XYZ Deck

Charles Powell

Toys R Us


United Kingdom

December 31st 2004

32 participants (5 knockout rounds)

Advanced Format



Hello there again! Well I’m back with another tourney report, and this time it’s on a much larger scale. Sorry if it’s a bit rushed, I wanted to try and get this in before the New Year. This tourney was designed to be the last time in 2004 that we would all competitively duel. Me and my friend Mike went together to this one, and we were really looking forward to it. When we got there at around 1:10, there were already 20 other players there! That was already more than in the one I went to last weekend. In the end I think about 32 people came, at least that’s what I think considering it was 5 rounds of knockout. Anyway, here’s my deck that I was playing with.


Monsters (19)


Blowback Dragon

Machine King


X-Head Cannon x3

Y-Dragon Head x3

Z-Metal Tank x3

Cannon Soldier

Kinetic Soldier

Cyber Jar

Exiled Force

Tribe-Infecting Virus

Magician of Faith

Sinister Serpent


Spells (15)

Limiter Removal x3

Scapegoat x2

Heavy Storm

Change of Heart

Nobleman of Crossout

Pot of Greed

Mystical Space Typhoon

Premature Burial

Painful Choice

Swords of Revealing Light

Smashing Ground

Dimension Fusion


Traps (6)

Ring of Destruction

Magic Cylinder

Call of the Haunted

Sakurestu Armor


Interdimensional Matter Transporter


Fusions (17)

XYZ-Dragon Cannon x2

XY-Dragon Cannon

YZ-Tank Dragon

XZ-Tank Cannon

Super Roboyarou x3

Super Robolady x3

Dark Blade the Dragon Knight x2

Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Dark Balter the Terrible

Ryu Senshi

Fiend Skull Dragon


Side deck (15)

Magical Scientist

Cannon Soldier x2

Magician of Faith x2

Kinetic Soldier

Barrel Dragon

Nobleman of Crossout

Smashing Ground x2


Solemn Judgement

Sakuretsu Armor

Dust Tornado

Raigeki Break


So anyway, the pairings were drawn, and the tourney promptly got under way.


Match 1

XYZ vs. Mike’s Fairy Deck


Duel 1

Aww, phooey. We never thought this would happen. Turns out me and Mike were paired together for the first match. D’oh! Mike and I duelled last weekend in the semis and I beat him, and I don’t think he was happy about being against someone who only recently beat him in the first round either. Well, we just grinned and bore (bared?) it and got on with it.


I went first and drew X, Y, Z (go figure), Change, RoD, and Heavy Storm. I set Y and RoD.


He Changed my Y and summoned it, then summoned a Sealmaster Meisei and equipped that with Black Pendant. He then attacked with both and I Ringed his Sealmaster. I also took 500 from the Pendant. Wow, that was a lot of damage. He set a S/T and ended. 4400-6400


I drew Waboku. I Heavy Stormed, destroying his set Talisman of Spell Sealing. What a waste, oh well. I played X and attacked with both of my Machines. Then I united them and set Waboku. 4400-3100


All he could muster was to set a monster.


I drew Machine King, but played Z, de-unioned, Changed his Dancing Fairy and summoned it, then attacked with all for game. Wow, a third turn win. Hopefully the next duel will be a bit more satisfactory.


Duel 2

Mike’s a bit steamed for letting himself overextend on the first turn of that last duel, but he looks determined to win this one. He goes first and sets a monster and 2 S/T’s.


I draw X, Waboku, Y, Cyber, MoF, and PoG. I play the Pot, drawing Change and Machine King. I set MoF and Waboku and end. He MST’s my Waboku.


This turn he sets a S/T and ends.


I draw Jinzo, and I flip my Magician, getting back PoG. I seem to remember doing this a lot last tourney… I played PoG and drew IMT and Dimension Fusion. Tributing MoF, I play Jinzo. I then Change his FD Protector of the Sanctuary and attack his LP with both 8000-4500


He changes PotS to defense and sets another monster.


I draw Scapegoat. I play X and attack both his monsters. I set IMT and Scapegoat and end.


I feel sorry for him as he sets a monster.


I draw Smashing Ground, play Y, attack his FD Sealmaster with it, then attack directly with X and Jinzo. 8000-300


He looks at his cards for a while, then finally concedes. I can see he’s really disappointed about losing in the first round, but he keeps a straight face and takes it like a man. He goes off to play and trade with the other people who got knocked out, and I go on to the next round.


