RegnR8's Absolute Rule of the Monarchs
Tournament Report for January 22, 2005


Sports Cards and Collectables
Fayetteville, Ga
$5.00 entry fee
3 packs for 1st
2 packs for 2nd
0 packs for 3rd
Advanced Format
Around 24 people today. It was pretty crowded.


Hi all,


Welcome to this weeks tournament report! I hope this writing finds you well and winning!


Last week, I took the Monarch deck to Regionals and did fairly well. I was really impressed with the way Metamorphosis worked in the deck so, I decided to change the deck to assist the Metamorphosis. Well, I changed it a little too much and the deck just didn't "feel" right when I playtested it. I think I swung the deck a little to far in a direction I did not want it to go, so I scaled back and switched up a few cards to bring it back more to center. Bryu12 suggested the addition of a Twin Headed Behemoth and I decided to try it out. It worked well enough during play testing to keep it in the deck for the tournament. Thanks Bryu! I went from Enemy Controller to Book of Moon and then back again. Since I added a third Scapegoat, and having 5 tributes in the deck, I felt the E.C. would serve me better. They did. I hated dropping my NoC to 2, but I had to find room somewhere.


Absolute Rule of the Monarchs


x3 Nimble Momonga
x3 Berserk Gorilla
x2 Mobius the Frost Monarch
x2 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
x1 Thestalos the Fire Monarch
x1 Tribe Infecting Virus
x1 Sinister Serpent
x1 Breaker the Magical Warrior
x1 Morphing Jar
x1 Twin Headed Behemoth
x1 Fiber Jar
x1 Magical Scientist


x3 Scapegoat
x2 Creature Swap
x2 Metamorphosis
x2 Enemy Controller
x1 Nobleman of Crossout
x1 Pot of Greed
x1 Change of Heart
x1 Snatch Steal
x1 Swords of Revealing Light
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 Mystical Space Typhoon
x1 Painful Choice
x1 Premature Burial
x1 The Forceful Sentry


x2 Bottomless Trap Hole
x1 Ring of Destruction
x1 Call of the Haunted




x3 Kinetic Soldier
x3 King Tiger Wanghu
x2 Magic Drain
x2 Magic Jammer
x1 Jinzo
x1 Torrential Tribute
x1 Divine Wrath
x1 Giant Trunade
x1 Royal Decree


I got the large French Vanilla with cream and sugar from Dunkin' Donuts and settled down for a nice day of dueling delights!




This guys deck is great! I love playing against it because it is challenging and very atypical. He took it to regionals last week and didn't finish with a winning record and I was disappointed to hear that, because the deck is better than that!




I win the die roll and go first. I get 2 Gorilla, Bottomless, Enemy Controller, Heavy Storm and Call of the Haunted. Bleh. It's ok, I guess. I set the Bottomless and summon the Gorilla.


He plays Pot of Greed, sets 3 S/T and a monster. Hmmm. A Nobelman of Crossout would be good.


I draw Change of Heart. Well, that's pretty good. I play Heavy Storm and he chains his Ceasfire and I take 1000Lp damage when his face down Exiled Force flips up. That's pretty good. This indicates he doesn't have any strong monsters to lead off with. I set Call of the Haunted, summon a second Gorilla and attack his Exiled, then directly for 2000LP.


He activates Swords, sets one more S/T and ends his turn.


I draw MST and get rid of Swords. I attack with both Gorillas for 4000LP. He has 2000LP left.


He draws and sets a monster.


I play Change of Heart on his set Fiber Jar and attack with a Gorilla for the win.


That went smoothly.


I go to my side deck and replace my Nimbles, Forceful and one Scapegoat for three King Tigers and 2 Magic Drain.




He goes first and plays Pot, sets a monster and ends his turn.


I get Fiber Jar, 2 Swap, Enemy Controller, Zaborg and Call. My first instinct is to summon the Fiber Jar and Swap it with his set monster, but I do not. I set Fiber and Call of the Haunted instead.


