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I recently received my first tournament win using my Ocean Deck which I have affectionately dubbed “Tidal Flash”.  Here’s the decklist.  Stay tuned for the report.


Monster: (18)

Levia Dragon-Daedalus x 1

Mobius the Frost Monarch x 1

Gagagigo x 3

Nightmare Penguin x 3

Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 x 2

Mermaid Knight x 2

Mother Grizzly x 2

Tribe-Infecting Virus x 1

Breaker the Magical Warrior x 1

Cyber Jar x 1

Sinister Serpent x 1


Spell: (14)

A Legendary Ocean x 3

Terraforming x 2

Salvage x 2

Pot of Greed x 1

Card Destruction x 1

Change of Heart x 1

Premature Burial x 1

Mystical Space Typhoon x 1

Heavy Storm x 1

Nobleman of Crossout x 1


Trap: (8)

Gravity Bind x 3

Sakuretsu Armor x 2

Ring of Destruction x 1

Torrential Tribute x 1

Call of the Haunted x 1


Round 1: Me vs. Some kid with a 60+ card deck


1st Duel—Mermaid Knight + A Legendary Ocean + 2 Nightmare Penguins=2100 Attacker who attacks twice…in other words short duel.

2nd Duel—Not quite as quick, but I won just the same.


Round 2: Me vs. A kid who kept boasting about his full Destiny Board set.


1st Duel—I won this one without him even summoning a monster.

2nd Duel—He draws his cards and says “You’re dead in 5 turns,” and then proceeds to play Destiny Board face-up!  I correct his mistake and I manage to deplete his life points shortly after the third letter hits play.


Round 3: Me vs. Very small kid

1st Duel—Levia Dragon, and Gagagigo dispatched him very quickly.

2nd Duel—He plays a friggin Skill drain, now I have useless Bugroths and Mermaids.  Even Levia Dragon was unable to attack thanks to my Gravity Bind (I usually use his effect so he can clear the field and attack).  After a long and trying duel, I drew an MST, destroyed Skill Drain and used Levia’s effect and attacked for the win…phew!


Semifinals: Me vs. Warrior Control

1st Duel—Bad draws for him + Good draws for me = short duel.

2nd Duel—Same as above. J


Finals: Me vs. Ocean Deck (Agh…Mirror Match)

1st Duel—I had overall better monsters so he was beaten shortly.

2nd Duel—I had a few bad draws, but Cyber Jar turned this duel around.  I finished him in one turn with two Bugroths, two Penguins, and a Gagagigo.




Now its time for Props and Slops…


Winning First Place

Awesome $45 Ultra-Pro Backpack Prize



Not getting up in time to bring my trade stuff

No cards for first place

Not getting to play this really cocky kid (He was beaten by the guy I played in the finals)