Match 2

XYZ vs. Dan’s Warrior Deck


Duel 1

I wasn’t looking forward to this. Most likely this guy had BLS and I did not want that coming out. I had to try and kill this guy as quick as I could. I went first, getting Blowback, Z, Exiled, Y, Kinetic, and CotH. Hmmm, a monster filled hand… well, it’s not too bad, and at least I drew Kinetic. I set Y and that was it.


He set a monster and a S/T.


I drew another Z, played one and flipped Y, then RFG both to summon YZ-Tank Dragon. I discarded Z to destroy his FD Invader of the Throne, then attacked, and he Sakuretsu’d. I set CotH and ended.


He played Marauding Captain and summoned Mataza thru its effect. He then played The A. Forces, and declared an attack. I activated CotH and brought back YZ. He didn’t attack, set a S/T and ended


I drew MST and used it to destroy his FD Scapegoat. I then played Kinetic, attacked Marauding with YZ, and attacked Mataza with a powered-up Kinetic. 8000-5650


He played Zombyra and attacked my YZ. 7800-5650


I drew Limiter, played Exiled, attacked Zombyra with Kinetic, and attacked with Exiled. I set Limiter. 7800-3400


He MSTed Limiter, and played Mataza and attacked Exiled with it. 7300-3400


I drew NoC, and attacked Mataza with Kinetic. 7300-1550


He set a monster.


I drew TIV, NoCed his FD Zombyra, tributed Kinetic for Blowback, and attacked for the win. I owe my success for that to Kinetic Soldier, but will I be fortunate enough to draw it next duel?


Duel 2

Before the next duel starts, I get my other Kinetic from my side deck and get rid of Machine King. He goes first, and I draw Swords, Kinetic (Yes!!), IMT, X, and Z. To my dismay, he Confiscations Kinetic. Blarg! Oh well, there’s another in there somewhere… He obviously has nothing good, and sets 2 S/T’s. 8000-7000


I draw RoD, play Z and attack. Then I set RoD and he Dust Tornado’s it. 8000-5500


He plays Painful Choice, and offers Smashing Ground, Sakuretsu, Mataza, Zombyra, and Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke. I give him Mataza. He Changes my Z, plays Mataza and A. Forces, and attacks me for 4500. Argh! Oh well. 3500-5500


I draw Limiter, play X, and RFG X and Z for XZ-Tank Cannon. I discard IMT to destroy his set Cylinder. I then attack Mataza, set Limiter, and end. 3500-4600


He plays Exiled and sacs it to destroy XZ. Then he Pre’s Mataza and attacks twice. I’m in trouble now… 500-3800


I draw Scapegoat and set that, then I play Swords.


He MST’s Swords (what a topdeck!), and attacks. I activate Scapegoat and he destroys 2.


I draw X, play it, and attack his Mataza. 500-3500


He sets a monster.


I draw another Limiter, and attack his FD Mataza.


He plays Zombyra and attacks X. With the boost from A. Forces, he would have enough ATK to win the game, but I activate Limiter! Denied! Zombyra gets slapped and he takes 1300. At the end of the turn X is destroyed. 500-2200


I draw and set MoF.


He does nothing. Good, I’m safe for now.


I draw Dimension Fusion. Not helpful… I pass too.


He does nothing again. Whew.


I draw Cyber and set it.


He sets a monster.


I draw another Limiter. Can I have a strong monster please? Oh well, I flip MoF and get back Swords. Then I flip Cyber. All he gets is his Cyber and I get Sinister, Z, Y, and Cannon Soldier. Cool, they all get summoned and I tribute them all thru CS to do 2000 damage. I play Swords and set Cylinder. 500-200


He sets 2 S/T’s.


I draw Exiled Force, get Sinister back, then I play and sacrifice Exiled to destroy his set Cyber.


He Raigeki Break’s Swords. Then he plays Don Zaloog and attacks. I say “Good game” and activate Cylinder. I win.


That was a close shave that was made a lot closer considering I lost my Kinetic first turn, but I still won, so THERE. Anyway, on to the next match.