He activates Change of Heart on my Fiber, tributes it for Jinzo, flips up his set DD Warrior Lady and attacks. I take 3900LP damage. Ouch. I should have Swapped it instead.


I draw Scapegoat. Ok, this'll work, but I mess it up. I was so excited, I didn't think through my actions carefully enough and screw it up. Oh well. I activate Scapegoat and Creature Swap. He chooses DD Warrior Lady. I activate Creature Swap again and forgot he had my token, so he gives me his token back for my token. DOH! A Homer moment! Crap, that was dumb. LoL. I attack his Jinzo with DD, take the damage and remove both from play. Help, help, I am losing! It's 8000 - 3000. I should have Swapped his DD, attacked the token, then Swapped for Jinzo. I set the E.C. and end my turn.


He summons a Raging Flame Sprite and attacks me. Ulp. Hmm. This isn't too good.


I draw another Scapegoat and set it. I use Enemy Controller to take his RFS, tribute it for Zaborg and attack into a Cylinder! GARGH!!! Now I am at 500LP!


He Calls his Sprite back, summons TiV, discards for beast and thunder, killing off my tokens and Zaborg. He attacks with the Sprite and I take the 100LP damage. When he attacks with TiV, I activate Scapegoat and he doesn't discard again.


I draw a King Tiger and it's too late. Whatever I do he will kill me next turn and win so, I conceed. I messed that one up.




I go first and get Bottomless, Painful Choice, Zaborg, Morphing Jar, Enemy Controller and Premature Burial. I play Painful Choice and offer him Scapegoat, Tiger, Sinister, Thestalos and Zaborg. He gives me the Serpent. I Premature Burial the Tiger, set the Bottomless, Enemy Controller and Morphing Jar.


He sets 2 S/T and plays Card Destruction. I get Magical Scientist and a Gorilla. He summons Tribe and I Bottomless it, but he discards for beast, killing off my Tiger. He knows that card can hurt him really badly! He activates Swords.


I draw something I didn't need, flip the Morphing Jar and get Nobleman of Crossout, Tiger, Magic Drain, Metamorphosis and Snatch Steal. I summon the Tiger and set Magic Drain.


He sets one S/T and a monster.


I draw Heavy Storm. I NoC his Raging Flame Sprite and know the Tiger is taking it's toll on him. I play Heavy Storm and he activates Waboku. I set Metamorphosis and end my turn.


He sets a monster.


I draw Creature Swap. I Swap my Morphing Jar for his set Sinister. I tribute it for Mobius and I attack with the Tiger. When I attack with Mobius, he Kuribohs it. Grrr. Stupid Kuriboh.


He top decks Painful Choice and plays it. Another Homer moment. I forgot I had Magic Drain set. Too late. He offers me Cyber, Fiber, Snatch, DD Warrior Lady and Ring. I give him DD Warrior Lady, assuming he'd set it. I assumed wrong. He summoned the DD and attacked my Tiger with it, taking damage and removing it from play. He wants to get rid of that Tiger in any way, shape or form.


I draw TiV, set Sinister and attack with Mobius for 2400LP damage.


I'm winning 7200 - 4400 when he summons a White Magician Pikeru and attacks my set Serpent. I think he hoped it was Fiber or Cyber Jar. Ha. He sets one S/T.


I draw a Tiger, attack his Pikeru with Mobius to see if he was going to activate his trap card. He doesn't respond and I summon the Tiger in my Main Phase 2. 


He sets a monster.


I attack his face down with Mobius, thinking it may be another DD Warrior Lady. I do not care if he removes the Mobius, I want the Tiger to remain on the field. His face down is another Sprite. I attack him for 1700 with the Tiger.


He sets a monster and one S/T.


