RegnR8's Absolute Rule of the Monarchs
Tournament Report for January 1, 2005


Sports Cards and Collectables
Fayetteville, Ga
$5.00 entry fee
Swiss Format
1st gets 3 packs
2nd get 2 packs and 3rd gets nothing
Around 20 people today


Hi all,


Welcome to the first tournament report for the new year! I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's Eve and I also hope everyone has a great 2005!


We got to the tournament and I practice dueld with a deck destruction deck I made and it worked really well. I decked out my opponent in around 4 turns. It worked better than I thought and after the tournament, I dueled some other people with it and didn't lose a game all morning! I decked out a 50 card deck when my deck only contains 40 cards. I thought that was good. I used it in the second tournament of the day and that report is also posted.


There were some new people there today and I introduced myself and made some small talk.


I decided to use the Monarch deck today and made one small change. I moved the SoRL to the side deck, added a third Bottomless and took out the seldom used Book of Moon from the side deck. Minor changes, but I like to mess around.


Absolute Rule of the Monarchs


x2 Mobius the Frost Monarch
x2 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
x3 Night Assailant
x3 Peten the Dark clown
x1 Sinister Serpent
x3 Berserk Gorilla
x1 TIV
x1 Breaker
x1 Fiber
x1 Cyber


x1 PoG
x1 Change of Heart
x1 Snatch Steal
x1 Premature Burial
x2 Scapegoat
x2 Enemy Controller
x2 NoC
x2 Creature Swap
x1 Painful Choice
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 MST
x1 Swords Of Revealing Light


x1 Dust Tornado
x3 Bottomless Trap Hole
x2 Horn of Heaven
x1 Call of the Haunted


x3 Kinetic Soldier
x1 JInzo
x1 Royal Decree
x1 Scapegoat
x1 SoRL
x2 Divine Wrath
x2 Magic Jammer
x1 RoD
x1 Raigeki Break
x2 Magic Drain


Had the prerequiste large French Vanilla with cream and sugar from the Dunkin Donuts and we were ready to duel!




Monarch VS A kid




Well, I had originally gotten a bye because there were an odd number of people, but when someone came in a little late, they signed him up and I had to duel him. He was maybe 11 or 12, but age doesn't mean anything in Yugioh.


The first game he never got a monster out but one, which I Bottomlessed. When I Dust Tornado'd a Remove Trap, I knew I was playing some one very unexperienced and out of their league. Mobius took care of all his set cards and I won the first game easily.




He lost the first game, but chose to let me go first. OK. I'll take it. I ended up Creature Swapping a Goat token for his face down Cat's Ear Tribe. After I tributed it for Zaborg and destroyed the token I had just Swapped, that was all it took. He could never get anything going and I won both games quite easily.


RECORD 1 - 0


OK. Well, that was too easy.




Monarch VS Aggro Beatdown Trample




I win the die roll and go first. I draw TiV, Breaker, Mobius, Peten, Swap and Snatch. That's a pretty good opening hand!
I set the Peten and Swap.


He NoC's my Peten! NO!!! He attacks me for 2000 with a Gorilla. That wasn't what I wanted to happen! He set 1 S/T.


I draw a Bottomless. I Snatch his Gorilla and tribute it for Mobius and he Trap Hole's it! Curses! I set the Bottomless.


He plays Heavy Storm! Man, he's drawing everything! He removes the Gorilla from play to special summon Gigantis and summons another Gorilla and hits me for 3900 more! Ouch, this duel is getting away from me very quickly!


I draw Heavy Storm and summon Tribe. I have to discard eveything out of my hand to get rid of both his monsters and attack him for 1600. This is a last resort for me.


He summons Tsukuyomi and flips my TiV face down and hits it! No!!!!


I want monsters but do not draw any! I get a NoC and set it.


He summons a Giant Rat and attacks.


I draw Horn of Heaven and set it.


He attacks with the Rat next turn for the win.






I go first and get Painful, 2 Zaborg, Swap, Heavy and Call of the Haunted. Crap. I activate Painfull and offer him 2 Peten, 2 Assailant, Sinister and Creature Swap. He gives me the Serpent. I remove the Peten to special summon another and am hoping to tribute for Zaborg next turn to destroy whatever he summons. I set call and end my turn.