Match 3

XYZ vs. Andy’s Dragon deck


Duel 1

This duel got straight into action with not much chit-chat, but that wasn’t my fault (Andy had to go for a tactical pre-emptive bathroom break). He went first, and played PoG. He set a monster and ended.


I drew Cyber, Limiter, Cylinder, Painful, Sakuretsu, and Swords. I played Painful and offered Kinetic, Machine King, Sinister, IMT and Limiter. He gave me Sinister. I set that and Sakuretsu.


He flipped his Cyber. I got Y, Exiled, and TIV, and he got 2 Mirage Dragons. I set all mine and he summoned his. Then he played Spear Dragon (uh-oh) and equipped it with an Axe (eep!). He attacked Exiled with Spear Dragon, and I took 1900. He then attacked and destroyed TIV and attacked Y and broke even with his 2 Mirage Dragons. I wish I could Sakuretsu, but they’re preventing me. He sets 2 S/T’s and finishes. 6100-8000


I draw CotH. I set that and play Swords and end.


All he can do is set a S/T and ends.


I draw Heavy Storm. I activate CotH and bring back TIV. I discard Limiter and destroy all his Dragons. I change Y to attack mode and as I declare my attack, he activates his own CotH and gets his Spear Dragon back. I don’t attack, and I Heavy the field, destroying his Spear Dragon and my TIV, my Swords and my FD Sakuretsu, and his FD Cylinder and Sakuretsu. With the field completely nuked, I finish up by setting Cylinder.


He plays Change on Y and tributes it for Armed Dragon LV5. To make matters worse he brings Spear Dragon back AGAIN with Pre. He Card Destructions, and I get PoG, X, and Y. Not too bad. He attacks with his 2 Dragons, and I Cylinder his Armed Dragon. Spear still hits me direct for 1900, and I’m hurtin’. 4200-4800


I draw another Y and play PoG. I get Pre and Waboku. Cool! I Pre TIV and discard Y and destroy his dragons. I can see he’s fed up with TIV as much as I am with his Spear. I then play X and attack directly with both. I set Waboku and end. 3400-1400


He MST’s Pre and my TIV is destroyed. He sets a monster and a S/T and ends.


I draw and play Z, then I RFG my 2 machines to play XZ-Tank Cannon. I discard Y and destroy his S/T, but it’s Scapegoat and he chains it. I then attack his FD Masked Dragon and he summons an Element Dragon. I have no hand and I end.


He sets a S/T and ends.


I draw Jinzo and attack his Element Dragon.


He Reloads for 2 and ends.


I draw Z, play it, and attack 2 goats.


He plays Swords.


I draw Scapegoat, tribute Z for Jinzo, and end.


He Smashes my XZ and ends.


I draw Cannon Soldier and set Scapegoat.


He plays Painful, offering 2 Masked Dragons, Element Dragon, BEWD and Raigeki Break. I give him BEWD. Oooh, it’s the JMP one… pretty.


I draw NoC and pass.


Swords is finally gone now and unfortunately he Smashes my Jinzo. I activate Scapegoat at the end of his turn.


Now I win. I draw Blowback, but I play Cannon Soldier and offer my goats to do enough damage for game.


Duel 2

That first one was really good, and he agrees too, and he starts to talk to me a bit more now. He still has a “just business” attitude though, and we move right on. He goes first again. He sets 2 S/T’s and that’s it.


I draw Scapegoat, Smashing Ground, Cyber, Y, Heavy Storm, and Swords. I play Y and attack, and he Sakuretsu’s it. Fine, I set Scapegoat and he Dust Tornado’s it. D’oh! I’m open now!


He plays Lord of D. and attacks me. Then he sets a S/T and finishes. 6800-8000


I draw Waboku, and I set that and Cyber.


He NoC’s our Cybers, sets a monster and attacks with Lord of D. again. 5600-8000


I draw my other Scapegoat and set it. Where are my monsters?


He flips his MoF and gets NoC back. Then he tributes his 2 monsters for BEWD! It’s the LOB one this time. No, not SKE, the LOB one stupids. He attacks and I activate Scapegoat. He attacks one.


I drew Sakuretsu (which I’d like to point out is NOT a monster…) and Smashed his BEWD. I set Sakuretsu.


He passes.


I draw MST and use it to destroy his FD Spellbinding Circle. What was that? MST’s not a monster? Yeah, I know, don’t rub it in.


