ends.


I summon TiV and she Bottomless. TiV has priority so, I discard for her Stray Lamb tokens before TiV is removed from play. I attack her Fiber Jar with Mobius! Again! Curses! I get Scapegoat, Bottomless, Call, Gorilla and an Assailant. I set the Bottomless and the Goat.


She summons a Spear Dragon and I BTH it.


I draw Premature, set Call of the Haunted, summon a Gorilla and attack.


I'm losing 3600 - 3800 when she sets a monster and one S/T. Could it be Fiber Jar again? What are the odds?


I draw an Assailant. I attack her face down Lord of D. with the Gorilla and sigh with relief it wasn't Fiber again. I set the Assailant.


She NoC's my Assailant. That sucks. She Calls Lord of D. back and tributes for Jinzo. Ulp. She plays Heavy Storm and I chain the Goat.  She attacks my Gorilla.


I draw Creature Swap and turn a token to attack and activate it. I take Jinzo and attack the token.


I'm winning 3200 - 1400 when she draws and conceeds. I think she drew a Tyrant Dragon.


RECORD 4 - 0


Ok. Looking good! On to the Finals!




Monarchs VS Zombie


Cool. A zombie deck in the finals. Neat. I am looking forward to it!




I think this may be the only deck I will side deck against. Zombie decks rely on Book of Life and Call of the Mummy for massive summoning and recursion.  I need to stop that with Jammers and Drains.


I win the die roll and chose to go first. I get an Assailant, Swords, Nimble, Premature and Zaborg. I get another Zaborg in my opening draw. I set a Nimble and end my turn. I'm taking a chance by not setting anything else though.


He plays Pot and sets one S/T, summons Regenerating Mummy and attacks my Nimble. I get the other two and gain 1000LP. He plays Painful Choice and offers a Ryu Kokki, Despair From the Dark, Spirit Reaper, and Patrician of Darkness. I give him Despair. He ends his turn.


I draw Fiber Jar. I tribute a Nimble for Zaborg and destroy his Mummy. I attack and he Book of Moons my Zaborg. I activate Swords.


He summons a Spirit Reaper in attack position. I guess he is daring me to attack him. Hmmm.


I tribute my other Nimble for another Zaborg, destroy his Reaper, flip up my other Zaborg and he Book of Moons it again. I attack with the other.


He sets a monster.


I attack his set Regenerating Mummy with Zaborg and attack directly with the other. I set a Night Assailant.


This is where I fall apart. Sometimes you second guess yourself and, in retrospect, I shouldn't have set the Assailant, but maybe it wouldn't have made that much of a difference anyway. He plays Change of Heart on my Assailant, thinks for a while, then flips it, destroying my Zaborg, then Creature Swaps my Assailant for my other Zaborg. That's just wrong. Good play, but wrong. Heh. He attacks me with Zaborg.


I draw a Gorilla, set Fiber and turn the Assailant to defense position. I set Premature Burial as a bluff and end my turn.


He sets 2 S/T and attacks my Assailant.


I MST his Waboku, which he activates, and flip my Fiber Jar. I get Enemy Controller, Horn, Painful, Swap and NoC. That could have gone a little better. I play Painful and offer Sinister, Swords, Gorilla, Nimble and Scapegoat. He gives me Sinister. I really wanted the Scapegoat though. Oh well. Maybe I shouldn't have put the Sinister in the Choice. I set the Serpent, Horn and EC.


He plays Heavy Storm. Man, that hurt. He plays Call of the Mummy and drops a Kokki, summons RegnR8ing Mummy (heh) and attacks my Sinster with the Kokki. I take 1800 from the Mummy.


I draw Breaker. I summon Breaker, attack his Mummy, remove the token to destroy the Call of the Mummy then Swap my tokenless Breaker with his Ryu Kokki. I set NoC and end my turn.


He sets 1 S/T, summons a Pyramid Turtle and attacks the Kokki with it, gets a Kokki and suicides then attacks with Breaker. Stupid Turtles.


I draw Mobius and set Sinister.


He  uses Book of Life to get Kokki, removes my Gorilla. He attacks my Serpent with Breaker and then direct with the Kokki for 2400LP damage. Ouch.


I draw Zaborg. I set Sinster but, thats all I can do and he kills me next turn.


Those Book of Life are killing me.




I side deck. A lot. I put in Magical Scientist, 2 Drain, 1 Jammer, Ring and 2 Raigeki Break for an Assailant, Swords, a NoC, Hammer Shot and Bottomless.


I go first and get a Gorilla, TiV, Scapegoat, Change, Raigeki Break and a Nimble. I set the Goat, the Break and the Gorilla.


He plays Pot and then Changes my Gorilla, turns it to defense (I hate when that happens), summons a Mummy and attacks. He sets a S/T card.


