Josh's Fiend Deck Mix at Rick's in Abilene TX


Fiend Mix

Josh Williams

Rick's Collectables in the Mall of Abilene in Abilene, TX

cost:1 pack(your choice, prices vary)

prize:(varies on number of people). Today was :

    1st: 4 packs

    2nd: 3 packs

    3&4: 1 pack

about 17 people were there


Josh is back with my crappy deck, but I was sure surprised today. My Archfiend of Gilfer is missing, and I'm thinking one of my friends has it from when he stayed the night, I smell a thief... Anyway, My deck changed a bit. I bought Dark Beginnings, getting Gaia, nothing else good, except the most POWERFUL CARD EVER!!!!!! A tip card on Harpy Lady Sisters!!!! YAY, I'M RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not.


Monsters (Tribute):

Dark Necrofear

Vampire Lord

Dark Ruler Ha Des



Monters (4 and lower):



Penguin Soldier


Night Assailant x2

Dark Jeroid

Spear Dragon

Mask of Darkness

Amazoness Swords Woman

Archfiend Soldier x2



Cyber Jar



Giant Orc




Rush Recklessly



(last match only) Tribute to the Doomed

Graceful Charity


Mage Power

Monster Reborn






Magic Cylinder

Barrel Behind the Door

Solemn Wishes

7 Tools


Trap Jammer


Royal Command


Magic Jammer

(not in last duel) CEDev


First Match, me vs Nick


Nick is one of the best there, so I went in like, "I'm screwed, I'm screwed..." and we began. He was using a friend's deck, and I wondered why...


Round 1

I start w/ Cyber, blows keep goin back and forth, he gets out Jinzo, i finally kill it w/ NA, we're both pretty low, and I get the finishing blow w/ Giant Orc. Every1 is amazed I beat him in 1 duel, along w/ myself.


Round 2

Again w/ Cyber, but he's doin pretty crappy, and I'm wondering y Disturbance Strategy is in his deck. Eventually, he uses another Disturbance and chains Null and Void, which we learned wasn't allowed, shortly whereafter, he seceeded, or however u spell that. I'll just say surrendered.


1 thing I forgot, I had learned recently that my Barrel could be chained to CED, so I was happy, cuz the best guy there runs BLS-Envoy and CED-Envoy, yes we play Tradtional cuz its fun. Anyway, we finished first, and I mingled, watching others, then pairings were announced, and I had to play Brandon, or something like that.


Round 1

I quickly figure out he's using a Harpy deck, which is a thorn in my ***. Downside, after I was leaving the tourney, I remembered he wasn't allowed any more than a total of 3 harpies. From what I saw, he had 2 Harpy 1's, Harpy 3, and Harpy 2. Anyway, I start, can't remember much, but I won.


Round 2

I had CRAP for draws, and he mops the floor w/ me.


Round 3

Things were goin bad for me, but I pulled through. He had out Pet Dragon and Bladefly. I got X-Force, used effect, reborned Dragon, and killed him off.


Wow, I'm doin good. My dad comes and says I have 30 minutes, but then decides to wait until I get my prize cuz I'm in the top 4. He watches my match, which, unfortunately, was against, the best guy there, (inhales), and I can't remember his name. Long story short, I was hopin I could get Barrel against CED, but he had Jinzo and a huge arsenal and obliterated me into oblivion. I had to go fast, and the guy in charge of prizes randomly handed me a pack, and I left.



My deck for doin good

Pullin Dark Magic Attack out of the Ancient Sanctuary

Trading something I can't remember for NA



Having to face the store's best guy in semi-finals

Pulling Gaia out of DBG


That's about it, cya