“When Worlds Collide”


Greentree Sportscards

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Participants (guessing):  48

Prizes:  First - $15 store credit, Second - $5 store credit, Winner of loser’s bracket - $5 store credit


Jesse finally figured out who SiphonX really was…poo.  Well, after a warm welcome from R. J., I signed up and paid my $5.00 fee.  I got a DCR pack and pulled…Dark Scorpion Combination.  On with the deck!


“When Worlds Collide” – It was supposedly a Hybrid crossed with a Control, so it’s kind of odd.




16 Monsters:

1x Jinzo

1x Vampire Lord

1x Yata-Garasu

1x Don Zaloog

1x Spirit Reaper

1x Magical Scientist

2x Slate Warrior

1x Breaker the Magical Warrior

2x D. D. Warrior Lady

1x Tribe-Infecting Virus

1x Sinister Serpent

1x Fiber Jar

1x Sangan

1x Witch of the Black Forest


18 Spells:

1x Raigeki

1x Dark Hole

1x Harpie’s Feather Duster

1x Pot of Greed

1x Graceful Charity

1x Change of Heart

1x Monster Reborn

3x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Snatch Steal

1x Premature Burial

1x Delinquent Duo

1x The Forceful Sentry

1x Swords of Revealing Light

1x Painful Choice

1x Mirage of Nightmare

1x Scapegoat


6 Traps:

1x Mirror Force

1x Imperial Order

1x Ring of Destruction

1x Call of the Haunted

2x Waboku



Side Deck (I never sidedecked once, so why do I have to show you it?):

2x Luster Dragon #2

2x Spear Dragon

1x Skilled Dark Magician

1x Nobleman of Crossout

1x Twin-Headed Behemoth

1x Don Zaloog

1x D. D. Warrior Lady

1x Exiled Force

3x Drop Off

1x Heavy Storm

1x Metamorphosis



Fusion Deck:

1x Ryu Senshi

1x Dark Baltar the Terrible

1x Fiend Skull Dragon

1x Thousand-Eyes Restrict

3x Dark Flare Knight

2x Super Roboyarou




No Heavy Storm in deck?  No need for it.  I got angry because the Slate Warrior that I purchased as a last-minute addition was completely nonmint.  Well, I really can’t blame RJ because he hadn’t officially put it on the shelf yet, or marked it.  I played Nick with my Dragonish Beatdown and he killed me, so I made a last-minute change into a Control.  RJ called names, and I was paired up with Rohbeck (spelling?).


Match 1.1 – Rohbeck (old Beatdown) v. Me

I won the coin toss, went first.  I set a D. D. Warrior Lady and a Waboku and ended.  His turn, he Soul Exchanges, plays Tribute Doll, and sacks for Dark Magician (is that even a legal move???).  Oh well, he can’t attack.  I Change of Heart the Dark Magician, sack for Jinzo (should have attacked first), and attacked (5600-8000).  MP2, I think I played Delinquent Duo, extinguishing most of his hand (5600-7000).  He sets a m/t and a monster and ends…  I have nothing to fear.  I have Scientist!  Summon it, bring out Baltar, get Baltar to attack, at which point he tries to activate Magical Hats, and I explain to him that it is negated, but since it was under Jinzo and normally could not have been activated in the first place, it returns to a facedown position.  I got rid of his Hysteric Fairy and hit him for 2700 (2900-6000).  He really can’t do anything at this point.  But amazingly, he topdecks a Shallow Grave and plays it.  He returns Dark Magician, I return DDWL.  Ends.  I flip DDWL, summon Breaker, get rid of his DM with Jinzo, then hit him for 3700, and game.

End result:  Rohbeck – 0, Me - 6000


Match 1.2 – Rohbeck v. Me

Not a scratch on me.  I don’t want to bore you.  Complete ownage.  (I don’t remember anything!)

End result:  Rohbeck – 0, Me 8000

Winner:  Me



Match 2.1 – C. Condrin (defensive deck) v. Me

I was paired up against him again, and I figured it would be a cinch to win.  I had killed him last time.  His brother is good, but I guess dueling skills don’t run in the family.  On with the duel!  Like I said, his deck was entirely defensive, so I was almost sort of worried.  Turns out, Slate’s flip effect proved to be EXTREMELY effective.  First turn, I set a Slate and a Waboku.  He sets a fd mon and m/t.  Ooh…  I MST his Sakuretsu Armor, bring out a Lady, flip Slate.  Lady attacks a defensive mon, removes.  Then Slate rips out a chunk of LP.  (5600-8000).  He continues setting defenders and Sakuretsu Armors, and my MSTs and HFD rip them out, Slate killing his monsters and Donny providing backup.  Ouch.  I won that one…

End result:  Condrin – 0, Me – 8000


Match 2.2 – C. Condrin v. Me

I wasted too much LP early on in the duel with Scientist, and knocked off a few thousand, but late in the duel, I wasted all my monster removal, and I somehow could not get rid of the TIV he revived.  I ended up losing because of a Change of Heart to my DDWL.

