Baker's_ The immortal flying squirrels revenge_England_reading city_broadstreet mall_fun collectables


TITLE: Baker’s_ The immortal flying  squirrels revenge_England_reading city_broadstreet mall_fun collectables


Deck Name: The Immortal Flying Squirrels Revenge

Country: England

Tourney Location: reading city in the broad street mall fun collectables shop

Prizes: box of dark beginning , deluxe gold folder with special cards

Starting time: 10:00 till 4:00

Welcome to my first ever tourney report I’ve been meaning to do one of these for ages but haven’t got round to it till now so here it is, note my main card is nimble momonga because it just rules the world so here’s my report

Well I’ve won the whole of this tourney twice and my age group 11 times so I have quite a high rep there but it isn’t easy. And today the prises were a box of dark beginning a chaos duel disk and a deluxe gold folder /not real gold/ with 1 of every pack and all the special cards,  ha-des dark necrofear barrel dragon relinquishes thousand eyes restrict and head of exodia so everyone was siked to win

The tourney started at 10:00 but I got the train there and was there at 9:30
I said hi to some mates and got down to some trading.
I traded my manticore of darkness strike ninja and a spare CED for
levia dragon horus 8 mystic swordsman L6 and an RDS dark magician girl not a bad trade then I got a forceful sentry for free cause I had helped this guy with his deck last month and he knew I needed one. So by this time it was nearly time to start so I had a quick look through my good old beatdown deck deck

tribute mosters
jinzo /stop them traps and good atk
mobius the frost monarch /kill some threats and good atk

4 stars or less monsters
Gemini elf /beatstick
mad dog of darkness /beatstick
archfiend soldier /beatstick
goblins attack force-3 /beatstick
reflect bounder /stall burn beatstick
breaker the magical warrior /MST, beatstick
tribe infecting virus /clear those little pests like jinzo, beatstick
injection fairy lilly /beatstick
cyber jar /clear field then let beatsticks do work
fiber jar /restart duel in bad situation
spirit reaper /protection, discards
maraunding captain /needs another one cause iz da bomb in beatdowns
nimble momonga-3 /advise to remove will result in ur execution
berserk gorilla /going to take out elf soon to add another when I get 1
Blade knight /good atk card even without effect

magic cards
scapegoat-3 /stallers, protection
premature burial /revive a needed monster
swords of revealing light /staller
book of moon /stall, reuse flips
heavy storm /destroy possible threats
change of heart /what u got face down there? oh ur fields now clear
snatch steal /gimme that
mystical space typhoon /destroy 1 threat
nobleman of crossout /clear field possibly, negete a flip
pot of greed /draw some new cards
the forceful sentry /a quick look and remove the threats

trap cards
call of the haunted /bring back a needed monster
ring of destruction /burn, clear op field
magic cylinder /stall burn
draining shield /stall gain, works great with nimble
torrential tribute /clear field
trap jammer /will remove when get another captain
pikeru's circle of enchantment /protected from all lp damage this turn

I went over to my mate to see what good trades his done and he's gone and got creature swap the 1 card i was looking for the most, ahh well i might nick it later!

so the tourney was called to begin and there was the usual announcement of prises a good haul for the new year.