He Card Destructions, and I get Pre and Exiled. He Painfuls and offers Confiscation, Raigeki Break, BEWD, Element Dragon, and Masked Dragon. I give him the BEWD (The JMP one). He Pre’s his LOB BEWD, and summons Exiled. He attacks, and I Sakuretsu his BEWD. Exiled attacks a goat, he sets a S/T, and he’s finished. 5600-7200


I draw TIV and play it. I attack his Exiled and he Cylinders. 4000-7200


He tributes Exiled and destroys TIV. The he plays Luster Dragon and attacks a goat.


I drew Y, and I play and tribute my own Exiled to destroy his Luster Dragon.


He sets a S/T.


I draw Limiter and play Y. I Pre my other Y and attack with both. He Sakuretsu’s my non-Pre’d Y and takes 1500. 3200-5700


He plays Mirage Dragon and attacks Y. D’oh! I can’t activate Waboku! 3100-5700


I draw X, play it and attack his dragon. I set Limiter and end. 3100-5500


He sets a S/T again.


I draw Z and play it. I attack, and he activates CotH on his BEWD. I don’t attack.


He attacks Z with BEWD and I Waboku.


I draw Dimension Fusion, which is not helpful considering we both have only a Cyber removed.


He plays another Lord of D., activates Flute, and plays the other BEWD from his hand. He attacks X with one dragon, and I Limiter! He takes 600 and his BEWD is gone. He then attacks my last goat with his other dragon. X and Z get destroyed, and it’s my turn. 3100-4900


I draw Machine King. Oh no! I can’t do much else other than use Dimension Fusion to bring back both of our Cybers, and tribute mine for Machine King. I attack his Lord of D. and end. 1100-3800


He attacks Machine King with BEWD and attacks directly with Cyber to win. Poo, my first loss.


Duel 3

Now it’s serious. I go first, and I draw Y, Exiled, TIV, MoF, Swords and MST. I set Y and MST.


He plays PoG. Then he NoC’s Y and sets a monster and an S/T. I MST that, and it turned out to be Dust Tornado.


I draw my own NoC, and use it on his FD MoF. Lucky mine was in my hand, eh? I summon Exiled and attack. Then I play Swords and end. 8000-7000


He Smashes Exiled and sets a monster.


I draw Limiter. I set MoF and end.


He flips his Cyber. He gets Exiled and Lord of D., and I get Y and Z along with Jinzo. I summon Y and Z and he summons both of his too. First he tributes Exiled to destroy Y, then he Changes Z and tributes it and Lord of D. for BEWD. He then MST’s Swords, and attacks directly. He finishes with a S/T FD. 5000-7000


I draw another Limiter. I use Painful, offering Dimension Fusion, Machine King, Sinister, IMT, and Kinetic. He gives me the Sinister. I play TIV and discard Sinister to destroy his BEWD. I attack, and he Sakuretsu’s. I set RoD and end.


He does his own Painful, and offers Reload, Masked Dragon, Raigeki Break, Mirage Dragon, and Element Dragon. I give him Raigeki Break. That was obviously not that card he wanted, so he Card Destructions. I draw Cyber, X, and Z. He plays Masked Dragon, attacks, and I Ring it. 3600-5600


I draw Cannon Soldier; get Sinister back, play X and attack. 3600-3800


He sets a monster and a S/T.


I draw Sakuretsu. I play Z, RFG X and that for XZ, and discard Sinister to destroy his set Cylinder. Hey, I’ve got X, Y, and Z all removed now… Anyway, I attack his FD Masked Dragon and he summons nothing because he’s run out of weaker dragons. I set Sakuretsu and end.


He sets a monster and a S/T.


I draw Waboku. I get back Sinister and discard it again to destroy his FD S/T, but he chains the Spellbinding Circle, so it’s face-up and I can’t destroy it. I guess you can do that… Whatever, I play Cannon Soldier and attack his FD Element Dragon.


He passes.


I draw and play Limiter. I attack with a pumped up CS, then set Cyber. CS and XZ are destroyed. 3600-1000


He says he drew Confiscation and says he’ll kill himself if he plays it. I laugh.


I draw Blowback, tribute my FD Cyber for it and attack to win.


Wow, that was a really good match. He congratulates me and takes a look through my card binder. He wanted to trade for my TP5 Luster Dragon, but he didn’t have any trades with him, so no dice.


