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Kenner, La

Galactic Goods Card Shop

Double Elimination

5 Dollar Entry Fee

Everyone gets 1 Pack pf Tp5, 2nd gets 2, and 1st gets 4.


Hey everyone! Haws it been?? Well it’s your boy Ricky back again with another exiting Tournament report, now, you may have realized the lack of my reports lately, but don’t worry, I would never just drop out without letting my pojoers know!


So let me get to the basic new stuff that you have missed from my last report! It seems I have changed my mind, now I support Duel Masters, which up until now I was SURE it was a rip off of Yugioh and a watered down version of its cousin, magic: the gathering. I play it now and I am pretty good for a newbie! I would definitely suggest for all Yugioh players to go out and pay 15 bucks for the starter set, it is a very fun and relaxed game that you could play casually for a very reasonable price, everything is really cheap!


Also, a new gang of people have come into town and thrashed out on our team, the Galactic Goons, for the last few weeks…-_-. First up, is Ronnie, a Chinese guy (I am not saying he is Chinese because he is a Asian, he really is Chinese, ROFL), he has a very cool play style, and is a cool dude as well, we started out as he would come, we would talk every now and then, then we would play, someone would lose and be out…-_-. Duh!


But now, we talk a lot more, and help each other make decks every now and then, and what have you…The other guy is a Black guy…John? He only came 2 weeks, and the first week he was one of those bitchy players, so it’s safe to say I did not pay much attention to him -_-. The third is a little boy who doesn’t come as much as Ronnie, but he is actually pretty good! I could beat him, but he t00l3d my cousin 2’1…



Well now its time for the tournament, and here we go!


Round 1! Ricky (Grave keepers) VS. Bye


Yeah, this definitely sucks, I get the bye, this is very good towards then end of the tournament, but in the beginning, I like to have a warm up, all of us Professional Yugioh players do, Rofl.


So I watched Brent play his FTK Exodia as he called it, it looked like an OTK Exodia, but isn’t Exodia ALREADY an OTK? Either way, he used the version of Dump and bounce back, via Magical Merchant (Zealotpker anyone??), and Dark Factory, he own3d Charles in this duel because he played pot and picked up a piece and a monster reincarnation, gg.


Round 2! Ricky (Grave keepers) VS. Matthew L. (Random beatdown/warrior)


Duel 1. Ok we start out, I draw crap, and I let him take advantage of this duel, his jinzo comes out and tools me…


Duel 2. Ok I get a good opening hand of a variety of keepers, painful, rites, necro, THE WORKS. He got just a little own3d this game as well >_>…


Duel 3. I pack up my cards and stuff, shake his hand etc. and he is like ‘It’s not over!’ I was like, it isn’t?? Lol, I am usually used to 2’0ing him, but w/e, I play this one, and I have been noticing he had been setting stuff like Command Knight etc. trying to keep a monster on the field, now me, the one who fixes his deck after my cousin does, ROFL. Knew that he had either a Fiend Megacyber, or Jinzo, so I chained my Rite Of Spirit in his draw, so it would be game even if he had a tribe ^_^.


Wow, he is getting better, I cant drop my guard for 1 second at Galactic Goods without some white kid or a Asian dude kicking my nuts across the street >_<…Either way, I am SURE you guys know my very confident and cocky policy of Skull Servants, I was indeed cocky when I proclaimed “If you get the delight of beating me in a tournament match, very unlikely as that is! You get a signed autograph which would EBay for around 45,000 dollars!!11!!!!Uno!!!Onu!!! Well as you guys know, I only had to give 1 of these out, and that was when I t00led Glenn in the finals about 1 month back, well now, Ronnie has SIX! He had been the ONLY one to knock me out of the tournament for the last 3 weeks! Actually though he only had 4 on him when he had earned 6, because I had neglected to bring the Skull Servants last week!


Well I told him “Don’t sweat it buddy! I am going to beat YOU today, so consider us even huh?” HAHA!