He summons Pitch Black Warwolf and attacks.


I draw Goat. I call my Peten back, tribute it for Zaborg and destroy his War Wolf. I Heavy away his Draining Shield and attack for 2400. I set the Goat.


He Heavy's my Goat and I chain it. He summons Berserk and attacks a token.


I Swap a token for his Gorilla and attack him with Zaborg and the Gorilla. I'm quickly taking control now.


He activates Change of Heart on my Zaborg, summons a Spear Dragon, which I Bottomless, and attack his Berserk. He special summons Gigantis in defense position and ends his turn.


I draw and tribute my Zaborg for Zaborg and destroy his Gigantis and attack for the win.




He goes to his side deck. Hmmm. He goes first, sets 1 S/T and a monster.


I get Call, Horn, Bottomless, Gorilla, Goat and Peten. I set the Goat, Horn and Peten.


I activate Goat in his draw phase and he knows what's coming. He's played me too many times and knows when I activate Scapegoat in his draw phase, it usually means I have Horn set, too. Again with the Nobelman of Crossout on my Peten! Darn!
He summons Enraged and I negate the summon with Horn.


I draw Peten and set it with a Bottomless.


He flips his Fiber Jar he'd set two turns ago! My bad, I should've waited on the Horn. Oh well. I get Horn, MST, Premature, Snatch and Mobius. Not too bad. He set's 1 S/T and summons Injection! OOF! He pays 2000LP to hit me with a clear 3400! OUCH!


I MST his Draining Shield, Snatch his Lily and tribute it for Mobius and attack. I set the Horn and end my turn.


He sets 1 S/T, special summons Gigantis, then normal summons Dark Driceratops and suicides with my Mobius. Not good.


I Premature Mobius and he Torrentials. I set Peten.


Nobelman of Crossout on my Peten for the THIRD time!! That's great!


I draw another Peten and attack him for 500.


It's 3800 - 3100, my favor when he summons Enraged and attacks my Peten.


All I can do is Change his Ox and attack him with it. I set Swap and end.


He sets a S/T, a monster, and attacks with the Ox.


I top deck Pot of Greed. I get a Gorilla and TiV. Here's where I make a crucial mistake that loses me the duel and the match. I summon TIV, discard the Gorilla to destroy his Ox and Swap my TiV for his face down monster. It's Fiber Jar. Not good. I just probably lost.


He draws and has to attack his Fiber Jar with my TiV to save his summon. I get EC, Tornado, Assailant, Bottomless and Horn. He activates SoRL and summons an Ox.


I draw Pot and get a Gorilla and Swap. I summon the Assailant in attack position and Swap with his Ox, set Bottomless and the Tornado and end my turn.


He draws and I Dust Tornado SoRL. He tributes my Assailant for Jinzo. and attacks. Oh no.


I get Jinzo off the field with a Zaborg and soon we're trading life points. It's 900 to 900 when he tries to Call Jinzo back and I negate with Horn and a token I had left on the field. When I NoC his Gorillla next turn, I attack for the win.


Well, sometimes, in the heat of dueling, when there are a lot of people hanging around and talking to you, you sort of can get distracted. Well, I got real distracted and my opponent claimed it was one and one when in actuality, I had defeated him twice already. Well, being very distractable  and too trusting by nature, I took it for granted and should have checked my notes because I let him duel me again and I lost. Well, it turns out, as I am sitting here looking over my notes, he was wrong. I have all FOUR duels written down in my book! Oh well, must be my week for being taken for a FOOL! Heh. I think we both didn't notice, actually.


So, It gets recorded as a loss and it should've been a win. Well, that figures. It's Swiss so, I still can win.




Monarchs VS RFG/Life Gain/Scientist deck.


This deck is SO WIERD but it works! It took 7th place at the last Georgia Regionals.




I lose the die roll and he sets one face down monster. I am afraid of it. Very afraid. This deck is so bizaree, there is no telling what that card is. Haha.