I draw another Magic Drain and set it. I summon Breaker, remove it's token to destroy his set card. It was a Scapegoat, which he activats, but all of the tokens are immediatley destroyed by the Tiger's effect! Evil laughter. I attack his face down monster with Breaker, then attack with Mobius and the Tiger for the match.


RECORD 1 - 0


Good deal! The Tigers worked great again!






This deck utilizes remove from play mechanics coupled with Dimension Fusion and Return from a Different Dimesion and can swarm pretty big time with some high attackers. I'm pretty sure I may need to side deck if I lose the first duel.




I win the die roll and go first. I get Bottomless, Metamorphosis, Nimble, Forceful, Zaborg and another Nimble. I Forceful his Enemy Controller back to his deck because it's the only card that could hurt me. He had Vampire Lord and DMoC as his only monsters. I set the Nimble and the Bottomless.


He sets 2 S/T.


I draw a Twin Headed Behemoth, summon it, flip up my Nimble and attack with both.


He Snatch's my Nimble and tributes it for Vampire Lord and I Bottomless it. He AIN'T coming back! He sets another S/T and ends his turn.


I draw Painful Choice and offer Mobius, Sinister, Heavy Storm, Enemy Controller and Scapegoat. He gives me the Serpent and I set it, the Metamorphosis as a bluff, and attack with the Twin Head and he takes it. I'm slowly killing him.


He activates Ceasefire and I take 1000Lp damage and that's all he can do. He sets a S/T.


I summon a Nimble and attack with it and the Twin Head. He Rings and Barrels the Twin Head so, I take 3000LP damage. Big woop.
I attack with the Nimble, get the Twin Head back and end my turn.


He sets a monster.


I Morph my set Sinister into TER, suck up his set Fiber Jar, tribute my Twin Head for Zaborg and destroy my own TER and attack for the win. Ooohhhh, ahhhhhh, that was a nice move.




I side deck 2 Drain for Goat and Enemy Controller.


He sets one S/T and one monster.


I get Gorilla, Sinister, Twin Head, Morphing Jar, Pot and Mobius. I play PoG and get a Scapegoat and Painful Choice. I play Painful and offer him Metamorphosis, Change of Heart, NoC, Swap and Swords. He gives me the Metamorphosis. I summon the Sinister, activate Metamorphosis and he Torrentials his Peten and gets another to the field. Hmmm. OK. I set the Goat and end my turn.


He tributes his Peten for Jinzo, sets one S/T and attacks a token after I activate my Scapegoat.


I draw Snatch Steal, summon Twin Head and Snatch his Jinzo. I attack with the Behemoth and he uses Enemy Controller on Jinzo to turn him to defense position.


He sets one S/T and Reload for two cards. He plays Painful Choice and offers me MST, Heavy Storm, Card Destruction, Swords and TiV. I have total hand advantage and so I give him Tribe. He summons it, attacks his own Jinzo, then discards for beast destroying my tokens but he doesn't have any cards to discard to get rid of the Behemoth.


I tribute my Behemoth for Mobius and destroy his set Trap of Board Eraser (? That's a side deck card for sure). I attack his TiV with Mobius.


He draws and ends his turn.


I draw Call of the Haunted, set it and summon a Gorilla and attack him with both.  It's 8000 - 2300. Yeah, I got this match pretty well in hand.


He draws and starts looking through his graveyard and I know he's looking for Light and Darks but he doesn't have any Lights in the graveyard. He says, "I only have Darks in the graveyard." Confirmation of BLS in his hand. He uses Change of Heart on my Gorilla and turns it to defense because that's all he can do.


I attack him with Mobius next turn for the match.


RECORD 2 - 0




The guy left. He was so scared to face me, he ran away. Hahaha! Just kidding. Nobody knew where he was so, I won.


RECORD 3 - 0






I lose the die roll and go second. He sets 2 S/T, summons Kycoo and ends his turn.


