Crandall Wilson

Paper Heroes

Lake Charles, LA

Feb. 28, 2004

# of participants 20-25(not sure) people

My Deck:

Total Cards(43)

Total Monsters(20)

Total Magics(16)

Total Traps(7)

Monsters(5)Specials & Tributes

Dark Necrofear (Girl of Dark Demise)

Jinzo (I'm coming Spell Cancellor)

Dark Ruler Ha des (where's is my opticlops)

Guardian Sphinx (Guardianlized)


Reflect Bounder (Didn't take you twice to think about it did it)

Breaker the Magical W. (My middle is The Magical)

Bazoo the Soul Eater (Souls from the Grave, hmm tasty)

Tribe-Infecting Virus (Nobody likes when Im on the field)

Spear Dragon (Don't run little goats!!!)

Monster(10)Lower Summons

Yata-Garasu (you can't touch this, daaananana)

Injection Fairy Lily (Lets shoot it up)

Sinister Serpent (They call me Snake I turn around and blowoutcha brakes)

Fiber Jar (That PS2's reseting again, whats wrong with it, mannn! you left fiber jar in it again)

Giant Germs *3 (Anyone want my Germs)

Kuriboh *3 (Fuzzball. quit calling me that I'm kurrrriboh!!!)


Monster Reborn (Reborn the Monster)

Premature Burial (Recurse the Monster)

Dark Hole (I am the Dark.....)

Heavy Storm (I am the Storm....)

Raigeki (Your monsters has been destroyed!)

Harpie's Feather Duster (Harpie's Duster of Feathers!)

Change of Heart (Come over my side for a turn)

Snatch Steal (I didn't steal it, honestly, I Snatch Stole it)

Swords of Revealing Light (Reveal the Light of the Swords)

Pot of Greed (Got Pot)

Card Destruction (When nothing else works)

Graceful Charity (Give me to Charity)

Creature Swap *2 (Hey let me try that Jinzo out and you take this Giant Germ)

Nobleman of Crossout (The Man of Crossout)

Tribute to the Doomed (I've been out since Metal Raiders)


Call of the Haunted (Bring back the Monster, wait, that's not right)

Imperial Order (Magic do not exist in this World of Order)

Magic Cylinder (Nooo, I just hit yourself)

Mirror Force (You wait to my brother Blast gets here)

Negate Attack (Stop Attack, wait that's not right either)

Ring of Destruction (Fire Burns Deep within)

Torrential Tribute (If Dark Hole can't Handle it I can)

Notes: Deck not yet completed need 6 more cards and I'm taking out to make room which would give me a total of 45 cards.

Round 1: I got a bye, so I just watched some other duels.

Round 2: Me vs Final Destiny Deck

He has sort of a beatdown deck with 1800atks with a FINAL thrown in it. All I remember is me attacking his life points to win. Second duel he activates Destiny Board and I have Heavy Storm in my hand so Im not worried. I let him get F I and N on the field, then I Heavy Stormed it. From there I just remember attacking life points and game over.

Me 8000-6200

Him 8000-something-0

Record 2-0

Round 3: Me vs Little Kid

I remember his deck being made of lots of common cards and some Giant Orc's. Don't remeber much what happen just that beatdown deck was strong and me Yata-Locking him.

Second duel I remeber him attacking with 4 strong monsters to kill me off, I couldn't do anything. Third Duel all I remember is Yata-Locking him for the second time.

Me 8000-4800

Him 8000-6200-4000-Yata Locked

Record 4-1

Round 4: Me vs Some Guy

This guy had a good deck couldn't figure out what's it based around I just remember Delinquent Duo, The Forceful Sentry. I go first I draw something and set Giant Germ in defense and end turn. He goes summons something(forgot) and attacked my Germ he lost 500 I get the other 2 out. I switched them to defense and end my turn. He kills both of them loses 1000 more points. I remeber him activating Forceful Sentry and sending back a Creature Swap. I set some monster and set Negate Attack with a Magic Card Crossout so it wouldn't be so obvouis because he knew I had Negate. But, immediately he chained MST and destroyed Negate Attack, lucky guess. I set a Mirror Force during some point and he MST it. From there I just remember attacking for game. Second Duel, Don't remeber anything exept I won, sry.

Me 8000-6500-3000

Him 8000-6500-5000-4000-2100-0

Record 6-1

The Finals

Round 5: Me vs Some Whiz Looking Kid

All I remember is him winning the 1st duel. Then I won the Second.

Final Duel

Round 5: Me vs Some Whiz Looking Kid

Ok it was 1 game to 1, he had a type of Hand Disruption Deck with Duo, Forceful,

Confiscation. I remember him activating Forceful and sending back something. Later on in the duel I have 2 cards left in my hand Dark Necrofear and Negate Attack. He askes how many cards you got I say 2 he activates Duo, he lose a 1000 I discard both. At one point he plays Mirage of Nightmare, he draws 4 during my turn, I randomly discard 4 during his turn. I must've left him with nothing he couldn't summon a monster for 3 of his turns. One turn he draws a MST and destroys Mirage and gained card advantage on me. Later he attacked with something and I blocked with a Kuriboh and I somehow killed his monster than set Ring of Destruction he's at about 3300 I'm at 2400. My turn about 4 turns back I drew Magic Cylinder then Mirror Force from a Pot of Greed. I summon Tribe and attack directly he's at 1700 I set Cylinder and Mirror Force he MST both of them I end turn. Ok this is it he's hoping he gets a monster.......... he gets nothing but some magic trap card. My turn don't remeber what I drew but I hit him for 1600 direct leaves him with 100 then I Ring of Destructioned my own monster to win the game.

Me 8000-2400

Him 8000-5900-3300-1700-100-0

Record 8-2


For winning the Tournament

3 Booster Packs of my choice

Friend for Driving me there

For Brilliant Strategies

Pulling a Skilled White Magician

I traded a Mirage of Nightmare for a Helpoemer

To Pojo for posting this if they do


I got Crap out of my other 2 packs

Costing $3 to enter

For not having much to trade

Some guy at the Tourney being wrong about the effects about alot of cards

whom I played 1 on 1 after the Tourney.

If you have any questions on why I have certain cards or to fix my deck or to fix your deck email me at Paramount@centurytel.net