UnderDog No staples All Around Deck


Sky Fox

Oshawa, ON, CAN

Jan. 9/05

Entry Fee: $5

Prize: Egyptian God Card (Ra)

Participants: 8

Deck contains:

5 Tribute Monsters

23 Normal Monsters

9 Spells/Magics

10 Traps

47 Total



Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3

Dark Driceratops x1

Ryu Kokki x1



Masked Dragon x3

Amazoness Paladin x3

Archfiend Soldier x1

Zombyra the Dark x2

Gagagigo x2

Penguin Soldier x2

Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke x2

Spear Cretin x2

Sinister Serpent x1

Blazing Inpachi x1

Kaiser Sea Horse x2

Night Assailant x1

Man-Eater Bug x1



Soul Exchange x1

Reasoning x1

Premature Burial x1

Rush Recklessly x1

Poison of the Old Man x1

Change of Heart x1

Giant Trunade x1

Riryoku x1

Card Destruction x1



Mirror Wall x2

Waboku x2

Sakuretsu Armor x1

Trap Hole x3

Negate Attack x1

Draining Shield x1

I had a side deck, but I never used it.

Round 1

Me vs. Ben (Lock down deck)

Ben is one of my best friends and this is the third tourney in a row we've faced each other in the first round.

Game 1

I used my mini-beatdown monsters to destroy his defence and narrowly defeat him.   Win

Game 2

Ben used his 2 Dark Rulers and Jinzo to lock me.   Lose

Game 3

He Fibered twice for the win.   Lose

Result: Lose 2-1

Round 2

Me vs. Kid (Dark Master Zorc deck)

Game 1

My monsters were more powerful, so I easily got to his LP for the win.   Win

Game 2

He got out Zorc late, but I was prepared with a Sakuretsu Armor.   I creamed him with the rest of  my monsters.   Win

Result: Win 2-0

Round 3

Me vs. Ken (Dark Magician Deck)

Before: Everyone told me that I would be destroyed and swept.   Just before we started, I set MY calculator, and then he reached over, took it and HE took account of the LP.

How is that sportsmanship?

Game 1

He used DMOC to defeat me.   Lose

Game 2

We exchanged blows and he forgot to play Hallowed Life Barrier face-down so I used Penguin to return his monsters and attacked his LP for the win.   Win

Game 3

This one was very close and could have gone either way.   He was at 1700 LP with no monsters and I had 150-350 LP with 4 monsters and one had 200 ATTACK.   It was his turn and he drew DMOC and he had no monsters in his hand so he lost.   WIN

Result: Win 2-1

Ken took a big spaz after, called me a noob because I had no staples, and cried.   NO SPORTSMANSHIP IN THIS GUY!!!   Duelists be warned!!!

I came in 4th at 2-1 and got $5 store credit.

While there, I used the credit and some of my own money to buy 1 pack of RDS, 1 Solemn Wishes, and 2 Minor Goblin Officials.




-came in 4th

-beat Ken

-swept other kid


-got nothing in pack

-Ken took spaz

-Ken called me a noob

-Ken cried

-Ken took my calculator (got it back after duels)

-lost to Ben (now 2-2 lifetime in tourneys against him)

-didn't win

-no one wanted to get off their lazy behinds to sign the paper, except Ben

Thank you for taking time to read my tourney report.

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