Match 4

XYZ vs. Gil’s Fiend/Dark Deck


Duel 1

Wow, it’s amazing how loads of previously under-used deck types now have more than just a fighting chance in Advanced… With that said, Fiends are one of my most favourite monster types… next to machines, that is. Getting down to business, he went first, summoning Mystic Tomato and setting a S/T.


I drew X, NoC, Y, Z, MoF, and Jinzo. Not the best had ever, but not worst. I played X and attacked, and he Sakuretsu’d it. Oh, man. Resources depleted first turn…


He set another S/T and attacked with his Tomato. 6600-8000


I drew another Z, played it, and attacked. He Cylindered it. Grrr… 5100-8000


He summoned Dark Jeroid, lowering Z’s ATK by 800. Then he attacked it with the Tomato, and attacked directly with Jeroid. I am getting pummelled… He set 2 S/T’s and ended. 3200-8000


I drew Exiled, which is still not too helpful. I summon Y and attack Jeroid. Yay! I finally do damage! 3200-7700


He smashes Y, plays Slate Warrior, and attacks with both of his monsters to win. Aaaah!! That was very quick. Let’s see what the side deck has to offer, eh?


Duel 2

I tossed Machine King, Dimension Fusion, and IMT for Scientist, another MoF, and Solemn Judgment. I went first and I drew NoC, 2 X’s, Limiter, Sakuretsu, and Swords. I played one X and set Sakuretsu.


He played Dark Jeroid, lowering X’s ATK by 800, then he played Mystic Plasma Zone. He then attacked my X and I Sakuretsu’d. I’ve got to be careful with that field card out now…


I drew Painful, and I played it. I offered Y, Cannon Soldier, Sinister, Kinetic, and Limiter. He gave me Sinister. I then played another X and attacked with both. I finished by setting Limiter and ended. 8000-5200


He summoned Slate Warrior and attacked my powered-down X. 7100-5200


I drew Scapegoat and set it. Then I activated Limiter and attacked his Slate. I set Sinister and ended. 7100-3500


He summoned Archfiend Soldier and attacked my Sinister.


I drew MST and set it.


He summoned Exiled and attacked. I activated Scapegoat and he attacked 2. He played Swords and ended.


I drew RoD and set it.


He MSTed my MST (heh), so I chained it to destroy his MPZ. He then attacked my last 2 goats.


I drew Y and played Swords.


He did nothing. Good.


I drew Cylinder and set it.


His Swords disappeared and he set a monster.


I drew PoG and played it. I drew Scapegoat and Smashing Ground. I NoC all his Night Assailants, Ring his Exiled, and Smash his Soldier. I then play Y and attack him with it. 6100-1000


He Changed my Y and Tributed it for Ha Des.


I drew Z. My Swords went away and I set Scapegoat.


He removed 3 fiends from his graveyard to summon Necrofear. Then he summoned Tomato and attacked with all. It didn’t really matter which one I did, but I Cylindered Ha Des and won.


Duel 3

He went first. He summoned Tomato and played MPZ.


I drew MoF, X, Y, RoD, Z, and Solemn Judgment. I set Y and RoD.


He played Confiscation and got rid of Solemn Judgment. He set a monster and attacked. I Ringed his Tomato. 6300-5300


I drew Change and used it on his FD Night Assailant. I flipped that and Y and played X. I attacked with all, and at the end of my turn I RFG my X and Y for XY-Dragon Cannon. I discarded Z to destroy his MPZ. 6300-1300


He changed NA to defense and set a monster.


I drew another Z and I set MoF. I attacked his FD Slate Warrior and my fusion lost 500 ATK and DEF.


He summoned Dark Jeroid and lowered my fusion’s ATK by a further 800, making it a weakling at 900 ATK. He then attacked it with Jeroid. 6000-1300


I drew Blowback and I flipped my MoF and got Change back. I tributed MoF for Blowback and flipped. I got 2 heads and 1 tails and I destroyed his NA. I then Changed his Jeroid and I attacked his LP with both of the monsters and I won.



