sairasu89's Chaos Burn Deck for January 2005


sairasu89's Chaos burn deck for January 2005

Pojo username: sairasu89

Store name Triple play

Canada, Ontairo, Missisauga

Sunday, January 16, 2005

14+ duelists including me

My duel results

6 wins

4 loses

3 wins in fun duels


Events and details in the Yugioh tournament


Well this isnt in order but i'll tell you what happen. I manage to use my combo twice in 2 duels.Round 1 and 2 with and older duelist i manage to pull the same cards from last duel and inflicted over 2000 damage and finally won best out of 2 match.I manage to defeat an opponent with my Jinzo and i kept attacking until i won.Cyber Jar was a good help in my deck. Also my Sacred crane's helped me by using the effect to let me draw extra cards.The Creator helped me a little in this tournament.Im going to replace some of my cards this week.Mirage dragon also helped me with its effect to inflict some good damage on my opponent.I dont know why i added Exchange in my deck but i was having fun in this tournament.Also i bought 2 cards from a duelist at the tournament.There wasnt any trades for me at the tournament this time.In the end i dueled a kid.I decided to go easy on him even though i had some wins.Before i went home i bought 3 secret rares from the tins. After that i went home put  my cards to rest.I am grateful that i had 6 wins at that tournament and got some stuff i wanted.


Chaos burn deck 48 cards


Monsters: 20


Black luster Soldier-Envoy of the beginning

Mask of darkness

Tribe infecting virus



Cyber Jar

Des Koala

Needle burrower

Don Zaloog

Sacred Crane x2

Breaker the magical warrior

Makyura the Destructor

Night assailant

Mirage dragon

The Creator

Solar Flare Dragon

Cannon soldier

Magician of faith

Sinister serpent


Magic/Spell 20


Change of heart


Fairy meteor crush

Book of moon

Nobleman of crossout

Pot of greed

Tremendous fire

Painful choice

Swords of revealing light

Nobleman of extermination

Mystical space typhoon

Heavy storm

The shallow grave


Monster reincarnation

Axe of despair


Premature burial


Giant trunade


Trap 8


Negate attack

Call of the haunted

Seven tolls of the bandit

Torrential tribute

Ring of destruction

Magic cylinder

Barrel behind the door

Dust tornado



Highest record of wins in 1 tournament is 6 wins for me

I managed to pull some card combos

I have more wins than my loses

I won against an older opponent again

I did my best in this tournament



I didnt get my Black luster soldier-EOTB in time in a few duels

Didnt make it to the top 4 duelists finals


Goodbye for now.