I get Swap, Change of Heart, NoC, Scientist, Premature and a Goat. Crappy at best. I activate the Goat, Swap a token for his Kycoo and attack the token. I set the Premature Burial as a bluff.


He draws and discards a Thunder Dragon to get two more to his hand. He plays Giant Trunade, Changes his Kycoo and tributes it for a Thunder Dragon. He plays Monster Reincarnation and discards a Thunder Dragon to get his Kycoo back. He attacks a token.


I draw Fiber Jar, set it and set the Premature Burial as a bluff again.


He activates Scapegoat and tries to activate Metamorphosis but, I remind him he can not summon or special summon the same turn Scapegoat is activated. He attacks my Fiber Jar with the Thunder Dragon. After the Fiber flip, he sets 1 S/T and ends his turn.


I forgot to write down what I got in the Fiber flip. Oh well, I draw Bottomless and set it and a Scapegoat.


He draws, discards a Thunder Dragon to get two more, and ends his turn.


I draw and end my turn. Well, I can safely say, I didn't draw any monsters after the Fiber flip.


He draws, sets one S/T and ends.


I draw Ring and set it.


He draws and plays Painful Choice. He offers me Scientist, 2 Kycoo, DMoC and BLS. I give him the DMoC. He ends his turn.


Neither of us have any monsters we can get on the field!


I draw a Nimble! Hooray! A monster! I summon the Nimble and ATTACK! Go Nimble! He activates Scapegoat. Pooey. I hit a token.


He plays Giant Trunade and I go ahead and activate my Scapegoat. He uses Enemy Controller to take my Nimble and tributes it for Jinzo. Awww, my poor Nimble. He attacks a token.


I draw a Bottomless, set it and Metamorphosis a token into TER. I take his Jinzo and attack a token. Heh. I set the Ring again.


He uses another Enemy Controller and takes my TER and tributes it for a Thunder Dragon. Hah. This is really a fun duel! He plays Pot of Greed, sets 2 S/T and attacks. I Ring the Dragon for 1600LP damage each. I want my tokens on the field.


I draw, set Call of the Haunted and summon a Gorilla which he promtly Rings. I end my turn.


He summons Breaker and I Bottomless Trap Hole him.


I draw a Gorilla, summon him and attack. He activates another Scapegoat. Grr....I attack a token and end my turn.


He sets a S/T.


I draw Painful Choice and offer him Zaborg, Breaker, Scientist, TiV and a Nimble. He gives me the Nimble. I call TiV back, discard for beast and attack. He activates another Scapegoat and I go ahead and discard again and attack him. Whew. That's all three of his Scapegoat gone now. I activate Swords.


He plays Monster Reincarnation, discards his DMoC to get BLS from the graveyard, special summons BLS and removes my TiV from play. He plays Card Destruction and I get Change of Heart!


I Change of Heart his BLS my turn and attack him for 3000LP and the game.


I side deck in 2 Magic Drain for one Scapegoat and Enemy Controller.




He goes first, sets 2 S/T and one face down monster.


I get Goat, Bottomless, Painful, Breaker, Scientist and a Gorilla. I offer him Heavy Storm, Swap, NoC, Swords and Change of Heart with Painful Choice. He gives me Swords. I activate it and his DD Warrior Lady flips up. I summon the Scientist, pay 1000LP to get TER and suck up his DD and set a Goat and end my turn.


He plays Giant Trunade. Uh oh, this might hurt. I chain my Scapegoat. He summons Exiled and attacks my Scientist and sets one S/T. Ok, well, that didn't hurt that much. It could have been a lot worse!


I draw another Goat. I summon Breaker and remove the token to get rid of his Enemy Controller, which he activates. Pooey. I activate Swords and end my turn.


He tributes Exiled to get rid of my Breaker and sets another monster.


I summon a Gorilla and attack his face down. It's a DD Warrior Lady. He removes them from play. I thought it was Fiber or Cyber. Oh well. I set Bottomless and end my turn.


