Steven's Beatdown Control Starbucks Los Angeles


Steven's Beatdown Control
Los Angeles, CA


Number of people participated: Around 13 people

Entry fee: 5 dollars with free pack


Alright, First off, here's my deck:


Mystical Elf

Mask of Darkness

Bazoo the Soul Eater

Wall of Illusion

Exiled Force

Hysteric Fairy

7 colored fish

Summoned Skull

Sinister Serpent

Vampire Lord

Cyber Jar

With of the black forest

Giant Orc

Man Eater bug x2

penguin soldier

magician of faith



Tribute to the Doomed
Dark Hole




Forceful Sentry

Pot of Greed

Nobleman of crossout


monster reborn

delinquent duo

graceful charity

premature burial


Change of Heart



Ring of destruction

trap hole

Imperial Order

Magic Jammer

Mirror Force

seven tools of the bandit

torrential tribute

magic cylinder


Bottomless trap hole



Okay, this is my first tournament, so bear with me. My deck is not complete, but it's decent enough. I need to replace those 1800's with 1900's and a Jinzo and all that. But for now, this is my deck. 


I got there around 11:00 and bought a couple booster packs. Nothing good. The tournament started a while after, and I was paired with a little kid.

Duel 1:

Match 1: Wow this kid is little. He mustve been about 7 or 8. I'm 16 and a half! Well, I beat him pretty quick, He was a beginner, after all...

Match 2: Same thing. Almost too easy. After the duel I helped his deck out a little and made a few trades with him so his deck could be better.


Duel Two:

Bye! I got a bye, so I just watched ppl duel.


Duel Three:

Match 1: This guy is good, he got out a BLS-EOTB on his second turn, i believe. Man, those chaos monsters are so damn cheap! I hate them!
Match 2: Very close duel, but I won thanks to my 3 pre-negators that stopped him from summoning those cheap-ass monsters!

Match 3: Oh man, I was soo close! He had like 400 lp left, but he kept on stalling and I never drew the cards I needed to beat him. Eventually, he got out those chaos monsters and things started rolling downhills from there.


Well...I'm still in the tourney cuz I only have one loss so far!


Duel 4:

Match 1: This guy has an Exodia deck. He got out his searchers and got out all five pieces within the 3rd turn!
Match 2: I got 2 of the 3 pre-negators in my starting hand, so say bye bye to those exodia pieces! I beat him this time!

Match 3: Ugh....How stupid...freaking Exodia beat me again! I hate these stall decks. I hate them i hate them i hate them! Oh well...Now i know what i Need....Heavy storm to rid all those stall cards!


Props and slops:
props to my parents for letting me come

props to me pulling a Dark Balter out of the free entry pack!



uhmm...not winning, i guess? lol.


Thats it for this week, folks! Good luck and happy dueling!


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