I draw a Gorilla and Raigeki Break his set S/T card. It's Waboku and he chains it. Dang, I knew I should have done it in his previous end phase. Hind sight is 20/20. I summon the Gorilla and end my turn.


He Snatch's my Gorilla (!!!I'm ticked!!!) and attacks. I activate Scapegoat. Dang it! He attacks two tokens.


I draw Ring and set it.


He attacks my last two tokens.


I draw Heavy Storm and play it. I get my Gorilla back and attack his Mummy.


He uses Book of Life to get his Mummy back, summons Cyber Jar in attack position and activates Creature Swap! Hey! This looks familiar! I get hit again! 


I draw a Night Assailant and set it. He MST's my Ring and I chain it to his Mummy. I take less damage that way.


He plays Book of Life (Where is all the magic negation I side decked?) gets his Mummy back and attacks my Assailant and I destroy my Gorilla. I draw another Assailant, Change his Mummy, summon TiV and attack with both, then discard for zombie.


He sets a monster.


I'm winning 3500 - 2600. I attack his set Fiber Jar and get Nimble, MST, Swap, Gorilla and Mobius. I set a Nimble and MST.


He plays Call of the Mummy and drops down Despair From the Dark and a Regenerating Mummy. He attacks both Nimbles, I gain 2000LP and have a Nimble on the field. I could have MST'd his Call, but I wanted him to attack my Nimbles.


I draw Cyber Jar, set it and Creature Swap. The Swaps aren't working to well for me against this deck. Maybe I should side deck them out. Maybe I should activate it now? I don't know. I'll take a chance and not Swap it.


He summons a Spirit Reaper and attacks my Cyber. I get Sinister. Crap. He gets Fiber and Cyber Jar. He plays Book of Life and gets Despair back.


I draw Raigeki Break and play the Painful Choice I had gotten in the Cyber flip. I offer him Snatch, NoC, TiV, Zaborg and Swap.
He gives me TiV. I summon TiV, discard for Zombie, Change of Heart his Cyber and Swap my Serpent for his Fiber Jar. I flip his Cyber and get Breaker on the field , Ring and another Raigeki Break. He gets a Regenerating Mummy and a Pyramid Turtle. I set both Raigeki Break and Magic Drain and Ring.


He plays Change of Heart and I Drain it. He plays Premature Burial (getting his LP down to 1800) and I Raigeki Break it. He plays Painful and offers TiV, Exiled Force, Reaper, Book of Moon and Ryu Kokki. I give him the Spirit Reaper. He summons the Spirit Reaper and I know he is going to attack with the Pyramid Turtle so I Raigeki Break it. Then he Swaps the Reaper and I Ring his Mummy for game. I almost blew that. What was I thinking, I nearly Rung the Reaper. I'm in a hurry because my son has a basketball game and if I don't leave soon, I'm going to be late.




He goes first and I get RoD, Horn, Goat, NoC and Mobius. Not good. He plays Pot, sets a monster and ends his  turn.


I draw a Nimble and NoC his Tribe. Ok. That's good for me, I think. When your'e setting TiV on your first turn, that's a pretty good indication you don't have much you can do. I summon the Nimble, set the Goat and Horn and attack for 1000.


He activates Heavy Storm and I chain the Scapegoat. He summons a Turtle and attacks my Nimble and I gain 1000 and I can only get one Nimble to the field because of the Goat tokens. Good card. Life gain and deck thinning all in one. Yes, I know I only get the result if it's destroyed in battle, but it happens frequently enough to justify it's playability.


I draw Creature Swap and exchange a token for his Pyramid Turtle and I attack him with both. I'm nibbling away at his LP.


He draws and sets one S/T. Oh, he really must have a terrible hand. I bet he's holding a lot of tribute monsters. Sometimes a zombie deck will do that to you. Zombie decks will usually run more than the average amount of tributes so, sometimes that's all you have in your hand. It's happened to me.


I tribute his Turtle for Mobius and destroy his set Call of the Haunted. I attack with the Nimble and Mobius. I set Ring.


I activate Ring on Mobius in his draw phase and I win! 9000 to negative 1400LP.


I was right. He was holding 3 tribute monsters in his hand.


The Monarch's are victorious this week! I got my packs and only got a Thestalos. I had traded for my third Thestalos that morning and then I go and pull one! That figures.


Well, we couldn't hang out that afternoon. My son had a basketball game and I was late for it already. My wife would KILL me if I missed it and I really wanted to go so, we took off like a shot from the store. The game was only about 15 minutes away. I did miss the first period, but made it in time to see most of it. My son's team lost, but it was fun just the same!


Next weekend is Regionals! I'm looking forward to that, but I'm a little nervous, too. I've been to two Regionals and finished in the upper third at both, but would really like to make it to the top 8 this time. We'll see!


That's it for today!


Until next time, happy dueling!




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