Tournament at Freshers!!!!

Fiendishly Clever, by Akusu
Freshers SportCards, London, Ontario
 9th of January, 2005
About 25 participants

Well, it was a day as usual. I woke up, had my shower, and went downstairs for some lunch. I meant to do some strategizing,(building a side deck for one) but got sidetracked by Advance Wars™. I left my house about quarter to twelve so that I could go to the bank first.

          I got there early: the only people already there were the storeowners and the Judge. He challenged me to play, and we dueled a few times. I won only about a quarter of the games. I was trying to make sure that this Judge was 100% concrete on the Skill Drain rulings, which, unsurprisingly, he wasn’t. He attempted to tell me that Skill Drain doesn’t affect Zombyra or Fusilier’s attack points. Oh well. I corrected him, as I’d seen the rulings this morning.

          As more people arrived I attempted to trade a few cards off of people. My deck wasn’t complete(still isn’t) and I needed a few things. I managed to convince a kid to trade me his Call of the haunted along with a few other things. I turned this into the 3rd GAF I’d been looking for. So out went the Zombyra I had, and in it went.

          I needed a Raigeki break, and eventually had to settle for a book of moon instead. I had been testing Ring of Destruction as a replacement, but wasn’t impressed.

          There is always a draw on Sundays, which is at 2:00. It wasn’t that bad, I ended up winning twice, with a Deck Box and a ghetto Yugioh magazine being my prizes. I dueled and traded until 3:00 when the tournament started.

          We don’t have to register our decks(it’s an informal tournament), so I entered with this deck:

[40]Fiendishly Clever:  

[5]Tribute Monsters:  
[3]Fusilier Dragon  
[1]Dark Necrofear  
[1]Skull Archfiend of Lightning

[3]Goblin Attack Force  
[3]Giant Orc
[3]Slate Warrior
[3]Night Assailant
[1]Sinister Serpent  

[3]Cold Wave  
[1]Pot of Greed  
[1]Painful Choice  
[1]Snatch Steal  
[1]Big Bang Shot  
[1]Book of Moon
[1]Premature Burial

[3]Skill Drain  
[3]Dust Tornado  
[3]Magic Jammer  
[2]Raigeki Break  
[1]Call of the Haunted

First Match: Lisa 

          Well this one was pretty easy. She was running a Harpy deck that was nowhere near complete, let alone viable.

First Duel:

          I beat her easily with an early Skill Drain and Fusilier. I continued with GAF’s and Orcs, taking out the monsters she could put down. A cold Wave sealed her fate.

          Record: 1-0

Second Duel:

          She pulled a nice Second turn move here, summoning Harpy lady 2, Elegant Egotist for a HLS and Change of Hearting my Slate Warrior. All attacked, my facedown Skill Drain and Dust Tornado useless. The next turn I played Cold Wave, chaining the Skill Drain and summoned a Fusilier. I only had 1850 lp at this point but it was enough to allow me to win.

          Record: 2-0

Second Match: Steven

          This was up against a Burn deck. It was a younger kid that had just pulled a DB1 Pot of Greed earlier, refusing to trade it to me. I got my revenge :P

First Duel:

          This was a shocker. I summoned a Fusilier and a Slate Warrior by the second turn. He had a G-Bind face-down and proceeded to tribute both my monsters for a Lava Golem(something he blindsided me with). Luckily, I had a Dust Tornado down and a Skill Drain. Thus making Lava Golem an advantage. I broke through his defenses and took out his lp, 2 Cold Waves in a row helping immensely.

          Record: 3-0

Second Duel:

          He went First. The first things he played were Chain Energy, Toll and a G-Bind facedown. This was costing me a lot to play through. Eventually, it stood at 1000 lp, him still with the Toll and Chain Energy. I had a GAF, Orc and Fusilier with Skill Drian on the field, but I couldn’t do anything unless I could get a Dust Tornado or a MST to get rid of his Toll. Luckily, I only had to wait about 4 turns(at a standstill, since he didn’t have enough lp to risk playing cards either). It was over when I pulled an MST.

          Record: 4-0

Third Match: Richard

          He was running Chaos Morph. This was not an easy match, though it was one that I have played before and he was not playing much different than usual.

First Duel:

          I went first. I had a Skill Drain and GAF out and I was ready to use it. I didn’t have too much trouble though, since I was able to Book of Moon his BLS and attack it with Fusilier. He didn’t last too much further than that.     

     Record: 5-0

Second Duel:

          He went first. He confiscated a Fusilier from me, since I had two Skill Drains in my hand anyways. I recovered from it fairly easily, using a Giant Orc and GAF to control his monsters. Eventually though, he got out BLS due to a poor decision and BLS, Breaker and Tribe eventually got through my defenses.

          Record: 5-1

Third Duel:

          Ok, so I was getting a little nervous. Richard voiced his annoyance about my deck though, and even though BLS is a weakness of my deck, I still managed to pull it off. I had to BoM BLS and attack it, Raigeki Break it and finally to Dust Tornado the Premature Burial to kill it. Once I had done that though, it was game.

          Record: 6-1  

Fourth Match(semi-finals): Chandler

          I felt sorry for this kid. I somehow always end up eliminating at least one small kid and I basically took him out with Fusiliers and Big Bang Shot.

First Duel:

          This didn’t last overly long. I had to explain both Cold Wave and Skill Drain to him though. GAF and Fusilier took him out.

          Record: 7-1  

Second Duel:

          All I got this whole duel was a Fusilier for monsters. Luckily enough, I had Skill Drain and a Big Bang Shot, so I won.

          Record: 8-1  

Fifth Match (Finals): Jake

          This match was making me nervous. I knew that I didn’t want to duel the person that he had eliminated; he had torn me apart earlier (granted I’d modified my deck a bit since then). Luckily enough though I simply had to duel him. He was running a slight variation on CCCW with Morph added. Interestingly enough, I tore him apart. I had a much easier time than I had had with Richard.

 First Duel:

          He wasn’t used to fighting Skill Drain, and was totally taken apart by it. I managed to get one out first turn and used Big Bang Shot to hurt him badly, when he played Scapegoats and Morphed one into a TER. It was fairly short.

          Record: 9-1

 Second Duel:

          He was getting quite nervous about this; at this point everyone watching was asking me which box I wanted. I had taken him apart the last duel. He even forgot to side deck in his Berserk Gorillas. I got a few beatsticks out and a Fusilier to boot and got him to the point where all he had was monsters and two Metmorphs in his hand and on the field. He wanted to give up but I asked him if he was really gonna do that (considering it was the finals). He decided it wasn’t a good idea. He managed to book of moon my GAF and attack with a Kycoo. I top decked a Fusilier and finished him off. A friendly handshake and I turned around to collect my prize.

          Record: 10-1  


          Yess!!! I won for once, and with a very new deck. This was great for me. I chose a box of SOD(I could have gotten AST instead) and got a bunch of staple cards from that set. It also helped a couple of Future Projects: I got an Inferno Fire Blast and an Ultimate Ectoplasmer. Also pulled two Horus 6’s(one ULT one Super), Ectoplasmer, Null and Void, Mobius…  

          Very Good Box.


Sythron for convincing Newman to trade me his GAF  
Sythron for helping me build my deck
Little Kid who gave me a great deal on promos/COTH
Richard for putting up a great fight
Jake for getting as far as he did

Sythron for getting eliminated before playing me
Jake for giving up
My deck for so few opportunities to use Necrofear
The Judge for throwing bogus rulings at me.

Feel Free to Comment. I'm still working on the deck.