we play swis style so my agegroup was called over and the matches were called

1st match
1st round
Bakers Battering Beatdown vs Just Josh
he said to call him just josh cause he hates his second name so we actually had to call him ''just josh'' or he got angry ive known him awhile but not dueled him many times and he had a mystery new deck
so i called right and let him go 1st,
He sets 1 m-t and summons skilled dark magician and ends.
so im thinking well so far im guessing he's got either some kida beatdown or magicians so i draw my 1st hand
call of haunted,maraunding captain,fiber jar,book of moon,pikeru's circle of enchantment and nobleman of crossout. what a pile of crud.
so i set book of moon and fiber and end he draws and plays pot then he plays forceful and puts back my call then he activates necklase of command so i think maybe some kind of hand conrol aswell so he has 3 counters and ditches skilled dark for a dark magician from his deck and he attacks i activate book of moon so he puts 2 m-t cards face down and ends. so my turn i flip fiber and re draw
change of heart the forceful sentry pikeru book of moon and maraunding,
man this really isnt my day for drawing high attackers so i play forceful and put back his tribe, he didnt let me record the rest of what he had but i remember a dark magician and an axe so i set pikeru and end he plays dragged down into the grave man its been ages since ive seen that he gets rid of change of heart and i get rid of his axe he still has no other monsters and we both draw another i get fiber jar and he got a monster cause he plays breaker and uses the effect but i chain so he plays a card face down and ends i draw snatch steal and play it then i set fiber and book of moon and attack with breaker he chains scapegoat so i attack none. he gains 1000 and draws he sets a monster and ends i draw draining shield and flip fiber jar again and draw
goblins atk force cyber jar swords nimble momonga and pot
a lot better i play pot and draw scapegoat and jinzo i play swords set book play gaf and atk for 2300 he now has 6700 so i end he plays heavy storm so i chain goats and he plays skilled dark and atks my gaf and ends i draw snatch steal so i play it and summon nimble and atk for 2900 he is at 3800 so i end he gains draws sets a monster and a m-t card and ends
i draw crossout and play it on his fiber so we both remove ours, then i ditch nimble for jinzo and atk with both for 4200 he has 600 left he draws and concedes saying theres nothing he can do he had a hand full of trap and sinister serpant

next round
was a lot quicker he goes 1st and plays slate and 2 -mt cards
i draw jinzo change of heart gaf pikeru ring of destruction and crossout so i change of heart and ditch for jinzo then i set pikeru and atk for 2400 he has 5600 he draws and uses snatch steal and ditches it for his mobius the frost monarch but i chain with pikeru and he ends i draw pot and get the best ever premature burial and snatch steal i couldnt belive it i premature my jinzo snatch his monarch and atk for 4800 he has 800 left he draws and sets 1 monster i draw and crossout his face down and atk for game

2nd match
i got a by i couldnt belive it was me so i done some trades and got a blue eyes ultiamte in jap and a toon gemeni elf in jap for my levia dragon my best swap all year LOL bad thing is one of my two mates who i came with got slaughtered by exodia and the ideot had agreed to put up his special red eyes he got in his dark begginig pack on the line in the duel in return for his op's BLS envoy and he got slaughtered apparantly oh well thats 1 of our team of three down 2 to go

3rd match

Bakers Battering Beatdown vs destiny board kid
1st round i know this guy from past tourneys he has all 1800 beatsticks and destiny board he doesnt even know all the rules so i guessed he may have cheated some other guys out of victories any way we sat down and asked if he could go 1st withou flipping a coin so i said whatever it makes no difference to me so he drew and played his dark blade and he put 4 m-t cards face down including 1 space inbetween so i assumed that he had put down destiny board so i drew my hand and laughed
change of heart jinzo gemeni elf nimble mobius the frost monarch and spirit reaper so i played change of heart and ditched for jinzo and atk for 2400 he looked like he had the hump after that so he drew and set 1 monster and ended i drew fiber jar so i played nimble and atk with jinzo and he had a mystical elf then i attacked with nimble and he was now on 4600 i ended and he summoned blade knight with 2000 atk so he attacked my nimble so i got m y other two and he said what u doing? and i said getting my other nimble cards and he said why? so i smirked and said because thats what the card does so he goes oh yeah yeah i forgot so i get my other two face down and he said u lose lp so i said yeah i know but nimble makes me gain 1000 as well so he said oh and started looking at his face down cards, anyway i drew snatch steal so i snatched his dark blade dithed a nimble for moius killing his stop defence and desting board and that was game

round 2 he actually got 1 i drew nothing but offence monsters and just powered up his mystical elfs defence and beat me with destiny board

round three
i cant remember all of this cause i forgot all about writing down what i was doing and he had to remind me but it was quite funny i was planning on tormenting him, a dangerous move in any duel but i couldnt resist i waited till he had all but L of FINAL on the field then i summoned jinzo and prematured my mobius to atk his beatdown monsters after that he just played defence foe about 2 turns before i beat him

right well only me and someone else had 8 points no one had 9 so it was me and my other mate who i came with in the finals of the age group