End result:  Condrin – 1300, Me – 0


Match 2.3 – C. Condrin v. Me

This was getting annoying, and so was he.  I started thinking that maybe his singing was getting to me, and I was gonna lose.  Lucky enough, I kept my cool and mutilated his defenders via Scientist, ripped apart his hand and finally established perfect field control.  He had no chance this time.

End result:  Condrin – 0, Me – 5000 (3 LP payments)

Winner:  Me



Match 3.1 – Demetris (Zombie Beatdown) v. Me

Wow.  This deck was well thought of, but as far as I could tell, he did NOT use MST or Book of Life, and that is what killed him.  He ended up using Turtle to bring out Spirit Reapers (no Vampire Lord…yet) when I had Jinzo on field.  He tried to get a crack at my LP with another Turtle, but my Waboku protected me.  I managed to rid him of his PT and Reaper and smacked him with a beaststick, but he ended up getting Vampire Lord out.  From what I can see, Vampire Lord actually impeded his onslaught, because I was able to hunt it and a Reaper with a Tribe Virus, but there was a Fiber set.  I think he managed to regain field control, but I was able to hurt him enough for the win.

End result:  Demetris – 0, Me – 2000?


Match 3.2 – Demetris v. Me

This one started off by him setting 3 m/t fd and ending.  I summon a DDWL, attack, set a Mirror Force and ended.  I believe he got 3100 damage on me somehow, 1500 of it via a Ring of Destruction, but I don’t fully remember how.  Grrrr…lousy lucky move.  I set Fiber and a Waboku, ended.  He sets a monster and ends.  I flip Fiber.  He isn’t worried, because he has 5000 LP left at this point.  Oh, if you could only see my hand.  I drew:  Graceful, Jinzo, Reborn, Premature, and TIV, and with the Graceful, I also drew a Breaker.  Tough luck…  Drop the Jinzo and TIV, Reborn Jinzo, Premature TIV, Summon Breaker.  Ouch  5600 direct damge.

End result:  Demetris – 0, Me – 4900

Winner:  Me



Match 4.1 (quarterfinals) – McCartney (Warrior/Beatdown) v. Me

He just had a great hand and I had a REALLY crappy hand.  He won the coin toss, used RotA to grab a Marauding, sets a monster, and ends.  I MST his Waboku (?), summon DDWL, attack his Witch, remove, and set a Mirror Force.  He Heavy Storms, uses MC to summon GAF, hits direct for 3500 (8000-4500).  I summon Slate, attack his MC (7300-4500), set a Snatch Steal, end.  He sacrifices GAF for Jinzo, attacks Slate (7300-4000).  I set a monster and end.  He plays Raigeki, Prematures MC, brings out another, wipes me off the field.  Bleh.  That was a fast loss…

End result:  McCartney – 6500, Me – 0


Match 4.2 – McCartney v. Me

If you read no other duels, read this one.  I used a Slate early on in the game to knock off a few thousand LP, and had Scientist backing it up, but then things went awry.  He did the MC GAF combo, attacked Slate and Scientist (5700-6100), and managed to have full field advantage.  I set a monster, but to no avail.  He summoned a DDWL, removed my Witch, hit for 1200 (4500-6100).  If I didn’t do something now, I would never win.  I summon a Breaker and attack his GAF.  He retaliates by summoning another MC to summon something else, hits me for 2000 total (2500-6100).  I think next I played Dark Hole and ended.  He Prematured his MC for some odd reason and attacked (1300-6100).  Wow, I could tell I wasn’t coming out of this alive.  I saw his facedown Magic Cylinder already, so I didn’t want to risk attacking.  I Snatch Stole his MC and ended.  He summons another GAF, hurts the stolen MC, brings me down to 200.  Here is the funny part:  I ended up winning.  I Changed his GAF, sacked for Jinzo, attacked.  He set a monster and ended.  I summon Slate, attacked w/ Slate to his Gemini and then Jinzo direct.  He ends without doing anything.  I get them to attack, but Jinzo is Kuribohed.  Now, its all up to the draw.  He sets another monster and ends.  Raigeki, attack for GAME!  Wow!

End result:  McCartney – 0, Me – 200


Match 4.3 – McCartney v. Me

I had this one in the bag from the start.  First hand:  Pot, Graceful, Delinquent, Breaker, Waboku.  Ouch.  I left him handless in two turns, had full field advantage, and thanks to my Mirage, I was continuously drawing.  He was not able to establish hand or field advantage.  Somehow he was able to get a Jinzo on field (I think it was via a GC/MR combo).  The end move was a destructive one:  Reborn Jinzo, Change of Heart his Jinzo, summon Don Zaloog, attack!

End result:  McCartney – 0, Me – 4500?

