Fiendlishly Clever Hiroto Honda Hero's Hangout Myrtle Beach



Fiendlishly Clever
Hiroto Honda
Hero's Hangout
Myrtle Beach
South Carolina


Well, this is my first report and it was an exciting tourney for me. I was trying out some
new cards that helped me a lot. Well, Let's get to the deck.
1st 20$ credit
2nd 15$
3rd and 4th a pack or 5$ in credit
14-15 people


Okay now the deck I will accept any suggestions.
Monsters:23      Magic:12
Fiber Jar        Heavy Storm
MoF              Fissure x3
IFL              CoH
DD Assailant     Book of Moon
Spirit reaper x2 PoG
Sinister         Premature Burial
Breaker          NoC
Mobius           Painful Choice
MoD              Confiscation
Don              SoRL
Giant Orc x3
Jinzo        Traps:8
Peten the dark clown x3         Dust tornado x2
Exiled Force                    RoD
Blade Knight x2                 Wabokux2
TIV                             Ceasefire
                                Magic Cylinder
Side Deck:15                    CoTH
Magic Drain
Patrician of Darkness
Raigeki Break
Archfiend soldier
Sausake Samurai
A hero emerges
Skill drain
Spell economics
Fairy meteor crush
Robbin' Goblin
Wave Motion Cannon


Round One
Me Vs. Hawk(strange deck)


Duel One
Hawk has beat me two weeks in a row. I was hoping for a different outcome this week.
I win the roll go first and draw nothing good. I set a peten and a Book of Moon. He Change of
heart's him. Tributes it for Mobius I book it. I draw NOC and use it and attack. That was
about it for me he swarms the field and kills me.


Duel Two
I hit him with a peten and Don on turn two and it was over from there.


So I am 0-1.


I trade for two metamorphosis, three Compulsory, and two bottomless trap holes.


Round Two
Me Vs Zack(random newb deck)


Duel One
I drew a great hand for it and I just beat him using little monsters. I used two petens,
don, and sinister the whole duel. I kept hitting his magic cards with don.


Duel Two
I used don and peten to beat him I only took damage from Confiscation.


So I am 1-1 with a shot at the Semis.
Round Three
Me vs. Justin(creator)
Duel One


We ended topdecking and he drew a raigeki when we both had full fields and killed me.


Duel Two
me 80-75-47-24
I side decked a magic drain and he was going to get a BBtD but didn't.
I got field advantge early and kept it. I kept after his hand with don and the reapers.
It ended with him getting out creator and I cylinder it then I ringed.


Duel Three
Do or Die time!
I drew a godly hand of PoG,MoF,Waboku,Mobius,don and Jinzo. I used Pot and set Waboku.
He sets a MoF and ends. I drew NoC I flip MoF get Pot use pot get Jinzo and Call.I tribute
for Jinzo and Attack. He draws and sets a monster I get out don and attack I forget to
attack with frosty and he got a maurading. He summons maurading brings out exiled and blows
up frosty. I just run the field there on out and win.


So 2-1 shot at the finals. Don't get in though I finished 7th.


-My dad for driving me.
-the great trades I got in.
-Finishing 2-1 with a ban deck in pre ban tourney


-Losing to Hawk again.
-Not getting in to the finals


Well thanks for your time.
Hiroto Honda