finals of age group round 1
Bakers Battering Beatdown vs The Hawks Age Of Doom
he runs the same kind of deck as me the only edges i have over him is that i have more experience with all the rules and if u can call it and edge my tournament past wins so i know how to keep a cool head but from his past 3 experiences he does not.
so we started and i went 1st i drew
torrentiul tribute reflect bounder MST mad dog of darkness heavy storm and scapegoat so i set scapegoat summon dog and end he draws and plays MST so i chain with goats he plays hammer shot and summons tribe he calls beast and discards serpant so he atttacks my lp directly then he plays 1 m-t card face down i know him well enough to know that his face down card must be able to save his tribe or he wouldn’t have used all but 1 of his cards in his hand so i drew magic cylinder and play MST and he chains waboku i set reflect and set cylinder and end. he draws and gets back serpant he sets an m-t and attacks with tribe i chain cylinder and he ends, we are both at 6400 i draw change of heart so i play heavy storm he had a torrentiul tribute i set my torrentiul summon reflect attack and destroy tribe he is now at 6300 and i end he draws and sets 1 m-t card face down and ends i draw noble man of crossout and i atk with reflect and he activates scapegoat so i atk 1 and end, he draws and sets a monster and ends i draw goblins attack force and summon it i then crossout his face down cyber jar so i remove mine from my deck and atk 2 goats and end he draws he now has 3 cards in his hand 6300 life points and 1 goat left so he sets a monster and ends his turn. i draw nimble momonga which i summon and atk the last goat then i atk his face down with my reflect and its a mask of darkness he gets back his torrentiul and i end he draws and sets a m-t and a monster and ends, i draw tribe and switch goblins back to atk position and atk his face down with my reflect and it neko manna king so my turn ends he summons serpant and activates his torrentiul then he sets 1 m-t and ends i draw the maraunding captain so i summon him and tribe even though i now have no hand and attack with both for 2800 he is now at 3500 so he draws and gets back serpant and plays painful choice i cant remember what he picked but i gave him kycoo witch he summons and he removed a light and dark to summon BLS so i chained with my torrentiul tribute. we are both handless cept for his serpant so he ends and i draw pikeru which i set and end he draws and also sets and m-t and ends i was suprised he didnt also set serpant i draw gaf which i summon and attack he activates cylinder so i go down to 4100 and end he sets a monster and ends i draw book of moon and set it and attack with gaf and kill serpant he draws and summons serpant and puts a m-t card face down and attacks my gaf and ends i draw fiber which i set and end he draws and ditches serpant for ha-des and attacks so i book of moon it my turn i flip fiber and draw
change of heart injection fairy lilly crossout goblins attack force and mad dog so i summon lilly and attack for 3400 he only has 100 and i end he sets a monster and 2 m-t and ends i draw jinzo so i ditch lilly and crossout his face down for game

2nd round
all i remember about this one is i restarted the duel 5 times with fiber and had him down to about 2400 or 2500 until he got out BLS and was decimating me down to exactly 1300 lp until i drew magic cylinder and he attacked with BLS so i used cylinder and won

so that was cool i had won my age group again and won any starter deck so i got a Japanese kaiba one because imp collecting jap cards.

Bakers Battering Beatdown vs Exodia guy
this was really stupid we had our 1st round witch he won but then one of the judges noticed he was using 4 messenger of peaces so the guy said oh i didnt know so the judge checked his deck and he also had 4 level limit area b's and only 35 cards in his deck so he was dq. It was a shame really i was looking forward to a fair duel where i could try to earn my prise but i was told not to worry about it by all the other guys so i won the whole tourney for the 3rd time!!

it was a great day apart from that last guy i cant belive no one else he played noticed in my box i got

Dark Sage
Red eyes black dragon
summond skull
exodia the forbidden one
premature burial

not bad hey!!!!!!!!!!

I gave the red eyes to my mate who lost it and told him not to gamble cards as good as that again and I gave 3 packs to my mate who I played in the age group finals and he pulled torrential tribute

overall it was a pretty good day

And here’s why.





All the cool cards I got in my box

Getting blue eyes ultimate and toon gemeni for my jap collection

Guy who I hardly know giving me a free forceful sentry

The nimble momonga cards for always coming through

Toon monsters because they are just cool


No one swapping a monster reincarnation or a creature swap with me

Stupid who had to cheat to get to the finals

My mate James for quitting yugioh GRRRRRR

thanks to all that read this then again I doubt anyone will; seeing as its so long`  

If anyone wants to give me advise compliments wants help with there own deck or just wants to chat then feel free to e-ail me at any time and I will always reply