Winner:  Me



Match 5.1 (semifinals) – Blanck (cookie-cutter beatdown) v. Me

Ah, this match proved to be an easy one.  Thanks to my Mirage, I was able to have 4 m/t on field, one monster on field, four cards in hand with an MST at bay, and he had 2 cards in hand, that’s all.  I pummeled him with Slate and Don until he was left handless.  He set something and ended, and I destroyed it with Slate, attacked with TIV and Don for game.

End result:  Blanck – 0, Me – 7000 (from a Del Duo payment)


Match 5.2 (semifinals) – Blanck v. Me

I had quick shots at his LP early on with a Spirit Reaper and brought his hand down fast.  He ended up dropping a Jinzo in the GY and trying to Premature it, but my MST shot it down.  I established field and hand control, and he resorted to defending his LP with a Waboku and an Archfiend Soldier.  The next turn, I rid him of his Soldier and sent him topdecking.  At this point I had a TIV and a Spirit Reaper on field.  He summoned an IFL, ended.  I went, summon V-Lord, played Ring on his IFL.  Attacked with V-Lord, game.

End result:  Blanck – 0, Me – 4600 (from a double team with my DDWL and AS)

Winner:  Me



A short intermission commenced where I watched the last portion of the duel between Nick and Jerome. Oh man, Nick had crazy luck with him.  Both duels, first hand consisted of Pot, Graceful, TFS, and Del Duo (for Nick).  He also drew incredible cards.  In the second duel, the VERY last part, Nick had destroyed McHale’s Witch, and he was getting a Fiber Jar.  Nick had nothing to counter it, so when McHale set it, it was all up to the draw, and Nick draws…Exiled Force.  WOW.  Well, now I am happy too, because I don’t have to face McHale!



Match 6.1 (FINALS) – Kramer (odd Controlish Beatdown) v. Me

I distinctly remember this duel.  He won the coin toss, and after he played Graceful, I started getting worried; maybe he had as good of a hand as last time?  Lucky for me, it stopped there.  He set a monster and ended.  On my turn, I played Pot of Greed.  I summoned Scientist which I used to bring out Baltar, assaulting his Archfiend Soldier (****!), hitting for 300, set a Ring and ended.  He MSTs my Ring, summons IFL, beefs her up to 3400 and takes a huge chunk out of my LP (5700-3900).  I was able to set a Spirit Reaper and a CotH at this point.  He plays HFD, summons a Slate and attacks.  My turn, I Change of Heart his IFL, sack it for Jinzo, attack Slate and with Reaper and end (4900-3900).  Somehow, he got rid of the two and smacked me for some small amount (4900-2000?).  I somehow hit him for 2200, got rid of the monster. I then set a Fiber the next turn and ended.  He played Breaker, broke my facedown Mirror Force and attacked Fiber.  He set a m/t and ended.  I played Graceful, dropped V-Lord and Sinister.  Played MST on his facedown Waboku, set a Witch and CotH and ended.  He set one monster and ended.  I played Raigeki, flipped Witch, Called V-Lord, attacked for game.

End result:  Nick – 0, Me – 2000?


Match 6.2 (FINALS) – Kramer v. Me

I definitely had the upper had this time.  My starting hand was Pot, Graceful, Sentry, and some other stuff.  I was able to rid him of his pathetic Sangan via DDWL, even though he played Waboku.  I set my own Waboku, ended.  He played MST on it, I chained it.  He set a monster and a m/t and ended.  I played MST on his Mirror Force, played Change of Heart his facedown DDWL, sacrificed for V-Lord, assaulted for 2000 (6000-8000).  He then tried to regain field advantage by playing Snatch Steal, attacked with it and a Don (6000-4600), taking my hand out and my Sinister.  I played HFD, Snatched his Don, summoned a beaststick, revived his DDWL, and attacked for game.  Ouch.

End result:  Nick – 0, Me – 4600

Winner:  Me



First Place:  SiphonX

Second Place:  Kramer

Third Place:  Blanck

Fourth Place:  McHale



Yay!  I won for the second consecutive time I was there (wasn’t there last week).  Time for props and slops!



-Everybody hates me except RJ

-My cat

-Mad Mex

-Getting 1st

-McHale not winning for 7 weeks in a row!  J

-Slate Warrior – proves to be a VERY good card

-Mom for taking me/picking me up & waiting for ½ hour

-Greentree Sportscards’ LOW prices

-Mirage of Nightmare



-Nick getting second

-Condrin’s singing

-RJ giving me a messed-up Slate Warrior

-Kramers for saying they won’t be there for a couple of weeks

-The common cold…

-Clancy Wiggum of Springfield’s Finest



To all that live in the Pittsburgh area:  I am OFFICIALLY starting a team.  The name is pending, but most likely it will be IHM or IHJM.  Message me for details!



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Please, no comments on the tournament itself, because my brain is REALLY foggy and I didn’t take notes.  (Sorry!)



Thanks for reading!


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