XYZ vs. John’s Earth Beatdown Deck


Duel 1

There was almost no time at all between this match and the last one, and I was confident I could win a second tourney in 2 consecutive weekends. I knew it wouldn’t come easy, but I was ready. I went first, drawing X, Cyber, Smashing Ground, NoC, PoG, and Scapegoat. I played PoG, and I got Limiter and Jinzo. I set Cyber and Scapegoat.


He played his own PoG. He then Confiscated Jinzo and Changed my Cyber. He flipped it, and got Marauding Captain, GAF, and his own Cyber. I got X, Y, and 2 Z’s. I set all mine, and he summoned his except for Cyber, which he set. He played Painful and offered Sakuretsu, 2 Wild Nature’s Release, Gigantes, and Giant Rat. I gave him a WNR. He MSTed my Scapegoat, and NoCed a Z. He played Gaia Power and attacked with Maruading and destroyed my X. Then he set a S/T and finally ended. 8000-7000


Wow. Just wow. Look at all that!! That’s 10 different things he did on the first turn! Awestruck, I drew Cannon Soldier and got on with my turn. I Heavyed, destroying the Gaia Power and the set Raigeki Break. He chained that and destroyed my Y. I just thought screw it, and flipped my Z and attacked his Cyber. I got X, Exiled, and Y. He got Enraged (Battle Ox that is), MoF, and Berserk Gorilla. I summoned all mine. He summoned his except MoF. I attack his Enraged with X and ended my battle phase. As for main phase 2, I played Painful, offering Dimension Fusion, Kinetic, Sinister, IMT and Limiter. He gave me Sinister. I then tributed Exiled to destroy his MoF, and I Smashed his Gorilla. Finally, I united my X and Y and set Limiter. Hah! I did 9 things! See, I can keep up! 8000-6900


He Smashed my Union, played another Gaia Power, and removed 2 Earth monster form the graveyard for 2 Rock Spirits. He attacked me with them, then set a S/T. 3600-6900


I draw Y, and I play X.


He plays a Gorilla and CotH’s his GAF. Then he attacks with a Rock Spirit and I Limiter! The Spirit rocks no more and he takes 1400. And also, since his Gorilla has to attack every turn, it suicides into X! Ahahahaha! That’s so funny! He takes another 1100 and he’s down 2 monsters. 3600-4400


I draw another Limiter and set it and I play Y.


He says “Yeah, like I’ll fall for that again,” and sets a S/T. Obviously, I have no idea what he’s talking about… ^_^


I draw Pre and use it to get Jinzo out of my graveyard. I then play Cannon Soldier, activate Limiter, and attack with my 3 Machines for game.


Duel 2

Wooh. That was a good duel and a good win. We had some good laughs too. But now he’s even more determined to win. So he goes first this time, and plays a Gorilla. What? Only one thing? Had he lost his touch? Just kidding…


I drew Change, MoF, RoD, Z, Cylinder, and TIV. I Change his Gorilla and play Z. I attack directly with both monsters. I set Cylinder and RoD and end. 8000-4500


He Smashes Z and plays another Gorilla. He attacks with both and I Cylinder one and Ring the other! I’m having oodles of fun countering everything he does, and he’s already down to his last handful of lifepoints. He sets a S/T and ends. 6000-500


I draw CotH and play TIV. I discard MoF to destroy his Gorilla and I attack, thinking I’ve won, but he CotH’s his Gorilla back. Oh well, I set my CotH and end.


He plays Enraged and removes the other Gorilla from his graveyard for The Rock Spirit. He attacks with all, and I take a lot of damage. He sets a S/T and ends. 2200-500


I draw Limiter and set it.


He plays GAF and attacks with it. I CotH my Z and he says, “Whatever,” and goes on with the attack. Unfortunately for him I Limiter, sending that GAF back to boot camp and dealing 700 in the process. Oh, and guess what? Remember Berserk Gorilla? Yup, that’s right, thanks to its handy ability it suicides into Z and I win! w00t! Yes!! Wow, that was easier than I thought it would be. Well, better luck next time everyone and all hail the machines!


Right, onto the real reason why you’re reading this…



Winning a second tourney within 2 weeks

Berserk Gorilla for its handy little anger management problem

Getting a 10-2 record

BLS for not showing up in my match against the Warriors



Having to duel and beat Mike in the first round

Not getting anything decent in my prize packs

My lunch nachos went all soggy and crap


Anyway, thanks everyone for reading and have a duelling good New Year!!!


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