Ok, so mid tourney as well, I am watching Ronnie duel a new player, and I am helping the new player along, of course there was NO way of him winning, Rofl. Ronnie’s cousin was watching, and was like “Hey! You can’t help that kid beat my cousin! They are in a tournament!” I was like, “You would actually be surprised at what they allow here! But all joking aside, Ronnie is going to win this match no doubt no matter HOW much I help this kid” So we got to talking about how having a powerful deck matters just as much as anything else in a tournament…blah blah blah…Cool guy as well.


Round 3! Ricky (Grave keepers) VS. Ronnie (Zombies)


Duel 1. I was at quite a decent advantage, reason being, I made his deck, know just about every card in it, and grave keeper pwns zombie because Necro>Pyramid>Book Of Life etc. etc., Necrovalley negates EVERYTHING…It pwns! I kind of schooled him today >_< Sorry Ronnie, Rofl. I won this duel, but what of the match?!? Read on!


Duel 2. pwnag3, but this time, it was all him…I had NO Necro and no Terraforming, he flipped reaper, tributed for kokkie, book, reaper, book, ryu, book lord, premature, Patrician, all 5 monster slots filled up versus no facedowns and a Grave keepers Spy >_< gg…



 Duel 3. I got him this duel, it was close, and I am glad I have some new competition ever since Ronshawn and Brent are REALLY bad at Yugioh, I mean a complete n00b could tool those perverts with a Yugi Evo…Complete noobs…Anyway Rofl. I got this one because of all the swarm, and a necro VS. Book of life x2, and 2 tribs >_< gg Ronnie…


Well I got one match, that means I have one more to go to re-proclaim my rights to GG, I mean I have to defend Brent and Ronshawn, and my cousin, without me, they are defenceless to newbs with starter decks, ROFL…


Round 4! Ricky (Gravekeepers) VS. Charles Water


Duel 1. Me and charles make each others decks, and he is liking this one still, and he does moderately good in this tourney, he basically swarms the field with aqua spirits and Bugtroths, and then a all out attack, gg. But this time, I negated his Spirits VIA Valley, and the rest was history, he actually set Gagagigo or w/e, I knew he had noting then…gg.


Duel 2. This one was much closer, but I still was able to pull off the win when I was topdecking, and in one turn, swarmed half my field, he drew crap, and conceded, oh wel…gg.


Only 3 more people to play it turns out!



Round 5! Ricky (Gravkeepers) VS. Ronshawn (Weird control??)


Duel 1. I drew bad hands, but still took this one rather easily, wow, ronshawn is such a scrub…


Duel 2. Well I got quite owned, He dropped off my only chance of doing something x3 LOL…


Duel 3. It really was a topdeck war, he won with his Chaos Sorcerer, cheap chaos…



Ok, I am still in, now its Ronnie vs. hoang match ended with Ronnie pwning hoang…



Round 6 Ricky (Gravekeepers) VS. Ronnie




Duel 1. Im all WTF??? I JUST got finished with him like 40 minutes ago! Despite him getting pot of greed IN EVERY HAND TODAY -_-. I won this one, He is not cheating, he is just got g0dly luck, and he admits it…bastard...


Duel 2. Again, if my deck draws bad hands, gg. And that was the end result, gg…


Duel 3. I got a god hand, with alittle of ronnies luck  on his side, he pulled alittle action out of his graveyard pile and my necros showed up, gg.


Now it’s the finals, me and Ronshawn, I was about tired of Yugioh for one day, so I decided to just play the first duel, if I won, I would continue to play, if not, then I would take my extra packs and play DM…I ended up taking the extra packs, and Ronshawn got owned when I pulled a Magical Thorn, haha, not joke! They were all grabbing it, I was like it better not get bent >_<…


I sat around, lent Ronnie my scale, he wants to start scaling, he said if it works for him (which it will, if he follows what I said), he would buy it from me for 25, I was like, sure, because I could buy a new one for 20, Lol…




Finally got my juices flowing, I beat Ronnie twice!

2nd place kinda owns >_< meh…

Magical thorn BIOTCH!

MANY more!

Brent giving me his Fight Dual Fang for this Super…(DM)









Mr Ron

Ms Cynthia



My mom

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My cat (lazy bastard)

Glenn can’t Rap

Glenn sucks

Glenn smells >_<

Son does my cousin

Ronshawn almost killed me today…


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