He draws and sets another monster. Dang it.


I draw a Metamorphosis. Tribute a token for TER and take his face down Spirit Reaper.


The game totally stalls from this point on. With TER on the field, we both just draw and end our turn a lot. I tribute a NImble for Mobius to get rid of Swords and another set card but it's Ring and we both take the 2400LP damage.


He plays Giant Trunade and Morphs one of his own tokens into TER to take my TER. Hahahah.


I'm forced to Premature my Scientist and pay another 1000LP to suck up his face down monster. I'm afraid it's one of the jars but it isn't. It's a Kycoo. I'm getting low on LP and can't afford to waste it on more summons.


He sets another monster.


I don't want to waste any more LP so, I end my turn.


When he ends his turn, I know the face down monster is not a jar or any flip effect monster or he would have probably done it last turn. I have some monsters on the field and tribute my Behemoth for Thestalos. He has three cards in his hand and I take out Monster Reincarnation. Oh well. The little extra damage from Thestalos is nice, but he's in the deck for his hand disruption capabilities, not his burn effect.


He ends his turn.


TER has us both locked from attacking. I'm hoping for Zaborg now. I draw a MST and set it.


He ends his turn.


I draw Zaborg. Finally. I MST his set Magic Cylinder. I tribute my Scientist for Zaborg and destroy his TER. I attack his face down Kycoo and a token.


He sets a monster. Crap. He has a face down monster and two tokens on the field.


I draw Creature Swap and am not going to make the same mistake I made earlier in the day. I attack his last two tokens with Zaborg and the Behemoth. I Creature Swap my token for his set Spirit Reaper. OK. I did that one right!


He plays Painful Choice. I have a Magic Drain set, but I let him do the Painful Choice. I also have Bottomless set, so I hope I can get rid of whatever he brings out. He offers me Magical Scientist, DMoC, BLS, Jinzo and Metamorphosis. I give him the DMoC. He activates Premature Burial and I Drain it. He choses not to do discard for the Premature but has to pay the 800LP anyway. He plays Monster Reincarnation and discards the DMoC for the BLS. He special summons BLS and I Bottomless Trap Hole him.


I use Enemy Controller to take his token, flip up the Reaper hoping to attack his LP directly, and he activates Scapegoat. Gr...I attack a couple of tokens and set my own Scapegoat and Call of the Haunted.


He summons TiV, discards for thunder, destroying my Zaborg and attacks the face up Reaper.


I summon a Nimble, Call Zaborg back, attack the remaining tokens with the Reaper and the Nimble and attack TiV with Zaborg.


He draws a Metamorphosis and conceeds. Whew. That was fun!


RECORD 4 - 0




This is my deck I am playing against. I loaned it to someone to use today and it made it into the finals. heh. I'd hate to lose to it though. The only NON-Warrior monster in the deck is Jinzo, so I'm pretty happy with the deck. It doesn't rely on Kycoo, Angels, Tomatos, Breaker, Tribe, Cyber, Fiber or any of those non-warrior types. It is pure swarm and beatdown and it works pretty well. I just don't like to play with it. Yes, it does have the dreaded Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning in it.




He wins the die roll and choses to go first. He plays Pot, summons Don Zaloog, sets a S/T and ends.


I get Behemoth, Forceful, Swap, Swords, Zaborg and TiV. I play Forceful and he's holding three The Warrior Returning Alive, Call of the Haunted and Premature Burial! WOAH! That's about the suckiest hand I've seen in a while. I put the Call back in the deck because with Premature, at least he'd have to pay 800LP. HAHA.


I summon Behemoth and he Bottomless Trap Holes it. Grrr. I activate Swords and end my turn. Unless he pulls Heavy or MST or Trunade, I'm safe.


He summons a Blade Knight and ends his turn.


I draw a Bottomless and set it. I summon TiV, discard my Zaborg for warrior and attack for 1600.