I get Bottomless, NoC, Breaker, TiV, Assailant and MST. I NoC our Cyber Jars and summon Breaker and attack for 1900. I set BTH and MST.


He uses Change of Heart on my Breaker, summons Marauding and a Cannon Soldier (see, that's just NOT done!) attacks me with all of them and the launches my Breaker to Cannon Soldier. That's just SICK!


I draw a Gorilla and attack Marauding.


After a Painful Choice, he summons a Chaos Sorceror and removes my Gorilla and attacks with Marauding after he Heavy's my Bottomless and MST.


I summon TIV and discard for Spellcaster and attack. He summons a Strike Ninja and kills my TiV.


I draw a Bottomless and set it .


He summons a Cannon Soldier and kills me with it and the Strike Ninja.  CRAP!


I side deck out my Bottomless and NoC and replace them with Royal Decree, Raigeki Break, 2 Magic Jammer and Ring.




I go first and draw Breaker, Pot, Swap, Painful, Raigeki Break and draw Peten. I play PoG and get Enemy Controller and Ring.
I set Ring and Peten, then play Painful. I offer Peten, Sinister, 2 Assailant and Swap. He gives me the Serpent and I set Raigeki Break, get my last Peten to the field, and end my turn.


He sets an ST and a Monster.


I draw TiV and Raigeki Break his Last Will with the Serpent. Ohh, that's good. A bluff. I Swap a Peten with his DD Scout Plane. That's crap. I wanted something else, not some dumb monster that does me absolutely no good! I summon Breaker and attack my Peten.


He summons a Shining Angel and I Ring it. Oh well, better to have one light in the graveyard than one in the graveyard and something else on the field. He sets a ST card.


I draw MST and use it to hit his set Waboku, which he activates. I do nothing.


He summons TiV and discards for Breaker and ends his turn. Then he special summons BLS! That ******!!! I tribute his DD Scout Place to take control of his BLS till the end of the turn. I have TIV in my hand so, I'm going to destroy it next turn anyway. He says, "I think you got something..." and plays Card Destruction!!! NO!!!! There goes my Golden Opportunity to get rid of BLS. Hmm. Ok well, maybe I will top deck something great!


Oh yes! I draw Fiber Jar, Creature Swap it with Tribe and attack my Fiber Jar! Whew! That got me out of a jam BUT, I'm still in trouble!  I draw Goat, Horn, Decree, Change and MST. Not a freakin' monster to be seen! I set the Horn and Goat.


I activate Scapegoat in his draw phase and he says, "I know what you're up to. I know exactly what you're planning." This is a serious drawback when you play people you know on a regular basis. They start to know your deck and your playing style and it gets harder to surprise them. He plays Painful Choice and offers me Strike Ninja, White Magician Pikeru, Chaos Sorceror and a Scout Plane. All darks and one light. I give him the Pikeru. He special summons the Fiend Megacyber and I negate it with Horn. Well, I'm an idiot becasue he drops TiV for his normal summon and gets rid of all my Goats. I ARE StOoPiD...The he plays Card Destruction again. Curses.


I got Mobius and EC in the Card Destruction so I use EC to take his Fiend Megacyber and I tribute it for Mobius and attack.


Well, he uses Change on my Mobius and tributes it for Jinzo.


I Premature Mobius and suicide.


He starts getting a bunch of little monsters out like Marauding and Cannon Soldiers. Soon, he tributes for a face down monster and OI attack it with a Gorilla next turn and its a Catapult Turtle! Well, to make it short, he summons the Scientist and I was so low on life points anyway, he attacked with a couple and then lauched them all and I lost.


Oh well, it was fun anyway!


So, I am out in the third round. My daughter went on to come in second place though! I was really happy about that! She hadn't played in three weeks because she felt her deck was sucking so badly. We made a few minor changes on it that morning and she came in second with it! I hope that gave her a good confidence boost for the future. We had another tournament to go to that afternoon but, she decided not to play. That's too bad.


I should have decided not to play, too.....Ominous foreshadowing.....


I hope you all have a Happy New Year filled with victories!


Until next time! Happy Dueling!


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