Okay, this is my first Report, so be gentle :)

Wierdo Control
The Batcave,
Vancouver WA
$5 to enter
23 people
Feb. 21, 2004

Wierdo Control Deck

Monsters (15)

1x Yata-Garasu
1x Breaker the Magical Warrior
1x Fiber jar
1x Exiled Force
1x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
1x Jinzo
1xVampire Lord
1x Sinister Serpent
2x Giant Orc
2x Don Zaloog
2x Marauding Captain

Magic (Spell is just messed up) (16)

3x MST
1x Delinquent Duo
1x Heavy Storm
1x Forceful Sentry
1x Monster Reborn
1x Raigeki
1x Dark Hole
1x Swords of Revealing Light
1x Pot of Greed
1x Confiscation
1x Change of Heart
1x Snatch Steal
1x Premature Burial
1x Graceful Charity

Traps (8)

3x Drop Off
1x Imperial Order
1x Mirror Force
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Ring of Destruction
1x Magic Cylinder

Sidedeck (15)

3x Penguin Soldier
2x Robbin' Goblin
2x Mystic Tomato
2x Magic Drain
1x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
1x Necrovalley
2x White Magical Hat
1x Amazoness Swordswoman
1x Mage Power

Okay, that's my deck. I know, no Harpie's yet, but I'm trying. Anyway, My and my friends pull up to the store at about 9:15, and Brad (The storeowner) isn't there, so we wait. About 15 minutes later he shows, and we go inside and sign up. He opens a new Dark Crisis box, so me and Donny (my friend) both get packs. He pull Dark Flare Knight, and I pull Vampire Lord!!! I was pretty stoked.

Anyway, we were the first people there, so we wait for awhile until others show up, and when they do I start trading. I got an extra Cylinder, which I traded for a Call of the Haunted and Sinister Serpent (some people said I was stupid, but then again, it was extra).

Okay, Tourney time.

Round one: Me vs. Donny (exodia)

In a wierd twist of fate, I end up playing Donny (my friend) first round. He runs exodia, so I easily mopped him up with some hand disruption. He kamakzes witches (he had one and I had one), so I go for V-Lord and he goes for Exodia's head. Next turn, I summon Kycoo, Raigeki and Heavy Storm him, Monster Reborn Don, discard his only card (Head of Exodia), and remove it. He quickly gave up. Me=8000 Him=2600 (gave up)
       Pretty much the same thing in the second duel, except I got rid of his Left Arm. Me=8000 Him=4000 (gave up)

Round two: Me vs. David Yu (Wu? I dunno his last name)

This duel was really close. He Yata-Locked me after I got him down to 700 LP with some Giant Orcs and a well played Swordswoman. End result: Me=0 Him=700
       Second Duel I side-decked Swordswoman in place of an Orc, then proceeded to anihillate him with a slew of Captains, Dons, Orcs, and a Snatch Stealed Injection. I played some hand disruption early on, he summoned Injection, hit me for 3400, I SS Injection, MST his Magic Cylinder, Captain, Don, Monster Reborn Orc. Yeah. It was Me= 36 Him=0
       Third Duel I got the best hand. I Confiscation and Delinquent Duo, MST his Mirror Force, Dark Hole (Goblin in Defense), Monster Reborn Goblin, Captain, Don: 4900, discard. He draws and sets a M/T and summons Breaker, kills my Captain. Next turn, V-Lord, kill Breaker (Magic called), hit for 14, discard. He draws, plays Book of Moon on V-Lord, then Nobleman of Crossout on it! I was pissed, so I killed with a Prematured Captain and an Orc in my hand. Resul: Me=6500 Him=0

Round Three: Me vs. Kaiba

This guy is ranked like, 5th at Batcave, so I was pretty nervous when I played him. He and I swapped some LP, I hit him with an Orc, resulting in him having 1800 LP: He played Injection twice, and one was on a face-down! So, he draws, MST my Ring, and I activate in on my Orc, making him lose. Resule: Me= 800 Him=0
       Second Duel, I just wiped the floor with him. SS Injection, Monster Reborn his Goblin, Sac for Jinzo, Premature my Orc--yeah. That was game, along with the previouly lost Don (he killed it with Injection). Result: Me=5000 Him=0

After this, I was bragging because I was in the semis. This is the third time I've been there, so it was pretty cool. Anyway, onto the fourth round:

Round Four: Me vs. Jason

Ah, again another awesomely ranked player (2nd). We started off playing some hand disruption, then he set his Fiber Jar. I Dark Hole, he Imperial Order, I MST, I summon Captain, Don (as you can tell, I do that alot). Hit for 2600, discard Raigeki. He draws, I play Drop Off, he sets a monster. I draw Raigeki, play it (Sinister Serpent). Summon Orc, hit for another 4800. He has only 600 LP left, so I set Ring. He MST it, I ring Captain, he loses. Result: Me=6000 Him=0
       Second duel was just the same. I pull off the Captain-Don Combo, Raigeki, then Drop Off, then Captain-Orc. I Monster Reborned his Reflect Bounder and killed him. Result: Me=4900 Him=0

Again, I was pretty stoked because I knocked out another big contender. I start trading for my friend Clayton (he gave me his Exodia deck and said to trade for whatever I needed--what a pal, huh? In exchange, he gets 5% of whatever I win (pretty much the rare I pull out of my pack or whatever).

Fifth Round: Me vs. Josh

My downfall. I draw and pull nothing but monsters (ironic, since I only run 15). He starts off with a Dark Hole, Monster Reborn my Orc, Summons GAF. Lots of damage. I draw another monster and kill his Goblin. So what does he do? Summons another one! Anyway, he kills my Don, and leaves me whimpering. So I set a monster and set (finally!) a Mirror Force, only to have it Typhooned. So, he summons V-Lord, kills my face down serpent with my own Orc, then obliterates me with the V-Lord. Result: Me=0 Him=6200
       Second duel, I side-decked an Orc for a Swordswoman and a Drop Off for a Mage Power, then draw. I set down Serpent, along with an Imperial Order. He draws, Pot of Greed (chained with Imperial Order). He summons GAF and hits my Serpent. I draw, bring it back, and summon Don. Try to kill GAF, but just too darn slow! He Cylindered my Don. Then, he summons Gemini Elf and kills my Don. I draw nothing but Magic and Trap (Mage Power and Ring, but he had Royal Decree and I had no monsters). Result: Me=0 Him=8000.

So, I took second place, and got $20 in-store credit (1st get's 30). I was really surprised my deck did so well, but even more surprising is that I beat Kaiba and Jason. Sweet.

Props: Me pulling a V-Lord!!!!
-Taking second
-Beating Donny (not that it's hard, but still...kind of funny)
-Beating Kaiba and Jason

Slops: Losing to Josh
-Pulling crap in my in-store credit packs ($2 worth of commons and rares)
-Getting no Magic the Gathering cards
-No other good trades

So, feel free to e-mail me your suggestions about this report, and keep up the good work. Hope you read some other stuff in the near future, but until then, fell free to talk and share your ideas with me at Anteaus44@aol.com. Thanks for the time!