He draws and summons another Blade Knight. He has too many cards in his hand and doesn't set them. This is simple inexperience coming into play here. I don't Bottomless him because I do not need to. He tries to attack and I remind him SoRL is on the field. He's getting a little frustrated.


I draw Change of Heart, Creature Swap my TIV with his Blade Knight. I only have one card in my hand so I attack the TiV.


He summons a Command Knight and Premature Burials a Blade Knight. SoRL is still active, so he can't attack.


I draw a Goat. I set it, Change of Heart his Command Knight and smack him around a little bit more.


He draws BLS and special summons him and I Bottomless him. WoOT! BLS is NOT going to get me today!


I draw Premature Burial, getr my Zaborg from the graveyard and attack him for the game!




I side deck out 3 Nimble, Scientist, Thestalos, Enemy Controller and Forceful for 3 Kinetic Soldier, 2 King Tiger Wanghu and 2 Magic Drain.


He goes first, summons Marauding and a DD Warrior Lady and does nothing else.


I draw Pot, Tiger, Gorilla, Metamorphosis, Change of Heart, and another Gorilla. I play Pot and get Ring and Sinister. This is good. I Change his DD, summon a Gorilla, attack his Marauding with DD, remove both from play, then attack with the Gorilla. 2300LP damage. That was pretty good. I set Ring and end.


He sets one S/T, summons Marauding and ends his turn.


I summon Sinister, Morph it to TER, take his Captain and attack him for 1200.


He draws and sets another S/T. He plays Painful Choice, offers me Torrential, Swords, Change of Heart, Snatch and Exiled. I have hand advantage and monsters to summon, so I give him the Torrential and he ends his turn without setting it. OK. I get a summon next turn if I want.


I draw Premature Burial and summon a Tiger. He Bottomless my Tiger. Boo Hoo. I attack with TER and he Cylinders it. Ok. I take a huge 1200 damage! Whoopdeedoodiddlydoo. He's burned up his S/T cards.


He sets another S/T card (It's Torrential) and plays Card Destruction. I get 2 Goats and 2 Tigers. Blegh. Not great. He summons a Command Knight and ends.


I draw a Magic Drain and Ring his Command Knight. I attack him for 1200 with TER. I set the Drain.


He summons a Blade Knight and I fully expect him to Torrential, but he doesn't. Hmmm. Ok.


I draw Painful Choice and offer him Heavy Storm, MST, Enemy Controller, Snatch and Call of the Haunted. He gives me Call and I really wanted the MST to get rid of his Marauding on my TER and suck up his Blade Knight. Oh well. I set the Call of the Haunted. I set Fiber Jar and end my turn. He's down to like, 1500LP or so, and I want to reset the game with Fiber just to get a Gorilla to attack for the win.


He NoC's my Fiber. I activate Magic Drain and he can't discard. WoOT! He has to end his turn.


I draw Mobius and I know that he has a Torrential set. I could A: Flip my Fiber Jar and hope I get a big monster to attack him with, or B: Tribute TER for Mobius and when he Torrentials, use Call of the Haunted to get back something and kill him with that. I decide option B is the better choice of the two, so I tribute TER for Mobius. He Torrentials and I destroy the other set S/T card, I forget what it was. I Call my Zaborg back and attack him for the Game, Set and Match!




The Monarchs are victorious again this week. The changes I made really smoothed the mechanics of the deck, and my side deck is nearly perfect! I am a happy camper. We'll see how it does at tomorrow's tournament!


I get 3 packs for winning the tournament and take one of the packs from the person using my Warrior deck as payment for allowing him the privilege of using it. Haha. I get nothing but craptacular stuff, another Thestalos but, now I have like, 6 of them. I did manage to get my third Hammer Shot but it wasn't an Ultimate Rare and that's what I want because it's purty. Bling, bling!


Well, that's it for today!


Until next time, happy dueling!




email, IM, PMs welcome!