Crazy Control_Darien Elderfield_New England Comics_Quincy, Massachusetts


Crazy Control

Darien Elderfield

New England Comics

Quincy, Massachusetts

Saturday, January 8, 2005

About 24 people participated


     Well, I had to get up early to do my laundry. So once that was done, I picked up my friend and off to the tourney.


Crazy Control:

Blowback Dragon ´ 2

Jinzo ´ 1

Berserk Gorilla ´ 3

Don Zaloog ´ 3

Stone Statue of the Aztecs ´ 3

Magical Scientist ´ 1

Breaker the Magical Warrior ´ 1

Cyber Jar ´ 1

Sinister Serpent ´ 1

Tribe Infecting Virus ´ 1

Fiber Jar ´ 1


Pot of Greed ´ 1

Painful Choice ´ 1

Mystical Space Typhoon ´ 1

Heavy Storm ´ 1

Smashing Ground ´ 1

Nobleman of Crossout ´ 2

Scapegoat ´ 2

Book of Moon ´ 2

Premature Burial ´ 1

Change of Heart ´ 1

Snatch Steal ´ 1

The Forceful Sentry ´ 1

Confiscation ´ 1


Call of the Haunted ´ 1

Torrential Tribute ´ 1

Ring of Destruction ´ 1

Bottomless Trap Hole ´ 1

Dust Tornado ´ 2


Round 1:

CC vs. some kid

     The first duel my gorillas took control almost immediately. It was quick and I ringed a gorilla for the win.


     The second game was pretty much the same, except he put up more of a fight with his own gorillas.


Round 2:

CC vs. Spellcaster???

     I really don’t remember much, because I didn’t take any notes this time. I won both games rather easily.


Round 3:

CC vs. Jason (Chaos Deck)

     The first game I won. Jason is good, but maybe he just wasn’t warmed up yet. He tried to stall with Spirit Reapers, but I just kept killing them while my Dons took him apart.


     First turn I confiscated his Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning. I set a stone statue and ended. On his turn he ran a D.D. Warrior Lady into my wall and he took 1000 points of damage, and he removed it from play. He attacked me with a spirit reaper, and I activated Scapegoat. I wish I hadn’t activated Scapegoat, because I draw Magical Scientist. If I hadn’t activated Scapegoat I could have summoned Magical Scientist, paid 4000 and rammed all my fusions into his reaper for the win. It was downhill from there. He ate my goats with his Airknight Parshath, and took me apart from there.


     This game was a disaster. He activated Painful Choice early so I was a bit afraid. I was winning when I had a Gorilla on the field, he summoned BLS and double attacked. Next turn I snatched his BLS and had the upper hand for a while and countered a lot of his moves, but  I guess he just out dueled me.


     So I’m out of the tourney. I got a Tournament Pack 5, and pulled a rare Trap of Board Eraser.


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